Innocent Sins

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~Chapter 36 – New Beginnings~


"Edward," I breathed as his sweet simple kiss became more intense.

"Hum?" he asked without stopping. His tongue prodded my lips, searching for an opening, so I gave him one. He always tasted so good, that I'd never be able to deny him, even if I wanted to. His hand moved to my pants and began to unbutton them, but I couldn't let it go any further.

"Edward," I said while pulling away, but he just pulled me back, I was powerless against him, especially when I didn't really want to pull away. He managed to move my pants down my hips, and then he slid them all the way off and tossed them to the ground.

"You are going to rip your stitches, and then you'll be in too much pain to make it to the wedding," I said feebly.

"We can be careful," he murmured.

"You're not supposed to have any exertion," I said with a scolding tone. He huffed, then let me back away, except I had other plans. "I guess I'll just have to do all the exertion then, won't I." I whispered with a smile.

He was lying back on the bed and I was on my knees next to him, so I pulled down his sweats, exposing his eagerness, and slipped my panties off. I lifted my leg and placed it on the other side of his body, so I was straddling him. I leaned forward to kiss him again, careful not to place any of my weight on his torso. When I went to sit back up, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head.

I paused for a moment, and thought about how wrong it was. He was shot three times, less than two weeks prior, having actually died twice on the operating table, and there we were about to have sex. What the hell was wrong with me, you'd think I'd have better self control than that.

He traced his hands up my thighs and rested them on my hips, before squeezing them tightly and started lifting.

"Oh, no. If we're going to do this, you are going to do nothing but lay there," I said as I pushed his hands further down my legs so he couldn't try to help me with my movements. I sat up on my hind legs, and then positioned myself over him, before sinking down and taking in all of him slowly. Edward moaned as I started moving, but I knew his noises well enough to tell the difference between moans of pain, and moans of ecstasy.

As I started moving up and down faster, he began reflexively thrusting his pelvis upwards. It felt so good that it was hard to remember the reasons why he was suppose to be holding still, but I forced myself to slow down so he'd stop. I changed my bouncing motion to more of a hula circular motion, which he seemed to really enjoy and made it much harder for him to move. I leaned back slightly to get a different angle, making his shaft hit the spot inside me that almost made my muscles contract immediately.

I wouldn't let him use his strength to lift and pull at my hips to make more intense movements, but I didn't protest in the slightest when he brought his fingers in to massage my swell, giving me that last little push to send me over the edge.

He grunted and huffed through his own release, as we came together in an explosive climatic finally.

I lifted myself off of him and collapsed by his side as we both panted euphorically, letting the pulsating heat course through our bodies.

"Are you in pain?" I asked as I tried to catch my breath.

"Oh, yeah," he said sounding way too happy.

"I meant pain from your wounds," I said with a smile.


The rest of the week went by blissfully uneventful. Charlie and Sue arrived on Thursday, but they rented a hotel room so they could have their own space.

"Hey, you ready?" Charlie asked Edward as he stopped by unexpectedly.

"Ready for what?" I asked as Edward grabbed his coat.

"Charlie is coming with me to the prison," Edward said casually.

"Prison?" I asked confused.

"Yeah…I guess I forgot to tell you."

"So, tell me now."

"It's not a big deal. I just wanted to go visit Mr. Laurent before we leave on our honeymoon."

"Why do you want to visit the man who shot you, almost killing you?" I asked concerned, and slightly appalled from the thought.

"Because…I just want to…apologize," he said slowly knowing it would upset me.

"Apologize? Edward, he shot you, not the other way around."

"I know baby," he said softly, grabbing a hold of my arms gently. His eyes pierced through mine as he begged for understanding. "It's just…I understand why he did it, and I just want him to know that I forgive him."

"Edward, you can't be serious?"

"I'm extremely serious. I know what it's like to need forgiveness more than anything, and whether he can forgive me for what I did, or didn't do, that's up to him, but I need him to know that I forgive him regardless."

"I really don't think that he cares about your forgiveness," I said bluntly. I didn't mean to be mean, but a man that killed two people and tried to kill at least two others, probably didn't care about one of his intended victims feelings about him.

