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Well my fantastic yellow duckies, I have proven that I am NOT going to be a Neurologist, which is a very good thing for you all seeing how I wrote the majority of this chapter during one of my lectures on the brain. So… I might possibly have some study to catch up on after this. hahaha. Be happy. I ignored my lecturer in class for you all, just to write this.

The same lecturer who told us a story about a banana. True story. I have a picture to prove it. A big slideshow page saying "A story about a banana" in the place where, you know… learning slides should be?

Itachi: Seems she chose something to fit your level of thinking…

Me: :O Itachi! So mean! I do happen to pay attention in my lectures. Aside from the brain.. and possibly a few lectures about the muscles… and I play Sudoku online a lot… shut up!

Kisame: You play Sudoku in your lectures?

Me: Maybe… but I also make toast and play bingo in my tutorials… and that is actually set up by my lecturer! Who knew the study of how one makes toast could be so interesting from a health students point of view… Plus, free toast! (is all a student thinks about, free shyt haha)

Itachi: I do not like toast…

Me: You also do not like steak. Therefore, you my friend, are a weirdo….

Kisame: For once, I agree with the crazy chick.

Me: Win! I got Kisame to agree with me!

So, before this rambles on into a much longer conversation between me and these fine fellows, I shall leave you with this chapter. It ended out different than I expected, and I really had to tug at my brain (which part I cannot tell you, because I didn't pay attention enough in my lecture to learn what part does what LMAO) about it. Hope it ended up what everyone expected, or what you at least can minimally accept. If not well… guess I have more lectures to not pay attention to, so I can address it hahaha.



Sometimes I really, really hate Itachi.

So do random parts of my body every so often. Like my arm right now. The location of his vice like grip on my skin, where I was certain a bruise with fingerprints would form, was really hating him. So were the soles of my feet, after a sudden drop had caused severe ground shock to rock up through to my ankles.

I gave a small whimper as the tingly feeling continued to buzz in my toes, casting him my best evil side glare, "Thankyou. You're such a gentleman. My feet appreciate the pain."

He was very unsympathetic to my pain as I hobbled over to the dining room table and plonked my backside down on one of the chairs. He sat down in a chair directly opposite to me over the table, while Kisame took up the flank right behind me. You know, in case I was dumb enough to attempt to make a running break from ninjas, out through the doorway and to Timbucktoo. Sure thing!

Emma and Andy were absent. They had been very quick to sell out the fact that I was really the only one who watched the series enough to have a clue what was going on, so therefore I was the only one worth interrogating. I didn't blame them for selling me out, seeing how they were being threatened by a Fish. Still, if I was still able bodied by the end of this, they would face a bucket of icy water in the face tomorrow. That would be worth getting up early for. Kisame had ushered them upstairs somewhere, out of earshot and locked in one of the rooms, with apparently a thousand kunais or something pinning the door to its frame. At least that is what I assumed from Emmas loud screaming, about kunais being in her door.

The dining room felt as thought it had dropped a few degrees in temperature since our arrival. I could almost see my breath coil out in front of me, the only warmth between me and the icy glare of coal colored eyes across the table.

"So… have you boys decided which one of you is good cop, and which one is bad cop? I asked.

Looking at Itachi, I started musing aloud, "You do seem to be a fitting choice for good cop, seeing how Fish is like some huge snapper on steroids… which is always the reason I blame his hat for looking like it was on steroids. You know, those cool straw hats, that you thought protected your identity, like a giant black cape with big red clouds weren't a huge bloody giveaway. But they were still awesome hats." I tilted my head back to look at Kisame for a moment, "Then again, we all know that deep, deep, deep inside, you're just like a big cuddly plush toy. And you Weasel, we've all seen you and your eyes turn to the dark side."

"Please be silent for a moment."

I shut my mouth for a little bit, actually doing what he asked. For the single moment he asked.

"Okay, moment over. Would you boys like a cup of tea?" I asked brightly.

Itachi stared at me blankly, "No."

