In The Mirror

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: Something is wrong with Luffy and his friends don't know what to do about it. This is the last time that he will see his brother before his execution.

Pairing: Ace-X-Luffy

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family, Romance, & Tragedy

Warnings: Rated M for language, arguing, emotions, sexual themes, yaoi, D-cest, mild humor, character death & possibly OOCness

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

L. V. J.: Grabs some tissue off of the table.

Buggy: "Huh, why are you getting that already?"

L. V. J.: "Just so I don't have to reach for any in the middle of watching this."

Rikku: "You know, that's a good idea." Grabs some before placing a new batch of popcorn on her lap.

Bon Clay: Sits in between Vivè and Rikku. "So, what exactly is this one about?" Takes some tissue as well before getting some popcorn.

Buggy: "Probably something stupid."

L. V. J.: "Try heartbreaking. Wait, that'll be in a different chapter. Okay, just ignore everything said in the first sentence and let's try this again. Buggy, you're on."

Buggy: "Wait, what?"

L. V. J.: "You're right; it's supposed to be Bon-chan who asked, huh? My bad. Bon-kun you're on."

Bon Clay: "Yosh, what is this one going to be about?"

L. V. J.& Rikku: "Reuniting… and it feels so good~ Reuniting 'cause we understood~"

Rikku: "Wow that was fun. We should do it again."

L. V. J.: "Yeah, we haven't done anything like that for a while, huh?"

Bon Clay: "And maybe I can be part of it too, hm Vivè?"

L. V. J.: "Of course."

Bon Clay: "We'll do the 'Memories of the Swan' by Bon Clay."

Rikku: "Wow."

L. V. J.: "Okay."

Rikku: "Seriously?"

L. V. J.: "Why not…"

Buggy: "Oi, oi, oi, oi! I thought we were gonna watch this? Not do a stupid dance by some okama."

Rikku & L. V. J.: "…"

Bon Clay: "Memories of the Swan is not a stupid dance, you idiot. It is a work of art strived by the—"


Hands roam down to the end of the slightly sweaty back before reaching to the top of the younger's buttocks. The male lying on top continues to slowly grind his arousal against the older's.

"…Ugn… Ace—ahh…" The younger's mouth is a millimeter away from the logia's, quietly moaning while his hands clench the sheets on either side of the other's head. Lust filled eyes hide behind closed lids as his body continues the forbidden act; his consciousness is completely overtaken with desire.

Ace slides his middle and ring finger from his left hand to the tight pucker of his brother's entrance and slowly penetrates it. A small moan leaves his lips as he feels the underside of his erection continuously rub against the other's. "…Ngh… Luffy…"

Luffy moves his left hand down his brother's body: sliding it over the top of the shoulder, over the right side of his chest, rolling the nipple on the way. He feels the taut muscles of the abs before grazing passed the bellybutton. Rakes his fingers inside of the right thigh and feathers over the other's arousal. He then rubs the head of both of their members before pressing the tip of two fingers against the slits. This sudden action causes both of the brothers to slightly arch their backs, push their chests together, and let out another quiet round of moans. The younger then continues to sensually but slowly grind himself against his big brother while needy, obsidian eyes partly open to see equally half-lidded, lustful, charcoal eyes looking back at him.

'How did it get like this?'

Earlier That Day

A skull wearing a straw hat painted into a large, black fabric continues to drop water onto the already soaked deck while it flaps in the wind. Water drops roll off from the round fruits of the orange garden before landing on the lawn of the deck, adding to the small puddles in the grass. Water continues to roll off the sides of the ship and into the sea below as the vessel continues to slowly sail.

The Going Merry is completely drenched.

A while or so ago this very pirate ship had just escaped a fierce storm that the Grand Line had suddenly conjured up. All of the inhabitants aboard the small vessel are inside of the galley, having already taken turns with washing the remains of the storm from themselves, all but the captain.

The young, rubber captain is currently leaning against the port side rail, completely drenched. Even with his most valued treasure on top of his head it didn't help to protect his hair and face from getting soaked as numerous strands of hair are now sticking to his forehead and sides of his face while the residue of the storm continues to run down his face. His signature red vest is clinging to his torso as if it was a second layer of skin, letting everyone see the outline of his lithe yet muscular form despite the fact that the red article is buttoned up. The blue shorts that he's wearing is clinging to the muscles of his thighs and if it wasn't for the fact that his vest covers part of his buttocks then the blue article would show a little more than it should and his sandaled feet are completely soaked. Had he not at the Gum-Gum Fruit to make him the rubber-man then he would more than likely be deathly ill.

