Journey's End Part One


The Doctor knew what was happening. He could feel every cell in his body dying and it never got any easier. He could hear the sheer hum and power emanating from his body, could feel the tingling and burning sensation flood over his body, his eyes swatted shut as he tried to keep his mind thinking, allowing him to continue, allowing him to stay alive and force his thoughts from the agony he was feeling.

He could hear his companions whimpering in front of him, could feel the devastation and the utter sadness his wife was feeling as she openly forgot to close her mind from him. He knew how much she needed him. He provided her all the love and comfort she required. He was one of the only people who knew what she had gone through in the last ten years and he knew that the nightmares still haunted her from what she had seen and done to get back to him.

But she had helped him just as much. She had cured his anger and pure devastation after the time war. She still provided him with the comfort he needed when he would bolt upright from a nightmare. She would hold him, rub his back and stoke his hair… never forcing him to talk to her, always waiting patiently for him to tell her in his own time.

But everything they had seen, everything they had done had all been put at risk from one Dalek. His mind fogged and filled with hundreds of memories.

Rose and The Doctor had been trapped in a room with Queen Victoria and Sir Robert. Mistletoe had been the element to block the werewolf but this memory occurred when they had just barricaded the doors from the wolf. The Doctor could see and remember Rose's shaking form as the nervousness coursed around her body. The Doctor had just stepped back from the pile of furniture while Rose was standing back slightly.

"I'll tell you what, though..." Rose stated, breaking the silence, the Doctor turning around to look at her

"What?" He asked, a frown on his face

"Werewolf..." Rose smiled, letting out the air in her lungs from nerves

"I know" The Doctor stated in a high pitched voice, his face turning into a smile while Rose let out a small half laugh and threw her arms around him

"You alright?" The Doctor asked once he pulled away holding Rose in his arms at arms length, she simply nodded

"I'm okay, yeah!" She stated a smile on her lips. The Doctor nodded before bringing her forward and pressing his lips to hers.

But again The Doctor's memories shifted to the time when they found themselves in the presence of the devil. Krop Torr. The Black hole planet. They had lost the TARDIS and they had lost everything with one swift move of this terrifying planet. The Doctor and Rose were leaning on the panel in the control room. Rose was looking up to the sky while the Doctor was looking around his surroundings, his hands crossed over his chest.

"I've trapped you here" The Doctor said sadly, but Rose simply shook her head. Never going to tell him that she was hurting, never telling him that she was scared because he knew deep down that she knew he was hurting. She would have rather been trapped at the ends of the universe with him, knowing that she was with her husband, and even though it didn't look like it… they could find a way home.

"No don't worry about me," Rose said gently, pressing her hand slightly to the top of his arm that was crossed over each other. She then looked up towards the black hole through the window

"Okay, we're on a planet that shouldn't exist, under a black hole... and no way out" Rose said while looking up through the window. The Doctor managed to look at her and she caught his eye.

"Yeah, I've changed my mind. Start worrying about me" Rose stated as she begun to laugh nervously. The Doctor pulled her into a tight hug, wrapping his hands around her shoulders, pressing her small form to his as he tried to comfort her.

"Oh here you are" The Doctor cried happily a smile on his face, hands in his pockets as he wandered in his memories shifting once again. Rose did nothing more than look up around the central column and over at him, a small sad smile on her lips before going back to her work in front of her "I found so many enchanting rooms while I was looking for you" He said with a smile "I found the bubble room, the garden... you remember the garden Rose? I found two new and unused swimming pools, the TARDIS loves swimming pools, I found another study and the..." But the Doctor suddenly sobered, his face dropping when he noticed his wife's eyes glistening with tears. His face fell to neutral while he took steps towards her, slowly and concern written in his posture and evident in his features. His hands fell from his pockets when he was standing right next to his wife, his hip resting on the railings.

"You ok sweetheart?" The Doctor asked gently, his hand going to her shoulder and rubbing against it a little before he moved his hand back to the console side. Rose sniffed and lifted her head as she nodded over at him with a smile on her face

"Yeah I'm fine" She chimed before her face fell and once again she went back to her work. The Doctor knew Rose well enough to know when she was lying, his eyebrows just moved into a frown as he looked at her.

"You know you can tell me Rose" The Doctor urged encouragingly as he placed his hands to her shoulders and moved her around so he was looking down at her gently, a small smile was on his lips as he looked at her fondly, he pressed his hand to her chin and made her look at him as he smiled down at her encouragingly

"It's just..." She managed to say, the words getting lost in her throat her eyes watering as she looked up at him "I can't..." She stammered again, her voice cracking as her emotions boiled to the surface "I don't think I can do this anymore... I'm not strong enough..." She rushed out quickly, her words coming out before her sentence trailed off as she pressed her hands to her mouth, her eyes closed as she tried to control her emotions but she was unable to stop a few of the harsh sobs that exploded from her mouth, showing the Doctor just how broken she really was. The Doctor just looked down at her, saddened by her pain and he gently pulled her into an embrace. Her body fell into his arms and she was comforted when his long arms wrapped themselves around her. His cheek was rested against her hair as he rubbed soothing patterns in to her back, whispering soothing gallifreyan words into her ear.