"Oh, shoot, that's right! We're in America, duh! Tea is super odd in this place apparently. A cup of Joe then! Although I don't think caffeine is a good thing for any of us to be having right now… Besides, who would want a cup of Joe? Who is this Joe fellow anyway? What exactly did he do wrong in his life, that he ended up in a caffeinated beverage? See, Americans are all cannibals if they are drinking Joe. Maybe it is his blood? Vampires, I knew it!"

"Krissy!" His voice was a little louder and had a harder tone to it. I instantly became quiet. Itachi hardly ever spoke my name to me, so when he did, it was definitely one of those 'Shit is going down" times.

Which meant I definitely did not want to be here. Time to continue stalling tactics. "Okay, tea it is!"

I attempted to make a break for the kitchen, but had only put a single foot out, when Kisames hands clapped down hard on my shoulders and shoved me back into the chair. "Don't run, if you don't want to be missing any limbs by the end of this. Believe me, that is something I would happily take part in.

"Oh I'm sure you would," I grumbled through gritted teeth, pouting a bit. "So I'm guessing that means that no-one wants any tea?"


"Are you sure?"


"I mean really sure? And before you say yes, just think about the impact that tea will have this conversation. I mean, it will remove any possibility of any of us collapsing from thirst, remove dehydration from the equation, calm any nerves! No, we need tea." Not only all that, tea would also give me an opportunity to avoid talking to them for longer.

Itachi let out a long breath, obviously calming himself a little bit, "Krissy, please be cooperative."

I stared at him, "What if I'm not?"

"Then this becomes difficult."

"What kind of difficulty? Because, just so you know, I'm a pro at facing difficult things. You know on Tetris, which is this building blocks game, I managed to pass the highest level, on the fastest speed. Had a large rocket ship appear on the screen. You guys probably don't know tetris, but that's like, S level rank in oldschool Gameboy colour."

Kisame's hands were on my shoulders again and started digging in hard. Hard enough that I could feel my bones creaking under the pressure slightly.

"Gah, ow!"

"This is the level of difficulty," Kisame kindly explained, "Are you 'a pro' at facing this?

"Ouch, I am when I am around you two…"

Itachi raised his head to look at Kisame for a moment, and the pressure of the hands released. I immediately raised a hand up to rub where his fingers had dug in the most. Yep, there would be a bruise there tomorrow. Thankfully he hadn't snapped my collarbone, so it could have been a lot worse. All this was bringing back memories though.

"You do realize he asked for you to be silent? Is your brain that small that you cannot understand that word?" Kisame asked.

"You know, not to make you look stupid, which you clearly are… but he actually said to be silent for a moment. When that moment passed, I was free to talk again. See, you really have to learn how to listen and use that fishy brain of your own." I once again turned my face towards Itachi, "As for co-operating… I mean come on. I faced you guys torturing me before. Broken legs, severe mind rape in the extreme, need I continue? I still didn't co-operate. You expect me too now?"

"Yes, because it is not only your life we can hold at ransom for information, but we can also hold the lives of your cousins at ransom," he smirked, grin widening and giving me a flash of his sharp teeth.

I frowned at him, "You're a bloody evil Fish, you know that? I mean seriously, sleep with one eye open, or you'll find yourself wrapped up in rice and seaweed, served as sushi by the morning."

In order to stop more conflict growing between me and the possible seafood platter behind me, Itachi spoke up, "We will endeavor to make sure that it doesn't happen, but only if you agree to co-operate."

I stared back at Itachi again with an evil scowl. Right now, he could be as sexy as he wanted, shirt off and everything (unlikely to happen though) and I'd still be fuming at him. I didn't want to talk about this, it could only end up badly. Seeing how it wasn't just my life I was playing with right now though, it was probably better to talk. "Okay, shoot the questions."

"Your cousin let slip that we are part of a 'television show'… you will tell us exactly what you know about this. Do not pretend you are unaware of anything. We are not stupid." Itachi spoke very calmly, sort of in the way that reminded me about the calm before a storm.

"That statement is very, very debatable when it comes to sushi roll behind me."

