The Car Wash

Missing Sex Scene

Hello everyone. As promised the missing sex scene from the last chapter. Yes I know it's late, but real life writing detained me. Mocked by Faith ~ Healing the Faith has just been released through The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House this month. Also I wrote in an anthology named Life is More Than Candy Hearts with Butterflybetty and Busymommy which is now also available on Amazon, smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. So here is my thank you for reading this story. I'm not going to say good bye to it because you just never know if I'll be adding to this one.

Bella's re-cap

He pulled back, looking deeply into my eyes and moving a piece of my hair behind my ear. "I'm only sorry I didn't find out sooner. It would've saved us both a world of pain. I never stopped loving you. There's no one else in this world for me." I didn't fight when he kissed me again, pinning me to the fridge.

Edward's POV

I was done with the pussyfooting around, when I pinned her to fridge. I wanted Bella. My weeping sword would say more than my lips. I could feel its tears pooling in my pants. You bet I grouped her, and hard at that. The DD mounds molded to my palms. Her new curves swayed as I ground my rock hard rod of steel into her stomach.

"Edward, please?"

Grinning into her neck, I taunted her. "You can have anything; just don't ask me to stop. That's not happening. My surf board wants to surf your waves. Four years of waxing the jerky . . . not again." Dragging her with me, we slipped into the puddle of potato salad strewn across the floor.

"Oh no, that was our dinner," she gasped, turning her head to see the mess we were sprawled out in.

"I'll buy you anything you and Eddie want to eat. You can have the supermarket. Shit I'll hand feed you if you give me your cotton candy forever." I punctuated my words by grabbing her swirls through her skirt. "I promise, our banana split with be the best in your life."

I moaned when her hand slipped down to my sausage sandwiched in my pants. With one hand, I fisted and slid up her t-shirt. The sight of her honeydew melons had me ready to erupt. I couldn't tear my eyes off of them. They looked ripe and ready for the picking. A hiss slipped out when her palm stopped tenderizing my meat.

Looking up, I could see her fear. Her chest heaved waiting for my rejection. Placing my hand over hers, I showed her how I liked it. Granted I was the only one who had done it for the last four years, I was an expert on the subject. "Don't be shy, sugarplum. I want to lick you all over like a Toosie Pop to get to the chewy center." I wiggled my eyebrows, laughing.

Leaning in, I pulled away the ruffled, black bra and licked her from base to the Milk Dud on top. Lapping at it, I tried to convince it to give me milk to go with my cookies.

The front door opening had us both freezing in place. "Bella, we're taking EJ out for dinner. See you in a few hours," Jasper's voice rang out.

Bella bit her lip when the sound of the door shutting echoed in the kitchen. "Hear that? We have the house to ourselves. Whatever shall we do with ourselves?"

Bella's hand reached up and cupped my cheek. "I think I need to be re-schooled in Pleasuring 101."

My face contorted as the realization hit me: I didn't have any latex to cover the lightning bolt of love. "Bella, I don't have a . . . "

"Oh, I haven't had the need for those in years. There was no one to wear them." I hated seeing her turning away rejected.

"I want you so bad, but if you don't want to take the chance of getting pregnant again, I can jerk off in the bathroom then go get some."

"You would take that chance again? Even after Eddie?"

"Especially after Eddie. I'm never letting you go again, Bella. The thought of seeing you carrying my children has me aching to dive into your sea of love. My little pirate will be all like 'Avast ye mateys thar be pussy to plunder'. (lvtwilight09) I'll be a card carrying muff diver since your pussy is like Chinese takeout, an hour later I'm hungry and I'll want to eat you out again. (KikiTheDreamer)"

"I'm lying on steaks in marinade and potato salad not very sexy."

My hips rocked against her. "You're too sexy for your food." Slipping down on the mayo smeared across the floor, I headed south to promise land. Licking and sucking every new curve I met, I settled between her legs.

"I've missed my rude boy. I wanna see your peacock. Give it to me."

I smiled, shoving her skirt up to her hips. Hooking my fingers around the waistband to her panties, I dragged them down painfully slowly. Her treasure trove lay beneath that silky material and I wanted to see it.

"Still pretty in pink," I hummed.

Her hips shimmied looking for friction. "You're teasing me."

"Teasing with the intent to please." I wiggled my eyebrows.

I leaned in and captured the pout she had about my teasing. Kissing her harder, my desperation amped up. If I didn't get my throbbing pant snake out and into her heavenly hideaway, I was going to add to the mess on the floor.

"Please, Bella." I thrust against her leg like a dog humping its owner's leg.

She hesitated before slipping her hand between us. "It's so hard and long."

"I might have stretched it a bit from heavy jacking off. Can you take it out now? It hurts."

"Oh, sorry. I suck at sex."

"No, baby, you don't. You just need more practice. I'll be your teacher. Step one: get it the fuck out of my pants before it suffocates. Step two: jerk it like my life depends on it, cuz right now, it does."

To inspire her, I drifted my hand to her molten core and slid my finger into stir up the volcano waiting to erupt inside her. Fumbling with the button to my pants, she freed me from my imprisonment like a warden releasing a harden criminal. I was never a sunshine and unicorn guy. A guttural grunt ripped from my chest when her fingers lassoed my thick drive shaft.

"Like this?"

"Um, yeah, shift that baby into second." As a reward I added a second finger to her beckoning vortex.

The kitchen filled with our joint pants and moans. I couldn't wait any longer, and pushed her hand away. "I need to be in you now."

She gasped at how fast I had aligned myself and pushed into her heated walls. "Oh, God!"

"Fuck, I missed you—all of you."

"I missed you, too." The mess on the floor helped her slither against me.

"Marry me. Have more of my children. Stay with me." I mumbled the words from our first time together.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm—I'm cuming!"

My hips answered each of her acceptances with a resounding FUCK YEAH thrust. Her walls locked down on me and pulled my release from me. It was the best climax of my life.

Slumping down onto her, I laughed. My excitement brimming over. "You said yes! God, I love you!"

She giggled. "I love you, too. But before you get too happy you have to know about the deal I struck with your father." Tapping her lips with my fingers, I silenced her.

"Jasper already told me. I called my father on the way here and told I knew and the deal was off. There is no way I'd let him keep you two from me. We don't need his money now that I have a job here. I'll take care you both. The hospital pays well and we'll have the best medical coverage. Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, you said everything right. I thought you'd hate me for accepting. I had no choice."

Kissing her tears away, I said the only thing I could think of, "It doesn't matter anymore to me. You and my son are all I care about. We're going to be a family."

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