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*interrupts hurriedly* Yeah, Bess, thank you very much, no need to display my inner demons for all to read.

Every miko, whether she is of a shrine or not, has a certain quality about her, a palpable feeling of purity. That is one of the reasons they make friends so easily. People are drawn to them, whether their intentions are good or evil.

My friend Hanyuu is a demi-god known in our village as Oyashiro-sama. For the past thousand years, I have been stuck in this loop of her making. Hanyuu means well, and I know she is just trying to keep me from dying during this never-ending June of 1983.

But this time is to be the last.

I am tired of seeing my friends dying over and over, succumbing to the paranoia and insanity of Hinamizawa Syndrome; or killed as they attempt to defend me. I will not allow this agony to continue any longer.

My name is Furude Rika, but that does not matter; by this same time tomorrow I will be dead.

*Rika? Rika! Rika, please, don't leave me!*

There was pain. I'd felt this before, though, and much worse as well.

*Rika, just hold on; I'll save you, I'll take you to the next world.*

*No!* I thought sternly , feeling Hanyuu recoil in surprise. *Hanyuu, it's been fun, but I'm tired. You were right… we can't defeat fate. It's impossible. Even with the others' help…*

*No!* came Hanyuu's desperate answer. *Rika, this time, we came so close, with the help of Keiichi-kun and the others; the next world will be different; we can do it!* As she noticed my outright ignorance of her, she continued in a fierce tone. *I won't let you go, Rika! You're my friend, the only one who ever saw me for who I truly was!*


"Go, Lily! Take Harry and run!"

Who was that talking? Hari? Liri? What kind of names were those?

*Rika, I'm sorry, but this will hurt. I will find you in the next world; I won't let you go through it alone!*

*Hanyuu? What are you talking about?*

"Stupid girl. Avada Kedavra!"

*Rika, I will find you,* Hanyuu told me determinedly.


There was a sudden flash of green. I watched as Hanyuu held out a hand, stopping it in mid-air. She then waved her outstretched hand, reversing the beam's path towards a surprised-looking man. He disappeared, the clothes he had been wearing slumping to the floor, empty.

I took this scene in with much confusion. The room around me was starting to crackle with flames, the body of a red-haired woman lying on the ground a few scant feet away. Where was I? What had happened?

*Hanyuu?* I wondered as I fell into darkness once again. *What did you do?*

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