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Hi. I assume if you are reading this, you probably are already familiar with my story. Let's recap shall we? My name is Khristina May, though absolutely no-one calls me that. If you try calling me that, I'm gonna rip out your gizzards with a spoon, got it? Everyone just calls me Krissy. I am a plain, most unamazingly ordinary, now-18 year old girl from New Zealand. I've never really done anything amazing with my life. Let me change that. I had never done anything amazing with my life, until a few months ago. That was when I was suddenly sucked inside my television by some inter-dimensional chakra, before being flung into the lives of Itachi Uchiha and Kisame (my favourite Fish and Weasel.)

Through a series of bizarre events, I was then kidnapped by them under their belief that I knew too much information about the Akatsuki (which I did, but that was not my fault. How was I suppose to know watching a TV show would get me into trouble?) Through various escapes, recaptures, cooking experiences, a million injuries, random attacks, teasing,modnarness and downright idiocy, I had managed to meet a huge amount of the Naruto cast. Even the infamous kid himself.

Along my journey I had also, rather stupidly to some perhaps, had fallen in love with my kidnapper Itachi Uchiha. One confused kiss and out of the blue act of kindness from him later, I was then returned to my normal life. Normal, as in no ninja fights, no dealing with fish-resembling men or their partners, and plenty of proper food (aka marshmallows.)

Still, a part of me felt empty. Sure it had been months, so I was starting to get over the whole ordeal ,which had not been easy at first. My parents were amazed at my sudden obsession with the Naruto series, and the reason why I would zone out more than usual. At the greater risk of being placed in psychiatric care, I didn't mention anything to them. Over time though I had trained myself into sadly believing that I was never going to see anyone from my brief time in that world. No more being able to annoy the life out of deadly criminals.

So where am I now?

Dying of heat in the sun in some American backyard. After finishing school about two months ago, my parents thought it good to shove me off overseas to live with my cousins. They claimed it was to give me 'life experience'. I think they just wanted to convert my room into a home theatre. They tried denying that, but why else did they buy a brand new giant TV? So anyways, now I am in America, living with my cousins 25-year old Andy and 21-year old Emma, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

Who knew life would choose something for me to do and become so interesting when my favourite Fish and Weasel dropped in for a visit?

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"Why is it so hot?" I complained, wandering in from being sunbaked lying in the backyard and through open sliding doors. The rocketing temperature outside might have been what I would expected for New Zealand temperature at this time of year (the good old high humidity that clung to you greedily.) However this was America! Weren't the seasons supposed to be reveresed? It was meant to be cold; well at least, slightly colder. "Emma! Make it cold!"

Emma was flung out on the couch under the air conditioning unit. Her shoulder length, auburn coloured hair thrown out above her untidily. This was quite unusual for her. Being a professional beautician and hair stylist, she was usually so fussed about how perfect her hair would look. Today though, it was flung out in a careless mess across the couch in an effort to keep cool.

She lazily raised her head, "I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't." With her deep American accent and her laziness in the heat, it all drawled together into one word. With that, she flopped her head back down, "Go put on something cooler."

"You suck. Besides, I can't. I'm aready wearing shorts and t-shirt. Anything less and I'll be wearing just my underwear."

"Oo, yes, now that I don't want to be seeing."

I grinned and shook my head, walking to the couch and shoving her feet off, "Make room. I need air conditioning."

She reluctantly moved her feet with a pout, "You're lucky it's too hot for me to move, or you know I'd attack you."

"I'm so very afraid." Chuckling, I looked down at her and leant my head back against the couch. "Emma, why is it so hot?"

"I don't know."

"You should know."

"Why should I know?"

"Because I said you should."

"I'm not a weather woman."

"Why not?"

"Ooo, don't you start this thing with me," she giggled, realising it was the start of one of those 'Why' or 'Why not' arguments.

Letting my head roll a little so I could look down at her, I sighed. "You guys need a pool."

"Sadly, we're not that rich darling."

Moaning, I looked at the ceiling in despair. This heat was literally killing me. I was not used to such evil, cruel, torturous temperatures. My body was not made for living in this weather. It preferred the cold any day. At least when you were cold, you could dress in clothes to warm up. In this heat, you could only strip off so much before being labelled a nudist. "Didn't you have that blow up pool when I came here last year? The one with the little ducks and fish on it?"

Emma suddenly perked up, lifting her head off the couch. "Oh my giddy aunt. I so forgot about that pool." Immediately she was up on her feet and heading for the stairs in a streak of red hair. "I think we actually have it in the attic!"

