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Chapter 1

"Bella come on. We are going to be late." Edward moaned from the living room. I pulled my sweat shirt over my head and made my way downstairs.

"What is the rush?" I asked as I walked into the foyer.

"I don't want to be late. Plus Alice will be there and it's the first time she is home in two years." He smiled a soft adoring smile he only reserved for Alice. A smile I have only seen when he talked about his best friend.

She went to some boarding school in Europe last year. Rumor is, she was pregnant or something but no one knows why she left. Edward told me that she had her own reason for leaving. He wouldn't say what the reason was. Only that she was definitely not pregnant. I never met the girl since I only moved here six months ago.

"You know the only girl who you are supposed to get excited about is me." I teased him.

"Babe, you make me excited in a lot of ways in times when I'm not supposed to be excited but…..Alice is back!" I laughed as he exclaimed the last part. He picked me up and twirled me in a little circle.

"Well, let's get going then." He took my hand in his big one and basically towed me out of the house.

He opened the car door for me before hastily jogging around the car and climbed in beside me. My seatbelt was barely fastened before he took off.

"Slow down Edward. You know I don't like it when you speed like this." I said gripping the sides of the seat nervously.

"This is still slow Bella." He said but he lifted his foot of the pedal just a smidgen.

I finally relaxed when he stopped in front of his parent's house. My fingers were a bit numb from grasping the seat so tightly.

"It wasn't that bad, babe." I just glared at him. He leaned forward suddenly and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Feel better?"

I squinted my eyes at him, raising my hand. My thumb and second finger was inches apart. "You look so cute when you do that." He kissed me again before climbing out of the car.

I rolled my eyes. Bella you have a super hot boyfriend. Who cares if you die in a car crash? At least you will die next to a super model. I smiled at my own little inside joke.

"What is so funny?" Edward asked as he opened the door for me.

"You're hot." I said and he grinned at me.

"Ok." He said dragging out the o sound. He slipped his arm around me and together we walked to his front door. He opened it for me and let me walk first. I was barely through the door when something blurred past me and almost ran Edward over.

"Edward, oh my word did I miss you." A voice said against his chest.

A shiver, I couldn't place, ran down my spine. The first thing I saw was spiky hair. Not the over gelled spiky hair that some guys take ages to perfect, but spiky hair that stood in every direction while looking as soft as silk at the same time. Then I noticed that this person was short. At least three inched shorter than me. And I was your normal average teenager. Most people are taller than me. So that would make her like, super short.

"I missed you too." Edward said as she stepped back from him. "Alice did you get shorter?"

She laughed. "No, I'm just the same as always. You on the other hand got taller. Are you using an experimental drug or something?"

We laughed and she suddenly looked at me. "I'm sorry, how rude of me. I'm Alice."

She had the most delicate features and her eyes were blue. Like Ocean blue or something. And her eyelashes were thick and long, they actually framed her eyes. I shook my head a little to get rid of this stupor I was caught up in.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

She frowned and I only now realized that she was holding her hand out waiting for me to shake it.

"I…. I'm …I'm Bella." I stuttered taking her hand, dropping it immediately when, what felt like, an electric current ran through my hand.

I looked at her to see if she felt it too but she only looked at me quirking a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Ok I must be imagining things.

"Babe, are you ok." Huh…. I looked from her to Edward, feeling slightly dazed.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

He shrugged and took my hand. No electric current shocked me this time and I sighed with relief smiling up at him.

"I'm perfectly fine."

"Well let's go into the rest of the house then shall we." I nodded and heard Alice close the door before following us towards the loving room.

How could one girl unnerve me so much? I never ever stumbled over my words. And what was with that crazy electric feeling? Maybe I am seeing things. I mean if I really was shocked Alice would have felt it too, right?

"Bella, it is so nice to see you." Esme said lovingly as I gave her a hug. She sat down again next to Carlisle who was watching a baseball game. He smiled at me briefly before focusing all of his attention back on the game.

"It's nice to see you too Esme. Thank you for inviting me." Edward and I sat down on the love seat and Alice sat down next to Esme. They began talking about what boarding school life was like.

"It was amazing. They have some of the best teachers, classes was very interesting and the other students even more so." Her whole face lit up from excitement.

"Just how many hearts did you break while you were there?" Edward teased and she threw him with a pillow.

"That is none of your business Edward." She scolded him he only threw the pillow back at her.

"So there was absolutely no one special?" He asked placing an arm around my shoulder pulling me into him and I relaxed into his side.