"Well, either way, it's just something I feel that I have to do. Charlie is coming with me, so everything will be fine."

"Why can't it wait until after we get back from our honeymoon? We get married in two days, don't you think we have enough to worry about right now?"

"He's going to be moved to the county prison and visitation there is a lot harder, so I just want to talk to him before we leave."

"Bella, he's a big boy, why don't you let him act like one and make decisions for himself," Charlie butted in. I turned to look at him slowly, and shot him a deathly glare. He threw up his hands defensively and gave me a guilty apologetic expression. "Sorry," he muttered and pretended to lock his lips.

"Look, if you really don't want me going, I won't," Edward said with a sigh.

"No. If you feel like this is something you need to do, then you should do it. I'm just worried about you, that's all."

"I love you," Edward said before kissing me quickly and putting his coat on.



I couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Laurent. No parent should ever have to outlive their child, especially to lose one so violently, I just couldn't imagine. Of course, Aaron took a lot of children from their parents and as much as I wanted to, I could never make any of it right. But I've been the one who did something unforgiveable, and yet, I was forgiven, so I owed it to the man who tried to kill me, to forgive him.

But I was nervous as we drove to the prison, and I was grateful Charlie was going with me. I had told Carlisle and Tony about my plan to visit the prison, and while they were both supportive, I just felt like Charlie was the only one who truly understood why I needed to go. He was there. He was in Mr. Laurent's place, seeking revenge for a daughter whose life was destroyed. Of course, Charlie took his aggressions out with his fists instead of a gun, but still, he knew as well as I did how far a father would go to avenge a child. Charlie and I had come a long way since then, but I understood how easily it was to get lost in something, to forget reasons for staying in line.

Everyone kept telling me how amazing it was, that I was able to hold it together. How I never snapped. But what no one else realizes, is that I did snap. I knew better than to be around Bella, I should have never let our relationship develop into what it became. I should have been honest with her and kept my distance. But I allowed myself to let go of everything else for just 'one day', which turned into so much more. And that night, after we kissed for the first time…I snapped. All my self control, all my…dignity, simply evaporated and I decided to cross the line, and in doing so, I completely lost it.

But she forgave me. Not only for what I did to her almost a decade before, but for lying and living with her and being in a romantic relationship knowing damn well that she had no idea what our past connection actually was. I did that all on my own, without threats from an outside party. Inexcusable excuses. Forgiveness, for the unforgivable. I got it from everyone who ever mattered to me, so I couldn't forget about Laurent. I couldn't move on until I gave him the chance to yell and scream at me, if that's what he needed, to ask for forgiveness if he so desired. To forgive me.

Maybe there was more I could have done to save those women, perhaps there was a second in time when I thought it was possible to become what Aaron wanted me to. If I said I never thought about it, that would be a lie. How could I not? Aaron was my twenty four seven, my only consistency since I was seven years old. Every day was a constant struggle to remember right from wrong, and some days, I just simply didn't know which way was up.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how easily it would have been to become the very thing that I despised. How, if I only did as I was told, the beatings and abuse would stop. I could imagine the demons whispering in Laurent's ears, as they had done in mine; it had been for twelve long years that he must have fought them off. But unlike me, Laurent never had a moment of clarity.

My moment came when I met Bella. She saved me without ever really realizing it. It had all been wearing on me for too long; the dark side fighting with the good, and the dark was always so much more powerful. But then, a beacon of light in the form of a kind smile and a pair of chocolate eyes seeing right into the depths of my soul.

"Are you okay?" she asked me in biology. Three simple words that I never knew could hold so much weight. No one ever asked me that question. Kids, making fun of me, tripping me in the hall, putting cruel signs on my back, filling my locker with disgusting things. I was starting to believe that there was no kindness in the world, maybe that was Aaron's intention in putting me in school in the first place. To see just how many people cared nothing for anyone else, but then the three little words changed my mind.

To be forced to hurt the one person who meant anything to me in so long; to destroy the spirit of the only girl who had ever touched my soul. That was a wakeup call that made me know without a doubt, that I didn't belong in Aaron's world, that I could never be him.

