Chapter 17

Hinata finally woke up that day but she was all alone. Ino had gone to get her food and Kiba was at another hospital that would take better care of him. Now Hinata was alone again. She wanted to Sasuke but he wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Hey I'm back." Ino came in with a glass of orange and a plate of scramble eggs. "I've got good news. Apparently there is footage that showed her injecting the liquid into the IV. She's in big trouble, so you don't have to worry about her coming around."

Hinata didn't want to touch her food. All she wanted was to feel Sasuke's hand again. She wanted to hear his heart under her ear and to feel the sweet taste of his lips. Her life was starting to become sad with out him.


He stepped into the shady house and the door closed behind him. Kabuto took Sasukes arm and pulled him forward. Kabuto then threw him to the floor and sat on top of him. His hand pushed Sasuke face to the floor.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked. Kabuto looked at the door as it opened again. "Itachi?" Sasuke was shocked as his brother stepped in the small house.

"Well aren't you acting like a jealous girlfriend?" Itachi crossed his arms. "I know what I did was wrong but you shouldn't threaten me with my own brother. Mom will freak if she finds out he's been hurt."

"I think he's much cuter then you Itachi." Kabuto forced Sasuke to flip. His hand was touching his stomach and raising Sasukes shirt. "Much more in fit, too."

"You aren't going to get me jealous this way." Itachi signed. Sasukes mouth flew open.

"You're gay!" Sasuke gagged and then cried to himself. "Caught between two men…why me?"

"Well what can I say, I run both ways. Love is Love no matter which way it comes. But I got bored with you Kabuto so I left you." Itachi grabbed Kabuto's arm and pulled him to his feet then pinning him to the wall. "But it doesn't mean I'll stop coming to visit."

Sasuke got to his feet and ran out. There was no way he was going to watch his brother smooch with another guy! Sasuke had this hope: He won't bother with Hinata for a while. His phone rang.

"Hello!" Sasuke slowed down and listened intently. "Yeah tell her I'm sorry and that I'll be there soon!" Sasuke ran to his house. "I'll be getting there in style!" He hanged up his phone.


She walked to Sakura's house and rang the bell. Sakura opened and Karen walked in. Sakura giggled as she sat on the couch.

"This is the worst week I've ever had!" Karen ruffled her hair. "I haven't bathed in so long too." She turned to the overjoyed Sakura. "What's with you?"

"Well it's just that someone gave me something really cool." Sakura slipped her tea. "Are you interested?"

"Does it have to do with that annoying girl?" Karen asked raising her brow.

"This girl is most definitely annoying!" Sakura pulled up the website. Karens eyes widen as she took a good look at the pictures.

"Where did you get this?" Karen shakes in anger. "I thought you were my friend!"

"Those are my words exactly." Sakura smiled as she looked at the picture again. "By the way the real cops are on their way to come get you. Apparently they saw the footage of you stealing my fathers painting. That's not good. You'll be gone for a while now and when you return people in school will only see you as a whore. You're just a whore who likes older men."

Sakura smiled as Karen was taken away by the cops. This time she finally did good. Most of all she found someone in the way. Naruto sat in the other room typing. Sakura sat next to him.

"So what are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"Just looking at the applications the new software has." Naruto blushed.

"I don't really understand computers you mind teaching me?" Sakura blushed too.


She was finally allowed to get omitted. She looked at the bed she stayed so long in and said her goodbyes. But she turned to look out the window once more. Something in the distance caught her eye.

"Sasuke?" She saw him park in his brothers motorcycle. Sasuke waved an extra helmet and signaled of her to come with him. Hinata nodded and ran out the room. When she finally made it down she ran into his arms.

"I miss you." He said holding her tight. He sniffed her hair and kissed her cheek. Hinata kissed his lips. Sasuke helped her on the bike and then took off. She tightly held on to him. She didn't feel the time pass when he finally came to a stop. "Come." He extended his hand and she took it.

"The beach?" Hinata saw the beautiful sunset. "What are we doing here?" Sasuke smiled and cupped her face. He kissed her time and time again.

"I found something tremendous." He said leading her to the rocky wall. She giggled. "Wait." He made her close her eyes as he moved some rocks to the side. "You can open them."

"No way…" Hinata stepped into the candle lit cave. It was small like it was meant for only those two. She saw the small blanket on the floor and blushed. "Sasuke, I love you." She said feeling him draw closer to her. His arms wrapped around her waist pulling close to him.

"I love you." He said bending his head for a hot and toxic kiss. Hinata's hand touched Sasukes chest. His hand moved hair away from her face.

"You're heart is beating as fast as mine." Hinata smiled as he started to nibble on her ear. His lips moved down to her neck. Soon all light was diming away, only the small candle flickering with the wind.

Sasuke could feel her tremble under his touch. He already knew where they were heading. He could feel it in the air and see it her eyes. He could taste the desire in her lips and skin. So he sat up for a second and blew out the candle.


"Hey Kiba!" Ino walked in the white room. Kiba sat watching old shows and re-runs.

"Thank god something to do." Kiba said when Ino bend down and kissed him. "So you're not freaked about the whole thing?" Ino slapped his back hard.

"If you're questioning my love for you then get another girl!" Ino stomped.

"No I'm not." Ino turned to Kiba. She regretted saying all that. "It's just…I'm so insecure about my self."

"Honey you're the greatest thing in the world." Ino sat next to him. "I wouldn't change you at all." She laid her head on his shoulders and he began to cry.

"I don't know if I'll be able to get use to this! I never knew that I'd end up in a wheel chair. I planned to do so many things this year! I wanted to play basketball and run in track but that's all over." Kiba tried to hide his face. Ino was crying with him.

"I'm so sorry can I make it up to you?" Ino said sniffing.

"No you've done enough. I shouldn't burden you with these things." Kiba felt Ino kiss his cheek.

"When you share your tears with me I feel like you trust me. I love you Kiba and I want you to share you're pain so that we can last an eternity." Ino closed her eyes as they held each other arms.

Two Weeks Later…

"Hey, first week of High School you ready?" Ino asked her nervous friend.

"I'm so afraid what if they pick on me?" Hinata didn't want to step out the car. Ino patted her back.

"Get out!" Ino pushed her out the door.

"Hey where are you going?" Hinata saw her friend put the car in drive.

"I have a boyfriend to tend to so see you later!" Ino drove away. Hinata looked around seeing people pass by her.

"Hey there! You're new aren't you?" A guy approach her. He put his arm around her shoulder. "Let me show you around."

"Hands off!" Sasuke was taking his helmet off.

"What do you want Uchiha? Half the school isn't good enough for you?" The guy said. Sasuke took Hinata's hand pulling her away.

"Hands off my girl." Sasuke growled. He led her in where she stopped. He turned to her. Her head was low and he understood. "Last time we were here lots of things happened. Are you scared?"

"No, I'm not afraid as long as I'm with you." Hinata tightened her grip.

"Let's do this." His smiled softened. "Together."

The End

Well it's finally finished…and I'm happy about this one. I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I tried to lighten the mood at some parts, hoped it worked. Sasuke didn't do much saving here...he really isn't the fighting type.

I didn't want to kill Kiba 'cause it would've been wrong! Now I am sad he can't use his legs but Ino has enough energy for the both of them. I was thinking of making a sequel but I'm not sure. Oh and for all you that are reading my 'Becoming a Star' there's going to be a twist very soon. I'm almost done with that one too…but I had to do a lot of going back and changing plots so it might take a while.

Thanks for reading it this far! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

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