She looked at us and smiled. "Not as special as you seem to have." I blushed and Edward kissed the top of my head.

Esme excused herself to go check on the food.

"Bella is the best thing that ever happened to me." Edward said and I sighed.

"No I'm not. I almost got you killed." He chuckled and Alice frowned.

"I sense a good story there."

"It's not a good story. It's a disaster." I mumbled. This got me a curious look from her.

Edward laughed. "It really was a disaster. It was the middle of winter and the school day was finally done. So naturally everyone was hurrying to their cars. Bella here was so scared about slipping and falling on the dried ice…" He paused to nudge me playfully with his elbow. "She didn't look out for oncoming traffic. Well Taylor would have run her over with his truck if I didn't heroically swoop in and pushed her to safety."

I blushed feeling ashamed of doing something so stupid. "So how did you almost die?" She asked and I sighed.

"Because, unlike Superman who would have airlifted me out of there or something. He tackled me into a pile of snow. A large rock was covered by the snow and he literally plowed his head into it."

"Well I only got a concussion so it wasn't that bad." Edward said smiling down on me.

"I was only lucky that you had a thick head." He glared at me and was about to say something when his mother interrupted him.

"Dinner is ready guys." I sighed in relief.

"Don't think you are of the hook missy." Edward said teasingly before kissing my cheek. Alice rolled her eyes before heading towards the dining room.

We helped ourselves to the food before settling around the table. Alice was seated across from me and Edward was seated on my right, his hand gently resting on my thigh.

"Alice, how long will you be staying in Forks?" Carlisle asked her and she smiled.

"Well, I'm back for good. I just have to sort out a few things with the school but there shouldn't be any problems." Alice said smiling at them. Her eyes crinkled a little as she smiled and I was convinced that she had the most beautiful smile in the world.

"You mean it?" Edward asked excitedly. Alice nodded and I could feel the joy radiating from Edward.

"Your parents must be thrilled." Esme said.

"Oh yes, they couldn't be happier." She said and this time there was a soft smile playing around her mouth. She had a lot of affection for her parents.

She and Edward discussed what classes she would be taking. It seemed that she would be in three of my classes and two of his. After dinner I wondered to the bench on the Cullen's back porch. Edward was helping his mother with the dishes and even though I offered they told me that my help wasn't needed.

I still didn't know why I was having such weird reactions towards Alice. I would find myself watching her, even though I was most certain that I didn't intend to do it. She seemed like a great person and I didn't have a problem with her whatsoever but still she unnerved me a little.

"Mind if I join you, it is such a nice night out." Alice suddenly asked making me jump. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." She said softly.

"It's ok. I just didn't hear you." She smiled and looked at me expecting something.

I frowned and then remembered that she asked me a question. "Oh….yeah…..I mean yes. Yes you can join me if you want to." I stammered and she laughed.

"Are you always this articulate?" She asked sitting down next to me.

Her shoulder touched mine briefly and I was hit with strange tingles. I looked at her but she just looked at me waiting for an answer. I swallowed nervously. Why was I nervous?

"Only when I'm nervous." I said without thinking. Ok seriously, word vomit? Since when did I word vomit?

"Do I make you nervous?" She asked sifting away from me a little.

"No…. yes…..I don't know. I think I might be sick." She stood up suddenly.

"I'll go ask Carlisle to give you a quick examination."

"No, that won't be necessary. I'm sure it is only my imagination. Really don't worry about it." She hesitated. "Really, I'm fine." She nodded and sat down again. She made sure that her shoulder didn't brush mine again.

"So how long have you and Edward been together?" She asked and I shrugged.

"About five months. A great five months." I added smiling like a love sick puppy.

She smiled back at me before looking at the back yard. I settled into the bench enjoying the peacefulness. Crickets were making their soft music and I even heard an owl hoot in the distance. "It's beautiful." I said with my eyes closed.

"Yes it is." I opened my eyes and found her looking at me. She looked away quickly. "It's so different than Europe. There it is all city lights and noises."

I nodded. "Do you miss any of it?" She sighed looking up at the sky. I followed her gaze and was met by nothing.

"That is something I don't miss, the clouds. I would like to see the stars." I smiled and looked at her.

"You are avoiding the question." She looked at me cocking her perfect eyebrow again.

"Most people would change the subject out of politeness."

I shrugged. "Guess that is why they say most people and not all people since I'm not going to change the subject."

She huffed. "I don't have to answer your question."

I shrugged. "Ah, I see." I said looking at the tree line. "When someone breaks your heart you don't want to remember."

