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"Sheldon, I'm going home. Are you coming?" Leonard said stepping into Sheldon's office at Caltech. Sheldon didn't look up. Instead he was completely concentrating on the computer screen in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Leonard finally said with a sigh. Sheldon still didn't look up.

"I am reading an email from Amy Farrah Fowler." He replied as if that were the only obvious answer. Leonard rolled his eyes.

"Well do you plan on being done soon? I want to go home." He was using his whiny voice, "Pria's going to come over…" Sheldon sighed and finally glanced up.

"Call Penny, have her come get me." He said, returning his eyes to the machine, "Amy wants to scan my brain, it should take no longer than half an hour." Leonard rolled his eyes and walked out of the office.

Sheldon typed a quick response telling Amy that he would be to her office in 10 minutes.

Quickly he grabbed his laptop and placed it in his messenger bag and then carefully slung that over his shoulders. He walked to her office, finding the door open.

"Amy?" He said pushing open the door. She was standing near a cage feeding a banana to a Rhesus monkey.

"Oh, hello Sheldon. Come in. Thank you for participating in my experiment." She said, motioning him towards a chair.

"It was no inconvienece." He said, sitting down, placing his bag across his lap.

"Alright. Well what I am trying to do is stimulate different areas of a Rhesus monkeys brain to get different results. What I want to stimulate in your corresponding monkey is intelligence. These are some extreme math problems I had drawn up." She handed him a piece of paper, "I want you to complete them while I monitor your brain and see if by stimulating the same area of the brain in the monkey, makes him smarter." Sheldon nodded.

"Your experiment seems sound. Proceed." Amy wheeled her computer towards Sheldon and sat it in front of him. She attached the electrodes to her computer and then to Sheldon's head.

"Are you ready?" She asked, handing him a pencil. He took it and nodded.

"Yes." Amy nodded and sat behind the computer to analyze the results.

"Begin." She said. Sheldon set to work, attacking the problems like a crow attacks an eagle that has gotten to close to its nest. In a matter of minutes he was done.

"Finished." He said, putting his pencil down. Amy nodded.

"Just one more minute." She said clicking away at the keys on her computer. There was a high-pitched scream from one of the monitors and then Sheldon felt a shock and all went black.

Sheldon woke on the floor, head foggy, with someone yelling his name.

"Sheldon!" the voice called, shaking his shoulder, "Sheldon, are you alright?" Finally his eyelids fluttered open and he saw Penny above him.

"Penny?" He said, lifting himself into a sitting position. "Why am I on the floor?" Penny looked at him strangely.

"Amy said that the electo-whatevers malfunctioned, they shocked you. Are you alright?"

Oh my god. What happened? He doesn't remember, is that amnesia? What's going on?

"Penny, I do not have amnesia, I just can't remember how I ended up on the floor. Now, please stop your blathering and help me up." Penny's eyes grew wider as she helped him get to his feet.

"Amy, what's wrong with him?" Penny asked in horror. Amy frowned and crossed her arms.

"I'm not sure." She said, "Perhaps the shock to his brain has made him forget the last few minutes. But it doesn't seem to have any other detrimental effects. Are you feeling all right Sheldon? Any dizziness?" Sheldon shook his head.

"No, I am quite alright, although I do not like being on the floor. Do you know how many germs reside on people shoes and thus on the-"

Oh good. He's himself. However annoying that might be.

Sheldon turned to Penny.

"Why do you always have to interrupt me? Especially when I have seen where your shoes go when you are done with them, you would do well to know what resides on that pair of tennis shoes that have been sitting on your coffee table the last few days." Penny looked at him strangely.

"I didn't interrupt you, Sheldon." She said. Sheldon returned the strange look. He had most definitely heard her voice. Why was she lying about this?

"Well, I am going to study these readings from your brain, Sheldon. Sorry about what happened." Amy sat down at her computer again.

"Yes, of course, goodnight Amy Farrah Fowler." He said as Penny pulled him towards the door.

Great, now Dr. Wackadoodle is probably gonna need to go to the ER. What if he has some sort of head trauma? Amy's a little busy with her monkeys to notice, but he doesn't seem quite all right.

"Penny, I can assure you that I am fine. Please stop your incessant monologue." Penny shot him another glance.

"I'm taking you to the hospital Sheldon." She said as they got into her car.