Ignoring the fact that he is cold to the core Luffy continues to stare at the orange sky, watching as the setting sun slowly continues to disappear into the horizon. A gust of wind blows, causing the ends of his vest along with some of his hair to ruffle as he quietly whispers his thoughts. "… Where are you?"

Merry Go Galley

No loud noises. No talking. No laughing. Not even the sound of anyone being yelled at. The silence in the galley is uncanny. The remaining Straw Hat Pirates have just finished their supper and are left in the silence of their own thoughts.

The blonde cook wordlessly gets up from his seat and walks around the table to pick up everyone's plate, having the intention to wash them afterwards. Without so much as swooning over either of the two females Sanji reaches over to grab the swordsman's plate, not even bothering to insult the man for being in the way of his beauties, then he grabs Usopp's, Chopper's, Robin's, and finally Nami's. Once all of the dishes are removed from the table the cook turns the faucet on, too indulged in his thoughts to start the normal after dinner conversation.

Having enough of the unusual silence the red-headed navigator turns her attention to look at the door, slightly agitated. "Geez, what's wrong with him?"

Pulling the white hilted sword from the sheath, Zoro begins to inspect the blade for any kind of smudge or dirt, already knowing where this conversation is headed. "Just leave it alone."

Nami turns towards the swordsman, even more aggravated. "What do you mean leave it? Not only is Luffy being really quiet but he's not in here stuffing his face. He completely skipped dinner saying that he wasn't hungry. How can you not be worried about him?"

Sanji rinses the dish soap from his hands before he turns the faucet off, leaving a few dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned. Placing a hand on his breast pocket, he debates with himself for a few seconds before he decides to save his cigarette for later before he goes back to work on the dishes.

Slowly tapping his fore-finger against the wooden table Usopp lets out a deep sigh before he turns to look at the door. "Do you guys think he's sick?"

"Huh?" The reindeer turns to look at Usopp with worry slight panic in his eyes. "If he is then we need to find a doctor."

Usopp looks deadpan at Chopper. "You are the doctor."

"Oh, that's right!" Chopper says as he gets up from the table and starts to make his way towards the door, ready to help his friend anyway he can.

Once the blue-nosed doctor walks from the table Zoro places his free hand on top of Chopper's head, stopping him in place and accidentally making the pink hat cover his eyes.

The sudden darkness surprises Chopper as he starts to panic. "Wah! Why can't I move? It's so dark! I'm trapped! Someone help me!" His hat is lifted from over his eyes and his vision quickly comes back.

Nami lets out a sigh as she tries to ignore the sudden ruckus but fails. "Let him go."

Zoro narrows his eyes at the girl but does as requested. "Leave Luffy alone."

"But," the worried doctor turns to look at the agitated male, "—what if he's really sick?"

Zoro goes back to inspecting his blade for the invisible dirt on one side before turning it to look at the other. "He's fine."

"No he's not!" Nami intervenes. "If he was then he'd be in here with the rest of us laughing and goofing off!"

"He's soaking wet at the moment." A voice interrupts the slight argument.

Everyone turns their attention to the tall woman who has a cup of coffee in her hands but her eyes are closed. She must be checking on him with her ability.

"Robin, are you saying that Luffy has been in that same spot? Did he ever change his clothes?" Chopper frantically asks.

The archeologist merely shakes her head before she takes a sip of her hot drink.

Zoro finally decides to sheath his sword. There's no point on trying to find something on it that's not there. "If something is bothering him and he wants to talk about it, then he'll talk but until then just let him be." Why can't they understand? Okay, it's obvious that something is bothering their captain but he clearly doesn't want to talk about it, so why push the subject?

The sound of running water stops and the scent of burning tobacco begins to float through the air as Sanji sits himself across from the swordsman.

Taking glances at the door, Usopp turns back to his crewmates. "Okay, this is what we know is wrong with him:" he ignores the sudden glare he's receiving from Zoro, "—the past two days he's been really quiet, doesn't want to play around, and he's hardly eating anything."

Chopper stands right next to his playmate and adds in: "And don't forget that Luffy didn't eat anything at all today." His eyes turn back to the door. "He must be starving…"

After taking another drag from the tobacco stick, Sanji places his elbow on the table with his cigarette rolling in between his index and middle fingers. "Any ideas of what we should do?" All eyes turn to him. "He maybe a troublemaking idiot but he's still our captain."

