"If you don't wake up… I'll never be able to forgive myself. I can't play a part in something like this. Do this… for me."

Look at me
You may think you see,
Who I really am.
But you'll never know me.
Every day, is as if I play apart.
Now I see,
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool
My heart…

Nina knew that the act of waking up was never supposed to be this scary. Blurry memories had taken its toll on a broken mind. When she awoke… Nina just wanted to close her eyes shut and fall into unconsciousness again. She desperately needed a break but she didn't know exactly from what.

She felt a body next to her, a warm hugging entity that she was too frightened to look at. The voice was startling. She just wasn't ready for anymore surprises.

"How was last night for you…?"



"W-what? Ow! Damn it!"

Nina sat up from her bed so fast like lightning, clutching at her bed sheets as she spun her head around like a swivel. She sees blurs of pink and white, scrambling to her left to prepare and defend herself.

"Jesus what the hell is wrong with you?"


"Lily?" Nina held her heaving chest, her bra covered chest, quickly taking her sheet and covering herself at the first realization of her half naked body. Next she noticed Lily wasn't clothed too much either, a skimpy black number barely on her. She was caught staring and was too surprised to even care.

"Yes… that's my name… God… my ass…" Lily held her panty covered bottom as she was on the floor, looking at Nina with a headshake. "Why is your bed the size of like a little kid's anyway? You already take up all the space and you're a stick!"

"W-what are you doing here?" Nina asked as she looked around, confirming it… to be her room. The room… she was familiar with.

"We had sex and I stayed over." Lily grumbled simply, as she pulled herself up. "Don't mind me… I'll just get up myself."

You stayed… over?

"Oh I am so sorry." Nina held her head for just a second, reaching over and pulling Lily up by her arm and back onto the bed. A black scantily clad Lily sat there, shaking off the rude awakening, Nina once again left with a puzzle that wasn't coming together. She was sitting with her rival? … Her friend? Her… sex partner? What… was going on?

"It's okay Nina… really though you need to get a bigger bed. And a room that doesn't look like it belongs to Miley Cyrus when she was five."

Nina looked at Lily like she was an aberration, seeing images flashback like tattered photographs.

"We… went to a club… I took drugs… you and I went back home…and we had sex…"

Lily rubbed her rear at the simple paraphrase. "Yes and you woke up screaming like a little crazy freak…" she smiled soon after. "I guess it was worth it though. You got so freaky last night let me tell you… didn't know Ms. your highness had it in her…"

"So… you… stayed over…"

You woke me up…

"Do you want me to leave or something?" Lily blinked.

"N-no." Nina said it almost in a whisper… then a slow smile. "No… I didn't."

This wasn't like the other times she woke up. She felt… safe.

"Good." Lily stretched her lean arms, yawning loudly. "Anyway, we better get ready to get out of here. Thomas is going to fry both our asses if we're late." She paused. "Well actually probably only me but whatever right?"

Why didn't you wake me up?

Did you have a wet lezzie dream about me?

"R-right… we have to dance ballet… today."

"Yes… and we are ballerinas…" Lily laughed at Nina's robotic answers. "You got a hangover. How cute."

Nina didn't feel a thing actually, not even wanting to explain what she was feeling to Lily. She took a peak over to see their clothes on the ground, remembering faintly how they got there.

Lily waltzed over and bent down, grabbing her outfit, dressing right in front of Nina without a shame in the world. A vision of a dream. Thoughts of a dream? A body that Nina wanted so badly was apparently hers last night. It was nice to have one last glimpse at it… before it was covered up again.

"I'm swinging back home to shower. I guess I'll see you at practice later?"

"Y-yeah… sure…" Nina stood up slowly not really used to feeling so 'normal', blankets still draped across her body, still feeling embarrassed subconsciously. Her memories felt right… it was almost like whatever happened before (whatever before was…) meant nothing…

"Will you just get some clothes on already?" Lily grabbed the blankets and pulled it away shamelessly, looking at Nina's half naked body extremely interested. Nina blushed and waned as she saw Lily ogle her, scrambling over to her closet to find a shirt.

"I had my tongue inside you and you're acting like I've never seen you naked before." Lily chuckled as she walked over to her, noticing the scars on her shoulder, running a smooth finger across them. She enjoyed making Nina nervous. This was how Lily… was.

Nina shook with heavy breathing at her touch. "Sorry… I just… am not used to this."