"I do not need to be admitted to a hospital. I am suffering from no symptoms other than a slight headache, which may be the effect of your chatter rather than the electrode malfunction." She glared over at him as he looked out the window.

He's so obnoxious! Why can't he just understand that I'm worried?

Sheldon whipped his head around to face her.

"Your worried about me?" He asked. She looked over at him.

"Sweetie, you're really starting to weird me out." She said as she pulled onto the street. Sheldon frowned.

"Why would my question 'weird you out'?" He asked.

Because your reading my freaking thoughts. "Because I was just thinking about how worried I was and then you said it." Sheldon's mouth dropped open. He had heard the words but her mouth had not moved. What was going on?

"Penny. I need to think about some things, can we spend the rest of the drive in silence?" He asked. Penny shot him another worried glance.

"Yeah, sweetie, that's fine." She said. Sheldon leaned back in his seat, with his head twisted enough towards Penny that he could see if she spoke again. He was shocked when he heard her voice.

I hope Sheldon's okay. An electrical shock to the head can't be a good thing…How is he alright? Maybe because he uses more of his brain than normal people he escaped damage. Hmm…he seems to be himself. He did just tell me off about germs, so I guess that's a good sign. What's that word they use for head trauma? A concu…oh! A concussion. I'm proud I remembered that, maybe I should audition for a part on House. I could use all that doctor mumbo jumbo…oh look a new shoe store. I should go there tomorrow after work. It looks nice…

Sheldon was sure he was going insane. He was staring straight at Penny and he heard what she was saying but she wasn't actually saying anything, her mouth was not moving.

What had happened to him? The electric shock must have affected him more than he thought. Could he now read minds? Because it now seemed like he was definitely reading Penny's mind.

Why is Sheldon staring at me? Sheldon came back from his mental tangent to look at Penny. He's acting more strange than normal.

"We're here." Penny said as she pulled the car to a stop, watching Sheldon curiously as he jumped out of the car.

"Goodbye Penny, thank you for the ride." He said as he stalked off. As he turned around the corner he heard her again.

Well crap on a cracker, he took off quick. I was hoping for a dinner invite. Wonder what I did this time…

Sheldon ran upstairs taking the steps two at a time.

He could read thoughts. He had always wanted this ability, but now that the universe had given it to him, he wasn't sure why he had desired it. What is the benefit? Why would someone want to know the inane reflections of someone else? Being in the car with Penny for those few minutes had almost driven him insane. Was it going to be like this with everyone?

He reached his door to find it unlocked. He stepped through and closed it behind him quickly.

"Hey, Sheldon. Good, your home." Leonard said, "Pria and I are going to Catalina for the weekend, so you're on your own." Sheldon waited to hear what Leonard was thinking. Leonard looked at him oddly.

"Are you alright Sheldon?" He asked. Sheldon finally straightened and dropped his bag onto his desk.

"Fine." He said. Leonard eyed him warily again before continuing.

"Okaay…well, I brought you Thai food, so you'll have dinner. I won't be home till late Sunday, alright?" Sheldon nodded once, as there came a knock on the door.

"Pria!" Leonard said as he opened it. The Indian woman entered gracefully and gave Leonard a kiss.

"Hello Leonard, are you ready to go?" She asked. I can't wait to get you to the hotel. Sheldon's eyes grew wide again as he heard Pria's words but did not see her lips move.

"Yeah," Leonard replied. "I'm just finishing up with Sheldon here." Pria looked over at Sheldon.

"Hello Sheldon." Why is he so strange? Was he dropped on his head at birth perhaps? Sheldon frowned.

"Hello Pria." He said stiffly. Leonard moved to get his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

"Raj won't be over tonight. He's locked himself in his room to watch Bollywood movies." Leonard said, "He's not happy about our trip."

It's my life, what does my brother care anyway? I'm dating a scientist for crying out loud, I could do a lot worse. He's just so annoying.

"And Howard was grounded by his mother. We gotta go. See ya." Leonard opened the door and he and Pria exited the apartment. Sheldon stood stock still staring at the closed door.

It seems he had been mistaken.

Either Leonard did not have a single thought in his head (which, Sheldon considered, could be possible) or the universe had not given him the power to read anyone's thoughts, no, it had limited him to reading women's thoughts. What was he going to do?

He needed to talk to someone. To bounce idea's off them. Amy would understand, he thought pulling his laptop from his bag and powering it up, or at least she wouldn't think he was insane.

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