The Doctor found his own eyes watering with unshed tears as he looked down at his heartbroken form of his wife. It had taken a little while for her to calm down but the pair of them remained together before the Doctor pulled away gently and smiled down at her. He lifted his delicate hand to her face and began to wipe away the tearstains, which had littered her face, his movements delicate so not to hurt her. Rose just looked up at him as he spoke down to her

"Do you want to go and see Jack?" The Doctor asked, knowing that she would be comforted to see him, to tell him her troubles, to see the man who was like her brother. The Doctor wasn't surprised when he watched her nod her head in his hands

"Do you mind?" She enquired, her hand moving so it was rested on his wrist, her voice was still shaking with emotion. The Doctor just smiled at her, his thumb rubbing against her cheekbone again and leaning in closer to her

"Anything for you Rose" He implored with passion Rose just smiled at his forthcoming display of affection. Rose just moved her own arms around the Doctor's neck before standing on tip toes and pressed her lips to his in a loving kiss. When they pulled away the both of them were smiling at each other. The Doctor moved down to her again and pressed another kiss to her lips, their breathing began to increase and became rapid. Their lips where chapping and clasping to each other as their lips moved together as they where engulfed in passionate and loving kisses. The love being shown to the pair of them via their connection which was exploding with colour and energy. The two time beings rejoicing as they got lost in their closeness as they received the love and comfort both of them had been deprived off.

The Doctor could feel his hearts beating, his chest rising and falling as he tried to suck in the air he needed, his thoughts and his mind ever lost in the memories and the undying love he had for his wife. Orange energy exploding from his skin but he could suddenly feel his hands pressing together on autopilot as he directed his energy at his hand in a jar underneath the TARDIS console that started to bubble and glow, the energy flowing into it. Rose was frowning at him; he could feel her confusion shining in her eyes and over their link as she looked on. Watching as the Doctor stopped regenerating, stumbling forward, his mouth hanging open and he continued stumbling, breathless as he gained all the oxygen he needed. He was still the same man and he couldn't help but smile at his companions who were all gaping at him.

"Now, then. Where were we?" The Doctor said as he leant his back against the column, sniffing with his eyebrows raised before he darted back to the console, sprinting around the controls as Donna, the two Rose's and Jack could only stand there, their mouths hanging open, stunned in shock.

Sarah Jane was in just as much trouble; she had driven from her house in an attempt to help the Doctor and his companions when she had driven into two Daleks. She had her arms thrown over her face, waiting for the blow from the Dalek's in front of her car.


"Exterminate!" Her heart beat was racing, her chest was heaving but suddenly Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler appeared in flashes of blue light either side of her car, a frown of confusion pressing to her features. The pair of them were carrying large guns, which they pointed and aimed at the Daleks as they proceeded to blow them apart. Sarah Jane could do nothing but get out of her car shakily with her eyebrows raised as she recognized Mickey.


"Us Smiths have got to stick together." Mickey said with a smile as he cocked his head to the left a little before he moved his arm around her shoulders, Jackie all the while just moved around her car to get her attention.

"Jackie Tyler, Rose's Mum. Now, where the hell is my daughter?" Jackie voiced with authority as she realized that if they were able to shift between her reality and her daughters and her son-in-laws she knew they were in trouble.

Ianto and his friend Gwen were sill firing incessantly at the Dalek, Gwen was screaming while Ianto had his brow furrowed as he tried to concentrate before they stopped. Gwen looked over at Ianto as the pair of them crept forward cautiously… their bullets had stopped mid-air, and were just hanging their. With expression of amazement and disbelief, Gwen and Ianto continued to approach them. Gwen took a cautious step further and reached out with one finger to touch one, but she couldn't. The air rippled out and around her finger as if there was an invisible wall.

"What the hell?" Gwen voiced in awe as she turned to face Ianto who could do nothing more than look at her.

The Doctor had taken a few steps before he got down on his hands and knees as he sat in front of his hand in the jar, which was still bubbling and glowing and large smile pressed on his features as he continued to look at it.

"There, now." The Doctor said softly, his smile still on his features and his eyebrows raised as he gently blew on the jar and watched as it calmed down, stopping the glowing and bubbling causing the Doctor to smile with delight.

"You see?" The Doctor said loudly so the rest of them could hear him as he sat up, his hand hanging loosely over his knee as he looked at his companions. "Used the regeneration energy to heal myself, but as soon as that was done, I didn't need to change. I didn't want to, why would I?" He said quickly as he explained himself, his hands moving to help him before he tweaked his tie, his lips pressing together as he moved his head a little "Look at me! So, to stop the energy going all the way, I siphoned off the rest into a handy bio-matching receptacle - namely, my hand. My hand, there. My handy spare hand." The Doctor said as he got to his feet, his eyebrows rising and falling as he spoke before he walked over to his Rose looking at her comfortingly. "Remember? Christmas Day? Sycorax? Lost my hand in a sword fight? That's my hand!" He said to her gently, watching as his gorgeous Rose looked slowly from his hand to him, still uncertain as she flicked her hair way from her face as she looked up at him, clearly understanding what he was saying but unable to believe it. "What do you think?"

