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"Have a good year, Alexandria," her mom said cheerfully, giving her a hug, "We'll see you at Christmas! Don't waste your last year!"

Alex gave her mother a wave before disappearing to the other side of Platform 9 ¾. The scarlet Hogwarts Express materialized before her eyes. The platform was busy, as it was every year. Tiny first year students were exchanging tearful goodbyes with their parents, promising to write to them every week. Many of the younger students were huddled in their separate groups, gossiping and being generally annoying…not to mention they were blocking the multitude of paths that Alex was required to take to board the train.

Alex grumpily pushed through the sea of students, constantly having to readjust the duffle bag on her shoulder. It took the skill of a seventh year to get through the crowd without disturbing the sleeping owl in the cage she was carrying. Of course, the returning students that recognized her wisely moved out of her way. Being the quiet, brooding friend of Draco Malfoy did have its benefits.

As soon as she reached the safe haven of the train, she searched intently for either Draco's compartment or an empty one. Despite all of the students gathered outside of the train, Alex was have trouble finding empty compartments.

"This is ridiculous," she muttered under her breath.

"Watch where you're going, Knight!"

"Move, Potter," Alex growled, dropping her natural voice down a few octaves.

"Come on, Harry. Just let it go," Hermione Granger whispered, tugging at the arm of the boy-who-lived.

Potter sent one last glare in Alex's direction before allowing Granger to drag him away.

"Always a man of few words," Blaise chuckled, poking his head out of the nearest compartment to her right, "Nice handling of Potter there."

Alex shrugged, but joined Blaise and the other Slytherins in the compartment when Blaise made a "come in" gesture.

Draco looked up when his friend entered to greet him. Alex muttered one of his typical one word responses and took the seat in between Draco and the window.

At the moment, it was only Draco, Alex, and Blaise in the compartment. Blaise had somehow acquired a book and was reading intently. Alex simply stared out the window thoughtfully. Draco took advantage of the peace and silence to observe his quiet friend.

Alex had surprisingly not grown any over the summer. Last year, Alex had been perfectly even Draco's shoulders, but Draco had grown over the break. Now Draco guessed that if they stood face-to-face, Alex would end up staring directly into the chest of the Slytherin Prince.

Summer had not changed Alex at all. His jet black hair was still cut to his chin and pin straight, as usual. Slightly layered bangs still fell into his dark eyes, usually hiding them from the world. From what Draco could tell, Alex still possessed the same slender frame, once again failing to gain some muscle over the break. Draco had not only grown taller, but his shoulders were broader, complimenting his muscular body perfectly.

Guess Alex isn't destined to grow anymore.


Blaise jumped, dropping his book on the floor and losing his page. Alex merely cringed at the high-pitched voice that echoed through the train.

"Dammit," Blaise groaned, looking sadly at his fallen book.

Alex gingerly picked up the book and flipped to the exact page he was on. She handed the book to him, muttering a soft "here" before going back to watching the moving scenery outside.

"How did you-?"


"Oh," Blaise shrugged, "Well thanks, Alex!"


"Hello Pansy," Draco grimaced, "It's good to see you again. How was your summer?"

"My summer was fabulous. I went to…"

Alex attempted to tune out Pansy's screechy voice to the best of her ability. She would rather spend a day with the Golden Trio if she could go an hour without hearing Pansy's voice. But being around Draco, it was inevitable that his girlfriend would be around.


Her eyes widened in surprise. When she turned to face her fellow inhabitants of the compartment, Pansy was standing less than five inches from her.

Alex raised an eyebrow at the obviously annoyed girl.

"Be a gentleman and move so I can sit by my boyfriend," Pansy requested in a sickly sweet tone.



Alex glared at her for once again, refusing to break eye contact with her. Pansy didn't last long, her eyes immediately going to Draco with a pleading look.

"Draaaaaco," Pansy whined, "Make him move."

Draco shrugged, "I can't make Alex move if he doesn't want to. He's not mindless like Crabbe and Goyle."

Pansy huffed, on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum, making Draco sigh in exasperation. Before she could though, Alex was up from her seat in a flash, grabbing Pansy's hand before she slapped Draco across the face.

Anger flashed through her eyes protectively, "Get. Out."

Pansy whimpered, twisting her wrist in an attempt to break free of Alex's grasp. When Alex finally let go, she scampered off, constantly sending glares at her before disappearing out the door.

"Finally," Alex muttered to herself, ignoring the surprised looks from her two friends, "I can nap now."

The tension in the room immediately shattered when Draco and Blaise erupted into simultaneous fits of laughter, making Alex break out in a smile.

When the laughter finally settled down, Draco spoke up, "We should probably change into our robes."

Alex nodded and pulled out her Slytherin green robes and the boys' uniform as well then left to change in the bathroom.

While they were changing, Blaise turned to Draco and asked, "Ever wonder why Alex won't ever change in front of us? I mean, we're all guys here."

Draco shrugged, "Dunno, he just likes his privacy."

Blaise laughed in agreement, "That sounds like our Alex."

"What sounds like me?"

The other two boys hurriedly finished changing while Alex-already dressed- waited patiently for an answer.

"Just how private you are," Draco answered, stuffing his street clothes in his bag rather unceremoniously.

Alex rolled her eyes and neatly folded her baggy jeans and hoodie before putting them in her bag neatly.

"You guys ready for our last year?" Blaise asked as the train started to slow down.

"Always," Alex and Draco replied simultaneously.

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