"Yeah I figured…" Lily didn't make things easier, kissing her neck, trying to ease the situation but it just made Nina's spine tingle even more. "These scars are pretty bad Nina. I noticed them last night. What's the story with these?"


"… I-I am not sure." Nina quickly pulled a t-shirt over herself and some shorts soon after. She looked like a child next to Lily's sexy nightclub get up. A nice little reminder of the relationship. This… felt right. This was… real?

"Well you know, at least you're talking to me now like I'm a person now." Lily didn't let her move much, holding her chin and pushing kisses into Nina's parting lips. These kisses were like a bombardment on Nina's conscious mind. This was actually happening…

The kisses felt so good that Nina returned them by pressing those soft lips back into Lily. She was tentative but even so… she needed to express herself towards this new friend of hers.

"You know, I just got this weird vibe like you hated me or something…" Lily tilted her head. "Am I wrong?"

"No, I don't… hate you."

"Heh, well then was it fun last night for you?"

"… From what I remember. Yes."

"Then you want to do this more often then?"

Nina even surprised herself with her next words. "Y-yes…"

"Good. Glad to see… we're finally on the same page." Lily gave one last parting kiss before walking towards the door with the metal rod. "And by the way, invest in a lock. It's gotta be better than this… thingy." She took slow steps towards the door, sighing as she stopped.

"Uh you know I'm just delaying my departure because I think your mom is a psychotic lady right?"


Nina just stared at her blankly, remembering her mother… almost not expecting her to be alive for some strange reason.

"No offense or anything…" Lily said to make sure she wasn't too abrasive.

Mommy is still here… still alive.

"It's okay… I'll handle her." Nina walked out first with a calmness that made even Lily surprised. "No matter what happens, just walk out the door okay?"

"Sounds like a plan to me."

As the two opened the door to her room quietly yet with a squeak, Nina walked out first, turning to the right to see a sight she wanted and needed to see. A silent Erica Sayers at the table, sitting there well and alive. For Lily it was the creepiest thing ever, a crazed woman in the shadows looking beady eyed towards her. It was all about perspective.

"Well… I think it's time to split! I loved our sleepover Nina! We'll play more... um… Barbie dolls and stuff… doing innocent things… like that… kinda… stuff… you know… good wholesome fun!"

"J-just… see you later Lily." Nina waved her off before she could stammer more, watching the mysterious girl walk out in a furious pace. As fast as she appeared she had gone. Now it there was only two… Erica and Nina heard the door shut, both of them still not saying a word as Nina turned back to face her.

"Mommy…" Nina remembered memories of last night… where things got heated between the two Sayers women.

"You made me worry half to death last night Nina. Don't you give me that look! What were you thinking getting drunk and bringing her home?"

Nina didn't even say a word, for some reason needing to run over and hug her mother… like she had an appreciation from a memory… she couldn't… remember. She clutched tightly, Erica surprisingly just blinking at air a few times.

"Nina! I'm angry with you!" Erica desperately tried to keep her fury rolling.

"I know you are… but I love you and I'm happy you're here." Nina clutched her with a child's exuberance, not even thinking of the problems she's had with her at the moment. She was just happy… her mother was here for her.

"… Oh this is not fair." Erica's anger waned. "I can't… stay mad at my sweet girl. Even though I should… the things I heard last night!"

"I am sorry I had a little episode last night mommy but…" Nina pulled away for a second. "We have problems that I need to talk to you about soon."

"Yes… that's better than what happened last night where you completely ignored me." Erica reflected. "Don't do anything like that-"

"I can't live like this anymore." Nina clutched her tightly, looking serious. "I am living like a child and I know you're keeping me here because you need me."


"Mommy… I am telling you right now. I see a future for you and me that can work. But if it stays like this? Something bad… will happen… I don't know how I know… but if we're not willing to change…"

"Change…" Erica mutters to herself, looking away. "Yes… that word… seems to be… haunting me."

"Look, mommy I have to go to practice now but please tonight, let's talk okay? I need to work this out with you. I don't want to ever hurt you again but-"

"Fair enough… you're not getting off the hook with the stunt you pulled… but… I am glad you're safe." Erica stroked her daughter's hair.

"Oh, about Lily… she isn't-"

"Stop, I had enough about that little demon seeing her today." Erica put a stop to the conversation. "Please don't remind me. I'm going to try and decontaminate my mind with painting… before we talk tonight. And we WILL talk."