"Oi, curly brow," Zoro places both hands on the table, "—stay out of his business—"

The door separating the galley from the deck opens, revealing the subject of conversation. Either Luffy doesn't notice his crew or he just accidentally ignores them but he slowly starts to make his way towards the sink, wanting to get something to drink. As he walks his wet sandals create squishy sounds against the wooden floor, leaving thin trails of water behind him. Drops of water are dripping from his hair unto his face and from there down to the floor. His soaked hat and clothes are also dripping water on the floor.

Sanji puts his cigarette out and quickly gets up, determined to het his captain something to eat. He'll be damned if he lets anyone starve while he's around. "I'm gonna fix you something, alright?"

The sudden voice startles Luffy a little, making him turn his head to the right and he sees his crew. He gives them a faint smile as he realizes what's been offered to him before he shakes his head, declining it.

Both Usopp and Chopper are about to say something to their friend while they see him get a glass but are abruptly stopped due to arms growing from their shoulders. The same limbs then cover their mouths, shocking them. They turn to see that Robin is the reason for their sudden surprise before they see her slowly shake her head in disapproval.

Once he finishes drinking his water Luffy notices that all of the dishes had been washed and he just made a dirty one. "I'll… wash it—"

"Oh, don't worry about it." Nami says as she puts on a fake smile, hiding her worry from Luffy. "I'll do it"

Luffy lets out another small smile but his eyes show a few emotions runnig through them before looking completely empty, making his charcoal orbs betray the small smile on his face. The next second passes and he starts to walk towards the door, opting to get some fresh air before he reaches it and quietly closes it behind him.

The extra appendages disappear from Usopp and Chopper as Robin takes another sip of her coffee.

Nami turns her attention towards the first mate, glaring at him again.

Feeling a sense of irritation emitting from someone, Zoro looks around before he sees that the navigator is glaring at him intensely. Why is she staring so angrily at him? He didn't do anything to her. "What?"

The upset navigator crosses her arms under her breasts. "How can you not be worried about him? You're such a heartless jerk."

Sanji pulls out another cigarette and lightly flicks the end of it to loosen it a bit, all the while looking Zoro. "Damn, shitty idiot."

Chopper sticks out his lower lip and pouts. "You're cruel."

"You're soulless, Zoro." Usopp says as he just stares at the older man.

Zoro comically sweat drops at his angry crewmate before he turns his attention towards the archeologist, waiting for the older woman to make a comment. "Well, aren't you gonna call me something?"

Robin places her cup on the table with a small smile on her lips. "I won't Mr. Swordsman,"

Said male narrows his eyes some, a little curious to see what the woman is going to say.

"—only because I agree with you. I think that he should have his space for now."

'Finally, someone agrees with me.' Zoro sees that the angry glares at him now turn to confused stares at Robin. Should he help her out of the hole she just dug herself in?

Ah, she's a big girl. She can take care of herself.

"B-but Robin~" Nami whines, "—why would you agree with," she points at Zoro, "—that heartless cheapskate?"

'Cheapskate?' Zoro's right eye twitches a few times. "Oi!"

"Robin-chan, you can't be serious. Don't agree with," Sanji also points at the subject, "—this good-for-nothing bum."

'Good-for-nothing-bum?' The green-head's eye starts to twitch again. "I'm sitting right here!"

Sanji glances at the greenette for a single second before turning back to his raven haired beauty.

Letting out a small chuckle Robin voices her belief. "I'm sorry Mr. Cook, but I think that Captain should have some privacy. He'll eventually come around when he's ready to."

Nami lets out a smile. "You're right. This is Luffy that we're talking about. He can't possibly stay gloomy for too long."

Zoro gawks at Nami. 'Huh?'

Sanji has a heart popping out of his eyes as he watches Robin take another sip of her coffee. "Ah, Robin-chwan. So beautiful as you are smart. Of course he'll talk when he's ready." He continues to swoon over the archeologist.

A vein painfully throbs on the left side of Zoro's head as he's forcing himself to yell at everyone. 'That's what the hell I've been saying! Why did they have to hear it from another person?'

Both Usopp and Chopper scoot away from the fuming male.

"What's wrong with Zoro?" Chopper whispers to Usopp.