"Oh sweet muffins, please not up there." I knew my cousins house well enough by now to know the attic was not a good place to go. It was a two storey house, with a little attic just up the very top of a pull out ladder near the stairs. Rather old and beautiful as this place was, the attic was like in one of those haunted house movies. The previous owners had left a lot of stuff up there when they moved out. China dolls with broken faces, old rocking horses and other spooky stuff.

"Come on, it's just an attic. Nothing is going to happen by going up there you know." She disappeared from view as the stairs curved and were blocked by view of a wall, hearing a few thumps that were obviously her trying to jump and reach the cord to pull down the attic stairs.

I walked up the stairs, standing on the small flat bit of landing where they changed direction, watching from there and tilting my head, "Yano, there is a thing called a ladder or a chair."

"Shut up."

"Why don't you make me?"

"Oh I'll make you alright."

Wandering up the stairs after her, I shook my head, "There's a chair in my room."

"I can do it without a chair, thankyou very much."

"And then you'll trip and fall down the stairs. Red heads are endangered enough yano."

"Whatever," she said, abandoning her attempt to jump for the cord and walking into my room. Instantly she spotted something I had forgotten to hide. A sketch book full of my various doodles. "Ooo. Hello. And who are these snappy people?"

I blinked and dove for the pictures I had open in my sketch book, "Nothing! They are just drawings."

But she already had her hands on the book. While I tried climbing over the top of her to reach it, she had opened it and was looking through the pictures, "Wow. This looks a lot like that anime thing.. Nabuko right?"

"Naruto. Now give me it back!"

"Oo, these are pretty good. I see you keep drawing this guy with black hair. Oo, he's one sexy thing he is," she smirked back at me. "Somebody has a crush."

"Do not! Now gimme!" I reached over and bit her ear, trying to get her to release the book.

"Ow! Hey no ear biting! That's my move!" As she turned to swat me off, I leapt over the top of her and grabbed the book. "Oi! Sneaky kid you. Fine!" She threw up her hands, "Don't show me this secret anime husband of yours."

I shook my head with a slight grin, "He's not my husband you dork."

"He's not? Does that mean it's open season on him? Actually, forget him. That big shark man you drew him with was pretty yummy. I'd tap that."

"You'd tap a half fish?"

"Oh, he's half fish? Darn. Shark I'd handle. Fish? Nah."

"Especially a gay fish man. He wears neon green underwear, just so you know."

"You don't know that."

"Or do I?" A raise of my brows and she chuckled, grabbing onto the chair and dragging it out the room.

"Fine. You and your weirdness; keep your hot anime guy and his gay fish friend. I'll stick with real life guys. They are much better. Actually no. I still want the gay fish," she winked at me teasingly, putting the chair underneath the attic, "Even that is better than some real life guys."

"Yeah. Like Bill the tattoo man?"

"I'm sorry, but who tattoos a cartoon spider chucking up pizza bits on his butt cheeks? He had to go." She smirked. "The day you get a boyfriend Krissy, I am going to tease him mercilessly, just so you know. However, if he can survive you, then I know he'll survive the family."

I put the sketchbook down on my desk and wandered over to hold the chair steady for her, "I just love how caring you are towards me."

"Any day sweetheart." She pulled on the cord and the stairs came down. Hopping off the chair and moving it to the side, she began up the stairs towards the attic, pulling my hand. "Come on."

"Why do I have to go in the spooky attic? I'd rather pluck my eyebrows out."

"Plucking those two bushy brows is my job missy. Besides, I'm not going up there alone. Have you even seen how freaky that place is? I can't believe we live with it above our heads." With a reluctant me behind her, she dragged me up the stairs and just inside the attic.

Immediatley old clown puppets strung from rusting metal wires and an old self portrait of some lady from fifty years ago greeted us.

"Ah, see it's not so bad up here." There was sarcasm in Emma's voice as we pushed our way through about a dozen old cans of silly string that had been left up here and forgotten.

I looked around, shuddering. I'd faced plenty of terrifying ninja battles before, but nothing was as creepy or scary as this. "Let's see what you say when the mutant clown dolls suddenly come to life and eat us."

"Drama queen. Now let's find that pool!"

We had just begun our slow, cowardly search when there came a loud thud from downstairs, followed a moment later by a second one that was even louder. The floor which we were both sitting on at the moment shook a little bit from the thuds. Both of us froze instantly, eyes snapping to the stairs and down below. I whispered to her, "Emma.. Andy shouldn't be home yet until later on, right?"