"Are you sure about this son?" Charlie asked me as we waited to be escorted to the visiting area of the prison. "There's still time to back out."

I shook my head. "I'm sure, and I'll be fine. This is definitely not the hardest thing I ever had to do"

"Okay, but we can leave at anytime."

I nodded, and then they called us to say it was time to go in.

I didn't know if they told him who was there to visit him, but as we came into view, Laurent definitely looked apprehensive. Because it was only a prison for temporary convicts, there was no plexiglass wall divider and a phone for communication. There was just a table and a guard standing between me, and him.

He looked at me stunned at first, maybe even a flash of regret, but then his face froze into a hard mask. "What the hell are you doing here?" he grumbled bitterly.

I swallowed hard, and then cleared my throat. "I just wanted to come here and…"

"Make sure I was locked up tight where I can't get to you anymore? Or gloat at the fact that you're free to be with your family, and I'm locked in here, forever separated from my only child because of you and your heartless father."

"Now, hold on there…" Charlie began.

"No, it's ok. He deserves to vent."

"I know what fourteen year olds are capable of, I used to coach youth football. You could have stopped that man from killing my baby, you could have gone to the police at the very least. She didn't have to die, none of them did."

Like with what I did to Bella, there was no excuse in that moment that could make up for what happened. Nothing I said could make it right, but maybe if I just let him express his pain, perhaps it will help to alleviate even an ounce of his anger.

"That bastard was found 'innocent' despite all the videos and evidence. He deserves to die, but unfortunately I couldn't get to him, so I made damn sure to get to the ones responsible for his verdict. And you, you shouldn't have been able to just walk, someone needed to pay for my daughter's life."

"I don't know what little peace you'll get from this, but I am truly sorry for the loss of your daughter. There are so many things I wish I could have done differently, and I pray that someday you'll find it within yourself to forgive me."

Mr. Laurent just stared at me for several long moments, and then a single tear dropped out of his eye. "I can't ever forgive you," he whispered. "But please tell me this, do you remember her? Her name was Vicky, she had red hair and…"

"Yes, I remember her." I lied. Maybe it wasn't the best thing to lie when I was trying to do something right, but I figured if it made him feel better, what could it hurt? The truth was that I didn't remember her, I didn't remember any of them, but it wasn't about me in that moment.

"Did she suffer?"

I shook my head honestly. I didn't remember her, but I knew how Aaron killed his victims, and it was never to cause prolonged pain. "She was afraid, of course, but she wasn't in any physical pain."

"And…she went…quick?"

I nodded, unable to really say the words.

He nodded in response, and then turned to Charlie questionably.

"You aint his lawyer, but I remember you from the trial?"

"No, I'm not his lawyer, I'm the Forks police chief," Charlie said hesitantly, not sure if he really wanted to divulge his home town and occupation to a murderer.

"So, why are you here?"

"I'm just giving my support."

"Why, who's he to you?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but he's marrying my daughter in two days."

"Isabella Swan?" Laurent said knowingly.

Charlie immediately got defensive. "How the hell do you know that?"

"I followed Mr. Cullen, Jameson, Masen, whoever the hell, since his first sexual assault trial. I couldn't believe that his victim would actually not only defend him, but share her life with him as well. How could you, as her father, be calm enough to be in the same room as that piece of dirt, little alone let your daughter marry him?"

"My daughter is a compassionate intelligent woman, and if she loves him, then I trust her judgment. Edward has proven himself, again and again, to be kind and thoughtful. I've watched as he went from being a scared shitless boy, to a strong, courageous, loving, good man. We are all dealt with a certain deck in life, it's how we choose to play the game that truly counts. He's overcome so much, and he deserves to have some peace and happiness in his life."

Laurent shook his head. "I just don't get it."

"It's not for you to 'get'," Charlie said irritated.

"Mr. Laurent, I didn't come here to upset you, I just wanted to meet you to tell you how sorry I am about your daughter. Regardless of how Aaron was sentenced, he's still being punished, I believe that, I have to. He won't get out, and he'll never be able to hurt anyone else. I just wish that you could have found a way to accept that, instead of wasting your life being locked behind bars for trying to take justice into your own hands. I forgive you for almost killing me, and I understand why you can't forgive me right now, but someday, I really hope you can."

