Title: Breathless

Author: Crysie1979

Rating: R

Warning: mushy

Fandom: Glee

Couple: Lauren/Mark Salling

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be mine. Not even going to try and claim them as mine. Wished that they were,. This story is fiction and it comes from my twisted mind.

Summary: Lauren is in a bar watching her favorite rocker with a bunch of his friends. She is in total awe of him and he makes her breathless

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A/N: I don't know if this will be more than a one-shot or not. I'd love to hear what you think... Please forgive all mistakes. I try to edit myself, but I always miss things.. I am new to posting and sharing my writing... Hope you like it...

She stood watching him and she was in total awe of him.

He was sitting at the bar laughing with friends. The bar was crowded giving her the opportunity to watch him without being noticed. She just couldn't take her eyes off of him. She had never seen a man that beautiful before.

She knew who he was. She used to watch him on television every week. He was a rockstar. When she watched him on TV she had always thought he was good looking. The narrow waist and the broad shoulders... and those eyes. She thought she could get lost staring into that sea of blue.

She loved his smile.

She knew that the men around him were all singers too, but though she knew she should know them all at that moment she had no clue as to their identity... all she saw was him.

His beauty took her breath away.

She imagined herself walking over to him. In her fantasy he turned his back on his friends ignoring their presence. He was as astounded with her beauty as she was with his. Their connection was instantaneous. They knew it was meant to be. He would take her away... back to his room.

There they would spend hours touching, feeling, licking, and kissing... loving. They would build a bond that would last forever. She would travel on the road with him... the two of them unable to bear being separated. Their children would be witty and gorgeous. Little girls and boys with dark hair and blue eyes... just like their father.

The boys would grow up to be big bad singers like their father and the girls would grow up to love all their friends.

Something jolted her out of her fantasy. Blinking she realized there was a smiling face in front of her face. Looking up she saw it was him standing grinning down at her.

Blushing smiled back unable to speak.

"I just wanted to tell you I'm leaving, beautiful," he said as he reached down and grabbing her hand brought it to his mouth.

She clutched her hand to her chest as she watched him walking away... childishly she swore she's never wash it again.

She couldn't wait to go home and tell her sister and best friends that Mark Salling had left her breathless.