Booth "Bones" Brennan!

One rainy afternoon Brennan was working at the Jeffersonian trying isolate some DNA from the bones of their victim. Brennan has always had a fetish to identify these bones naked. So Brennan was fully nude while playing with a large femur bone. Booth walked into the room to get the DNA analysis and was flabbergasted with what he saw. Brennan has been warming herself up all day long with the head of this femur bone. The girth of that thing was just unimaginable. She took that thing so deep her vaginal orifice engulfed the entire femur bone trochlea and all. Brennan moans "I'm ready for you". She proceeds to take out the femur bone and insert it into her asshole. Brennan loves it in all holes. Booth paces excitedly over to brennan and starts to stimulate her clitoris with his genioglossus, while brennan inserts the femur bone in her external anal sphincter. Brennan starts moaning in ecstasy as Booths tongue slides up and down and all around her dripping wet pussy. Her labia minora becomes engorged with blood and hearing Brennan moan makes Booths boner throb and pulsate with blood. Brennan is ready, her pussy is already so gaping her pussy lips could flap in the wind. Booth takes his throbbing cock and slides it right into Brennan's pussy. His deep dorsal vein in his penis is rubbing all over Brennans clit and making her gush with vaginal fluid. Booth is getting so into the moment he has lost all impulse control, he just bends her over takes out that femur bone and does her dirty in the butt. Booth proceeds to do her anally while rubbing her pussy clit at the same time. At this point the area around Brennan is so wet it could be assumed frictionless. Brennan has been craving to get supersoaked with Booth's delicious DNA for ages. Now is her chance, Booth is ready to shoot a hot load deep from the recesses of his ejaculatory duct. Booth pulls out, takes aim, and saturates Brennan's face with his warm seminal fluid. Brennan was so turned on she started rubbing his thick cream all over her pussy and screamed "OH YEAAHHHHH AHHHHHHH" as she shot hot cum into the air and made it rain on Booth.

Then they go on with their day. The end