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Annabeth shook her head, radiating sadness. "It'll never work," she said.

"Look," Thalia glared. "She was totally evil to me. I'm getting back at her. I don't care whether she's Percy's girlfriend or not."

Annabeth looked at Thalia levelly. "It would work better if you did it during campfire then lunchtime. If you do it at lunch you'll be caught to quickly to finish. Plus you'll be hungry. At the fire I can cover for you."

"I knew you hadn't deserted me!" Thalia yelled, pumping her fist.

Just then they heard a couple in the woods. She saw Gloria, Percy's girlfriend's, face perfectly, but she couldn't make out the face of the black haired boy next to her.

"Do you want to leave?" Thalia asked softly.

"That's not Percy," Annabeth whispered back.

"What!" Thalia whisper yelled. "Are you sure?"

"Definetly," Annabeth said, "You can see that-"

"I don't need to know the details," Thalia cut in, "Come on, we've got a couple to break up. This is way better then my plan," Thalia said evilly.

"Hey Gloria!" Annabeth yelled as the blonde girl kissed the boy. "Have you seen P-oh there he is!"

"Percy?" the boy asked confused. "My names Matthew."

"Oh, I guess you're cheating on Percy…?" Annabeth said, backing the blond into a corner.

"Oh no!" she said hastily, "We broke up."

"I guess I'll go comfort him then. Come on Thalia," Annabeth turned to leave.

"Wait!" the girl called.

"Too bad!" Annabeth called over her shoulder. "You cheated on him, you pay the price."

The pavilion

"Oh Percy, I'm so sorry!" Annabeth called dramatically, turning heads.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"Well, she said that you broke up, and she was kissing this guy, so…"

"What!" Percy thundered, standing up.

"I'll show you where she is. Thalia, do you want to come?"

"Yeah," she said, smirking. "That biotch deserves it after what she did to me."

If people review I'll add another chapter with Percabeth and show Gloria's butt getting kicked by Annabeth and Thalia after Percy yells at her. :-)

The part:

Thalia λάμψε. «Ήταν συνολικά κακή σε με. Επιστρέφω σε την. Δεν φροντίζω εάν είναι φίλη Percy ή όχι.» Το Annabeth εξέτασε Thalia levelly. «Θα λειτουργούσε καλύτερα εάν το κάνατε κατά τη διάρκεια της ώρας μεσημεριανού γεύματος πυρών προσκόπων έπειτα. Εάν το κάνετε στο μεσημεριανό γεύμα θα πιαστείτε για να τελειώσετε γρήγορα. Συν σας θα είναι πεινασμένος. Στην πυρκαγιά μπορώ να καλύψω για σας.» «Ήξερα ότι δεν με είχατε εγκαταλείψει!» Thalia που φωνάζεται, αντλώντας την πυγμή της. Ακριβώς έπειτα άκουσαν ένα ζεύγος στα ξύλα. Είδε τη Gloria, της φίλης Percy, πρόσωπο τέλεια, αλλά δεν θα μπορούσε να κάνει έξω το πρόσωπο του μαύρου μαλλιαρού αγοριού δίπλα σε την.

I'll post the answer on the next chapter. :-)