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Pages feathered beneath fingertips, I leafed and searched. A spare script left, forgotten on the bedside table begged and taunted through the lonely evening. Still struggling to appreciate Forks and plot points and theme, I was determined to support.

I thumbed over the episode, date, title page… Edward Cullen… head writer… a familiar sensation warming past proud or impressed. I adjusted my tortoise shell glasses and nestled deeper into the bed. Opening more buttons of the white dress shirt, I needed to cool heated, damp skin. August temperatures raged and punished beyond the windows. I tied my hair in a loose, tangled knot and kicked the pale blue quilt lower. Just as I dove into the text and lines of the opening scene, the phone vibrated against my bare leg.


"On my way. Need anything?"


"I know, I know… Too many late nights. This time of year is a bitch, baby."

"Yeah, yeah… such is the life of an award winning writer…"

"I'll make it up to you."

"Promises, promises."

"Bella. Stop, baby. What are you wearing… talk while I walk…"

"Your shirt…"

"Is that all?"


"You're a tease. Open some wine, I'll be there in ten minutes."

"K. Edward…"


"Nevermind… Be careful…"

I shifted, tossed the script to the floor. Impatient, frustrated… I opened the shirt wide, caressing a breast, rolling my hardening nipple. I sank lower, slowly working over the other. Dizzied, wanting… my mind flooded with him. Passionate months full of the hottest, most satisfying sex and more had passed quickly in a euphoric haze.

I heard the key, a turn and twist. A leather satchel dropped, hitting the wood floor. Footsteps closer, his presence ignited. My own sensuous motions waged on. Leaning, breathing deep at the door, he gazed, heavy eyed, seductive. I ran one hand down my stomach, edging cream lace. We stared in lip licking anticipation as I pushed lower.

I smirked, wicked and wanting as I touched... stroking slow and teasing my pussy they way he would. Head tipped, back arched… my lashes fluttered closed as I welcomed the sensations. The bed dipped near and around. He hovered, rough, strong fingers slid over my hips, tugging fabric down and away.

My fingertips pressed and circled tighter, harder as I felt warm breath at my ankles, steady, knowing hands made a path up. Teasing light, gently grazing my skin… then he gripped tight, spread and opened my thighs further.

"Fuck, baby."

Wet lips dusted the inside of my knee, I moaned louder, as fingers continued the swirl and pace.

A trembling hand drifted up my torso, sliding over my abdomen, up to my breast, tugging my taut nipple. I met his heady stare as my hips rotated to my own blissed, purposeful rhythm. Sensation intense, his lips parted, tongue swept along his lower lip. Breathing and beat increased as he took me in and knelt between my legs.

"I love watching you touch yourself."

"Yeah…" I purred, knowing.

I trailed lower, teasing, pushing two fingers inside slowly, our eyes locked. My thumb pressed against, as I slid in and out, arousal evident.

Edward's grip on my thighs tightened as he forced even wider. He wet his lips, watching my fingers stroke faster, steady. His whispers and telling faded into a blind rush as I edged my peak. Silent, breathless, I gasped and lifted, tightening around my own fingers. "Goddamn beautiful…"

Slowing, searching to center from the high, I reveled in his hands gliding, sliding up and down to soothe. A taunting whimper and tickle escaped, we mirrored smiles against each other's waiting mouths. I swiveled, grinding towards as he pressed hard and ready between my legs. "See what you miss when you come home late?"


A sizzle and hum drew me to the quaint kitchen as I tucked a peach silk tank into my skirt. A delicious sight and smell stilled me in the arched opening. Edward blindly tended to an omelet dripping with cheese and greens while his attention weighted towards his laptop. I wrapped, melted behind, bare, smooth, warmth under my fingers. A slight and breathy groan deepened as I tugged, teasing his hair lower and below.

"OhPeterplease, make love to me"

I watched a sultry faux blonde pine and moan her horny melodrama on the small screen. "What the hell is that?" Forced to steady on tip toes, my chin rested on his shoulder. He scoffed, grabbing to dust wet lips along the inside of my wrist.

"That is Renata Bonici…"

I straightened, reacting to the ease and roll of her name from his mouth. I mumbled to repeat, sound laced with immediate, nonsensical loathing.

"So…" He turned in my arms, forkful ready. I took, slow and taunting, tonguing the prongs as he pulled. Brow arched, green eyes rolled and narrowed.