She didn't say anything and I looked at her. She was staring at me, her eyes scrounged up in a frown. "It's ok Alice. You don't have to answer my question."

"Then don't say it all hint like, like that. I don't owe you anything." She said sarcastically.

"I didn't…."

She interrupted me. "No don't you dare think that just because you are Edward's girlfriend that, that makes us best friends or anything."

She got up and stormed into the house. I sat there stunned by the sudden outburst. What the fuck?

"What did you do to Alice? Did you stab her with something?" Edward asked sounding a little worried.

"I didn't do anything. That girl has got some issues." I said defensively.

"All girls have issues." Came his smart reply, as he sat down next to me.

"Yeah well, her issues got issues." I was still distracted by her sudden outburst. Who got so much under her skin that a simple question can seem so hard to talk about? Well that was not really my problem. It wasn't like we were friends or anything. Like she said, just because she and Edward were friends didn't mean that we had to be friends.

Edward laughed and leaned forward. His hand slid around my neck and he pulled me towards him. I pushed all thoughts of Alice from my mind and met him halfway. My mind went blank as it always did when Edward and I kissed. He was a good kisser and soon I didn't even know who Alice was.

Soon after Edward took me back home. He didn't drive as fast as he usually did and for that I was thankful. He escorted me to my door like he always did, he was always so predictable. He always sort of was old fashioned.

"Sweet dreams." He said as we reached my door. I grabbed his jacket and pulled him towards me for a breath kiss. "I love you babe." He said hoarsely.

"I love you too." I replied and unlocked the door slipping into the house quietly.

Charlie was asleep, so I crept to my room careful not to wake him. As I lay in bed I couldn't stop thinking about the brief conversation I had with Alice.

I felt a little ashamed about my actions. Maybe I just should have changed the subject like she wanted me to. I mean why did I have to drop that hint? I was responsible for her sudden reaction. It is only right to apologize for it.

Maybe I'll see her again before school started. The school holidays was almost over, so chances are I might run into her at Edward's place again. I can try to talk things over then and if I didn't run into her again I could always just talk to her at school.

It would be interesting to see how she is accepted back among the students. Rumor or no rumor, being a new student is never easy even if you were a student from that school before.

~ . ~

Edward was snoring softly next to me. Our naked bodies intertwined. I was staring at the way his muscular chest moved up and down while he breathed. I could feel his heart beat under my hand. Carlisle and Esme was out for the day and Edward and I took advantage of his home alone status.

Edward was very good in bed. He was just so predictable. Always taking things slow and touching me as if I was a porcelain doll that would break if he used to much force or something. Don't get me wrong, I like sex with Edward. Sometimes I just wished that he wasn't so…..so boring in bed.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked placing a kiss on my head.

"Sex." I said trailing a finger down his stomach. His stomach muscles quivered under my touch. I trailed my finger further down and he hissed when I took him in my hand.

"Did I ever mention that you have a dirty mind?" He breathed out. I started moving my hand up and down his shaft and his breathing became ragged.

"Do you want me to stop?" I teased nipping his chin.

He groaned and pushed against my shoulders pushing me on my back. He leaned over me, his erection pressing against me thigh.

He leaned down and kissed me. His hand slid up to cup my breast, his thumb flicking my erect nipple. My back arched into him and he smiled against my mouth. I ran my hands down his back, digging my nails into him. He hissed. His other hand caressed the inside of my thigh before he parted my legs settling between my thighs.

"Edward…" I moaned as I lifted my hips slightly when I felt him at my opening.

Suddenly his door opened. "Edward, are you in…." Edward and I jumped apart slightly and he quickly pulled the bed sheets up to cover us.

Alice stood in the doorway, her mouth hanging open. Her eyes jumped from Edward face to my own.

"Alice!" Edward breathed. She shook her head suddenly a faint pink blush creeping up her neck.

"I'm so sorry. Esme said you were home alone so I thought I would come over and….."

"Alice maybe you should give us a minute. " Edward said. I felt how my cheeks warmed and I knew I resembled a tomato by now.

"Oh right." And with that she closed the door.

"Fuck my life." I said under my breath.

"It could have been worse." Edward said. He pushed the covers away and started looking for his clothes.

"How could it have been worse?" I asked exasperated as I pulled on my underwear.

"Well it could have been my parents." By now he was dressed. His bronze hair looked a little disheveled.

"Fuck. My. Life." I mumbled as I pulled my shirt on. "How am I supposed to look her in the face now? I haven't even apologized yet for upsetting her and now she walks in on us during sex."

