Kagome taught me... how to smile, how to trust. Kagome is the reason I have friends now. Relying on my companions, shedding tears for another person, true strength and kindness... Kagome taught them all to me.

Kagome was born to meet me.

And I... I was born for Kagome's sake.

How could I forget so quickly? In that moment, that truth was so strong and unshakable that nothing else seemed real. But then ... when I saw her family—she had a family. She had never belonged to my time—to my world. I had no right to take her away from the people who loved her and needed her so much. The Shikon no Tama was gone now, for good. Could I really claim that we still needed her? Wasn't I just being selfish?

My relief was so strong that I couldn't ask for anything else. Just seeing her, alive and happy, was enough. I felt the bottom of the well disappearing beneath my feet. I could have stopped it—I could have jumped out, or pulled her after me—I could have done anything. But I only watched her face, tearstained and smiling, as I saw her for the last time.

Idiot! How could I have been so stupid? Wanting her—wanting to be with her—that wasn't selfish. That was right. She needs me just as much as I still need her. And yes, I do need and love her more than her family does. She's a part of me.

I may have messed this up for good. Maybe it's too late—maybe I'll never see her again. But after everything we've been through, how can I believe in the impossible? We were born for each other. So... I won't give up. I won't forget. I won't move on.

And I'll keep checking the well, just to see, just in case... until I die or she comes back to me.