Usopp whispers back to the reindeer. "I don't know but he's scary right now."

Chopper nods his head twice in agreement.

Robin puts a hand to her mouth and smiles at everyone's antics. For some reason she's been enjoying this crew a lot more ever since they fell from Skypia. 'Well, I'll have to thank Captain for allowing me to stay on board rather than rejecting me.' As the thought passes her mind her smile falters. True enough that she hasn't been around Luffy nearly as long as the others but she knows that whatever is bother him is serious, critical even. Robin closes her eyes and debates whether she should check on him or not. Finally coming to a conclusion she opens her eyes and takes another sip of her after-dinner coffee as she leaves him to his privacy.

Chopper shakes his head and puts his hoofed hands on either sides of his hat, pulling it down. Hearing Sanji and Zoro argue was always fun with Usopp and Luffy around but at the moment nothing about the two arguing is fun. All they're doing is making a loud ruckus. He hears "Stupid swirly-brow," coming from Zoro and "Shitty moss-head," from Sanji before he completely tunes them out.

Right about now Luffy, Usopp, and himself would be goofing off in the galley and get in trouble from Nami before all three of them got kicked out by the angry cook. Then Zoro would walk out to the deck and throw an insult or two at Sanji and those two would start another fight, giving the three of them a chance to sneak back into the galley and steal some food before going back on the deck to watch the fight if it wasn't interrupted by Nami. Sometimes they would even place bets on who they think would win with their food.

This though saddens the blue-nosed reindeer even more. Lifting the pink hat up, Chopper becomes fixated with the door, completely worried for the man who let a monster like himself to be a part of crew… his friend.

There is more than plenty of leftovers, which is really strange for this ship. Usually there wouldn't be a crumb left, not even for a fly, but with the way that Luffy is acting.— Sanji shakes his head to make the thought leave. Taking a much needed deep breath he takes a tight hold on his cigarette and roughly puts it out. It doesn't make sense. Just because Luffy is feeling down it shouldn't have an effect on the rest of the crew. Wait, no, it does make sense. He's the heart of the crew. The same idiot that forced—erm brought his crew together to not only help him achieve his dream but to achieve all of their dreams.

Before he met the troublemaking glutton Sanji had almost forgotten about his dream to find All Blue, the ultimate dream for any chef. Even when his fellow cooks chided him for his dream the young captain did nothing but encourage him, unintentionally. Of course the cook will always be there for the little idiot but how can he help Luffy if the latter doesn't want to talk or if the shitty moss-head keeps getting in his way?

"You're the first mate so do your damn job and see what's wrong with Luffy!" Sanji places both hands on the table as he's leaning towards the stupid man almost seething. It wouldn't have gotten this bad if the stupid bastard just shut up and let someone see what's wrong with their captain.

This is nerve-racking. Everyone is keeping to themselves except for Sanji and Zoro, but what Usopp can't figure out is why Zoro isn't trying to see what's making Luffy feel so down. Sighing, he tries to distract himself by taking out his latest explosive star to see if there are any flaws with it. As soon as he rolls his experiment in his hand his thoughts are occupied with his partner in crime once again.

If everyone was busy doing something then Luffy would always go to Usopp first to see if he had any new inventions that he could test. Meaning he would play with it, break it, and somehow avoid getting in trouble with the marksman. Or how when they went fishing because the troublesome trio —he's still trying to figure out how they came up with that name— ate too much of the main ingredients when Sanji was too busy swooning over either of the ladies. And how Luffy would eat most if not all of the bait and they would have to improvise to catch something.

Sighing again, Usopp puts his invention back into his pocket before drearily looking at the door.

Letting out another sigh for the evening Nami looks at the glass that Luffy had drank from. "Usopp,"

Said pirate looks at the redhead. "Yeah?"

Without taking her eyes off of the sink she speaks in a monotone voice. "—go wash Luffy's cup."

Usopp looks at her, the glass, then back to her. "Why do I have… to…—" Seeing that Nami has a not-so-friendly aura emitting from her Usopp quickly gets up from his seat and starts for the sink. "O-of course I will." Nami's wrath is truly something to be scared of.

Once the sound of running water can be heard, Nami lets out another sigh. It's bad enough that Luffy is, hmm, say depressed for now since no one can really find out what the actual problem is. With her captain being depressed that's all the ship needs but with everyone being concerned about him and not being able to help, that… that's just wrong.