"Yeah, talk about the ultimate buzz kill." We looked at each other. There was a moment of silence and then a giggle past my lips. He chuckled and soon after we were both laughing.

When we calmed down he took my hand and we walked out of his room making our way through the house looking for Alice. We finally found her watching TV in the living room. We sat down, Edward placed his arm around my shoulders and I snuggled into his side.

Alice looked in our direction. I couldn't place the emotion that briefly crossed her face. When our eyes met she looked back at the TV. She blushed again. It was silent in the room accept for the sound from the TV.

"Are we going to talk about it?" She asked in a small voice.

"No." I said firmly.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Edward said.

"Ok then." She said sounding normal again.

"Ok then." Edward and I said together and we smiled at each other. Out of my peripherals I saw that Alice was looking at us. I looked at her and she looked away quickly, again.

She changed the channel to one where a movie was just starting. It was a comedy and soon the dense atmosphere changed to a casual one. We made jokes about the actors and laughed together.

"Some popcorn would be great, don't you think Bella?" Edward asked bumping my shoulder playfully.

"I'll go make us some." I said and got up heading for the kitchen.

"I'll help you." Alice said and before I could protest she followed me out of the living room.

For the first time I noticed what she was wearing. She was dresses in dark blue skinny jeans, a white v-neck shirt and boots that ended just beneath her knees. All of it was designer clothing. Wow, she had expensive taste. But it looked so good on her. Somehow my eyes ended up on her butt, her perfect butt I might add.

Ok, just hold the fuck up. Since when did I think that a girls butt was perfect? I huffed in annoyance and as soon as we where in the kitchen I started making the popcorn without even looking at her.

"Bella are you ok? You seem tense?" Alice asked touching my shoulder softly. Tingles spread over the area and I dropped the pot in surprise.

"Oh crap." I mumbled bending to pick up the pot but so did Alice and we bumped our heads together accidentally.

"I'm sorry." Both of us said at the same time. I looked at her. She was rubbing the front of her head.

"No really it is my fault, I'm such a klutz. Did I hurt you?" I said grabbing the pot from the ground and then holding my hand out towards her to help her to her feet. She slid her hand into mine and I ignored the tingles as I helped her up.

"I'm ok Bella, it's nothing." I nodded and started making the popcorn. Now we just had to wait for the popcorn to start jumping.

Alice stretched to take down a glass from the top shelf and her shirt lifted a bit displaying some pale skin. I could see that her stomach was very well toned. Suddenly I had to force myself to swallow.

"Do you want something to drink?" I forced myself to look away. Seriously, why was she having this effect on me?

"I…uh….y- yes please." I stuttered.

She poured some juice and handed my glass to me, she barely held the glass by her finger tips and she was extra careful that our hands didn't touch when I took the glass from her.

I gulped down the juice. The popcorn began to jump and I figured that this was probably the best time to apologize to her for the last time we were here.

"Uh, Alice." She looked at me, her blue eyes focused fully on me.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if I said anything that offended you, in our last conversation. I didn't want to upset you." I said honestly and she smiled.

"You didn't have to apologize. I was the one who over reacted. I didn't mean to yell at you like that." I smiled back at her. "Nor did I mean to walk in on you and Edward this afternoon. I'm really, really sorry for that." She hung her head, probably trying to hide how ashamed she felt.

"We probably should have locked the door. Really, Edward and I are just happy that it was you and not his parents that walked in on us."

She looked up and we both chuckled.

"That would have been a disaster."

"A naked disaster." I agreed and we laughed at that.

We finished the popcorn and headed back to the living room. I was glad that I sorted things out with her. It might take some time before I could forget her walking in on me in one of my most vulnerable moments but I think that the one in dire need of the mental bleach was Alice.

"It took you girls long enough." Edward commented as I sat down next to him, I smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"You could have made your own." I said snuggling into his side. He just grunted and ate away. Alice and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes before trying to pick up the storyline for the movie again.


Later that night as I crawled into my bed I briefly wondered why I acted so strangely around Alice. I mean I never stutter, or mumble or forget parts of conversations. And I have never admired another girl's body before. Maybe it was just because we are totally different. Like north and south. Maybe that was what I noticed.

I mean it was totally normal to notice the differences between other people and yourself. It's normal to compare. Plus with a quirky personality like hers it wasn't easy to ignore her. She just wasn't a person that you could ignore. Unlike me, she was totally noticeable.

Satisfied with my revelation I closed my eyes and succumbed to unconsciousness.