Laurent didn't say anything else, he just stayed quiet. I said what I needed to say, and I wasn't surprised by his reaction. Forgiveness takes time. Ten years after the worse day of my life, and I still fully hadn't forgiven myself, or Aaron for making me do it, and I knew I never would. But I had to let it go in order to survive in the life I needed to be living, and I wished that for Laurent.

Charlie and I left the prison, but I decided that day that I would write to him after a few months past. It was his choice whether or not he'd read my letter, but I had to try.

"Damn, I look fucking gorgeous," Emmett said as he looked at his tux clad self in the mirror.

"Yeah, you just ooze sex," Jasper said sarcastically.

"I know I do," Em said with a smile.

"Now boys, no one is as smokin as I am," Carlisle joked as he came into the room.

"Smokin? Man, you're so freaking old. We don't even use that word anymore," Emmett teased.

"Hey, Carlisle is very pretty," I defended him. "Just like a princess."

"Thank you, son." Carlisle said with a smile.

Carlisle was my best man. There was really no one else I could imagine to stand up next to me in that position. Without him, I would have been nowhere, probably dead in an alley someplace. Despite Tony being in my life, I still looked at Carlisle as a father, but he was also so much more. He was my absolute best friend, besides Bella, and I wouldn't have it any other way then to have him there with me.

"Did you take your pain meds this morning?" Carlisle asked me concerned.

"No way. I can't drink with those."

"Hell yeah, baby," Emmett said enthusiastically from the idea of all the alcohol Alice was sure to have secured for the event.

Carlisle looked at me sternly; it was the kind of look a father would give to a misbehaving child.

"Chill Doc. After a few hours of getting sloshed, he won't be feeling any pain," Emmett said with a devilish grin.

"I don't think Bella would appreciate him getting drunk on their wedding day," Jasper interjected.

"Edward, the pain pills are important," Carlisle said, ignoring my vastly opposite brothers.

"Yes sir," I said mockingly and pulled the pill bottle out of my pocket and popped one in my mouth. Carlisle handed me a water bottle and I chugged the whole thing until it was empty.

"Damn, now you're going to have to piss while you're up there," Emmett said while laughing. I ignored him. In truth, being shot two weeks prior and the subsequent surgery, did still hurt, whether I'd admit it or not. Without the pain pills, it was actually still difficult to make it through a whole busy day. I wasn't at any real risk of becoming dependent on them however, because I refused to take them when I was going to just be at home taking it easy, but I knew it would be a long day so I grudgingly took the stupid pill.

"Let's get this show on the road," Jasper said when it was time to head to the ceremony location. We were getting married at the Cullen country house, which Alice completely over decorated, and as I walked to my spot at the end of the outdoor aisle, I also noticed that Alice must have invited random people off the street. Who are these people? There were at least two hundred people sitting in rows on either side of a long aisle in the back property of the house, and I didn't know most of them. Bella was a likable woman, but I was sure she didn't know most of the people who came either, so where the hell did Alice get the invitation list from?

I did recognize a few people. Renee and Phil were sitting with the Masens, Sue, and Esme in the front row. Leah and Seth Clearwater were behind them, along with Ben, Jessica and Mike. Jacob Black was also there with a date, and Siobhan and her husband. Carlisle's best friend Eleazar and his family were sitting near the back, and Liam and his wife were in the middle. But that was the extent of my knowledge of people, everyone else were complete strangers to me, but I really didn't care at that moment.

The music started, and after a minute, Rose came strutting out of the house like a supermodel on the catwalk.

"So fucking sexy," I heard Emmett say from where he was standing next to Carlisle. Jasper subtly smacked him on the back.

Next, Alice danced out, looking like she was floating, more than walking.

Angela walked out next, and seemed to be taking great care to keep in time with the music.