There was no way for me to get out of this though. If I were to pretend I didn't know, then they would get meaner. How was I meant to explain to them everything that I knew though? How would they react if I were to tell them that according to the storyline, they had terrible deaths to come. How would Kisame react if I were to ever mention where Itachis true loyalties resided? What would they do to each other, and if they ever got back into their own dimension, to others there? That wouldn't end well, and if I refused to cooperate, no doubt Itachi would try a mind invasion technique to pry the information out.

So I was going to have to be clever about how I went about this. Great. Thinking. Not really one of my strongest points if we were honest about it. "Look, when Andy mentioned you guys were part of a show, what he meant was that… that you just kinda looked like the guys from a show I watch. Believe me, it's completely different though. The characters are way different, not even close to you. Just the looks are a little similar. Really, that is all." Okay, it wasn't a fantastic excuse, but seeing how Andy had admitted he never ever watched the said show these two were supposed to have come from, it sounded plausible.

"You are lying."

I scoffed, "I am not! How dare you accuse me of such a thing!"

Itachi looked at me calmly for a moment, before reaching for something in the pocket of his jeans, "You know far more than you are letting on, and it is time for you to start telling us more of the truth about where we come from." As he was talking, he was unfolding a few pieces of paper, laying them out one by one on the table in front of me.

My heart stopped for a moment when I saw what was on them. They were all torn out pages from the various Naruto mangas that I had stored on the book shelf in my room upstairs. I had completely forgotten about Itachi ever checking my room. He had the eyes of a hawk, I should have known he was bound to have found those! The pictures on the pages were all of Kisame and Itachi, from various stages of the manga. Some from their early fights, during their first introduction. Another was Itachi and Sasuke, when Itachi had killed the clan. Then there were a few sections of the Shipudden as well. Thankfully I never had any of the really recent ones, past the recovery of Gaara way back at the beginning of the Shipudden.

I stared at them for a moment, gently picking up a page, "You destroyed my books." It was all that I could think to say at the moment, while the best of my brain tried to piece together a reasonable excuse for all of this. Nothing came to mind though, other than telling them the plain obvious truth.

Kisame reached over my shoulder and plucked the page out of my fingers. The pictures he stared down were from the very first time the two had been introduced, during his fight with Asuma, while Itachi had been fighting against Kurenai. He hand visibly started to shake a little. "What the hell is this?"

"Um… Art."

"I can see that. Where did it come from?"

"I uh… drew it?" Like I could ever draw that. Fail in the extreme!

Kisames fist clenched tightly and crushed the page within his fingers. I swear, a fine dust just about sprinkled out between his fingers from how hard he crushed the paper. "This is from before we even met you. So I think that you should tell the truth, before I replace this page in my fist, with your head."

"Alright, fine! Gees, don't say I didn't warn you guys. You might not like what I tell you yano, which is why I didn't ever tell you guys about it before."

They were all ears by now, waiting for me to talk.

Reluctantly, I started speaking, "So, um, in our world, you two are, uh… known as… how do you say… fictional characters?" That was about as blunt as I could really force myself to put it.

Kisame raised a brow, "Fictional characters? Hardly, we're standing in front of you. How can we be fictional?"

I gave him a 'No shit Sherlock' look, "Well duh! I can see you're not fictional right now Fish brains. You just saw the pictures though. Look, I don't know how it all happened, but in this world you guys are from an anime series called Naruto. Books like this one, which are also now a television show, merchandise. It's pretty popular actually. So are you guys."

"What, you mean all of this," he gestured to the pages still intact and not crumpled on the table, "It's based off that little blonde Kyyubi boy from Konoha?"


He because visibly more angry, "What the hell they doing writing about that guy?"

I shrugged, "Because somewhere along the line, someone thought it was an interesting story to write about? Look, guys, all I can say is that in this world… you are not real. You're just a picture in a book."

They were silent for a moment, before, "That is bullshit!"

"Fish! I shall wash your mouth out with soap and detergent, and all other cleansing products!"

My words had very little effect on him though, and his fists were still clenched dangerously, "So how many people know about us. Thousands? Are we able to track them all down?"

I shook my head, "No. Millions. Probably hundreds of millions. I told you, it's pretty popular. A huge amount of people know all about you, all about the Akatsuki. When you guys tried that little mind trick on me last time, and found out that a lot of people knew about you all, that is what it was."

