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Both he and Izaya were silent, not one wanting to break the cold tension within the room. Although the mood had been lightened slightly, their problems certainly weren't resolved.

"...I'm sorry..." Izaya muttered after a long pause. He stared out the window tiredly, watching as snow started to fall from the gray sky. He felt Shizuo come near him, but he refused to look up. If he did, he would crumble right there. His walls would break, and he would not be able to hide the pain he was hiding.

Shizuo walked over to him, standing directly in front of him silently for a moment. He huffed slightly and pushed Izaya back, trapping the red eyed man between the couch and himself. His hands grasped the back of the couch, as he neared the raven haired mans face, "About...?" he whispered in his ear.

Izaya let his head fall back against the couch and glanced at Shizuo. His gaze flickered to the floor for a moment as he sighed. "About...not trusting you..." he croaked, biting back all the thoughts telling him to not open up about his thoughts. " I should trust that you were safe and that you had something...more important than our night together..."

Shizuo blinked , confused for a moment, before smiling widely, "Because of that thing I had to do, this night is important actually," he chuckled nervously. He neared Izaya's cheek, giving a soft kiss before brushing his lips against the shell of Izaya's ear again, "You know I love you, right?"

Izaya furrowed his brow slightly with confusion and curiosity. Hearing those words made his heart swell, but it was so…out of nowhere. Why would Shizuo want to tell him this now? And why something so blatantly obvious? "...yes. Of course I know that. And I love you too." he smiled and pressed his palm against Shizuo's cheek, smiling, "Thats why no matter how angry I get, I could never leave you..."

Shizuo's eyes widened and seemed to shine, as a big grin formed on his face.

"That's all I needed to know..." he whispered as he neared Izaya's lips, looking for a slow, passionate kiss. His lips touched Izaya's softly, at first gently caressing the tender flesh. Izaya hummed with approval and kissed back, just as tenderly. Shizuo refused to pull away, pressing his mouth against Izaya's when he tried to pull away. He has to keep him distracted as he shoved his hands in his pocket, looking for something.

Izaya blinked in surprise but didn't complain. He wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck lightly, kissing him back eagerly, unaware of Shizuo's searching hands, as his fingers thread themselves in the dyed hair. Shizuo kept kissing him, flicking his tongue along Izaya's lip, begging for entrance. Izaya complied, parting his mouth slightly as he felt that sweet sugar and tobacco flavored muscle invade his mouth. Shizuo twirled his tongue around, feeling their tongues collide and dance, as he felt Izaya's hands on his hair, tugging him closer.

After a minute or so, he pulled back with a loud POP. He stepped back, getting on one knee on the floor and grabbing Izaya's hands, making sure that he wouldn't notice the small, black box hidden within them.

Izaya stared at him, smiling and slightly breathless, his eyes half lidded and dark with love and lust. "Shizu-chan..." he whispered, clenching his hands within Shizuo's. "Lets go to bed, love."

Shizuo looked at him, then down at his hand, which had Izaya's smaller between them. Shizuo's heart was racing, and his throat was tight and dry. He gently clenched his hands around Izaya's, feeling them get clammy and warm. He had to find a way to say it, and he was getting even more nervous as time passed. After another second of silence, he released Izaya's hands and placed the small box on Izaya's hands, looking up at him with a soft blush on his cheeks.

Izaya looked down at the small box in his hands, eyes widening slightly. His stomach dropped as the soft black velvet brushed his skin. He recognized what the box was, but was scared as to what was inside.


"I love you." Shizuo whispered, a bit too quickly. He took a calming breath and continued, "I've been with you... for a long time, and I've never met anyone like you. You're amazing in every way and you're perfect for me, and I-" he gulped, looking up straight at Izaya's eyes, opening the box slowly, making it face Izaya, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Time seemed to stand still as those words left Shizuo's lips. Everything was blocked out of Izaya's mind except those words. He gasped slightly as the shine of the ring inside of the box reflected the light from the TV.

"Izaya, will you marry me?"

Izaya's mouth fell open in shock as his gaze focused on the simple engagement band within the box. He was completely speechless, except for the small gasp that escaped him. The ring didn't have a large diamond, which was fine. It was a little bit thicker than his normal rings, and along the outside of the ring, the Celtic knot was engraved, symbolizing eternity. The simple band was all Izaya ever wanted.

Shizuo stared up at Izaya, waiting for his response. Thoughts started circling in the blondes head: Was he too sudden? Did they need more time? Did he just screw up everything?

