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It has been five years since we ended Maria and left Volterra. Major has been quiet since we got on the plane and left Italy. I knew Bella was happy to have me back. I asked her to marry me while we were still on the plane home. I knew that I wanted her forever and I knew Major agreed. I couldn't wait to ask her and I didn't. She was ecstatic and said yes. We got home and told the rest of the family. Bella called Marcus as soon as we landed too.

That was something that was still weird for me. She has become very close to everyone in the Royal Family. Bella insisted that we visit once a year and that they come and see us ever year also. I must say that when they come out to us they are so much more relaxed and like to just have a good time.

Anyways back to Bella and I. We were married two years ago with everyone there with us. Marcus walked Bella down the aisle and Caius married us. Again all Bella's doing. We went and traveled the world after that. We went anywhere Bella wanted to go. It was a lot of fun to just spend time with her with no threat to us. I could tell Bella was able to finally relax. Her need to run had stopped all together.

The pack traveled with us at times, usually Sam or Paul. And sometimes our families would meet us and spend time with us, Em and Rose and Jane and Alec being the ones we saw the most.

Bella and I have settled in Texas on my ranch for a while. She was tired of traveling and wanted to just be for a while. I had no problems with this and I love being home. I knew we would be heading to Italy soon for Jane's wedding. She had met her mate when she was with us in Australia and Bella was her matron of honor.


Its been ten years since Jane was married. I have not felt the need to run at all since we took care of the Maria problem. It was nice to be able to just relax and spend time with my family. Sam decided four years ago to stop phasing and it was funny to see him aging but I knew he and Emily wanted kids and I was ok with that. Most of the other guys stopped phasing too at the same time. The only ones who still phased are Paul and Seth. Neither of them have imprinted yet so they both said that until they do they will continue watch over La Push.

The Cullen's where currently living in Boston and Carlisle is working at Mass General Hospital. Edward and Alice were going to college at Suffolk and Rose and Em are at North Eastern University. Esme has opened her own interior design firm and was doing wonderful.

The Volturi bunch were a whole other story. Aro was Aro and not much has changed. Caius was a lot more laid back and he was actually trying to enjoy his life. Marcus was a whole different story. He has changed his diet and he is actually enjoying myself since his mate died. As for the guard a few things have changed. They are no longer required to be there and could come and go as they pleased. Most still lived in Italy close by but Jane moved to the states and so did Alec, Dem, and Felix.

The Whitlock's where as good as ever. Peter and Char live about twenty miles from us here in south Texas. We both own Ranches that are back to back so we don't have to worry about going out during the day. The Major has been quiet for the most part unless I ask Jas to let him out for some fun time. We are all doing well and we haven't had any problems yet. The only thing that still bothers me is that Maria's head is still in the tower. I think she has paid her pentence and that we should have mercy on her. I don't want to bring it up to Jasper though.


So it has been about twenty years since the whole Maria thing ended. I could tell it was bothering Bella that her head was still in the tower so today I am going to take care of it once and for all. Our whole family, Cullen's, Whitlock's, Volturi's and the Pack where all here in Italy to celebrate the End of Maria's reign.

"Ok, so today we are here to celebrate peace. The only problem I see about this is that we are not truly at peace." I turned to Aro and spoke again. "Aro, will you please bring her to me." He turned and walked away. I watched as everyone was staring at me. I could feel all the confusion around the room but I felt Bella's love and approval over everyone elses. Aro was soon in front of me with a black bag. I took it from him and opened the bag. I pulled her head out and and her eyes were closed. "Maria, awake now and say your peace."

"Major, Please just end me. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused." I looked at her and felt her emotions were true.

"Maria I will end you today. Go in peace." I turned to Bella then. "Bella please light the pyre." She did as I asked and I walked towards it. "Maria in front of all these witnesses I hope that Hell is kind to you. All is forgiven here." I placed her head the the pyre and walked over to Bella and wrapped my arms around her. After the pyre had died out I turned back to everyone.

"Ok We can celebrate now," and celebrate we did.

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