She nodded, eyes wide. Andy, my elder cousin and Emma's brother, was currently out at work. We were not expecting him back for at the very least another hour, so it couldn't be him. Both of us had our hearts thumping, listening as there came voices from downstairs and the sound of movement. Neither of the voices sounded remotely like Andy. From our position in the attic, we couldn't hear much. However we did manage to catch a faint, "Search the place. Bring back whoever you find."

"Krissy quick, pull the cord and close the attic," Emma hissed to me urgently, seeing how I was closer to the stairs.

I nodded at her, reaching for the cord. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, one of the old attic steps decided at this point in life that it would finally break in half when a little bit of weight was put on it. With a loud crack I lurched forward, rolling once before landing on the floor below in a big heap. "Ow..." What didn't help was the dozens of cans of silly string rolling after me, almost every one of them bonking me on the head before rolling away innocently across the landing. "Son of a booger..."

Rubbing my head, I sat up, hearing footsteps begin up the stairs. Freaking out, I grabbed the first things close to hand; this just so happened to be a bit of the wooden step and an offending, head-bonking can of string. "Stay back! I have wood, and silly string! I'll use it! I know where to stick and spray it!"

The person on the stairs came into view suddenly when I turned around, holding my piece of wood up in a threatening manner. He froze and I froze at the same time. I caught a, "There is no way..." before I had leapt at him to give him a huge bear hug. Or, fish hug!

"Oh, my gawd! Fish!" I don't think any of me had ever been so excited to see Kisame before. However, he did not seem to feel exactly the same, with the shock and horror etched into his face.

"No, no! We got rid of you! You were gone. It was peaceful!"

"Well, here I am again!" I hugged him so tightly around the neck that he turned a darker shade of blue rather quickly. "I cannot believe you are actually here."

Then it struck me; why was he here? If he was here, did that mean Itachi was as well? What if they had come back to kidnap me me again! No, Kisame seemed both shocked and horrified to see me, so it didn't mean they were here by chance. Besides, what was the point of kidnapping me for information about my world if they were already here?

I jumped up around his shoulders, hauling myself over onto his back so I could give him a fishy back, carefully avoiding Samehada. He moved his head a lot in different directions, trying to get it out the way of stray arms and legs. Leaning my head down over the top of him, I pinched his cheeks, "So why exactly are you here Fish Boy? Ha, knew you would miss me if I went away!"

"Miss you? Hardly. Now get off me!" He reached a hand up behind him and yanked me over his shoulders, and held me up by the back of my shirt in front of him. "I wouldn't say we came here by choice," he snarled. "You had something to do with this, didn't you?"

"Me? You're joking! Seriously, I would have done this much sooner if I knew how too."

Kisame grit his teeth, frowning at me.

I poked him the forehead, "You know Fish, you'll get more wrinkles if you frown. I think thats what your gills are. Just real early wrinkle lines."

By the look on his face, it was pretty clear that he had not missed my teasing in any way, shape or form. He raised his spare hand, pointing a finger at me in a menacing manner, "The only reason I haven't ripped out your throat already is because I have no idea where we are. You have three seconds to tell me. One.. two..."

The third second involved a flying mutant clown doll hitting in the side of the head. "Leave her alone you walking fish with legs you! I have clowns, and I am not afraid to use them!"

Kisame turned his glare onto Emma, who was currently brandishing a few of the creepy clown dolls like weapons in front of her. She made a small 'meep' at the intense look of 'I'm going to murder you.'

Curling his upper lip, he slowly made his way up the stairs towards her, still holding me out by my shirtfront, "And who is this pathetic creature I now have to kill?"

"Hey no! Bad fish, you aren't allowed to harm Emma." I reached a hand up to flick him on the ear.

He turned his face to me, "Right, now that is it- Any last words?"

"I love you?"

Another clown doll suddenly hit him in the side of the head, "You! The big blue fish! I said leave her alone or face my mutant clowns!"

Kisame, now rather enraged at being hit by a clown doll in the head twice, as well as the simple presence of... well me, wasn't sure who to aim Samehada at first. He took a few very long strides up the few steps to grab a hold of Emma's shirtfront too, dragging her out of her position in the attic and back down onto the landing. With the two of us both being held up by him, wriggling around like there was no tomorrow, he was clearly debating in his mind who to deal to first. "Now, is one of you going to give me answers?"

