Cain watched from the shadow of a tree as DG walked up to the log that Glitch was sitting on. He didn't need Raw to tell him that the other man was upset by something, and he knew that DG could tell as well. "Glitch?" he heard DG say, "what's wrong?" He watched Glitch sigh as he looked to their friend and shake his head. "Glitch, you are worrying me? What's wrong? Tell me, please?"

Cain was about to head off to allow them some privacy to talk but Glitch's words stopped him, "It just seems that no matter what I do, Mr. Tin Man will always see me as a 'zipperhead', a 'headcase'. I feel like there is nothing I can do to change that opinion that he's had since we released him." He had no idea that Glitch felt that way. He began to wrack his brain for a way that he could let the other man know that he very much had his respect, and that he very much counted him among his closed friends.

DG's words interrupted his thoughts, "Oh Glitch! He thinks more of you than that!"

"No he doesn't!"

"Yes! He does!"

"No! He doesn't!"

"Glitch! Cain told me about what happened after the sorceress had taken me. He told me about how you saved him from hypothermia after he fell into the lake at the northern palace. He also told me about how you took out THREE long coats all on your own."

"He, he told you that?"

"Yes, he said that he had never seen someone fight like that in a long time. He was impressed, truly. He told me about fighters that had trained in such a style before that they no longer had to think about fighting, it became instinct. He could tell that it was instinct the way that you were fighting."

"And here I thought it was all about rhythm." Glitch sighed. "Then why does he keep calling me 'Zipperhead'?"

"I don't think he means to be cruel with it, I can hear a teasing tone in his voice when he says it now. Besides, would you rather him call you 'Sweetheart'?"

Glitch snorted in amusement. "Nah, he can save that for you."

Was the man trying to say something about her feelings for him? Cain's eyes widened as DG blushed, did that mean that Glitch had hinted correctly? He filed that fact away for a later time when he could spend more time thinking on in.

"Glitch, Cain just doesn't know how to open himself up. You saw what he had been forced to watch, repeatedly that whole time that he had been locked inside that iron suit. After having watched his family beat like that, I think that, right now especially right now, he is afraid to show that he cares for anybody. He probably feels that he is protecting you but not letting it show that you mean something to him. That way you can't be hurt as a way to get to him."

Cain was surprised that DG had seen through him like that. Maybe she knew more about the pain that he was still going through than he had thought. He began to wonder what she had been through in her life to be able to see that.

"He has no issue in showing that you mean something to him." Damn! He thought that he had hidden his budding feeling towards the princess better than that!

DG smirked. "And the only time that he is not watching over me is when?"

"When you are with me." Glitch said, brightening up as he realised what she was saying. Cain was glad that she had been able to show Glitch how much he trusted him.

Stepping from behind the tree, Cain made his presence known as he spoke. "Time to move on, you two."

He watched as his friends stood up, and made their way towards him. As they passed, Cain reached a hand out and caught Glitch's arm, and waited for the man to look into his eyes. "If anyone else were to call you 'Zipperhead', then I may have to shoot them."

Glitch grinned at the tin man, and saw friendship in the tin man's face. "And if anyone else ever tells you to get a heart, they will have to 'dance' with me."

DG looked back as she heard Cain laugh, and was happy to see the two men were both smiling and bantering as friends again.