"Uhh... well, you can, think about it..." He stammered, his face growing hotter.

Izaya blinked his eyes, unable to stop the tears that threatened to fall. He laughed shortly, smiling brightly. "Did you even have to ask?" he croaked as he lunged forward, hugging Shizuo as tight as he possibly could.

Shizuo caught him, blinking, "Well that's the whole shit about proposing, asking the question," he chuckled, hugging back, "and you haven't responded."

Izaya nodded into Shizuo's shoulder, laughing with joy. "Of course I'd say yes you idiot!"

A relived laugh escaped Shizuo's laugh as he threw his head back slightly, grinning, "I don't know!" He wrapped his arms tightly around Izaya's small frame, hugging him tightly. He pressed his nose against Izaya's, staring at him for a moment before capturing his lips again in another sweet kiss. "Don't ask me what you think, I would never know." he kept kissing him, another chaste kiss after each chaste kiss.

Izaya kissed him again, unable to stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks. He pulled away for only a moment to slip the ring onto his finger and to admire it, a large smile still plastered to his face. His red eyes welled up with tears as he tilted his hand back and forth, watching the lights glisten against the sterling silver of the band.

Shizuo chuckled, taking Izaya's face in his hands and kissing him once again, "Truth is, I went crazy to find it, I promised myself that I wouldn't come back until I found it." He chuckled light heartedly, whispering in Izaya's ear, "Don't blame Tom; he doesn't know."

"You''re so crazy." he sighed, resting his head on Shizuo's shoulder as he hugged him again, nuzzling his neck softly, closing his weary eyes. Izaya couldn't stop smiling, and his eyes were aching from shedding so many god damn tears in one sitting. Shizuo chuckled again, kissing him every moment he could.

"Crazy for you to say yes, really, making me so happy, you flea." he rambled, laughing. He went back to simply kissing Izaya again and again, all over his face, neck, shoulders. Everywhere. No place was safe from Shizuo's smothering kisses.

"I can say the same for you." Izaya giggled, completely giddy. He felt like he was high from happiness. His chest ached with such a strong sense of joy. His body tingled and his heart raced and his stomach felt nauseas. All because he was too damn happy to contain it all. He brushed the hair out of Shizuo's eyes, smiling, as he just gazed into those warm eyes that made him feel whole. "You make me so happy…"

Shizuo laughed softly again, seeing those beads of tears roll down Izaya's cheeks. "Hey now, don't cry, "he chuckled, kissing Izaya's tears, "You should be happy."

"I am happy. so happy..." he said breathlessly, as he kissed him deeply again. "I never thought...God...I didn't see this're so fucking unpredictable."

Shizuo chuckled, standing up, pulling Izaya up with him. He scooped his now fiancé into his arms bridal style, walking toward the bedroom door. "Why not? I thought couples propose after some years. And I think It took too long for us." He walked over to the bedroom, closing the door softly behind them with his foot.

Izaya loved the way his body fit perfectly against Shizuo's. He molded right into him, wrapping his arms around his neck as he nuzzled his face into Shizuo's shoulder. Izaya yawned softly, nuzzling his face under Shizuo's chin, sighing as he closed his eyes. "But you always said you'd never propose..."

Shizuo rolled his eyes, a short chuckle rumbled through his chest. He gently laid Izaya on the bed, brushing the hair from his tear stained face, before turning off the light.

"Didn't that make this even more unexpected and special? I'm such a good liar." he grinned again, looking childish in an adorable way. Izaya smiled and patted the empty side of the bed where Shizuo slept. Shizuo walked over and sat on the edge, leaning over to softly run his fingers through the soft, raven colored hair. Izaya curled into a ball, resting his face in the pillow. His eyes fell to a half lidded state almost immediately, as exhaustion finally kicked in.

" made tonight...really special..." he sighed, slowly falling asleep. Everything was becoming to daunting of a task to do. Even speaking seemed to require too much energy. Noticing his lovers sudden tiredness, Shizuo lied in bed, pressing himself up against Izaya from behind. He wrapped his strong arms around the lithe waist and buried his face into Izaya's neck, peppering him with small kisses.

"I hope i make every night special from now on." he whispered, kissing his cheek softly. A small moan from Izaya told him that he was almost asleep, and that the small butterfly kisses made him feel loved. "Goodnight, flea."

"G'night Shizu-chan…I love you..."

"I love you too."