Ichigo Picture Prompt - Storm

*This was a picture that Storm drew of Ichigo sad and crying with a stethoscope in his hand when she thought she had missed the LS Show today. IDK If she'll post it at all.*

A strong hand clapped over Ichigo's shoulder and squeezed for comfort. Ichigo stared down at the lifeless form on the gurney and shook his head.

"You did the best you could." a soft voice whispered and announced the time of death.

"C'mon, scrub up." the hand left his shoulder and bodies began to file out of the room. Ichigo continued to stare, mouth open and edges pulled down in a frown under his thin paper mask.


It didn't make sense. He'd done everything, everything, he'd been taught. He'd followed procedure to the T. He'd pushed and clamped and sewed and for what? Ichigo yanked off the mask from his face and turned out of the room, pulling off his bloody gown and tossing it forcefully into the biohazard trashcan near the scrub sinks. He washed mechanically and stepped out in the hallway, taking a deep breath and inhaling the antiseptic scent he had become so familiar with since he had started working in this hospital. He never thought it was something he could become sick of, but each day that passed proved him wrong.

"I need some fresh air." he said to whoever exited the room behind him and he turned to the emergency exits.

The cool morning air hit him hard with a forceful wind as he opened the door to the small smoking area and he closed his eyes a moment just to breathe again. Even if it smelled like an ashtray out here it was far better than bleach and death. He crossed a small patch of grass to the opposite side of the area and leaned back against the wall of the building. He pulled the stethoscope from around his neck as he slid down to the ground, his knees bending and his elbows resting on top of them.

"Fuck." he whispered, letting his head hang forward a bit as he shook it. "Fuck."

His hands curled around the stethoscope as his head fell back against the wall and he felt the prick of tears at his eyes. He squeezed them shut tight and grit his teeth to try and stop them, but it was too late. A silent sob shook his body and he grit his teeth harder.


It never got any easier. Never. No matter how many times someone told him it would get easier to handle as the years passed, as the patients seemed to blur together, it hurt him down to his soul when he wasn't able to save them. No matter how many times he was told he wouldn't be able to do it Ichigo always held on to that hope that he would, in the end, triumph over sickness and most of all, over death. It was a hard blow, failure.

Ichigo took a deep breath and reached up to wipe the tears from his face before he stood again and brushed a bit of dirt from his scrubs. He cracked his neck, sniffed hard and checked his face once more for any tears before taking one more deep breath and heading back inside. He may have lost this one, but he would do his best for the next. It was his job, after all. Pushing open the door, Ichigo inhaled the scent of the hospital and sighed.

"Kurosaki? We need you in emergency!"

Ichigo nodded and followed the nurse to his next patient. And he would save this one. He had to.

*This is Penny playing with the speech recognition program on her computer. I speak into a pic and the program writes what I say… sort of…*

I feel like I'm in like some SCI Fi start right thing and oh god no I can do that and if an SP wide as are not available now use this to be able to do that he pieced crap a a a a a a a arms was to be able to say a selective at it since and its poster race what I wrote but it's not selected to the ice at oak a rap sees this I sit at oak oh my god of a a comes with every other and if it come out of every windows bring it would be just comes with a computer and Tenney speech fail yet in and sit tight Nnoi didn I sent an E and and E why can't you spell it because your piece of shit than a Alright spell it no Okay that sell today want If only eyes of the unending is gonna do is type what I say I would like no periods or, as were exclamation point to anything it is suppose to type what I say so I guess I will speak the next story if someone would give me a propped but not you cheer oved the breath because of this ocular omitted its vice Ichigo was said pay detailed Ichi room and that she died on the operating table and , oh Deja, with the Asia if Ta a large he it doesn't make sense because the word program is stupid and an if All he could scrap all he could have a Ice cream as a prompt ? The ice cream in lieu open those of the props yukata testing made a a a a And I love how I laugh it going gay AAA slicked the best last ever and 00 when Nnoi shame as he does The ice cream in lieu opens those of the props yukata testing made to have it would take the eight when to a K no exit gate GAY if a 10 to distracted by design of a taken out if that's what she said a O the okay say abide a penny's voice and all got as penny ways are we saying no end to the ticks looked in their Owen it takes looked in gear were smaller Roddick noises coming from Shinji underneath an elite or a a a a a Owens so posting it like this and points okay to make reading is weird things funny things to say all say it is a computer and then we'll take a break they will go back to actually reading stories if not writing stories right to name right and no rating right T De of abandoned what god I'm not too busy that

*at this point the program stopped working completely and the LS Show got to hear Penny cuss out her computer.*

