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Leaning most of his weight onto his right foot, Kurt smoothed out the silk vest he wore with one hand. Angling his face slightly, he arched one of his eyebrows and gave a small smirk at the flashing cameras, turning a few inches every other second so the photographers could get a shot from every angle.

Suddenly Rachel appeared next to him and she immediately wrapped one arm around Kurt's waist and arched her arm resting her hand on her hip. Looking over her shoulder slightly as she too gave a small smirk for the cameras, the two friends couldn't help but to giggle at their antics.

Mercedes appeared on the other side of Kurt and rested her arm on Kurt.s shoulder. She threw her head back, her luscious brown curly locks falling over her own shoulder as she gave an exaggerated laugh for the cameras. As the flashes and calls continued for the trio, they caught each others gazes and burst into uncontrollable laughter.

They had always joked about the fact that they were the biggest diva's in New Directions all those years ago. They were attention-seeking, all three of them and they knew it and owned it. But standing on a red carpet with many photographers and reporters focusing on them and their every move, they could only laugh at how far they had come.

It was the launch party for Kurt's ready-to-wear clothing line and they were standing on the red carpet entry outside of the boutique.

Rosetta Stone was an upmarket clothing store who had asked Kurt to design exclusively for their store. Their were 14 stores spread all over the states of New York and Connecticut and Kurt's clothing would be sold in all 14 stores. The outlet in SoHo had been selected to host the launch party.

Mercedes detached herself from Kurt, as did Rachel. The two girls joined themselves at the hip and turned to pose for a few photo's without Kurt. Kurt felt a little annoyed until a strong arm slipped around his waist from the back and the front. Sam grinned as he pulled Kurt close and placed a chaste kiss to Kurt's lips. They smiled at each other as reporters and photographers hollered loudly at the couple to turn and 'kiss for the camera!'

"This is our first public outing since we got back together" Kurt said with a wide smile.

Sam nodded and removed his arms from around Kurt's waist. He then cupped Kurt's face in his hands and grinned devilishly. "Then let's give them something to celebrate then, shall we?"

Sam leant in and kissed Kurt passionately, lapping his large lips against Kurt's slimmer but equally as luscious ones. Kurt responded immediately and kissed back as fiercely. Both men smiled into the kiss as they heard click after click after click of the camera's surrounding them.

Pulling away, Kurt wiggled his eyebrows then turned to face the many onlookers with a healthy grin on his face. "That'll be all over the tabloids in the morning" he laughed.

Sam chuckled and clasped his hand together with Kurt's and the two men stood side by side and posed for a few photo's together. Mercedes, Rachel, Blaine and Noah all soon found themselves flacking Kurt and Sam's sides and the group of friends formed a line, hands wrapped around backs and shoulders and smiling widely at the associated press in front of them.

The friends eventually broke away and as celebrity after celebrity showed up on the red carpet to pose, Kurt stood and posed with them. They were his guests and had all been personally invited by him. He had a wide array of guests, including politicians, musicians, actors and everything in between. And he was proud to say that they were all friends of his, not just 'celebrity friends' who knew each other socially.

After most of the guests had arrived, Kurt did the mandatory interviews as did many of his guests before ebing able to enter the boutique. Once inside though, the mingling and schmoozing began. He made his rounds and talked to everyone in attendance.

At around 11pm, the party ended and Kurt saw off each of his guests with a gift bag and a smile. The launch had been successful. The official figures wouldn't come in until Monday morning, but Jeff had assured him that everything looked promising and the other stores had faired well already.

Rachel, high from her fresh Tony Award nomination, insisted that their group head to a bar to continue the celebrations. Everyone agreed and they all found themselves at a lowkey jazz lounge in the centre of SoHo. Drinks had been served immediately upon entrance and the friends gathered around a few large tables and fell into comfortable conversation and laughter.

Smooth jazz music curtesy of the house band lulled into a semi-trance as bluesy jazz music always did to him. He scanned the group and smiled fondly at everyone. Sure they had all come out that night to support him, but kurt was equal as support of them and their achievements too.

Rachel for example. Hust that morning the Tony Award nominations had been announced and Kurt had gotten a call at 5am from a hysterical Rachel Berry. She gad been nominated for her role as Elphaba in the hit musical Wicked under the category of Best Actress in a Musical. It wasn't her first time nominated, her debut role as an alcoholic teenager 2 years ago earning her a nom for Best Actress in a Play. Kurt knew though, that her role as the misunderstood witch of the west would guarantee her the win.

