So, welcome to the new year, and I know I've been gone for a long time! But I'm back, so let's focus on Naruto: Shinigami of the Kyubiakuma! First thing I'd like to announce is that I'm canceling the Bount Arc due to the fact that I'd rather have the Bount appear in later chapter's. So welcome to the first chapter of the Cold War: Shinigami of Kyubiakuma! Enjoy!

It had been quite some time since the invasion of the Soul Society. Ichigo was in the midst of school, doing a bit of Shinigami work when it was necessary, which was quite rare these day's. Ichigo found himself lounging around after school, awaiting for some type of attack so he could spring into action as a Shinigami once again. Though Ichigo knew he should be grateful that Karakura Town was safe at the moment, especially with the threat of the Akatsuki and Aizen's goon's looming after what occurred in the Soul Society. Ichigo had not heard nor seen from Naruto since the day the rogue Shinigami escaped from the Soul Society. But Ichigo knew that Naruto was somewhere in Karakura Town, awaiting the moment where he, as well as Ichigo, would need to spring back into action once again...

The Cold War: Shinigami of the Kyubiakuma

by gorutovssageta

Ichigo sat in his seat in class as his teacher spoke to the entire classroom, Ichigo staring intensely out the window, the glowing sun beaming in his face.

"Hey Ichigo, you alright?" Tatsuki questioned as she saw Ichigo's uninterested expression pasted on his face. "It's not like you to not pay attention..."

"Yeah, just lost in thought for a moment," Ichigo confessed as he flashed Tatsuki a small smile. "Thank's for asking..."

"So, I'd like to introduce a new student to the class," the teacher announced as a student walked inside the classroom, standing beside the teacher. "Class, this is our new student, Shinji Hirako."

"Hello, it's nice to meet you all," Shinji remarked as he flashed the class a sunny smile. "I hope we can all become friend's..." Shinji looked directly at Ichigo as he said this, a small shiver running down Ichigo's spine.

"Exactly who is this guy..." Ichigo wondered as he watched the new student take his seat. "There's something strange about him..."


As Ichigo walked home from school, he felt the presence of a Hollow not too far away.

"Finally, time for some action," Ichigo said aloud as he took out the soul badge that was given to him before he left the Soul Society. "Let's do this!" He pressed the badge against his chest, his Soul Reaper form now free from his physical body.

"Now, where are you..." Ichigo murmured as he searched for the Hollow around town, using his flash step to travel quickly. "Gotcha!"

Ichio unwrapped his sword from his back, spotting the Hollow only a few feet away from him. He used the tip of his sword to tap the Hollow on the shoulder, getting the monster's attention. The Hollow let out a fierce roar as it turned around to see Ichigo, just in time to witness Ichigo's zanpakuto smash it's face in. Ichigo let out a fierce roar himself as he unleashed a condensed amount of spiritual pressure, the spiritual pressure traveling through to the tip of the sword, which was lodged inside the Hollow's face. Ichigo's spiritual pressure ran throughout the Hollow's entire body, causing the Hollow to explode. A blue light bathed the entire area, Ichigo sheathing his blade as the job was complete.

"Well done Ichigo, you are just incredible," a voice congratulated Ichigo as Ichigo turned around abruptly to see Shinji, who stood watching Ichigo from on top of a building. Shinji jumped down from the building, landing directly in front of Ichigo.

"Ichigo, I see you've really improved since your visit to the Soul Society," Shinji stated as he smiled broadly, Ichigo placing his hand on the heel of his zanpakuto.

"You're that Shinji kid, right?" Ichigo asked as Shinji nodded, his smile increasing drastically. "Just how the hell can you see me?"

"Well, I'm special... like you Ichigo," Shinji replied as he circled around Ichigo menacingly. "I'm a Soul Reaper... who's also a Hollow... just as you are..."

"We're nothing alike!" Ichigo shouted as he unsheathed his zanpakuto quickly. "What is your plan?"

"Plan? There is no plan," Shinji stated as he looked at Ichigo. "I just wanted you to know of my existence Ichigo... to tell you about us..."

"Us? So there's more of you?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes indeed there is, but at the moment I am the only one around," Shinji answered. "We would like to..."

Ichigo looked away as he sensed another Hollow somewhere close by.

"I don't care, I'm not interested!" Ichigo shouted as he flash stepped away from Shinji, going toward where the Hollow was located.

"Damn, that guy is impatient," Shinji remarked as he pulled out his cell phone, making a call. "Yeah, hello? It's me. How's everything going on your end?"

"Don't worry about that, did you enlist Ichigo?" Hiyori asked Shinji via phone as she stood by a cave located somewhere in the World of the Living. "No? Well get your ass on it Shinji! You have one job, don't screw it up!" Hiyori hung up the phone as she looked over at the cave with a solemn expression on her face.

"Hey short stuff, what happened?" a familiar voice asked Hiyori as a hooded individual flash stepped to the side of the fiesty Visored.

"Don't worry about it, focu's on what we came her for idiot!" Hiyori snapped as she signaled the other hooded individual's to enter the cave. "Stay close to my side, we're going to need the element of surprise here..."

The hooded individual next to Hiyori took off toward the entrance of the cave in a head strong manner, Hiyori sighing loudly as she followed behind him.

Deep inside the cave, Obito Uchiha stood anxiously awaiting for Madara Uchiha's revival, the broken down Uchiha encased inside a tomb that was healing his severe injurie's in an accelerated manner.

"Lord Obito, shouldn't Lord Madara be healed soon?" Nagato asked as he continued to funnel his spiritual pressure inside of the tomb Madara laid inside of.

"Soon Nagato, we shall know when Lord Madara is at full power once again," Obito told him as he stood against the wall, staring at the ceiling intensely.

"Obito, we have a problem," Mikoto told Obito as she suddenly appeared before him. "Someone is infiltrating our base!"

"Dammit, is it Aizen?" Obito hissed as he turned to Mikoto.

"No, it's another group... I don't know exactly who they are, but they're powerful..." Mikoto continued. "We need to escape from here..."

"We can't move Madara in his condition right now!" Obito remarked as he pulled out his zanpakuto. "Get Kisame and Sasori from their post... we need to stop them from approaching Lord Madara!"

"Not gonna happen!" a voice roared as a hooded individual's zanpakuto connected with Obito's zanpakuto, Obito's Sharingan activating as soon as the sword connected with his own.

"So, it's you..." Obito hissed angrily as he stared at the hooded man intensely. The hooded man removed his hood, smiling broadly as his zanpakuto began to glow a faint color of red.

"That's right, Naruto Uzumaki is here!" Naruto shouted energetically. "Time to settle this once and for all, Obito Uchiha!

Naruto has returned! The Visored vs. the Akatsuki! Next chapter!