Changing Myself

My name is HInata and I'm a little chunky. Okay I'm really big for my height. I'm a 17 year old teen that weighs almost 200 pounds. I've tried everything that I could, exercising and even dieting. But my best friend Ino had some connections and she was able to get enlisted in a summer health camp. That's where I met Kiba, I and he became inseparable. He was just a little bigger than me at that time and you probably wouldn't recognize him now.

In that time I was able to lose lots of weight. With my new self I wanted a new home. I was sad to leave Ino behind but it was for my benefit. I moved to a place far away. Somewhere where the people wouldn't look at me and see my old self. So that the people I go to school with don't make fun of me.

That's when I moved to a small town in an island. It was always warm and beautiful. I didn't know how exactly to dress or act in the first of school but that was two weeks from now. So I continued my ten mile runs and bathed in the fresh waters.

That's when it all happened…

I was feeling the nice cool water hit my skin. Today I wore my favorite purple bathing suit. It was the bathing suit I looked at in the mall. I was always too big for it and it made me extremely happy to be able to fit in it.

So when I got up my eyes meet with someone else's in the distance. It would the eyes that would stay in my mind for days later. It was magnificently beautiful and captivating. He was far in the distance watching me. How long had he been there? Was this the first time he's seen me? I was only halfway through my workout and I wasn't going to let somebody stop me.

"Hey Sasuke!" Kiba jumped out car and stood next to the unmoving friend. His eyes were fixed on something in the distance. "What are you looking at?" Sasuke's hand touched Kiba's stomach.

"What happened to you?" Sasuke turned to him. "That's right your skinny now." He said in utter disappointment.

"What have you been up to? Everyone was waiting for you and you never showed up." Kiba patted his back. "Sakura was really upset. This was going to be your first date with her. Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Kiba have you ever fallen in love?" Sasuke asked. To Kiba it seemed like an off question. Sasuke talking about love this was weird.

"Well yeah I have. I think about her all the time too." Kiba smiled thinking back. It wasn't that long since he last saw Hinata. He couldn't' forget her smile and her laugh. Just thinking about her made him sad. "Why do you ask man?"

"Well you see I came here last Friday to get some air. All of a sudden someone I've never met before is running down the beach line. She stops catches her breath and starts walking into the water. She sits there for a moment feeling the water refresh her. Then she would walk out and continue to run. At first I thought I was just eye candy since she has a smoking body. Then suddenly when she turned around I saw her stunning face. She was my everything." Sasuke could just imagine her. "I can't stop thinking about her and I can't stop this feeling. I want to met her and become her everything."

"That's true love there dude." Kiba punched Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke crouched over.

"I think I liked you better when you were fat and couldn't punch if you were a girl." Sasuke said coughing.

"Hey you're hurting my feelings." Kiba laughed. Sasuke jumped into the passenger seat and Kiba rode off. "So are you going to continue to see Sakura?" Sasuke took out his phone.

"I can't keep leading her on." Sasuke dialed and number. Sakura quickly picked up.

"Darling I forgive you!" she shouted. Kiba gagged. Sasuke almost did the same thing.

"Sakura I need to talk to you personally." Sasuke was afraid. "I think outside your door will suffice." Sakura might kill him with a knife in the kitchen.

"Anything you say cutie pie!" Sakura giggled and hang the phone up. Sasuke took a breather and closed his phone. He looked at Kiba.

"Okay I'll get you there but you'll have to walk the way back." Kiba sped up. He took a nasty curve and parked. "Be careful my friend."

"If she kills me I need a witness." Sasuke took out his puppy eyes.

"Hope she doesn't then." Kiba drove away. Sasuke slowly walked to the door. Sakuras door flew open the moment he stepped on the mat.

"Sasuke, my love!" She hugged him. "What is that you wanted to talk about?" Sasuke coughed because she wore strong perfume.

"This is kind of important so I need you to promise not to get upset." Sasuke watched her smiling face. This was going to a little difficult. "I want to break up with you."

"What?" She stayed stunned.

"I need time to think. I don't like you the way you like me and I don't want to hurt your feelings." Sasuke looked away. She didn't react so he took it as a green light. "Well I'll be seeing you." Sasuke ran across the street and went to the other block. He turned to see whether or not she was still outside, she was. He continued his way home.

His mind was completely occupied. He didn't know what to do that Thursday which was the first day of school. Then he bumped into something. Actually it was someone.

"I'm sorry!" a sweet soft voice said. The girl helped him up. "I was in such a rush home I didn't notice you were on the corner." She giggled. He was too surprised to respond. "I have to go so have a nice day."

He watched her run down the side walk. Then it hit him. That was the girl that he fell in love with. Would he just leave this opportunity? He quickly jogged near her.

"Excuse me!" He panted. When was the last time he had a good exercise? "Your name. What's your name?" She twirled. The beauty dazzled him.

"Hinata, I just moved here a week ago." She bowed. "You go to the high school here?"

"Yeah, I'm Sasuke. I'll be a senior." Sasuke was getting nervous. He always thought of himself as a womanizer but she changed everything.

"It's nice to meet you Sasuke." Hinata smiled. "You don't mind showing me around do you? I'm kind of nervous. I'll need someone to talk to."

"Sure, I'll show you around. I'll even let you sit next to me at lunch." Sasuke said louder then he should've. She giggled and took at her watch. "I'm sorry you said you had to go…"

"No it's alright I can go for a sprint anyway." Hinata waved. "I really am late so see you when school starts."

"Or we could meet up somewhere and talk. You like to run maybe I can run with you." Sasuke suggested.

"Sure why don't we meet up at the beach tomorrow then? Around-" Sasuke interrupted her.

"Around four?"

"Sure!" How did he know that was when she got to the beach? Maybe it was coincidence. I'll see you then!" She ran off. Sasuke watched her as she turned the corner and then he followed. He watched her slow down and cross the street. He didn't like the direction she went. Her house was right next to Sakuras.

To be continued…

~How this went~

This was my first story I wrote on my laptop. It was something that just popped into my head when watching my daily dose of Korean Drama. I didn't quite have any difficulties but the truth is almost all of it was a spur of the moment. I very like to get positive feedback from those who enjoy my stories. It encourages me to write ten times more. Most of the time I rush to post my stories that I don't get to write something in the end. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THIS! And hoping that I don't get a writer's block anytime soon…