"So, she's coming in to the studio this afternoon for a test read… for the new detective role." My fingers swept, pinching the corners of my freshly glossed mouth.

"She doesn't look like a detective. I think you should go with someone a little less… sexual…"

"Detectives have great sex… especially on my show." He winked, it annoyed, he knew.

"Who's she having sex with?"

"Another detective… in his office… over his desk… after hours…"

"I thought that detective only slept with the omniscient female vampire?"

"They broke up."

"Oh. Emmy winning stuff there… babe." A firm, playful hand met my ass. I snapped teeth and tensed morphing into a wrinkled nose giggle.

"Maybe I should bring home that Emmy statue of which you mock and put it in our bedroom…" A splayed hand gripped my jaw, tilting as he dragged his nose, mouth down and along. "… and remind you of my mad skills and award winning imagination… Hmmm…" Lips met, once then brushing wet, tasting and wanting, I nibbled to break.

"I love your skills… but right now I need to run." I spun, twisting my hair high, feeling the damp heat of the summer early. Edward ran palms across the silk and middle, tracing my waist.

"Why so fancy today?" He staggered back, taking me in, crossed arms over his bare, irresistible chest. "Not sure I want you bending and reaching to shelve books in this skirt, baby." I sighed, sliding my leather bag over my shoulder.

"You know I don't do that anymore, right?" He smirked, closing the distance and caressed, teasing my ass. "Enough. I'm going… don't forget we have dinner with your parents tonight."

"I'll have to meet you there. Need to make a stop on the way." I wore a frustrated pout to the door. Unchaining, gritting and squaring my shoulders, he softened with peppered kisses over the back of my neck.

"I love you…"

"You too… enjoy your day with Miss Bonito."

"Bonici." He corrected chuckling, I waved back and over, an extra sway led me down the stairs.


Head thrown back, long bleached waves swept the black leather chair, a manicured hand settled in the bend of Edward's elbow… "Bitch." I breathed, my afternoon surprise punished and ruined. Pointing to a page, nodding, she blinked dramatic, he explained. His hands gestured, arms wide, motioning for many in a crowded room, a modern maple table full of creative minds and red marked, dog eared paper. I leaned, spying through the smallest shape of glass, my bag balanced between my high heels.

"Hi, Bella." Startled, I gasped and turned. "You look gorgeous as usual."

"Hey, Jane," I whispered and embraced Edward's young eager assistant, blushing ridiculous.

"You can go in…"

"Oh no, no…" I shook, twisting the citrine beads at my throat tighter. "I'm just going to sneak off into his office and wait a bit."

"They've been at this forever… Not sure what the issue is. I've already rescheduled two meetings for him today."

"Really…" I laughed casual. "Maybe she doesn't understand the script… or direction or…"

"Constant clarification with some of these… actresses… Edward's so patient." I peeked again. Their shoulders brushed, hers bare, lashes fluttered, lips pursed. Finished and through with pathetic, self inflicted torture, I exhaled and smiled sure.

"I think I'll go wait in his office." I stalked and settled behind his door. Scanning the small, albeit private space I fell behind his desk into the cool brown leather chair. Staring at two photos framed simply in black, a soft grin crept. Edward's producer mocking a blood sucking bite to his neck from behind, holding their award statues, and me, an image and profile on the small back building stoop, laughter and bliss in the bright springtime sun... My fingertips ran edges of notes and sketches, following the script of a lone pale green business card… Jenks Jewelers. An appointment, date and time for delivery only hours ahead, left me anxious and wondering. I swallowed slow, hard, feathering loose, late day mussed strands back and behind my ears.

"Baby…" He moved quickly, running a hand over his handsome, surprised face. Flipping the small card, I rushed to greet and love. "How was your day? You okay?" He framed, thumbing tender over my cheeks.

"Yeah… no. I just missed you." We mirrored subtle knowing smirks.

"I like this."

"What?" I whispered coy.

"You… here… randomly… missing me…" He made slow patterns in my palm, falling fast into his chair.

"You look exhausted." I angled, in pity, pouting. He shook, ridding his thoughts, hopefully of difficult actresses with a need to incessantly rehearse sex scenes.

"Not the best casting choice…" He halted my next and smug words, with a hand held high. "Don't… even start." I rested against the desk's edge, between his legs, sliding closer until our thighs brushed, I was ready past start to bask in the glow of being right, deciding to remind and punish with my own mad skills. I slid my hands down and along my skirt hem, higher with every pass, he stared. Mouth parted, processing, his tongue peeked over the softest lips.