"Okay… have a good day." Nina kissed her mother's cheek, stepping off and into the bathroom. She walked into the area with a sense of calm, looking around and seeing a mirror. She takes a step forward and stares. The reflection only stares back. She was moving the reflection. She was in control…

- B – B – B –

Who is that girl I see?
Staring straight, back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

Control. Nina's all white outfit with the feathery top stood out against the crowd. She walked calmly, finishing her familiar metro ride all the way to Broadway. She sees the ballet studio up ahead, pushing forward. This was familiar… this was right. She stepped into the studio on time and early… watching a group of girls walk by. Her fellow swans…?


The girl turns, blinking at Nina. "What?"

"… I… I…" Nina wondered why she felt so enticed to yell out her name. It was like she was guilty about something. Like she owed this girl her own blood.

"Nina I got shit to do, will you just say what you need to say and stop staring?"

"I… I'm sorry about… giving your hopes up when I congratulated you."


"Thomas told me that he was going to pick you… honest." Nina looked meekly to the floor. "I don't know why… exactly he chose me but I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

Veronica just stared at her, really wanting to berate her. Nina was ready for it… almost wanting Veronica to let it all out in front of her face instead of behind her back. She wasn't getting it…

"Ugh, look, fair enough." Veronica sighed. "Thanks for telling me this… but don't bring this shit up anymore. Don't need to relive that crap again. Just get up and move forward."

"S-so… we're okay?"

"Well you and I have never been… okay." Veronica shrugged. "But I'll get over what happened between us. I'm a big girl." She walked off towards the dressing room, leaving Nina to herself.

"… Big girl." Nina held her bags tightly as she walked into the practice studio… the familiar practice studio. She was… a ballerina. Yes…

A dancer…

- B – B – B –

I am now
In a world where I have to
Hide my heart
And what I believe in
But somehow
I will show the world
What's inside my heart
And be loved for who I am

Adorned in black pants and a white and gray top, Nina was dancing a part she knew meant a lot to her. The Black… Swan… this role was everything she needed and wanted in this lifetime, an obsession she couldn't truly understand at the moment. She looked in the zone regardless as she moved, for some reason any type of doubt or self-insecurity vanishing for just the split seconds she ran through choreography.

She almost expected pain as she danced the steps… but it never came. Sexuality was needed for this dance… sleeping with Lily last night… made it almost easy. This was a breeze compared to that… memory.

And when she was done?

"Finally… God damn it… finally."

Nina turned to look at her choreographer. Her teacher. Her catalyst to push herself. Thomas Leroy only glanced at her with a pleased smirk.

"W-was… that okay Thomas?"

"Finally… I see the Black Swan." Thomas clapped as if pigs had finally flown. "Nice to see you finally show up Nina."

She was being praised. It felt so good as if this was the first praise versus the countless critiques before. Nina breathed deeply as she looked around the room to mostly amused eyes, seeing Lily especially leaning against a ballet barre clapping enthusiastically. The skinny dancer let out an exhale as she turned around and walked back to her spot. This struggle to become the Black Swan was supposed to be… a horrific trip… today it felt like a breeze.

Nina froze as she stood there, closing her eyes. She was starting to feel that emotion as she peaked at Lily in the mirror.

She was starting to understand…

- B – B – B –

A reflection. That's all a dancer has. That's all a dancer can gauge her performance on. A ballerina… stares at her own reflection 90 percent of the day…

When that reflection isn't herself, what does it say about the dancer?

Nina kept staring at her reflection as she performed, pirouette after pirouette she spun and spun. Her body was so amped up and wouldn't tire even though the piano player left she knew she didn't need his help. Inside her head she could hear the piano runs and just being able to dance and move… again… was making her extremely happy.

She couldn't stop.

"Still going at it?"

Nina heard Lily's voice, the ballerina stopping herself dead on cue only for her, turning slowly like a wind up music box. That black clad woman walking towards her with a cigarette ready to go and a bag felt familiar enough. The way she had the cigarette in her mouth… lighting it…

"What are you still doing here Lily?"

"Well… I figured since you and I are kind of… like bed buddies now… if you wanted to take a break and go grab some dinner. A little break isn't a bad thing."

Nina crossed her arms, looking right into those eyes… those once scary dark eyes. She only saw care in them now. "Tell me… why you're really here."

