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"I'm sorry Percy," Annabeth said softly, reminding him that she was there. Quickly he realized that they were on the beach.

"I'm sorry too," he said, enjoying the feel of her hand in his.

"Can we go back to being best friends?" she asked, looking almost scared to be asking.

No! He wanted to yell, he wanted to say, let's be more, but he couldn't. So he settled on, "Always."

"Thanks Percy," Annabeth said, softly snuggling into him, her life, her destiny, her everything.

"Anytime," he said softly, pulling her against his chest.

They sat like that for a few minutes until Percy remarked, "I never really liked any of those girls I went out with."

"Really?" Annabeth asked, sitting up quickly in surprise.

"No," Percy said sadly. "I was always in love with another girl."

Annabeth sighed softly. It was over. Percy was in love. And it wasn't her. Percy Jackson wasn't in love with her. She knew she would have another sleepless night, wishing that for just a few minutes he would watch, really watch, and realize that he loved her too, in a more then friends way.

But, alas, (Love that word, got hooked on it in Latin class.) it wasn't meant to be.

"Percy," Annabeth said, fighting back tears, "I have to get back to my cabin by curfew."

"Wha-" Percy started to ask, but she had run again.

"What did I do wrong?" he asked the ocean softly, burying his face in his hands.

The ocean gurgled softly, watching their prince sit defeated again by Annabeth Chase, daughter of Wisdom, but apparently not of rationality. The ocean wanted to go to its son, but was held back by the fact that Percy didn't need a salt water bath; he needed Annabeth, the love of his life.

Annabeth flopped on her bunk, sobbing softly. She was trying to figure out what she had done wrong, why Percy couldn't return her affections. Then she sat up and swore slightly.

"I'm a daughter of Athena, for the god's sake," she muttered, "I'm supposed to be smarter than this. From now on I won't cry, I won't show weakness."

Happy with her plan, she squared her shoulders and started to march back to the beach.

"Percy!" she called, "Sorry I left, I didn't realize it was still so early. What were we talking about again?"

"Annabeth?" Percy asked, looking up in surprise. Of all things, he hadn't expected this. Well, enjoy the unexpected then.

"Hey Perce," she smiled softly, tucking her soft blond hair behind her ear, "Sorry I left so unexpectedly, but I thought it was later."

"It's fine," Percy said, still shocked by the fact that Annabeth actually came back. He almost wanted to jump up and down and shout, 'She came back! She came back!'

"Cool," Annabeth leaded against him, "Replaced Cherry yet?"

"Nope," Percy said cheerfully, "I'm waiting for the right girl this time."

"Right," Annabeth said, forcing tears back and struggling to not run away, "Wha-what's this girl like?"

"She has blond hair and grey eyes-"

"One of my siblings?" Annabeth asked, dread in her stomach.

"She wants to be an architect, and I would lay down my life for her."

"She's lucky then," Annabeth said softly.

"She's lucky!" Percy yelped.

"Yeah…" Annabeth said slowly, as if talking to a young child, "Percy, what's wrong."

He didn't speak, instead he leaned down and captured her lips in a kiss.

"Percy, I'm not my sister," she said gently, though her heart was breaking softly.

"No, you're not," Percy said, leaning down to kiss her again.

"Percy, wha-" Annabeth asked, only to be stopped by the kiss.

"I love you, Annabeth Chase," Percy said against her lips.

If that wasn't heaven, she didn't know what was.

"I love you too," she said softly.

If that wasn't heaven, he didn't know what was.

"Another couple taken care of," Aphrodite said proudly from where she watched the two.

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