Emma, who was holding onto what appeared to be a very old trumpet, attempted to hit him over the head with it. "Down fish, down!" Kisame easily moved his head, dropping Emma to the ground with a thud and glaring down at her, his top lip curling up a bit.

The sword came off his back, scraping along the ceiling and ripping a rather large dent in it, causing Emma to make an, 'eek' sound. He only smirked with a rather evil looking smile, "Well, guess if you aren't going to tell me anything, it would be much easier to kill you."

"Leave my cousin alone!" I growled, biting down on his hand sharply. Instantly I withdrew it, realising my mistake, "Oh gosh fish, seriously. Washing your hands is not a crime. Blek. Nasty, nasty fish fingers."

Kisame, who surprisingly did not loosen his grip even though there were now a set of teeth marks across his knuckles, sharply turned his face back at me. Holding Samehada above his head in a ready to strike position, he spat, "You little-!"

"Kisame, stop!"

The voice was in its regular monotone, only just slightly louder and more forceful. It still had the power to stop Kisame from bringing Samehada on top of me, as well as stop my heart dead in its tracks for a few moments. We all turned our heads in one single movement together to look at the raven haired figure standing at the bottom of the stairs. His ruby red eyes were taking in the scene before him as he made it up the stairway, mostly switching between me and Kisame. If he was surprised to see me, then he hid it quite well.

"Put her down."

Kisame growled, but reluctantly he released my shirt and allowed me to drop to the floor. He at least did it at an angle however, which caused me to lose my footing and fall onto my backside in a most undignified fashion. "Owies," was what I managed to say.

Itachi, who was now on the landing with us, took a few steps over until he was standing beside his partner. He then gazed between me sprawled on the floor and the freaked out red head, who was currently hunched back against the wall and holding out the trumpet as a weapon.

Then he looked down at me again. I swear, even after all these months, and one look from his blazing red eyes made my insides squirm around. Luckily, the colour of his eyes did not grace itself upon my face, because I refused to let myself blush like some silly schoolgirl.

"It has been a while, Krissy."

"Yeah. You miss me much?" I grinned goofily up at the two of them.

Kisame snorted, "Miss you? Not even for a brief second a year ago when we realised you were gone."

I blinked. "A year?" Well, I did end up spending weeks in their world and only an hour or so had passed when I came back over to Earth. Maybe the dimensional chakra thingy altered time between the two worlds.

"That long huh? Wow. Poor babies, without me so long. Never mind, you're here now! Actually, speaking of which, how come you are here?"

"You tell us. I bet you had something to do with it," Kisame growled.

"I did not! Seriously, if I could have I would have made you both turn up at Halloween in ballerina tutus."

I then felt a tugging at the back of my shirt, turning my head a little to see Emma. Her eyes were wide, constantly switching between me and the other two standing over the top of us, "Krissy... you know, you are kinda freaking me out by talking to the two creepos in your sketchbook. Calm me down a bit and tell me I hit my head in the attic, and am now hallucinating."

"You are hallucinating, Emma."

"Oh good... are you lying to me?"


"I hate you. So um, why is the gay fish and anime husband of yours standing on our stairway and not staying in your sketchbook?"

Wow, Emma always knew how to say the worst things. Attempting my best not to blush, I slapped her arm, "Hey shut up Carrot. And how should I know. Why don't you ask them?"

"No way! One looks like he's gonna jump on me and eat me, and the other looks like he's trying to telepathically make my brain explode."

"Okay, the fish maybe you're right.. but see, to blow your brain up, first you need to have one."

"Oh, go pluck your bushy eyebrows."

"Make me!"

"Oh my gawd, could this get any worse? Are we now stuck with two versions of this nightmare?" Kisame groaned, his teeth meshing together in irritation. "Itachi, make this idiotic torture of my sanity tell us where we are, or I'm going to gut both her and the red head."

"Hey, I did nothing to you! Except throw some clowns and attempt to bash your skull in with a musical instrument... that gives you no right to kill me!"

I looked at him and nods, "She's right Fish boy. I mean seriously, weeks of mental torture from me and you did almost nothing. Granted, you were ordered not too but still... put the sword away, and we shall talk."

"Oh is that thing a sword? Well damn. I thought being gay and all, he carried a giant tampon around to make a statment about his sexuality." Emma blinked, realising that voicing her thoughts (a common but rather idiotic trait of hers.. much like mine) was not a wise move. Kisame's eye was twitching, his hand on Samehada's handle tightening its grip. "Damn, I said that out loud didn't I?"