Her caught her eye and smiled fondly at the beautiful woman. Her short brown bob cut accentuated her sharp features and hazel brown eyes. She had grown up a lot since high school both physically and emotionally. Still equally as driven, self-proud and assertive as she had always been, Rachel had toned down on her diva and had grounded herself enough to be subtle. She knew she was the shit, so she didn't feel the need to shove it down peoples throat anymore.

He nodded to her and held out his champagne glass n a silent toast. Rachel beamed at her friend from across the table separating them and held her own cocktail glass out before turning back to cuddle up to Noah.

Kurt turned to see Blaine talking animatedly with Jeff, arms flying everywhere as he spoke. He was still as adorable as ever, equally as polite and composed and confident. He had let his hair grow out slightly and gone had the tubs of hair gel and product that made his hair nasty.

Blaine was in New York after getting the green light from a theatre on Broadway to bring a musical from LA to New York. The musical, a drama about a group of misfits with nothing in common except for their love of music and the arts who band together to save their high school's Glee Club and find a family in each other, had been given a one year pre-production schedule and would debut early next year.

Kurt had asked why Blaine had used the original members of New Directions as inspiration for the musical instead of The Warblers, to which Blaine had laughed off and explained that the drama and foolishness that New Directions had all been through was unsurpassable and The Warbler boys' drama failed in comparison to teenage pregnancies, bitching and back-stabbing and a revolving door of pairings. Kurt begrudgingly agreed with Blaine.

He then turned to see Mercedes talking with Lars and Imogen. He noted with glee that the African-American woman was sipping on a glass of orange juice. News about her pregnancy had broke only a few weeks ago, and luckily she had had a chance to break the news to bady-daddy Matt before everyone else knew. Matt predicatbly had been overjoyed with the news.

Her pregnancy, it seemed, had actually boosted her public image. Her latest album had dropped and debuted at number 4, risen to number 1 for a few weeks before settling at number 6 where it still remained. The newest single, Outta My Way, which had been released last week currently held the number 1 spot in the charts. Kurt had laughed his ass off when his father had called exclaiming that both Angel and Breaker had taken to yelling at passing people 'get out my way a'fores you taste my fist' as expressed in Mercedes' song.

The curvaceous beauty had also signed on as part of Dove Skincares new Everyone Is Beautiful campaign. The campaign showcased celebrities wearing nothing but Dove Skincare products. Surprisingly, Mercedes was excited to get her clothing off and show the world just how beautiful she was.

Mercedes looked away from her conversation and caught sight of Kurt. He beamed at her and held his glass out to her in silent salute to which she grinned and winked at him before turning back to her conversation. Kurt knew that they would be in each others lives forever, soul-siblings as Mercedes liked to put it.

The role of soul mate, however, had been filled. Kurt turned to his right where Sam was sitting, an arm draped over the back of the padded booth they were sitting at. Kurt admired how Sam always managed to seem calm and relaxed no matter what his situation or setting he found himself in. The fashionista settled into Sam's side and inhaled the larger mans cinnamon nd white musk scent.

Sam, like everyone else, had his on goings-on going on. He had been recording new tracks for an upcoming album while Blaine had been in New York. When Sam had first been signed to his label, Noah had managed to get the bosses to allow for Blaine to come on and produce the tracks. Since this debut had sold extremely well, the label had been keen to copy its success and the timing had been perfect.

Kurt noted with satisfaction that Sam had been nervous and sneaky lately. Normally those characteristics would be cause for comcern, but not when it came to Sam's song-writing and track recording. Sam only got nervous when he put his heart on the line.

Sam's biggest single, and the song that shot him to fame had been a love letter written for Kurt. Needless to say Kurt had been extremely flattered when he had heard the song for the first time. He been more shocked though, when he learned that the song had been written when they were still in high school. Mercedes hadn't though, and she had nodded with a giant smile when Sam had explained himself.

It had been part of a Glee assignment from Mr. Schue, for the kids to write their own original songs again. This time though, it had to be a love letter to someone. Santana had surprised everyone by singing a declaration of love for Brittany in a ballad with decent lyrics. Tina used the opportunity to break-up with Mike Chang gently, explaining how much he had helped her to accept herself and love herself. And Sam had sung a song to his little brother and sister.

His real song, he had chosen not to sing to the class. At the time, he had just begun to come to terms with his sexuality and feelings for Kurt. Mercedes had been a huge help to him, as was Quinn, and Sam had written his feelings down on paper. Sam had gone ahead and recorded the song for the album and had gave Kurt the first listen, to which he had burst into tears at the lyrics, meaning behind the lyrics, and Sam's beautiful voice singing to him about him.

