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The Car Wash

"Alice, why exactly are we rushing off to a car wash at seven in the morning?" I knew Alice never got up before eleven, unless there was a huge sale somewhere.

"Because my dear, sweet, virginal, Bella, this is not just any car wash. It's a private car wash for card carrying members only. Trust me; you don't want to miss it." Yeah, I flung myself out of bed to hush her up.

Why did I think there was more to it? Alice and Rosalie had been my college roommates for three years and they knew all my dirty secrets, including the fact that I lied about my virgin status. I didn't want the guys in college knowing it was intact, so, yeah, I lied. I willing let everyone think I lost my virginity to one Mike Newton. Of course that never happened since he was gay. After I caught him going down on Tyler in my senior year, I blackmailed him, and forced him to tell everyone that it was me and him that Tyler caught. It so worked and no one ever figured out he was gay and dating Tyler.

It was quite a scene when we had our fake break up in the lunch room on the last day of school. The last thing I whispered to him was, "Good bye, my almost lover. So long my loveless romance," I breathed in his ear before stepping away.

"Clever trick," he whispered and winked.

I never saw him again. Last I heard he and Tyler were in New York going to school.

Rushing around my dorm room, I grabbed the first mini skirt I could find. Doing the wiggle bop, I shimmied into it before donning a white T-shirt and slipping into my sneakers. Alice was already waiting at the door with Rosalie, who I swear was wearing a shit eating grin on her face.

"Oh, Bella, you are so going to love this," Rosalie giggled, throwing her arm around my neck.

Alice grabbed our hands and proceeded to drag us down the stairs and out into the parking lot. The girl was acting lick there was a fire in her jeans as she raced for the driver's side. Rosalie just winked and jumped in the back leaving me the front with Alice.

I swear Alice was trying to kill as she raced toward the frat houses. The car swerved and skidded with every turn she made. Just when I was about to scream for her to stop, she slammed on the breaks and sent me flying into the dashboard. Grabbing my head, I sat up to see what had made her stop. We had arrived at the frat house Jordon, Emmett, Jasper, and my secret crush Edward pledged to.

Holding my head, I realized it was bleeding, but for the life me I couldn't take my eyes off the car wash. It's not every day you see four naked men covered in suds, washing a car. More prominently displayed was one Edward Cullen. Holy hell!

The three of us sat there with drool running down our chins as they scrubbed a car from bumper to bumper. My eyes zeroed in on the one thing I desired more than my degree, Edward's cock. Damn that was something I never thought I'd see in my wildest fantasies, and I have a lot of them.

I didn't even bother picking my chin up off my lap. It was doing fine right where it was. Even flaccid it was long and lean and looking like it needed to be sucked on or fucked for that matter.

When the hoses came out, I wanted nothing more than to be hosed down because shit it was getting steamy in the car. The guys didn't seem to even notice we were there, which was a good thing, because it would have been embarrassing if they noticed me practically humping the upholstery. Even Alice and Rosalie were fidgeting in their seats. Guess I wasn't the only one with wet panties.

I gasped when Edward suddenly looked our way. With a smirk gracing his Greek God like features, he strutted our way. It was a miracle I didn't hyperventilate. It might have had something to do with the fact that I was hypnotized by his cock swaying in the breeze. Half way to the car it started to bounce more then it swayed. Holy shit! It was hardening before my eyes.

With a quick tap on my window, I looked up to see him gesturing to lower my window. "Open up, Bella."

"Um…hi…Edward," I stuttered.

"Are you hurt?" He touched my hand and lowered it so he could see it. "You're bleeding."

Bending over, he grabbed a clean rag. Of course, his ass was just as perfect as his shlong. How could it not be?

Turning back around so his poor disco stick was crushed against the car, he leaned in and started putting pressure on my head. Of course, my coochie started doing the 'I'm dying tend to me first cha cha.'

