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Notes: This fic is told through a social networking newsfeed and, yes, I'm fully aware that Facebook and the like didn't exist during the Prohibition era.

Lexi is now friends with Stefan Salvatore

Stefan: Thanks for accepting my friend request! And thank you for bailing my ass out last week. I'm pretty sure that mob would have staked me if you hadn't shown up.
Lexi: Don't sweat it, kid. Though, try not to draw so much attention to yourself next time.

Stefan Salvatore's birthday is today!

Lexi posted on Stefan Salvatore's wall

Lexi: You didn't tell me it was your birthday! I think we're going to have to do something to celebrate. There's this speakeasy down on Union. Get yourself dressed up, we're having a night out on the town.
Stefan: I don't know, you told me to lay low.
Lexi: I said don't draw attention to yourself, not abandon your entire social life. Now I'm serious, go get yourself dressed and we're going out to celebrate your birthday.
Stefan: Okay, okay. By the way, my brother wants you to accept his friend request.
Lexi: Ugh. Fine, I'll accept, but tell him to stop doing that eyebrow thing whenever I see him.
Stefan: What eyebrow thing?
Lexi: How have you not noticed it?

Lexi is now friends with Damon Salvatore.

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Damon: About time.
Lexi: I only did this because your brother asked me to.
Damon: Is that all?
Stefan: Shut up, Damon.

Stefan Salvatore's birthday is today!

Lexi posted on Stefan Salvatore's wall

Lexi: Who has two thumbs, a best friend with a birthday, and a pair of tickets to go see Miles Davis? This girl does!
Stefan: You managed to get those Miles tickets! How did you pull that off?
Lexi: I've got my resources, but never you mind. I'm taking my birthday boy out for jazz and a night at the classiest night club this side of Harlem.
Damon: Oh come on, Miles? Jazz is dead.
Stefan: Shut up, Damon.

Stefan Salvatore is no longer talking to his asshole brother

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Lexi's birthday is today!

Stefan Salvatore wrote on Lexi's wall

Stefan: Guess who's going to see the Beach Boys today? You, me and a fun flask full of gin.
Lexi: You didn't! Stefan, I could kiss you right now.
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Damon: I bet that's not all you could do.
Stefan: Shut up, Damon.

Lexi wrote on Stefan Salvatore's wall

Lexi: Drop everything you're doing and go grab your leather jacket and some hair gel. I've got backstage passes to see BON FREAKIN' JOVI.
Stefan: How did you pull that off! I couldn't even get a sniff of those tickets!
Lexi: Hey, when my best friend says he wants to see Bon Jovi he's going to see Bon Jovi.
Stefan: Oh man gimme an hour to get ready. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!
Damon: Try not to get shot through the heart, you two
Lexi: Shut up, Damon.

Lexi Did that really happen? I think it really happened.

Stefan: That totally happened. You, me, and Bon Jovi. That actually happened.
Damon: What? What happened?
Damon: Aw come on! Tell me!

Stefan Salvatore's birthday is today!

Lexi Who's heading to Mystic Falls to throw her best friend a birthday bash?

Stefan: Dammit, Lexi! You scared the hell out of me.
Lexi: Oh whatever, you're happy to see me.
Stefan: Not even going to try to lie. Great to see you again.
Damon: I bet you're glad to see her.
Stefan: Shut up, Damon.

Lexi has passed away

Stefan: Lexi ... I'm really going to miss you. Thank you for everything.

Stefan Salvatore Been five months now. I still can't believe she's gone.

Elena: I'm really sorry Stefan. Call me if you need to talk, okay?
Stefan: Thanks. I'm just in a funk, need some time to think.

Stefan Salvatore is now friends with Caroline Forbes