It or they might say that tickle leaner of a a a a a a if okay I got it to work again yet if the if of a funny things for me to say to his apparently I a can break and I just had the olive branch to insert like 500 times and the awesome sauce that if if that's what does the yes it sound like that if the hell net bowl nipple the aid of all that energy needed scenario all say that but I'm not saying it tensed and stiff like it's the last last time you you gonna have a date or gonna hafta it date not date date DICK a a a a a a if Moon Dick Dick Dick moaned tick tick tick apparently have talk if all of this program good stead of WHEN a spell of winks like PENIS if once upon a time there was little penis in his name was Grimmjow or lets the Grimmjow on some and a a a a an who who everyone goes on sale in the apparently are all going on sale of a a a I just completely faced planted on his Dick cook wide as they keep capitalizing debt homes no less it boobs BOOBS boobs and what's important word? And,. A penis is a better word clock is a wonderful word out to the almighty debt to clock is a wonderful word is it got a ceo seek a cock and can

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If the sickening I still hear the music new characters yes the plot is still pretty much the same a lot of it is the same as it was my story to begin west of but obviously certain things had to change the OK go pee wee be the oved the name of the book and the name of the books that will be published in July issue is called capture you so a a a C a PTURE space why are you that is not what I said if owe the reading program of a speech recognition program I believe it's called it should it comes with fight every kid in our summer to search for and if this fun to play with at least when is your birthday are a July ish what the yeah I if the okay so what we doing here if and ice cream fucking innocent bystander to the loop as a prop shooters are giving me as I am I correct and a a a a a a a a bowling of the book and Hoke slow as do some brainstorming here and an so is there any particularly that a killer people be want in this or is it just random bleach characters and something of all the ice cream fucking into by standards and a loop food but if the food but L U BE Noah but oh my god that it I need a break when on Tuesday and will go back to writing because of wrong I will get you started trying to write something with speaking in this program screwing up so much so the button gave me lie 8510 minutes to stretch and my staff and I will be back and we will get with the ice cream fucking bystanders look prompting some get sound good-guy no more pretty voice penny is getting distracted by the crappy pronunciation of all for words should II wouldn back in like 5-10 minutes of a tight time figure by defeating full

Ice Cream(Ari), Fucking Innocent Bystanders (Ruby) Lube (Also Ruby)


"Oh, oh, get me a swirl!" Shinji said, jumping up and down like he were five.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and added a chocolate/vanilla swirl cone to the order.

"You owe me six bucks."

Shinji pouted. "But… I'm broke today."

"Yer always broke." Ichigo grumbled as he handed over his debit card.

Only when yer buyin', Shinji thought to himself as he continued to dance around and wait for his ice cream. He looked over his shoulder at the table they were supposed to be returning to and smiled at the man waiting for them. Nnoi, grouchy bear that he was that afternoon, glared at him and flipped him the bird. Shinji giggled and returned the favor before turning back to the counter and speaking low to Ichigo.

"You think we got him enough food?" he asked and Ichigo nodded.

"I sure as hell hope so. I'm broke now."

"Oh c'mon Ichi, yer not broke. You're too cheap."

"So what if I live cheap! There's nothing wrong with being frugal."

Shinji giggled and reached for the tray that was set on the counter for them while Ichigo reached for the two ice cream cones. As soon as the tray of eight cheese burgers was set in front of Nnoi he dove in like he hadn't eaten in days. Ichigo curled his lip and licked at his cone.

"At least chew it, fuck." he said and Nnoi ignored him.

Shinji's ling tongue flicked out and caught a bit of cream before curling it back into his mouth. Ichigo frowned at him and shook his head. Everything Shinji did seemed so deliberately sexual it was ridiculous. Ichigo sucked on the top of his cone and looked around the crowded food court to distract himself from the gorgefest across the table.

"Hey? Are you bringing anyone to that show tonight?" Shinji asked, bringing Ichigo's attention back to him.

He shrugged. "I hadn't thought about it, really. Can't I go alone?"



Both Shinji and Nnoi spoke at the same time, Shinji shouting and looking at him as if he had lost his mind and Nnoi immediately returning to his almost gone food.

"Why not?"

"Because it's a sex party, idiot!" Shinji said far too loudly and Ichigo blushed.

"Shut up."

Shinji rolled his eyes and licked at his ice cream again. "Oh grow up."

"Can't… can't I just hook up there?" Ichigo asked and Shinji shook his head.

"Nope. It's B.Y.O.D."

At Ichigo's frown Nnoi cleared his throat and spoke around half a mouthful of burger.

"Bring Your Own Dick."

Shinji nodded. "You can switch at the party, but you have to bring someone. It's a rule."

Ichigo sighed and leaned back in his chair, licking his ice cream again and looking back through the crowd.

"Just pick someone here. It shouldn't be a problem." Shinji suggested and Ichigo scowled.

"I can't just–"

"EVIL!" Shinji suddenly shouted and Ichigo frowned.


"The word 'can't'. It's evil. Don't' say it."