"Hmm?" Lily blinked.


"I know how the story goes now." Nina touched the back of her shoulder blades, looking around the mirror filled practice studio. "This version of the story is nice… but it's not right." She gets into first position, expecting the mirror reflection to do something else… and then turns around expecting her reflection to slowly greet her with a sadistic smile.

"Nina… h-hey-"

"Are you here to protect me when the lights go out?" Nina looked at her in the mirror. "When the darkness is coming to get me?"

"… Are you a glutton for punishment or something?" Lily walked over to her, putting her bag down. "This is as good as it gets. This is how you want things to be right?"

"It is… but," Nina sighed, staring at Lily as she hugged herself. "You not leaving me and sleeping with you, that means the world to me." She pressed a finger into Lily's chest. "But you're not… Lily."


"You didn't stay over in my real memory." Nina said the words bitterly. "And I never feel safe in this place. Thomas doesn't praise me. The girls all hate me. Heck… I don't even know if the real Lily cares for me or not."

"Nina why can't you just be happy?" Lily had enough and pulled her close to her, their lean bodies pressing. "This is the world you want. Who gives a shit if it's real! This is better than real!"

"I'm dreaming and I can't wake up… and I don't know why. But I can't live this lie no matter how much I like it." Nina frowned. "As much as I love, having Lily care about me… I know that it wasn't this clear and easy. I know this isn't real…"

"Agh, damn you and your principles. Fuck." Lily kissed her cheek, trying to make her stop thinking. "Just let me love you here… don't go back out there."

"But I have met you before… even if you're not the real Lily haven't I?" Nina whispers, making this Lily freeze.

The Taxi Ride.

The Sex.

The Abandonment.

"You're the Lily I slept with… the one that left me the next morning." Nina's mind was clearing up like a storm that was leaving. "You're my imagination… something I conjured up."

Lily didn't say a word… just like the night they had sex. Nina nodded to herself, taking the truth with a calmness she didn't know she had.

"Why did you leave?" Nina crossed her arms. "If I made you… why did you leave me?"

"I… I didn't want to leave." Lily said it truthfully. "Don't you remember?"

A pillow to the face… stops your breathing.

"You… made me leave." Lily stroked her, trying to bring Nina's smile back. "So what… if I'm not real. I still don't understand why you'd want to go back to reality. That place doesn't deserve someone beautiful like you."

"Truth is all I have even if it is a horrible truth…" Nina suddenly felt Lily push her gently against the glass, staring at her like she wanted to ravage her in the most passionate way just by looking at her.

"Please… I can't stand seeing you hurt Nina. I just want you to feel good…" Lily pinned her, not wanting her to go anywhere. "You deserve rest."

"If only that was what… the real Lily… thought." Nina gasped as she felt her neck and collar bone being nibbled at. "Mmm… I don't understand… I thought Lily was my enemy… why would you even care about me? If you're nothing but a reflection of her… ungh.. t-then-"

"Just shut up… please shut up…" Lily kept begging for kisses as she held onto Nina's waist, coercing them into a heavy kissing. Nina felt herself lifted and pressed to the ground softly, Lily on top of her and their mouths locked and tongues intertwined. Real or not… the pleasure was too much to resist.

"You won't leave me this time?" Nina pulled away from Lily's succulent kisses, holding her at bay.

"If you don't want me to…" Lily looked down at her, grinding their bodies together.

"Please don't go anywhere…" Nina groaned as she tossed her head back, the reflections in the practice room mirroring the pleasure filled night these two were about to have. "If you leave me… I'll be done."

"Then I'm not going anywhere." Lily nuzzled her chin, making Nina rest her head against her. "F-fine… you want to wake up right? That's what you really want Nina?"

"I want to know… where this ends… and who I need to confront." Nina nodded reassuringly. "There's a memory… I have to deal with-"

"Just let me make love to you before you leave for good… and then I'll help you wake up…"

"T-thank… you…"

- B – B – B –

Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection
Someone I don't know?
Must I pretend that I'm
Someone else, for all time?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

Heavy rain litters the entire area, waking Nina up again as she hears the quiet engine rumbling beneath her body. She was hugging around a black clad biker's waist, clinging on tightly not to fall off. The world may have changed but for the first time she felt the same. Nina was about to speak but Lily turned to her, hushing her with a finger to her lip.

