Written in the Stars

The Doctor and his wife

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Time. A measuring system used to sequence and mark certain events. To compare the durations of actions and the intervals between them. A subject which is included in Science, Religion and Philosophy, but defining it in a non-controversial manner applicable to all fields of study has consistently eluded the greatest scholars. All but two of them.

A mighty race once lived amongst the constellations of the Kasterborous system. A society full of pompous ceremony driven individuals which had grown stagnant or corrupt due to the millions of years in power. The oldest and most technological powerful race known as the Time Lords. A civilization which was called the Shining World of the Seven Systems. And on the continent of the Wild Endeavour, in the Mountains of Solace and Solitude stood the Citadel of the Time Lords. A brilliant bright orange sky, with snow covered mountains and a large doomed City. The home of the most intelligent and oldest race in the universe. A race named for their non-linear perception of time, which allows them to see everything that was, is or ever could be at the same time. Their technology based on this perception giving them the ability to travel through time and manipulate time lines as long as they do not cross back on their own.

A race who had sworn never to interfere, always to watch. Due to their incredible discovery of Time Travel they had been bound by moral complexity of interfering in the natural flow of history. Never wanting to seem bias or unjust. Never wanting their technology to fall into the wrong hands as it could cause unthinkable consequences of destruction. A reason they had become beings that hated violence.

A society made up of 3 houses. The Patrexes, Arcalian, and the Prydonians. The latter including the most famous of Time Lords. The Last of the Time Lords. The house which wore scarlet or brown robes, a house which produces devious or renegades. Both characteristics shown by the Last Time Lord in existence.

But this nation wasn't just impressive to look at. These beings weren't just old or intelligent. They had evolved into beings of such power. People that could read your mind and meld to your brain to receive needed information or to simplify confusing data. They could give you a massive transfer of information just by giving you a huge head butt, causing both you and themselves physical discomfort. A race that could be clairvoyant but defiantly had time related senses. They can notice distortions or disruptions in the flow of time. They can sense events fixed in time or events in flux. They can perceive and see images from the past, present or the future.

But there was a war. A great time war. Fought by the Time Lords and a race descended from the Planet Skaro. The Daleks. A war that lasted more than 30,000 years raged across the stars, planet after planet burning in the sky. Time Lords screaming in agony as they died on the front lines. The things people had seen, the things people had done was unthinkable. All of these events led to the ultimate destruction of the two mightiest civilisations the galaxy had ever known. By who. By the Time Lord known as The Doctor, not just destroying his home but Skaro too, having to put an end to this terrifying war, to save the rest of the universe and every life in existence.

The lights were dim. The corridors empty. The TARDIS simply humming to herself content. Everything her large heart had dreamed of had come true. For the past 5 years she had felt incomplete. She felt like something was missing in her heart, something that made her feel overwhelmed with love and devotion. This something was a certain someone called Rose Tyler. Or more commonly known as Mrs Smith; the Doctor Wife. Rose had been separated from the TARDIS's counterpart for 5 of their years. She had been taken by the Daleks and used as their computer. But after a decade of Rose searching the stars for them she had finally found them.

As soon as Rose had taken a step into the TARDIS and into her control room, the TARDIS's heart had leapt out towards her, calling her home, so glad to feel her presence again. But Rose was different now. She had changed and the TARDIS was over the moon when she realised why. She was a Time Lady. Someone who had retrieved and learnt so much on her travels. A woman who deserved the love from the ancient machine and the only other Time Lord in existence.

But over the last 4 weeks to say her companions had been busy was an understatement. The two gallifreyans had saved a mighty civilisation from the threat of implosion due to a neighbouring star becoming a black hole. Something easily sorted by some quick thinking on The Doctor's and Rose's part. They had crashed into another TARDIS which threatened to cause a hole the size of Belgium to be caused in the fabrics of Space. Her counterpart meeting himself in his fifth regeneration. And finally they had stopped the Titanic from falling onto Buckingham palace on Earth which would have caused a nuclear explosion. So this is why the TARDIS was trying to be as quite as possible. After 4 weeks of travelling and hardly getting any sleep the two beings which needed little rest were recharging their batteries in the bed they hadn't shared in a very long time.

Both of them were sound asleep. The ceiling was dark as it had been altered so it was showing the sky from Earth. A comfort to his wife. Something she could look at and to feel more at home. But both of them were in a very comforting sleep. Both of them facing each other, their heads on the pillows. The Doctor had his arm placed lazily over his wife's side as if to protect her during her sleep. But the TARDIS thought it was more of a comfort for him to know she was still there and she wasn't going to disappear. But something shifted and the Doctor began to stir. He stretched his legs gently, one to not disturb Rose but also so he could push past the feeling of sleep. His eyes were still closed and his face was still half hidden by the pillow. He brought in a huge lungful of air and moved his arm slightly. A small smirk falling onto his lips as he realised he was still holding his wife. He opened his eyes slowly and took in the beauty in front of him. His wife's soft skin stretching softly over her high cheek bones. Her small shaped jaw lying on the pillow lightly while her plump lips were full of life. Her eyes were still firmly shut as she lie in front of him exhausted. All in all she looked peaceful and contented.

But the Doctor couldn't help but reach out his palm and move the hair which was hanging loosely over her face. He moved it from her face and stirred it so it was tucked behind her ear. Rose groaned slightly and breathed in heavily. She moved her head into his touch, her eyes still closed as she awoke from her sleep. The Doctor smiled over at her before pressing a kiss to her lips.