And then my baby girl came out wearing the biggest grin I ever saw on her face. Carlie refused to be called 'the flower girl', because she said she was much too old for that, so she wore a dress that matched the bridesmaids but still wore a wreath of flowers in her hair.

"You look so beautiful," I whispered to Carlie as she kissed me on the cheek and then went to stand with Rose.

And then everything else disappeared as my Bella came into view. I vaguely could tell that Charlie was with her, and that she was wearing a white dress of some sort, maybe it was more of a cream color, I couldn't tell. She kept her eyes on mine, and nothing else in the world mattered. Everything in my life had been leading up to that moment. Every pain was worth it, every fight was finally won. I had the most amazing life ahead of me with the most amazing women, and it was finally time to start living it.


As I walked down the aisle, I couldn't take my eyes off of the beautiful man waiting for me. He was absolutely stunning, and his smile was meant only for me. I thought about our journey that brought us to that moment, and I couldn't help the tears that fought their way to the surface.

I couldn't believe I was one of those sappy brides, crying before I even said 'I do', but I just couldn't help it. I loved him so much, we fought like hell to get to that moment, and there was no way that I would be able to fight the tears too. I thought about the first time I saw him in the Forks High cafeteria, and how I immediately took notice of him. The strange, intensely deep boy who seemed so sad and distant, had become the man who I couldn't possibly love any more.

I cried through the whole ceremony, and Edward even teared up a bit when we exchanged our vows. The intensity of the passion and love we had for each other, was shared by everyone that day, and there was hardly a dry eye amongst the crowd.

When we were pronounced 'husband and wife', every one cheered as Edward brought me in for a remarkable kiss. It was our first kiss as a married couple, and it definitely felt different, like it was the first kiss of the rest of our lives. Absolutely perfect.

"Edward?" I asked quietly during our first dance.

"Yes, Mrs. Masen?"

I smiled at my new name. "Who are all these people?"

He laughed. "I was hoping you knew."

I giggled with him. "Well, some are your relatives, but I have no idea who the rest are."

"My relatives?" he asked confused.

"Yeah, Liz and Tony's extended family."

"Really? Weird."

"Why is that weird?"

"I wonder what the invitation said 'come to celebrate our long lost son's wedding, oh hey and you might get to meet him too, but probably not'."

I smirked at him. "Well, we can take some time to go say hello to everyone here. I think that's what we're supposed to do anyway."

"Ugh, let's just pretend that we're too madly in love to be bothered with anyone else."

"Pretend?" I questioned while raising my eyebrows.

"There's no pretending with us babe," he said and went to pick me up, but then he thought better of it since he was still injured, choosing to just grab my hand instead, and lead me to the barn for some very special alone time."

We never figured out who the rest of the mystery guests were, but we also didn't care enough to ask. We figured they were colleagues and friends of all our family members, but that was fine by us. Everyone important to us was there, and having extra people to witness our love, couldn't possibly be a bad thing.

The party started winding down, and when there weren't any guests left except those really close to us, Edward treated me to the most amazing gift I could possibly ask for, he played the piano and sang a song he wrote just for me.

When I saw your face
It was like a space
In my heart was filled
It's like I knew
From the very start
That you were every other part of me

It's like I have loved you since
From the moment when
Since time began
You fill my heart

Oh, love of mine
Why did it take so long to find
Your touch
Hope was never gone
Even though it took so long
To find you

Because I have loved you since
From the moment when
Since time began
And I have loved you since
From the moment when
Since time began
You fill my heart

I hadn't heard him really sing since that first time in the open mic bar, long before we got to this amazing place in our lives together, so I was emotional, to say the least. He sang with the kids at the hospital, but it was never a performance like this was. It was practically an injustice for him to keep his voice bottled up inside, because it was just that beautiful. Every day I became more and more in awe of him, and I knew I would always feel that, for the rest of forever.

The wedding was beautiful, just as I knew our life would be….

Epilogue – BPOV

Well, it took six years and three babies later, but I finally did it, I opened my own publishing company. I planned to strictly do book editing, but Edward urged me to just go all the way with it, and I'm so glad he did. Thanks to a very large donation from a privately funded music production company, known as 'Cullen Brothers Entertainment', or 'CBE', my company immediately was able to compete with all the major publishing houses in the US.