Inside an alleyway they sat still like statues, on a motorcycle in the darkness of the night, Nina hearing suddenly a police car whiz by with its siren on. As it passed Lily scowled.

"Your mom probably called the cops looking for me and you." Lily calmly turned the accelerator, pulling out of the alleyway and rolling down the street as smooth as possible.

Nina hugged Lily tightly as she felt like she was inside the young body that started this mess… these visions. Both of them were the high school girls again but it was different this time. There was no mystery for Nina… she was seeing things clearly. Her youth… the last time she remembered when she was happy. Her mind was focusing on that time…

She was stuck in that youth for far too long.

"My head is splintered… and I am stuck in this nightmare because of myself." Nina held on tightly to the only warm feeling in the area… the only person that seemed to care.


"I can't tell you why you can't wake up…" Lily… or what she thought was Lily said calmly. "Don't ask… it's something you have to learn for yourself."

"… I have a feeling I know why." Nina shivered at the thought as the rain soaked her clothes, the two closing in on their target. "We're heading towards…"

"The ballet performance center… yes." Lily made a sharp turn as she saw the building, not a single soul walking the streets of New York. Nina knew this was a dream like construct but took too long to realize it. Even now… even though she knew it was all fake… she didn't seem in control at all. New York City was supposed to be traffic… it looked like a ghost town.

Nina couldn't believe she couldn't even control her own dreams after realizing it.

How could she control herself when she was awake?

"This is what you wanted right?" Lily pulled up to the front entrance, Nina nodding as she leapt off and ran towards the doorway fighting through the thick rain. She was now staring at the entry, her pathway to the truth. The doors were completely chained up with heavy metal studs, no way to get in – another obstacle.

"H-how am I supposed to get inside?"

"Back up…" Lily said simply as she in turned backed up on her motorcycle in reverse. Nina blinked a few times, gasping as she knew what was coming next. In seconds Lily hit the gas full throttle as she propelled the bike forward, at the last second leaping off and rolling… the vehicle crushing the doorway and smashing a new entry through it.

Of course Lily would be some daring scarlet in a dream.

"Lily! Are you okay?" Nina ran over as Lily slowly got to all fours, coughing.

"Y-yeah…" Lily laughed to herself. "That was cool…" She was slowly helped up as Nina just rolled her eyes.

"Don't do anything like that again! You scared me!" Nina brushed her off like they were an old couple of some sort.

"… I'm not real." Lily said simply pulling herself away, walking over to the door with a cold face. "Why would you care?"

"… I…" Nina was speechless as she felt a slight bitterness in the words, only following slowly after Lily. They both walked into the darkness of the grand hall, the box office of the Lincoln Centre looking like a dead building.

"Fuck… my bike…" Lily frowned as she walked over to it, staring at its contorted and bent frame. She kicked it and sighed, looking over to Nina. "I'm getting you to where you need to go now. This better be worth it!"

"… Sorry." Nina said it with realness as she calmly strolled towards the theater doors.

"At least the gas tank is still intact…" Lily was poking around.

"I know what's behind here…" Nina whispers as she let out a deep breath, Lily coming to join her by her side. She looked at Lily one last time before opening the door.

"Okay… let's do this nice and smooth… whatever… you have in store for us… we can handle."

"Thanks for everything by the way…" Nina nodded towards the reflection, the shadow of Lily, suddenly feeling as if they were aging right in front of this door. The Lily she knew when she was awake… started to come to reality. Their clothes began to change… both of them blinking as a white ensemble began to drape over them like blankets… forming into costumes.

"What the heck…" Lily felt two feather head pieces cover the sides of her head as Nina felt the same.

"It's… opening night…" Nina opened the doors suddenly, bright lights flashing through as she saw the stage that was the bane of her existence and the source of her glory. She saw an entire crowd watching in silence as they were enticed by what they saw in this particular ballet.

"It's… me…" Nina whispered as she watched the White Swan dancing her part.

"This memory… is dark." Lily warned Nina, as she glanced around, both of them in their ballerina outfits. "Come on… we need to get backstage right now."

Nina felt Lily take her hand, running her off as they split through the crowd who made them look invisible. Suddenly she heard the crowd gasp as she felt a slight pain in her leg and thigh. "UNGH!"

"Nina!" Lily held onto her as she was about to crumple to the floor, both of them turning and staring at the stage where one of the male dancers had just dropped her.