The song earned Sam a Grammy Award nomination. The verse "When I'm asleep I can make believe, that everyone knows and no one cares, Because love is love and mine is pure, for you" had been used in a video for both The Trevor Project and The Human Rights Campaign to promote same-sex marriage. The PSA's had gone viral and the song had earned Sam an Emmy Award win. Sam's acceptance speech had been short and to the point. "I love you, Kurt Hummel" was all that he said as he received his award.

All this meant that Sam had been working on a song, or songs, for Kurt. Kurt smiled at the thought and leant in to kiss his man on the side of the mouth. "I love you."

Sam grinned and kissed Kurt on the lips. "I love you too."

Perhaps it was the amount of champagne he had consumed during the night, or just because Sam was unbelievably attractive in his tailored suit, but Kurt felt extremely turned on at the smirk Sam wore, his emerald green eyes sparkling. "What's say we get out of here?" Kurt asked seductively, leaning in more and grazing his hand over Sam's thigh.

Sam looked down at Kurt's hand running lazy lines over his thigh and gulped. "But what about the party?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and stood up, holding Sam's hand. "Guys? You wouldn't mind if I took my fiance home to celebrate in private, would you?" he asked sweetly, fluttering his eyelashes.

Blaine and Puck smirked and wiggled their eyebrows at Sam. The rest of the group laughed good-heartedly and replied that it would be fine. Kurt beamed at them all and pulled Sam to his feet and a few seconds later they were outside waiting for a taxi cab. 12 minutes later, they were in the elevator riding up to Kurt's apartment.

As soon as the doors dinged open, two bodies that were connected anywhere they could came tumbling out of the elevator, not even stopping their mouths from attacking each other as they smashed into the table in the middle of the foyer. Sam growled as Kurt pushed him into the wall then jumped, throwing his legs around Sam's waist. Sam managed to catch him, grabbing a firm hold on Kurt's ass cheeks as their mouths continued to assault the others. With Kurt hanging off of him, Sam walked towards the bedroom, well aware of the pressing arousal of both men.

Once in the bedroom, Sam made his way towards the bed and stood at the edge and swiftly threw Kurt off of him and onto the large queen-aize wonderland. Kurt yelped at the momentum but quickly composed himself enough to stand on his knees and glare at Sam. Sam shrugged and did what he knew would distract Kurt. He took his jacket off, followed by his shirt and singlet. He smirked when Kurt's eyes drank in the tanned, cut abdomen and chest. Sam's body looked exactly as it had when he was 17 it was ridiculous.

Kurt licked his lips as he eyed Sam's delicious body. He quickly done away with his own clothing in a matter of seconds, then crawled across to the edge of the bed where Sam was still standing for some strange reason. The designer unbuckled Sam's belt abd pulled the slacks and the briefs down at the same time. Sam's arousal popped freely out of it's confinement and Kurt grasped it in his hands making Sam shudder as the slight chillness of Kurt's bare hand connected to his flushed skin and sensitive member. Kurt gave a few tugs before lowering his mouth and engulfing Sam in warm wet sensation. Sam threw his head back and rubbed soothingly on Kurt's neck and he could feel himself through the motions of Kurt taking him down his throat.

Sam managed to shimmy his slacks and briefs down his legs as Kurt worked his tongue around like a pro. When he kicked them off completely, he wasted no time and pulled Kurt up roughly by his hair and kissed him fiercely. "Mmmm!" he growled into the smooch.

He threw Kurt back onto the bed and pulled his fiances pants off, not caring when he heard a rip of fabric and a whimper from Kurt. Kurt let the fact that a pair of his favouite pants had just been torn off of him and vowed to make Sam pay for it later. He shimmied up the bed further until his head was touching the pillows at the top by the headboard. Sam crawled in between kurt's inviting legs and lay his body on top of the man he loves.

As he connected their mouths together to engage in a passionate kiss, Sam started to rock his body against Kurt.s their erections rubbing painfully pleasurably against one another. Kurt began to whimper as Sam continued to rub their bodies together and finally Kurt pushed him. "Stop! Get in me, now!"

Sam chuckled but did as he was told. Kurt brought his hand to his mouth and coated it in saliva then lowered it to stroke Sam as the other man positioned himself with Kurt's entrance, and in one movement, had sheathed himself deep inside of Kurt. Kurt moaned wantonly as he adjusted to the intrusion. Sam stilled, fully in to the hilt waiting for Kurt to give the ok. When it came, Sam moved in and out slowly, shuddering as the tightness, warmth and familliarity of the anal muscles of Kurt clamped down around him. He began to pick up speed.

