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"Three summers Thalia. He's been gone three summers. He went on that quest and never came back. He abandoned us. He abandoned me."

"Annabeth," Thalia tried. "Do you think that maybe…he might be dead?"

"No! He isn't!" Annabeth yelled, glaring at her friend.

"Then why won't you let Nico see for you?"

Annabeth put her head in her hands. "Because I'm afraid he might…find him."

"Oh Annabeth, I'm so sorry." Thalia wrapped her friend in a hug.

Now it's been fifty summers. Yes, I still keep track. I help out at camp, and I'm trying for Elysium. Thalia is dead; she was struck down in battle, Rachel went into a coma after a fire, and Nico's been missing for three years. I'm just here, waiting for death to take me. There's nothing for me but my job. Even my coworkers have stopped trying to get me to go on dates. I'm just never going to give up on Percy, even though I know that he's never coming back. We hardly dated. Zeus I miss the love of my life.

It's been eighty summers, and I just don't see why I can't die. I'm hallucinating, seeing Thalia, Nico and Rachel. But not Percy. Never Percy. What if I'm wrong? What if he didn't die? What if he found another girl to love? I don't see why he would want me. I mean, I can't even stand up anymore.

Eighty three years after Percy's disappearance Annabeth died. Percy came to greet her. He had been waiting for her. Now their love lives forever in Elysium.

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