"Good Morning" He said to her gently

"Hey" Rose whispered, her eyes fluttering open as her exhaustion passed her. Rose simply smiled over at him. His head still resting on the pillow while his thick brown hair was pointing in any and every direction. His brown orbs were staring lovingly into hers as his smile spread over his lips. His pale complexion not bothering her as she scooted closer to him, her hands going to his bare slightly sculptured chest while his wrapped closer around her. His hands pressing gently to her soft skin, one of his hands rubbing her hair gently while Rose leant her head on his shoulder. Both of them smiling contently.

"Anything planned for today?" The Doctor said, looking down at her slightly, his hand still rubbing her long golden locked which was resting on the bed beside her. Rose simply smiled and shook her head

"Not really, after all... you decide where we go" She said up to him. A smile that had her tongue sticking between her teeth was present on her face. The Doctor's hearts quickening as she smiled the smile she saved only for him.

"Well I don't have to anymore" The Doctor beamed down at her, while she shifted in his arms, moving so one of her arms was resting on the bed, her torso leaning over him slightly so she could get a better look. The Doctor simply looked up at her, their bodies almost the same height.

"What do you mean?" Rose questioned a frown present on her face, her brows in a frown.

"What I'm trying to say Mrs Smith, it you have learnt everything you can from me, you are now officially a Time Lady" The Doctor assured with a smile as he moved his own body so he was leaning against the head board and Rose was sitting in front of him, a smile exploding on her features as she understood what this meant

"Serious" Rose chimed, her face ecstatic

"Would I ever lie to you?" The Doctor joked, one of his eyebrows raised while the other was normal, a crooked smile plastered to his face. Rose laughed at him before leaning over and pressing a kiss to his lips before she slowly slipped from the bed, grabbing her dressing gown from the back of the door.

"Well then... that means you're making breakfast" She said with a smile as she shrugged her arms through the silk and beaming over to the Doctor. The Doctor beamed from his position from the bed before pulling on his own blue dressing gown and pulling Rose down the corridor and towards the Kitchen.

Rose was sitting quite comfortably at the kitchen table as she watched the Doctor struggling to make pancakes. Saucepans and pancake mixture was coving the surfaces of the one tidy surfaces and Rose could feel the TARDIS getting frustrated with him, groaning about the amount of mess she was going to have to clean up. Rose simply smiled as she looked at the look of concentration present on her husbands face. His cheeks littered with flour, flour in the shape of hand prints were present on his dressing gown where he had wiped his hands in his clothing. But after about 30 minutes waiting for her breakfast the Doctor was walking over to the table while she played with the chain around her neck which held her TARDIS key. While Rose was travelling around the universe her wedding rings had found themselves around that chain to keep them safe, but since her return both her two rings were back on her wedding finger and too her surprise, the Doctor's own band was now glistening on his finger. Rose had never been one of those sentimental people, and she had been totally surprised that the Doctor continued to wear his ring. She expected it to be placed and kept safe in his pocket, but he assured her that it was symbol of their love and because of that he wanted to be proud of how he felt for her. Those words had been rewarded with a kiss and a smile. But Rose was shaken from her thoughts when she picked up her fork and dug into the surprisingly tasty pancakes.

By about 9 o'clock both Rose and the Doctor were dressed. The Doctor was in his usual pinstriped suit with a blue shirt and a tie with purple gallifreyan symbols on it while Rose was dressed in a pair of jeans, converses and a plane purple t-shirt and the leather jacket Jack had given her 4 weeks ago.

Rose had been the first one ready as she only had pulled her hair up in a bun at the back of her head while the Doctor messed around with hair gel. So that was how Rose found herself leaning on the console looking intently at the articles and information present on the monitor in front of her. She had been so engrossed in what she was reading she was finally pulled from her thoughts when she felt the Doctors large hands pressed to her shoulders.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he looked at her frown back to the screen in front of her. One of his hands leaning on the console while the other was rested on the lower of her back.

"Just a few odd articles about a new weight loss drug" Rose said as she brought up some of the articles she had been reading. The Doctor simply pulled on his thick rimmed glasses and leant down and mirrored Rose's posture. His hand going to his chin, a frown on his face, while Rose simply had her hands folded in front of her.

"Adipose Industries. Making fat just walk away" The Doctor said frowning, reading off the screen in front of him and Rose.

"Says here you take a capsule for 3 weeks" Rose said as she scrolled down the official website her own frown on her face. The Doctor smiled slightly when he felt her uncertainly via their link. Her detective side and her explorer finally showing through.

"Worth a look?" The Doctor asked as he stood up, removing his glasses and watching as his wife moved over to another control. His hands were simply in his pocket

"I think so" Rose said with a smile as she looked up at her husband "The TARDIS has been picking up some unusual alien activity on Earth" She said while looking back at the readings while the Doctor came to stand slightly behind her, his eyes looking over her shoulder.

"And it's all based at the headquarters of Adipose Industries" The Doctor said to her. She looked up at him, excitement buzzing in her eyes and via their link. She smiled up at him which he returned

"Well then Doctor, what are we waiting for?" She asked him. He simply beamed at her before bouncing towards the controls to start driving the TARDIS, both of them working together as they set their destination.

"And for once Mrs Smith, you have chosen the destination" The Doctor chimed as he leant around the central column to look over at the smiling form of his wife.

"Well then Doctor, if anything bad happens... blame me" She smiled, the Doctor simply laughed as he looked over at her. Both of their forms being tossed around from the movement of the TARDIS, but their eyes were locked as they looked over at each other.


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