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Chapter Five: Confusion and Doubt

Gibbs drove himself and Tony to the location that Abby's cell had marked her at. Tony felt it wise not to make any comments about the break-neck speeds they were going at for the time being. Stop-lights and yield signs held no sway over Leroy Jethro Gibbs as he raced to save his forensic specialist from the man that he thought he'd never see again.


Abby had been stirring the noodles for a few minutes and Jason had still not returned. Confused, she turned the heat down and made sure everything would be alright for a while as she stepped away and walked down the hall that Jason had only a few minutes ago disappeared down. Not seeing him near what she assumed to be the pantry, she walked further, calling his name softly. Finally coming to what appeared to be a bedroom; she knocked on the door before entering. There Jason sat on his bed with a framed photograph in his hands and tears softly falling from his eyes.

"Jason," she said with a gasp, concern coloring her voice. "Are you alright?"

His dark grey eyes looked black as he looked up into her worried green ones. Scrubbing his face a bit, he heaved a sigh.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said in a gruff and slightly embarrassed tone. "Sorry."

Abby went to him, sitting beside him at the foot of his bed after a pause to make sure she wouldn't be pushing any boundaries. Looking at the photograph in his hands, she saw him, a woman, and a young boy all playing out in a backyard. There were other people in the background and at the edges of the frame, showing that it must have been a get-together; possibly a weekend cook out.

"Never apologize," Abby began, cutting off at the end as she put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Who are they?"

"That's my brother, Mason, and his wife and son; Rebecca and Kevin."

"What happened?" she asked hesitantly.


Pulling up the dirt drive, Gibbs slammed the car into park; DiNozzo saving his head from smashing into the dashboard by throwing his hands down on it first. Both men bolted from the car, weapons in hand, and silently raced up the porch to the door. The curtains were open and they saw no movement in the house although the lights were on.


"He was in the Navy – never home. She was going to divorce him and take their son. Felt that he wasn't a good influence with how much he was gone," Jason's words were broken and disjointed but still flowed enough that Abby could understand the story he was trying to tell. "He couldn't handle it, couldn't handle her leaving him and taking his son. He snapped. Just kidnapped them and-"

He couldn't say anymore; his voice just cutting off. Abby looked at him with tears in the corners of her eyes. Wrapping her arms around him, she gave him a warm hug full of compassion.

"Did he-? They aren't-?"

"No. He was caught. Bex and Kevin left, going into Witness Protection. He got out eventually. Committed suicide a few months afterward."

"I'm so sor-" Abby began, getting cut off by muffled shouting at the front door, a loud bang sounding mere seconds after. Jason's arm wrapped around her in a protective manner as she jumped at the sudden burst of noise in surprise.

Gibbs and Tony came storming down the hall, guns drawn, finally pausing outside the open bedroom door where Tony wisely lowered his weapon and Gibbs just unleashed his almighty glare at the man with an arm wrapped around his forensic specialist. As Gibbs turned his eyes to Abby, the glare dimming, he saw several emotions fleeting across her eyes. From fear, to hurt, to betrayal, and finally landing on anger.

"Why aren't you behind bars, Farrow?" Gibbs asked in his stern voice, trying to stay in control of the situation.

"Wait," Abby said slowly. "You're the one that caught Mason?"

"Damnit, Abby!" Gibbs snapped. "You telling me you know what he did and you're still over here?"

"Gibbs, this is Jason – his twin brother!"

"It's true, Agent Gibbs. If you ever looked back on my brother's file you'd see he killed himself soon after he got out." Jason's voice was tinged with anger and bitterness as he spoke to Gibbs, standing up so that he was between Abby and Gibbs in a protective stance. "My brother had made some serious mistakes in his life and when he got out he couldn't even stand himself."

Abby stood and reached out to Jason, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder as she went to his side. Gibbs stood there watching as Abby comforted another man; he wasn't a verbal man to begin with and at this point in time it was more than obvious that he was at a loss on what to say. Tony, standing behind him, shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other before finally speaking.

"Uh, right. Boss, I think Abby's good here." From Farrow's side, Abby gave him a look that clearly said 'you think?' and Gibbs merely holstered his weapon and swept out of the room without another word. Mouthing a quick 'Sorry, Abbs' Tony swiftly followed.

Feeling a little dizzy at the intense sudden turn the evening had taken, Abby leaned against Jason's shoulder as she tried to breathe normally.

"Well, that was interesting," he said with a smile before turning to Abby. The smile faded slightly as he took in Abby's slightly dazed expression. "Abby? Are you alright?"

"I- yeah," she said, taking a deep breath and putting on a smile.

"Still up for spaghetti?" Jason asked with a smirk. Her throaty chuckle was his answer and the two of them left the bedroom, the picture left behind on the bed.


Later that evening Gibbs lay awake in bed; the thoughts of how the evening had gone from bad to worse keeping him wide awake. He didn't know what to expect from Abby tomorrow. Normally, he enjoyed the fact that she was unpredictable, but at this point he was anxious of losing her. 'Especially when she's never even been mine,' he thought before turning onto his side and hoping sleep would come soon.


As Abby shut the door behind Jason, she smiled softly. He'd been such a great guy; after dinner they headed over to her apartment so he could work on her hearse. He'd fixed it up in about forty-five minutes so they sat on her couch sipping coffee for a while until he said he had to leave if he ever wanted to wake up for work tomorrow on-time. She'd walked him to the door that led from her personal apartment to the hall and just as he was about to step out after their goodbyes he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Soon enough, though, that smile turned into a frown. Just what had gotten into Gibbs tonight? And how did he even see Jason to mistake him for his brother? Abby's eyes narrowed at the thought that he could be spying on her. 'No, Gibbs wouldn't do that,' she told herself as she headed to her bedroom. But at the back of her mind a little shadow of doubt whispered that she couldn't be sure.

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