Kisame's lip curled back again, revealing pointed teeth that were meshed together angrily, "I'll let you figure that out while I'm ripping your limbs off."

I jumped in front of Emma, picking up one of the evil cans of string as I did so and aiming it. "Whoa. Back off! it's not her fault. I mean, it does look like a toilet paper covered tampon. Put the oversized hygeine product down. Don't make me use the ancient silly string on you!"

I think when the giant blue fish in boots made a threatning step towards us, it was more for intimidation, because I was pretty doubtful that Itachi would let him throttle us two females just yet. My fingers however worked for themselves, and soon blue sticky string was creating a great big mess across the hallway, Samehada and Kisame's face. Thank goodness it covered his eyes so that when he yelled out in anger and threw a few kunais, they just narrowly missed our heads.



"Make for the hills!"

She did not need to be told twice, instantly standing up and sprinting with me to the end of the hallway and bolting through a doorway before either of the other two ninjas had moved. Kisame because he was pulling the blue string out of his eyes. Itachi likely thought that the room in which we had bolted into meant we were trapped. However, this house was so old that at the back of the room was another door leading to a second staircase going downstairs.

We wasted no time sprinting down those stairs, tumbling out in a heap down the bottom and headed for the front door. Truthfully, I wasn't actually sure if Kisame would really kill us. But if he managed to get his hands on us, he was certainly going to do some damage.

Heading out the front door, we were just in time to see an old black car pull up. Sitting behind the drivers seat (on the wrong side of the car.. seriously, I will get over that American's drive with the steering wheel on the left side of the car) was my cousin Andy, still in his uniform. He was home early, but at the moment we could hardly notice that as Emma practically jumped through the window into the back seat, while I threw myself into the passenger seat beside him. It was fair to say, the elder red-headed sibling of my two cousins was rather surprised at this.

"Whoa, steady on girls, where is the fire at?"

"No fire! Giant freaky fish man with a sword! Drive, drive!" was the reply he received from Emma, who was trying to hide in the back seat.

"Uh... what?"

Emma didn't need to repeat herself, when a giant hulking figure, with blue skin, pointed teeth and an unsheathed sword suddenly slammed down on the bonnet of the car. The sword instantly cut right through the metal and down all the way into the driveway, causing the car to shudder. All three of us yelped in shock, staring at the devilish grin of the man standing on the bonnet. "Did you think you could outrun me?"

"Krissy, Emma... what is that?"

"Ask Krissy! He's from her darn sketchbook!"

"Okay. Krissy. What is that?" Andy's tone sounded a little more desperate now.

"Well um, see Andy... I told you if you kept forgetting to feed the fish, that he would come back for his revenge."

Andy stared between me, and the creature that had shredded a hole in the bonnet of his precious car. "So, because I kept forgetting to feed the fish, he is now trying to kill us all?"


"So where did the cloak and sword come from?"

"Andy, there is a giant Fish-man cutting through the car... are you really going to stop and ask trivial questions like where he picked up a cloak and sword?"

"You may have a point there."

"Will one of you actually stop and do something before the fish with legs cuts through the car and kills us?" Emma screeched from the back.

Kisame was frowning from outside on the bonnet of the car. "You know I can hear you all inside that metal contraption. Well, Samehada will soon make short work of you all." He raised his sword up and brought it down upon the windshield, smashing it into a million pieces of glass.

"For goodness sakes Andy! Use something off your batbelt already!" Emma yelled again in his ear.

Andy, being a security guard, had what us two females of the household teased him mercilessly for; namely, a utility belt. Sometimes he had a taser strapped to it, never anything more dangerous than that unless he was working at a bank or something. Most of the time it was just pepper spray, handcuffs and small, mostly harmless items in the long run. We called it his batbelt after sewing batman logos onto it.

Fumbling a little, Andy grabbed onto the small can of pepper spray, aiming it at the demented fish. Before he could even press the button, the can had a kunai knife sticking through it, narrowly having missed his hand. Andy dropped it in surprise, yelping, "This thing is a maniac!"

"Tell me something less obvious Andy..."

Kisame smirked, obviously enjoying the panic from inside the car before raising Samehada up high again.

He was then knocked back suddenly by a black and red blur that pulled him onto the driveway in front of the car. When they stopped moving at such a fast speed, we could all see that it was Itachi who had stopped Kisame. His face was blank, but if he was much of an emotions guy then he would have looked extremley irritated I was sure. He sort of looked like a parent telling a little kid off; only Kisame was at least a head taller than the black haired Uchiha. Though we couldn't hear what they were saying, it was probably along the lines of, "Calm down and don't kill them you twat." Okay, calling Kisame a twat was just me, but hey! The guy tried to go all can opener on the car!