"I… am fine… let's keep going! Before it's too late…" Nina fought to her feet, ignoring the pain, showing how much resiliency she had. This Lily was quite impressed.

"That's the Nina I know…" Lily pushed them on, the two rushing backstage, blending into the craziness that was a Leroy production. This dream was so accurate… so precise that Nina was worrying inside, knowing how this Swan Lake story ended. Regardless… she felt like she needed to face it. And this time… with help.

"Okay here's the dressing room to the Swan Queen…" Nina muttered as she held onto the doorknob.

"I'll be right behind you."

Nina didn't even hesitate smashing the door open with those supporting words… seeing that same scene that played out before. She knew this was the beginning to the end.

"Oh, I knew you'd come back. And you're too late." A Black Swan dressed Lily laughed in the mirror. "When you come back from your shaky start… I'll make sure that I get to dance the Black Swan for you… you confused little girl…"

"Lily…" Nina turned around as she gasped, seeing nobody there. Did Lily abandon her again?


"I'm dancing the Black Swan part… and you're going to die… and then I'll join you sister." Anni stood up from her chair, Nina now looking at the darker version of herself closing in on her.

"I won't… let you…"

"No Nina, we won't let her…"

"What?" Anni suddenly felt someone pop from behind, grabbing her around the neck and pulling so tight it made her gag. Lily… hadn't gone anywhere… making the makeup clad Black Swan struggle for ever gasp of air.


"Nina, go dance the part! I know you can do it without this crazy bitch!" Lily struggled to strangle the Black Swan, as she wrestled against the room, pulling her towards the doorway. "Make this memory right… for you!"

For me…


"Because it's her head… her rules… and I'm here to make sure it stays that way!" Lily, dressed like a white Swan twisted her body, crushing the Black Swan's neck to suffocation. She was losing steam quick, and Lily now controlled her. Nina couldn't believe it… someone real or not… was fighting for her.


"Just shut up…" Lily suddenly slammed her into the doorway repeatedly, knocking the Swan unconscious. "God damn it… Nina... you can be so annoying…" She huffed as she loosened the grip on the limp Anni.

"I can dance this…" Nina looked at herself in the mirror, feeling her costume shift to black… her make up coiling around her face like it was alive. Her eyes stayed the same though, nothing on her natural body shifting at all. She was… herself, dressed like the Black Swan.

"Go wow them out there… while I take care of this little thing…" Lily began dragging the knocked out Black Swan out of the room, Nina now alone. She hears the door open suddenly, a tearful Nina in the mirror coming in… crying from the shaky start.

"Don't cry. Pick yourself back up. You're doing great…" Nina whispers to herself, the mirror image staring at the black clad Nina like an alien. The Black Swan was supposed to trick her. She was supposed to stab herself… Nina wouldn't let it happen.

The line between their different images began to blur, both of them soon being in black and moving together as one. Nina stared at herself for one more second before she took a stand… ready to dance.

There's a heart that must be free!
To fly, that burns with a need
To know the reason why
Why? Must we all conceal
What we think?
How we feel?

- B – B – B –

The dance was like a blur… like a dream… not like a nightmare. She could do it and she felt it. The passion didn't need to be connected to something so dark. She saw how everyone was staring at her like she was beautiful… like she was something more than just a dancer going through her steps. She sees a white clad Lily stage side as she danced.

"Nina keep going! Don't stop!"

Nina smiled as she kept pushing her body to the limits, not caring if this was real or not. She was going to make it real. She was going to force it to be real.

Just like this Lily… she didn't care if it wasn't real anymore as long as she was content. The crowd cheering was as loud as it was when she was awake… if not more so.

"Wooooo! Go Nina!" Lily whistled loudly her voice always cutting through the noise as Nina soaked in the standing ovation. She felt like her entire self… and she proved that she could do this without her darker self. This was perfect. This was perfection.

"Thank you Lily…" Nina said… only to freeze as she saw a shadow behind the one who helped her. Blood… blood… blood. "LILY! WATCHOUT!"

"Huh?" Lily suddenly vanished as the last thing Nina saw was a bloodied Anni, grabbing her support with a bladed glass against her neck, an evil grin and a wink following.


You took the only glory I had… sister.

Now… I will take everything away from you…

When will my reflections show
… Who I am inside?

A/N: Confusing... yes. Haha... one more to go. Black Swan meets Inception... meets Sucker Punch?