Grinding was one of his favorite things to do, so even though Kurt couldn't take it before, Sam leant back down so his body lay flush against Kurt's. His large member making the angle possible, Sam continued to thrust into Kurt and began to grind against his lover. Kurt moaned and groaned as he writhed under Sam's larger frame. The blonde mans abdomen muscles grated against Kurt's erection and Kurt wailed when Sam gave a particularly hard thrust in, hitting the magical button deep within him. He wrapped his arms around Sam's neck and held on for dear life, digging his nails into his lovers back.

Sam leant his forehead against Kurt's as they continued to rock together, making love. Hot breath and sweat mixed together in their pleasurable haze. Sam could feel Kurt's secretion coating his stomach as he thrust in Kurt and on top of Kurt. Every few pushes into Kurt, Sam would give one harder thrust to make sure he hit that spot for Kurt. Every time he did, Kurt clung tighter to him, bringing their bodies as close as possible.

Sam felt Kurt's body begin to tremble, a sure sign of his building climax. Sam took the challenge and began to pump into Kurt rapidly fast, jack-hammer like. Kurt whimpered and made sinfully sexy noises, turning Sam on to no end. When Kurt began to clutch Sam's hair, he knew what was coming and connected tehir lips together again. As he slammed into the man he loves, Sam bit on Kurt's lip gently and the other man lost it. Screaming his released as he coated his and Sam's stomachs in the sticky secretions of love, Kurt's entire body tensed, tingles running throughout as he rode his high.

Kurt's muscles tensed slightly around Sam, and he took that moment to slam into Kurt as hard, fast and deep as he could. Kurt shook from his orgasm and Sam felt it throughout his body as well. His erection stiffened more and he continued to thrust into Kurt as his own climax began to flood Kurt's abused channel. The watery sound of skin slapping against skin and heavy panting filled the room as Sam rode his orgasm out, not relenting on his thrusts even as he fully emptied himself deep inside Kurt, coating his future husbands bowels.

Kurt took it, knowing Sam would tired or become too sensitive soon. Sure enough, Sam began to relent and slowed his pace until eventually stopping completely. He collapsed down onto Kurt with a sigh. Kurt wrapped his arms around Sam and hel dhim close, stroaking his hair and shoulders. "I love you."

"I love you" Kurt replied back, a huge smile on his face.

"I've been think" Sam began as he slowly eased his way out of his lover, earning a small whimper, "How does the 5th of March sound?"

Kurt stood up off of the bed, clamming himself shut as he did so. "For what?" he asked curiously.

Sam got up off of the bed and grabbed Kurt's hand as they headed towards the bathroom. "It's Finn's birthday right? 5th of March?"

Kurt nodded as he turned on the shower. "It is."

Sam watched with a fond, content smile on his face as Kurt stepped into the shower, fully naked and sweaty and sticky. Kurt tilted his neck to let the hot water wash over him and raised an eyebrow at Sam. Sam followed and stepped into the shower and pulled Kurt into a loving kiss. "Well I was think about the wedding. What do you feel about the 5th of March?"

Kurt pushed Sam away enough to look up at his green eyes. He cracked a smile and rested his head on Sam's chest, listening to his heart. "It's perfect."

"Like you" Sam said, knowing how cheesy it sounded but how true it was.

Kurt laughed and leant up to kiss Sam on the lips before turning around so his back lay against Sam's chest. "Like us."

Starzhei's Note:

- The song that I mentioned, Sam's biggest hit? It's an original song written by an amazing author by the name of 'RoseBelikov'at'' (which I just realised is a weird username :P). She wrote the song from Sam's point of view in her story 'Falling For You' about his feelings for Kurt after an incident involving peer-pressure, confusion and frustration about sexuality and a slushy. The scene in which the song is depicted in beautiful in it's emotion and the lyrics of the song are...I'm in awe of it. I asked if I could use it my story and being the totally awesome person she is, she let me! So, thank you Kate! You rock my socks!

- And what about the sex scene? Too graphic? Not graphic enough? Let me know what you think. And not to sound like a hypocrite because of the way I went about the sex scene, but ALWAYS practice safe sex! It takes half a second to protect yourself from, potentially, a lifetime of complications. As my father used to say "Don't be silly! Wrap your willy!"