Itachi turned to face us, seeing the rather freaked out expressions of my cousins and my, well... less freaked and rather unusual look. Sort of a cross between panic and a glisten of excitement. Though my breathing was not yet back to normal, I was going to admit that the adrenaline rush that had hit me was one I missed since coming back from the Naruto world. Come on, how often are you chased by crazed ninja on Earth?

I bit my tongue inside my mouth as he approached the car, leaving his blue counterpart fuming on the driveway and reluctantly slinging Samehada back over his shoulder. He approached on Andy's side. I thought he would fumble with the door handle, but the great Uchiha genius found a way past being bested by a car door. Instead he punched his fist right through the metal part, grabbing a hold of a handle from the inside and ripped it right back of the hinges.

"Oh my freaking jam biscuits, am I the only one seeing this?" Andy shouted, trying to scuffle back away from what he was now deeming an overly strong, red eyed freak. "Please tell me I hit my head on something and that this is not real!"

"Yes, you hit your head and are now hallucinating."

Andy visibly seemed to calm down, his posture relaxing. "Really? Oh, that's great! Well I mean, it's not great I'm suffering such severe hallucinations, but its better than it actually happening."

"Andy, the betch is lying to you! She did it to me about five minutes ago! This is freaking real!"

Instantly the red headed male that was my cousin entered a freaked out mode as Itachi spoke to him in a monotone that carried a harsh, icy undertone that was laced with a dangerous unspoken threat if we disobeyed his order, "Get out and head inside."

Trying to scuttle back further into the car, Itachi only reached in and grabbed his shirtfront, hauling his out of the vehicle and dropping his onto the concrete of the driveway. "Get inside the house." His icy red eyes trailed up to me and Emma, "All of you. Now."

Emma looked like she would try refuse as well, but I looked back at her, "Emma, do what he says. Seriously, Weasel is worse than the Fish if you try refuse him."

She nodded, obviously fearful, but dragged herself out of the car. Andy picked himself up off his feet and protectively kept his arms out to shield Emma from Itachi as she got out of that side of the car. Meanwhile I exited through the passenger door, seeing Kisame stride over to the car (or what was left of it) and haul it up to drag it around the side of the house out of sight. It would so happen, being the middle of a normal work day, that everyone else was at work and no-one had seen this incident. That meant no-one would have randomly called the police. Dang.

Andy and Emma were timidly heading back to the front door, me walking slowly behind to see if there was a chance a car might drive past and I could discreetly flag them down for help. Even I wasn't so much of a fool to not think of getting help, with two criminal ninja suddenly in the house. However, a sharp shove from the middle of my back, and I turned back to glare at Itachi. He looked down at me with those same cold, red eyes that I remembered from when I had first met him. Whatever I had seen in those eyes when he had let me go... or kissed me... was pretty much gone.

I still managed to turn myself around and point a finger at him in a threatning way. "I swear Weasel. If either you, or that walking pile of seafood hurts my cousins, there is going to be serious hell to pay."

He didn't reply, simply giving me another shove back towards the house. I trudged quietly through the front door, which he closed behind us, and wondered for a moment what sort of hell was about to break loose this time.

~line~ y ~line~ a ~line~ y ~line~ f ~line~ o ~line~ r ~line~ m ~line~ e ~line~ ! ~line~ ! ~line~

So there we have it. And that is how Kisame and Itachi met my crazy family. Well, not really. Krissy's crazy family. I wish my family was this crazy. Although I do have a really scary grandmother who can frighten the boogeyman away (she even scares Chuck Norris! D:)

I was trying to make this chapter perfect. It is hard to figure out how to reintroduce psychos... I mean.. wonderful.. crazy ninja.

Kisame: I hate you... you brought us back into a world of torture!

Me: Yes... yes I did... MWAHAHAHAHA

So, this would have been up well over a week ago, but if you read the first bit of the Authors Note, you would notice that I mentioned an Earthquake in my country. Very sad, a big tragedy and I again wish to pass on all my love and support to those affected by it. xox

At the risk of sounding mean or choked up or something... I'm just going to move on from that and scream PLEASE REVIEW.

Please? cookie? Itachis underwear?

Itachi: ... f*** you...

Me: :O Itachi has Hidan's potty mouth!