"Come on, Bella, let's go in the house and take care of this." He opened the door and dragged me out before I could protest or throw a party, whichever came first.

In a haze, I trudged behind him watching his ass sashay up the stairs. Just once I wanted to let go and bite him in the ass in the literal sense. I expected him to stop at the bathroom, but before I knew it we were in his bedroom and he was pushing me onto the bed.

"Don't move," he laughed and headed into his closet.

When he came out, he had a first aid kit in his hands. What kind of guy keeps a first aid kit in his closet?

"I hope this is okay?" he hummed as he straddled my hip.

Fuck yeah, I moaned feeling his dick pressed against my vajaja and damn did it feel good.

"Um…Edward, you're…um, oh…yeah…your…," yep not a coherent thought to be had.

"Are you trying to say my lightening rod is in your clouds? Or, my penis is playing footsie with your pussy? Or just maybe…," he flat out ground against me, "my pencil dick is trying to scribble down a love note on your panties?"

Yep that did it, my hips jerked up against him wanting him to play hide the sausage, fuck and run, ring the bell, and every other game that involved him being buried inside in me.

"God, Bella. Please tell me I am the one who made your panties dripping wet? Even if it's a lie, say it."

"Yes, you're the one," I panted as his fingers rubbed the wet nap between my legs.

"Three years I have been waiting for you to notice me," he groaned, "oh shit, I can't wait any longer."

Before I could blink, he pulled my thong to the side and slipped in. "Fuck!" I grabbed his ass and forced him to stay still.

"Shit, sorry," he winced. "They warned me not to rush, but I couldn't help it. Please say something?"

"Who?" I squawked.

"Em and Jazz. I asked them to help me to get you to notice me." My eyes fluttered shut when he started gliding in and out.

"Me? Why me?" Not that I really cared with him so far in me, he could tickle my tonsils.

"Can we talk about this later? I am trying not to come before you," he whimpered.

Relying on one elbow to hold his weight, he tugged my shirt up, exposing my breast to his ogling eyes. "I knew they'd be perfect."

"Edward," I mumbled when he locked his ruby lips onto my nipples.

"Ummhmm,"he reply had my peaks shivering against his lips.

"faster please?" I pulled my legs up and locked them around his hips.

Kissing his way up to my ear, he moaned, "Anything you want."

When his hips started pounding against me there was nothing I wanted more than to cum, and I mean the kind of cuming when you blackout because you came so hard.

Reaching between us, he toyed with my clit, my bundle of nerves, my nub or anything else he wanted to call it. Hell, he could rename it to Edward's pleasure button and I would be okay with that.

"Fuck! More!" I jerked against him as I came on his man rib.

"Fuck, Bella," he convulsed above me and I hoped I didn't break him.

Slumping against me, he started laughing. "That was awesome! Can we do it again?"

"Don't you need to recharge or something?" I couldn't resist stroking his copper highlights.

"Yeah, maybe, don't know. It was my first time." I finally understood the joke.

Rolling out from under him, I started adjust my clothes so I could take the walk of shame. It was a set up. Em and Jazz must have heard from Alice and Rose that I was a virgin and they recruited Edward to get rid of my problem. I guess I should have been thankful, but honestly, I was hurt. I wanted it to be because he liked me.

"Don't leave. I know I'm not as good as the other guys you've been with, but I promise to do better?" He grabbed my arm.

"Edward, don't play dumb. I know they told you and I know you just did this to help me lose my virginity. I just wish you did it because you liked me." He looked baffled for a minute.

"You mean…you never…Mike Newton?"

"No, are you saying they didn't tell you that I faked it?"

"No, but that makes this even better. I do like you, Bella. I have been waiting to do this with you since I saw you in the registration lines on the first day." He cupped my cheeks and kissed me softly.

Resting my head against his chest I looked down and nearly passed out. "Edward, where is the condom?

"Shit! Fuck, I knew I forgot something!"

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