He finally touched gentle, feather light, teasing up and down, along and inside. My skirt hitched, the lace of my thigh-highs evident, his strong hands gripped slightly trembling legs. Sliding rough, wanting fingers dug into damp flesh around and back to my ass.

I reactively turned to face the desk, panting and wanting more. I bent low, over the smooth, honey maple wood. Breath paced heavy, pushing my thin summer skirt up and over. I gazed over my shoulder as he traced delicate peach scalloped lace. Grasping hips, he guided, landing me in his lap, his cock hard beneath me. We moaned, I swiveled and pressed against. His lips brushed my neck, teeth nipping. A testing grip and tug through my hair, tipped for more… his tongue ran a wet trail down.

"You're such a beautiful, fucking tease… what are you doing to me, woman?"

"Who's teasing?" I rocked, his fingers slipped slow against my center.

"He tucked, blowing heat over and behind my ear. "What do you want… tell me…" His words and groan blurred as I moved against his hard cock at my ass and his fingers at my pussy. Our lips met urgent, ready, tongues swirling, I rocked harder against as he stroked my wet center.

His hand slipped away, I moaned in frustration as he left my mouth. Gripping my hips, he pushed me from his lap to stand. I reactively turned to face him. "No," he whispered. Tugging the fabric over my hips, letting it pool on the floor, he gently lifted to free me.

Soft, slow he urged me down and forward, I braced with hands in front, skirt gathered at my waist. He leaned over, warm lips at my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you just like this, Bella."

Lashes fluttered, I absorbed his deep voice, laced with desire. Quivering ready as he unbuckled, unsnapped and unzipped. I startled open and present with the feel of his thighs against mine, thick cock sliding between. Hands over my hips to steady, he exhaled, groaning at the first pass to taunt. Holding the base, he pulled back, pressed forward, then stroked so, so deep to stretch and fill. My forehead fell to meet the desk, rolling to balance. "Yes… god, yes…"

Fingers suddenly gathered hair at my nape, tugging me back, his body melting over mine. "You have to be quiet, baby." Teeth nipped my jaw, a pull and push from behind. "Hmmm… can you stay quiet while I fuck you..."

"Oh… god…" I moaned.

"If you can't, I'll have to stop." Paced faster, he pumped harder then stilled.

"Fuck, no, no…please don't stop, I swear…" I rotated, easing back to beg and begin again. "Shhhh…." A wicked giggle, I winked over my shoulder. He released, my loose hair fell, then forced hard once, again and found our rhythm. One hand tensed on the desk beside mine, another guided my hip, my fingers tangled between his. I guided us down and along my clit matching the pace of his cock at my pussy. Over and more, I peaked, fighting to hush the high. He brought our hands to my throat, angling back, capturing my lips to quiet and soothe. Suddenly, his thrusts pleasured quicker and wild as he pulsed and came.

Settling, breathing deep to calm, we straightened and grinned. A light knock at the door hurried the prep and redo. I held, wrapped grateful around from behind as Edward edged it open. "Hey there…" Her voice bled low and intent.

"Renata," he greeted, smoothing through his hair. I pinched his shirt, twisting fingers and stifling my smug satisfaction.

"So my manager and I were going to go grab a drink…" She leaned closer. "Did you want to… join us? We could maybe… work through some more of your brilliant stuff… lines… maybe…" I stepped firm and between, flashing my sated glow.

"Hi. Bella Swan…" I offered, she stared, wide eyed.


"We actually already have plans… an appointment with a jeweler and dinner with his parents." Her beautiful over made, forced face and eyes fell. Edward softened the scene with his professional, gracious way, assuring her they'd have plenty of time to run and rehearse.

I was suddenly pinned to the closed door. "You…" Our hands fisted, connected overhead.

"Me…" I played, he tightened… perfect, stubbled jaw, eyes. "You love me…" He sighed, shaking, smirking.

"I do… I do love you…" Lips brushed, tired and sweet.

"So… what does the jeweler have for fun?" My tongue swept his lower lip, catching and tugging with my teeth.

"Something for you…" We stared. "Something… to calm you down… forever…" I cocked, angling to challenge, hoping and overwhelmed.

"Do I need to calm down?" I whispered against his mouth.

"You're going to be the death of me if you don't." A kiss, perfect and slow grazed and again… "Marry me..."


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