Closing her eyes, she remembers how Luffy kept pestering her to join his crew until she finally gave in but told him that she wouldn't become a pirate. Then the whole Arlong ordeal happened and he'd not only freed her from Arlong's clutches but he saved her entire island along with everyone else. She had willingly joined his crew and from there they've all had adventures —deadly ones that would kill anyone who didn't have the mentality of this crew, not too sure if that's a good or bad thing though— but they all had fun adventures and gained nakama and countless friends from them. All of this happened because of their captain: the man who gets into constant trouble, has a black hole for a stomach, whose IQ is very questionable since he acts like a seven year old if not younger, and how he's just too naïve in a lot of subjects. The thought of said rubber-man makes her sulk even more.

"You want me to do my job, love-cook?" Zoro asks as he lets out a deep breath.

All eyes go to the first mate, all hoping that he'll at least go talk to their captain.

Zoro has a stern look on his face. "I am doing my job! Luffy needs some time to himself!" He abruptly gets up and walks to the door, opening it. "No one better go to talk to him—"

"Excuse me Zoro…" Luffy quietly says as he waits for his friend to step aside and let him through.

"Luffy?" Chopper asks aloud wondering if his captain is finally going to talk.

"Nami, I… can see an island…" Luffy states as he avoids eye contact with everyone by looking at the wall.

Completely forgetting that she has a map for this area out on the table Nami looks at it and realizes that there is indeed an island close by. "You're right—"

Luffy unintentionally interrupts her. "Can we stay there for the night…?"

With the small question that he just asked, those seven words, and the fact that he even asked the question in the first place, that just lets his entire crew know just how out of it he really is. Luffy's the captain. He doesn't need permission to stop anywhere. He's never done it before. Heck he's always stopped at islands that they weren't supposed to go just because they looked interesting. Why would he ask now?

Nami is shocked that Luffy would even ask. "Uh… y-yeah. Of course we can. We'll dock as soon as we get there."

"Thanks." He looks at her and smiles a bit before he lifelessly walks out the door and out from their sights.

Getting off of his seat Chopper walks to the helm and turns into his Heavy Point. "We're going northeast Nami?"

"Yeah…" She replies, never taking her eyes off of the door frame where Luffy was just standing at. Something really is wrong with him. She has never seen him like this before.

Letting out an irritated sigh Zoro walks out of the galley and closes the door behind him to ensure that no one will come out and try to talk to Luffy. He scratches the back of his head while looking at his captain watch the sunset before he walks towards his usual resting place, hopefully to take a nap before they reach the island.


Said male turns his attention to Luffy, waiting for him to say something. Realizing that Luffy isn't going to talk until he's close enough Zoro makes his way towards him. When he's finally stand next to the younger he keeps his gaze out to the sea along with his captain's, watching as the giant, orange orb sinks into the sea.

"—… sorry for making you guys worry about me." Luffy crosses his arms on the rail before he lowers his chin to rest on them.

A small smirk comes across Zoro's features for the first time today as he puts his left hand on top of Luffy's head, ruffling the wet strands a bit. "You're nothing but a big troublemaker."

Luffy just keeps his focus on the orange sea. "… Thanks for making sure that I'm alone right now."

Moving his hand from the brunette, Zoro dries it off on his pants and starts to walk away from his captain, intending to take a quick rest before they get to the next island. "Everyone needs time to themselves and that includes you."


L. V. J.: Alrighty then, I was going to add so much more but at the moment, yeah, I got nothing. Well, no that's not true but I'm going back to the "I wanna torture-ish my viewers…?" and the fact that I don't know how I'm exactly going to start the next scene.

Rikku: "You mean to tell me that I grabbed some tissue for no reason Vivè? That's cruel" Sticks out her lower lip to pout at the older woman.

L. V. J.: "What? It's called preparation. Besides, this way we don't have to interrupt people from watching this."

Bon Clay: Ponders a bit. "Who turned on In the Mirror while I was trying to tell Buggy that Memories of the Swan is not a stupid dance?"

Everyone: Looks to their right: Vivè looks at 'Big Mouth' from the corner of her eyes, Rikku has her head turned to look at the clown; while Buggy looks at the loveseat occupied by a new face before his face drops.


?: "Enjoying the show…"

L. V. J.: A low chuckle comes from the tomboy before a light smirk comes to her face. "And will the surprises never end…"

Well until next time, take care of yourself.

~Le. Jester. Vixen..