Kisame growled and pushed back from the chair, "So you're telling us that millions of people know every single detail about our lives? Every single piece of information about the Akatsuki?"

I nodded, "Pretty much, yeah. I told you that you wouldn't like it."

To say he didn't like it was an understatement. He had actually turned a deeper shade of purple, as anger started to flood his cheeks.

Itachi, who had been sitting calmly with his hands in front of his face, indexes pressed together in an almost jutsu like pose as he was thinking, looked up at his associate, "Calm down Kisame." He wasn't looking far too impressed himself though, his brow creased deeply as he squeezed his eyes shut tightly and took in a few slow, deep breaths. I suppose he had far more to be angry about, with the knowledge that ever detail of his life was known by millions of people. The secrets he had worked hard to keep hidden from everyone were pretty much common knowledge. All his betrayals, true motivations…

Kisame turned back to Itachi, slamming his hand down on the papers, "So if we're supposed to be from the damned book, what the hell are we doing here? And how the hell are we meant to get back?"

Itachi shook his head briefly, "I do not know. The chakra we experienced was inter-dimensional, which would be easier to figure out. If we are meant to be from a story, then I am unsure how we proceed." Indeed, he did look completely at a loss on how they were going to leave.

I felt something grab my arm, and suddenly found myself hoisted out of my seat by the Fish. As my body left the chair, my legs failed and succeeded in knocking the table to the floor, "You, brat! How did you even end up in our world in the first place then? What did you do? Everything always involves you!"

"Gees, I don't know! If I knew how it all worked, you think I would have even remained with you two as long as I did there!? I have about as much of an idea as you do on this!" I yelled back at him, trying hard to pull his fingers from my arm. They dug in so hard that I could feel all the circulation in the lower part of my arm start to cease flowing, fingers already going numb.

Sometimes it was hard to remember that he was a merciless killer. I could count my lucky stars that I got away with the amount of teasing I usually put him through. Underneath it all though, sometimes I needed to remind myself that this guy both tortured and killed people as a living. That part of him I was experiencing right now, as I lost the feeling flowing through my arm.

"Release her Kisame!" Itachi snapped, and Kisames gaze fell on his younger partner. Itachi gave him a stern look, "If she is connected to this, then we shall find out what we need. There is no need to injure her for it. It will in no way help our situation."

It would have been nice to think it was his concern for my health that he had said that. However his gaze was still angry, likely just as pissed as the Fish was about this entire thing, and he was probably just making sure Kisame didn't lose it and render me unable to talk in some way or another, before they found out all they needed.

I felt the hand release and I tumbled to the floor, groaning when my arm stuck the side of the toppled table on the way down. The sharpened corner cut a pathway between my elbow and halfway up to my wrist, about the length of my hand, and I pulled my entire arm to me as I sat up a little on the floor. Kisame growled something about needing space to think, before taking off towards the back door, donning his human disguise as he disappeared outside. A huge part of me was thankful he was gone. I couldn't really blame him for getting angry now that he knew the truth. I would have been fully pissed off as well, to learn that my entire life had been documented and every single detail of it known by millions of people. It was better that he perhaps took the time to calm down. He (hopefully) wasn't stupid enough to go out and try anything like burning down buildings in anger. At least, that is what I hoped…

Sitting on the floor for a moment, I stared up at Itachi. He was still staring in the direction Kisame had taken off too, probably himself debating whether or not that the giant man would do anything stupid to blow their cover.

"Well, that went just peachy," I stated. "See, I told you we should have had tea. Might have calmed the whole situation down better." Who was I kidding? Likely it would have just made things a whole bunch worse, because rather than just a table and crumbled papers that had to be picked up off the floor, I'd also have to pick up shattered cups and mop up tea. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't serve the tea. I had simply just wanted something to say for the moment though. The silence between us was just too chilly, that saying anything was better than nothing.

I made it onto my feet, wobbling over to the sink and starting to rinse the cut on my arm. It wasn't deep, and it would probably be a scab in a few days but it still stung like a bee.