Ichigo sighed and rolled his eyes.


Both Shinji and Ichigo looked up to see that Nnoi was finished with his food and was watching them with a frown.

"Just pick the next guy the walks by and let's go. We got a long fuckin' drive."

"I ca–" Ichigo stopped at the look Shinji threw at him and sighed. "Just… anyone?"

Shinji and Nnoi grinned at the same time and nodded. Ichigo sighed, closed his eyes and licked his ice cream once more before he stood and opened them. Blue hair attached to a gorgeous face and body walked closer and Ichigo straightened his spine. He could do this, no big deal. He was just asking someone to a party. Of course the guy could end up being a homophobe and would probably try and hit him, but whatever. Shinji giggled softly behind Ichigo and stood silently. The blue haired man came close enough for Ichigo to speak to him, their eye met and locked, but before Ichigo could say anything he was pushed forward towards the stranger and together they fell into a tangled heap on the ground.

"Ah, what the fuck?" the blue haired man yelled and struggled to push Ichigo off him.

"I am so sorry." Ichigo apologized.

"Ichi! He's got a bag from LUBE!"

Ichigo's eyes went wide and he looked back down into the strangers' eyes. Shit. A few days before Ichigo had been dared to kiss anyone that shopped at the infamous store. Ichigo Kurosaki never backed down from a dare. So, with that in mind, Ichigo pinned the other man's shoulders to the ground, licked his lips lightly before dipping his head and kissing the man. Ichigo had completely expected to be immediately thrown off but the opposite happened. Strong arms wrapped around Ichigo and brought him to rest completely on top of the man below him. A hot tongue slipped between Ichigo's parted lips and he felt himself melt into the kiss. Holy shit! Strong hands traced down Ichigo's back before curling to cup his ass and lord help him he couldn't stop himself. He rolled his hips and ground his almost half hard member into the strangers' thigh. The man arched up into him and slipped a hand between the backs of Ichigo's legs, running his fingers hard against the seam in Ichigo's jeans.

"Hey. Hey! You can't do that here!" someone yelled, bringing the two back to the real world.

Ichigo jerked back and looked into a pair of wide blue eyes.

"Oh shit, Ichi. Run, they're bringing in the big boys." Shinji giggled as he and Nnoi stood and began making their way to the exit.

"Shit." Ichigo breathed and pushed himself off the man. "Sorry." he said before taking off at a run. He wasn't in the mood to get arrested that day.

The stranger glared and stood, fixing his clothes and telling the security guards to fuck off when they asked him to follow them. He shoved the bag he had been holding in his back pocket and looked down at the front of his shirt, seeing the ice cream now soaking his shirt.

"Fuckin'…." he trailed off, looking up at the three men rushing out the food court exit.


"I said fuck off!" he said before following the three outside. At the very least the guy who'd attacked him owed him a new shirt.

What, what, in the butt (Ritsu)

"Where the hell did you get those?" Grimmjow asked incredulously when Ichigo entered the room wearing only skimpy pair of tight red underwear.


Grimmjow frowned. "Really?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Grimmjow stood and grabbed Ichigo by the shoulders, leading him to the tall mirror in his room ad turning him so that his back faced it.

"Look at what it says."

Ichigo looked back over his shoulder and saw the words "WHAT WHAT" printed across his ass. He frowned.


"Have you not heard the song?" Grimmjow asked and Ichigo shook his head.

With a wide grin Grimmjow raced over to his laptop and searched what he was looking for on Youtube, giggling –GIGGLING– the entire time.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Ichigo asked and Grimmjow snorted.

"What, what?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes and sighed. Grimmjow found what he was looking for and clicked on the video, turning the volume up on his laptop and turning to Ichigo with a manic grin as a song began to play.

I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"

You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
Let's do it in the butt,

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" Ichigo shrieked and Grimmjow crumpled to the floor holding his sides in laughter.

"Ah… ah… ah, shit." Grimmjow cried and Ichigo quickly turned off the song.

"What is that?"

"Hey. Yer the one wearing invitational underwear."


Grimmjow snorted and wiped at his eyes. "Oh man. Where did you get those?"

Ichigo's face paled and his eyes went wide.

"Sh… Shinji said… he said these would be good for tonight…."

Grimmjow bit his lip hard and snorted again as he tried to hold back another round of laughter.

"Oh man. Remind me to thank him tomorrow." he said

Ichigo frowned and crossed is arms over his chest. "Fine. And then afterwards I'll kill him."

Grimmjow snickered and reached for Ichigo, leading him to the waiting bed. "Whatever. Now take those stupid things off and let me put it in yer butt."

A/N Another fantabulous game Duckies! Hope you all enjoyed this and the ridiculouslness of my speech program :D Thanks to those that came for this and put up with my incessant giggling and cursing :D Such a combo ;p