Edward had started the music production company, and both Jasper and Emmett decided they really wanted to do it with him, despite their lack of knowledge in the music business, and they had been extremely successful. Edward also worked part time with Tony in a government science job, which was far too confusing for me to possibly explain further. Edward didn't need to go to extra school, he just took an intelligence exam and he scored so high that they hired him right away. The company was so impressed by Edward, that they were eager to have him work as much as he was willing to, and let him make his own hours.

Tony and Liz moved to Seattle permanently. Edward and I actually bought the property next to the Cullen country house and between our land and the Cullen's, it was forty acres, so we all just divided the land and everyone built their own house. It was really nice that we were all so close, but we had enough land in-between us that we didn't feel like we were all on top of each other.

Charlie and Sue finally got married, but they stayed in Forks. Leave it to Charlie to stay in one place his whole life. Renee and Phil moved to Canada so he could play baseball there, which was nice because they were closer and able to visit more.

Despite Edward's two demanding jobs, he actually still took a lot of time off. He had busy months, but for the most part, he hired people to do most day to day work at his company and only spent a few days a week at the science job. And surprisingly, he kept in contact with Mr. Laurent. I didn't understand his need to reach out to the man who tried to kill him, but it was something he just felt compelled to do. Edward didn't really expect much of a response from him after his first letter, but Laurent did respond and over the years, their letters became more and more friendly. Edward just had that affect on people, it was impossible not to love him.

We had very full lives; Carlie was fifteen, and then we had three younger children. Edward Anthony Masen Jr. was six years old. When he was born, Edward was hesitant naming him a Jr. knowing he had given up that title himself, but I convinced him because I just adored the idea. But we called him by his middle name to avoid confusion. Next we had another son and named him Robert Carlisle Masen, who was four years old, and then our youngest Mackenzie was two. We had so much family around all the time that we never had to rely on non relatives as babysitters.

Our kids were joined by a bunch of cousins. Rose and Em had three kids, and Jasper and Alice had two. It didn't matter that Edward and I had the most kids out of us, everyone always asked us when we were having more, and I'd always respond with 'four is quite enough'. Of course, Edward wanted five, or ten, but I was tired of being pregnant and I wanted to just enjoy the kids we already had, so Edward agreed to get fixed. The week after Edward has his vasectomy, he complained so much more than he ever did after being shot. And two weeks after that, I found out I was pregnant again. Apparently, I got pregnant right before his surgery; it must had been the night we all went out for drinks while Carlisle and Esme babysat all nine kids, because me being drunk would have been the only way I would have allowed us to have sex without using protection. Edward, of course, was beyond thrilled. He would have the five kids he wanted, and our family was much bigger than I ever expected, but beyond my most heavenly dreams.

Life was chaotic and noisy, and there was rarely a moment of peace….but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

~Bonus Outtake~ A Song Fiction (Set sometime during their first two years of marriage)

"How's it going?" I asked Edward one evening. He had been concentrating on something all day, and my curiosity got the better of me. I usually tried to give him space when he was writing songs, but he seemed to be a little stressed about it.

"Well, I'm actually trying to write a duet."

"Okay? What's the problem?" I asked confused. He never seemed to have so much trouble before.

"It's supposed to be a drama, but ultimately a love story."

"Wow, well I can see why that would be hard for you, you know nothing about dramatic love," I teased.

"Exactly, so maybe you can help me."

"Wait, what?"

"The female part is really small, but I need help writing it. Basically, I need your version."

"My version of what?" I asked warily.

"Well, here's the male part,"

~Something is said, it sits in my head
It's been there too long, it's killing me slow
It's rolling around, it's pushing me down
It's keeping the good part of me closed

Can't you see that when I find you, I'll find me

Oh I need you to know, today I'll wait for you always
Oh I need you to know, today I'll wait for you always~

"That's beautiful," I said with tears in my eyes.

"Okay, thanks. Now I need your help to write the female part. It only has to be like four lines or so, and then they sing together."

"Edward, I can't do this. I'm not a writer, I edit and publish, that's it."