Itachi was still standing behind me. He had barely moved in the last few minutes, stuck in thought. I felt awkward here like this, not sure what move to make next. I chose to leave him in silence though, rather than engaging in a conversation. What could I talk about anyway?

After retrieving the first aid kit, I very clumsily attempted to put an assortment of sticky plasters up my arm, unable to find larger bandaids suitable to fit my cut. Our first aid kid needed serious stocking up. We were always missing something. Most unfortunately as well, the tiny strips of sticky wonder used for (usually) mini cuts were of the variety that (of course, it was because this was me trying to use them) would not actually stick to the skin with great ease. "Damn you plasters, stick. Stick! Why you no stick to my arm!?"

There was a couple of angry grunts as my fingers fumbled and failed to stick the various bright colored strips over the cut, before I felt another hand gently take a hold of my elbow.

My breath instantly caught in my chest, unable to even utter a small squeak of surprise at the sudden move. Itachi had come up behind me so quietly I hadn't heard him, which was hardly unsurprising for a ninja like him. What was surprising was how close he was. His hand had slipped just beside my arm, gently taking a hold of my wrist to turn it so the injury faced him, fingers only lightly pressing against the skin with such delicacy, it was if they weren't even there.

The soft caress of his breath was close enough to the back of my head that no doubt if I were to lean back even a few millimeters, then my back would be pressing into his chest. Though there had been many an occasion when I had been even closer to him, such as this morning with the piggy back ride, sometime about this felt… different. My heart was beating so fast in my chest, I almost feared it might actually start making physical thumps on my ribcage.

"Let me take a look at that."

The tingle of his breath against the messy waves of hair that was covering my ear sent a chill down my spine, and the fact I remained standing without my knees buckling at the sound was in my opinion, some serious willpower on my behalf.

He moved so he was standing in front of me, the second hand resting on my upper arm to hold it steady, while he inspected the damage. Within moments, he was already peeling the absurdly bright coloured plasters from my arm, retrieving something from the pocket of one of his jeans. The first object was a small bottle of liquid that he used along the length of broken skin to clean it in a more sterile way. The second object was a longer stretch of tape, with a centre strip meant to protect the cut, which he placed along the welt in my skin with a fine accuracy, replacing the remaining amount of tape and liquid into his pocket again. Obviously those jean pockets were his new storage facility, seeing how the use of his Akatsuki coat was banned.

"It will be gone in a few days," he said, raising his eyes up to meet mine. They hadn't left my arm until this moment.

Gawd, it felt like a tonne of living bricks had just jumped on my chest and starting Irish dancing. I'm sure he could just about see the organ in my chest leap out through my rib cage. He was so close. So close! I could see every single detail of his face. The deep lines on his cheeks, every fine lash, the curve of his mouth. Oh shit, don't stare, I thought desperately as I also reminded myself that at some point, I needed to breathe.

"Th-thanks." Oh my life, could I sound more like a fangirl?

He looked as if he were thinking of something, but he said nothing. Hours felt like they passed, but it was probably a few seconds, before he pulled back a bit from me, "Hn."

Hn? Wait, that was what he was going to give me? I was back to the non-word answer of his? Oh hell no, I wanted answers from him. Forcing my mind to put its fangirlish thoughts away for just a minute, I turned my body to follow the angle at which he was trying to walk past.

"Wait. We need to talk."

He stopped walking, "Talk?"

I nodded, "Yes. About, yano… us? You're ignoring me, as if there were nothing going on, and nothing between us. But that's not true."

Itachi stayed still for a few seconds, before turning back towards me a little. It was then I noticed that he had still failed to release his gentle grip on my wrist. His fingers literally felt as if they weren't there, the touch was so light. I felt the pressure though, as the rough pad of his thumb slid across the thin skin of my inner wrist, softly and almost tenderly. It was something that could have almost been missed, or passed off perhaps as an accidental gesture, as he released his grip directly afterwards, allowing my arm to fall to my side.

"There is nothing between us."

With those words he was already moving away from me, fast enough so that by the time my brain processed what he had said and thought to reply to him, he was already gone.


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