Notes: Tsu'tey didn't die. I think someone was high when they wrote that bit. I know people die in wars but there was enough death without Tsu'tey and Trudy. So definitely AU.

Takes place several months after like four or five. Italics stand in for spoken Na'vi as I just began learning and am not a Na'vi dictionary and don't expect any one else to be. If you are and you don't mind doing some translation, lemme know I could probably use the help later on.

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Now on to the fun.

Chapter 1 New beginnings

It had been several months after the sky people had left Pandora and the clean up was still continuing. With Eywa's continued assistance the forest was regrowing and cleansing itself. Even the Tree of Voices was regrowing. Slowly but ever so surely Pandora was flourishing again. Although it would take many years for the scar that was Hell's Gate to heal, with much help from the few humans that were allowed to remain, even it was showing signs of healing.

Burned and scorched trees were cleared, allowing new growth to spring from the ground. Outposts had been decommissioned and removed. All that remained was Hell's Gate, Jake thought, flying over the ground that used to be Hometree. And Max said he found something that I should see. The Ikran beneath him screeched at Jake's thoughts. He didn't like the barren earth of Hell's Gate, it was too exposed, too open.

Many things had changed in the past months. Neytiri was confined to the New Hometree, her abdomen swollen with child. Tsu'tey was his second in command, having handed to him the leadership after nearly dying in the last battle, and deciding he like not having to lead constantly. Norm had become one with his Avatar, and barely made it past his Iknimaya. Only twenty or so scientists were left at the human base to close it down before the Na'vi could safely dismember the edifice to hatred and destruction.

"Are you well brother?" Jake yelled to Tsu'tey over the rushing wind, seeing the strong warrior clutch his side where shrapnel had torn through his ribs lacerating organs and tearing muscle. The fall had broken bones almost ending his life.

"Sore." Tsu'tey answered.

"Next time try not being a standing target!" Jake replied. Receiving a chuckle from Norm who rode with them, filling the role of geek translator as he liked to call himself. Norm hadn't fared much better bullets had torn though his shoulder leaving a constellation of round scars telling the tale of his bravery in the face of machine gun fire. "Same goes for you Norm."

Norm's blue face turned purple with embarrassment as Tsu'tey laughed in his turn. "Did Max tell you what he found?" He asked. Trying to change the subject back onto safer ground.

"No. Only that I needed to bring you if I wanted to understand a word he said." Jake called banking toward the entrance of the human base.