"Oh come on, just try. If I was singing this to you, what would you say back?"

"But you don't have to 'wait for me always' because I'm here."

"Okay, in truth. I wrote part of this years ago when I was in the mental hospital. So back then, what would you have said to me?"

I thought about it for a minute. "Can I work on it for a bit?"

"Of course."

As painful as it was, I forced myself to go back to that time when we were apart. Separated by misunderstanding and partial truths. But I also thought about the few times when we occasionally would fight. Yes, even we disagreed and argued from time to time. We never fought like most couples we knew, there was never any yelling or prolonged harsh feelings. But the pressures of everyday life did get to us sometimes. But no matter who was angry and for whatever reason, we always seemed to make each other smile, and it was usually with just a look.

~My only weakness, is knowing your secrets
and holding them close, and hold them tight
I know the way to silently make you
smile with my eyes, when you're trying to fight

Can't you see that when I find you, I'll find me~

"What do you think?" I asked him insecurely.

He looked up at me and smiled widely. "This is perfect…and now I need you to sing it with me."

I laughed once humorlessly. "Uh, no."

"Babe, that's the way it's done. You have to record the song you write, that way the musicians buying the songs, can hear what they're supposed to sound like."

"I'm not singing. You've heard me sing, on very rare drunken occasions, and it's not pretty, especially when singing next to you."

"Oh come on, it doesn't have to sound perfect."

How does he always manage to convince me to do things that I know will embarrass the hell out of me?

"Why don't you ask Esme or Alice to do it?"

"Ugh! I can't sing a song like this to my mom or sister. I need to feel it."

I whined and huffed, but then finally agreed. The next day, we went down to the studio and I attempted to not sound like a complete idiot.

E~~Something is said, it sits in my head
It's been there too long, it's killing me slow
It's rolling around, it's pushing me down
It's keeping the good part of me closed

Can't you see that when I find you, I'll find me

E/B~~Oh I need you to know, today I'll wait for you always
Oh I need you to know, today I'll wait for you always

B~~My only weakness, is knowing your secrets
and holding them close, and hold them tight
I know the way to silently make you
smile with my eyes, when you're trying to fight

E~~Can't you see that when I find you, I'll find me

E/B~~Oh I need you to know, today I'll wait for you always

Oh I need you to know, today I'll wait for you always

Cause when I find you, I'll find me

Can't you see that when I find you I'll find me

Oh I need you to know today I'll wait for you always
Oh I need you to know today I'll wait for you always
Oh I need you to know today I'll wait for you always

When I find you...
When I find you...

...I'll find me~

After hearing the playback, I was actually quite impressed. Edward put it to music and to some other background vocals, and I couldn't believe how good it sounded. Edward also video recorded it, again, saying that it was 'common practice'.

Later, I started getting calls from a bunch of people.

"Oh my god Bella, I heard your and Edward's song, it was so beautiful."

"Jessica, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I saw you singing it on YouTube, it was so good."

What the hell?

I stormed into Edward's office, intending on having his head, but he legitimately didn't know what I was talking about, but it only took three phone calls to figure out what happened. Jasper and Emmett saw the video because they worked with Edward, and then they showed it to Rose and Alice, and of course, Alice posted it.

Medaling pixie from hell.

Overnight, the video had five thousand hits, and then it spread like wild fire. We were getting all kinds of requests to perform the song live at various events, but we kept refusing. Edward was a little perturbed because he couldn't sell the song anymore, but in the end, it was a truly wonderful experience and it was something we'd always be able to keep and share with our children and their children, for many years to come. Music lived on forever, just as I knew our love always would.

The End…again. lol.

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*The E/B song 'When You Find Me' is by Joshua Radin ft Maria Taylor. It is so beautifully haunting, do yourself a favor and check it out on YouTube.

*Edward's wedding song, 'You Fill My Heart' was actually another song by Jason Walker (who also did the other song in this story 'What If I Told You') Go to YouTube and check out all his music, he's really great.

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*All above stories are 'complete', so you can read them as quickly or slowly as you'd like.

Of course, my previous rec's…

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