"And... you're still you?" She voiced to him as she edged closer to him, Jack giving her a very comforting smile as she watched him, Donna watching with eager eyes while the Parallel Rose could do nothing but look on, knowing she had failed to locate her Doctor once again.

"I'm still me." The Doctor said with a smile, moving his head around, his eyes twinkling as he looked down at her and before they knew what was happening the pair of them threw their arms around each other and clung on tightly. Rose could do nothing but bury her head in his shoulders, her eyes squeezed tight with joy as she breathed in his scent, the Doctor smiling as he looked over at Jack who was beaming, obviously over joyed for the pair of them.

"You can hug me, if you want." Donna said to Jack jokingly as he looked down at her, large smiles on both their faces and the Doctor could do nothing but smile at the pair of them, as they could do nothing but look at each other awkwardly. The Doctor and Rose still clinging onto each other, the Doctor pressing his hand to her hair as Rose squeezed him tighter. But when they pulled away the Doctor still refused to let her go. He placed his hand to her cheek and smiled down at her softly as she moved into his hand, pressing her own hand over the top of his.

"You got me through that you know" The Doctor said quietly so Jack and Donna couldn't hear what they were saying. Rose could do nothing but frown up at him causing the Doctor to laugh a little more before taking another step closer to her. " I clung onto the memories we shared, looking back on everything we've done, everything we've been through showing how much you need me, how much I need you and I knew I needed to stay the same. Your love for me keeps me going and I know that no matter how difficult things will be you will always be here, and I will for you" The Doctor said to her gently and lovingly, his eyes soft and gentle as he took in the beauty of his wife as a single tear fell from her eyes. She felt his hand move to wipe it from her face before the pair of them moved closer and pressed their lips together.

Gwen and Ianto could do nothing more than stand in front of a computer terminal as they investigated the reason for why the bullets were still floating in mid air

"It's a time-lock. The ultimate defense program. Tosh was working on it. Never thought she'd finished it, but she did. The Hub's sealed in a time-bubble. Nothing can get in." Ianto said as he pressed a few buttons on the keyboard, his eyebrows knitted together as Gwen looked up at him, her mouth hanging open

"But that means we can't get out." Gwen stated as she look back down at the computer

"Nope. Not without unlocking that Dalek. We're trapped inside. It's all up to Jack, now." Ianto voiced as he looked over at the Dalek and then up to the sky at the mention of his boyfriend.

The people in the TARDIS were once again huddled around the console as they tried to figure out their next move. Rose could feel the power of the Dalek's rising in her mind, understanding what Davros said about how she could feel them under her skin. It was tingling and scratching just like before; everything she was going through was coming back to her, her head pounding on her skull and her form feeling heavier and weaker than it had in a long time. But the saddest thing about the whole thing was that the Doctor could feel what she was feeling via their link. He knew what she was going through as if he was going through it at the same time. He knew she was terrified, knew that the pain she went through was excruciating as she never wanted to experience the wires plunging back into her skin, the way her body withered and moved in such inhuman ways, the cracking of her bones and the snapping of her ligaments, all these thoughts swimming around her mind just caused her to reach up to her skin and scratch, unable to prevent all the things happening to her to fall back to her mind.

The Doctor watched as Rose went quiet as he and the Parallel Rose had a little chat. He needed to talk to her, he knew that he needed to provide her with a little comfort and he knew he had to be the one to do it. She had lost him as much as his wife had lost him all those years ago but the pair of them was so different he thought them as separate people. His Rose had been taken by the Daleks and used as their computer to be freed and then searching the universe for 10 years. This parallel Rose however had almost fallen into the void before she got caught by her father and had been living in the Parallel Universe before everything started happening.

But before any one of them could comprehend what was happening the power cut out and they were left in darkness. Rose and the Doctor suddenly shuddered into being as they started shuffling around the console as they tried various buttons.

"They've got us. Power's gone... some kind of chronon loop!" The Doctor explained as he and Rose greeted each other at the console but suddenly there was a huge crash and the TARDIS tilted dangerously to one side taking everyone of their feet and making Rose stumble into the arms of her husband.

However on the outside of the TARDIS Sarah Jane and her companions were creeping behind a van as they watched the Dalek's circling the ancient time machine which was surrounded with a blue ring of light.

"Transferring TARDIS to the Crucible!" One of the Dalek's stated, the lights on the hood of its head flashing with every syllable, the TARDIS was under their control as the circle of blue light moved them up and away in the direction of the TARDIS ship, Sarah Jane snapping her head as her eyes followed the blue box at the same time as the Dalek's.

" Those teleport things... can we use them? If they've taken the Doctor to the Dalek spaceship, then that's where we need to be." Sarah Jane asked, not taking her eyes from the Daleks as Mickey reached into his pocket to grab the teleports.

"It's not just a teleport, it's a Dimension Jump. Man, this thing rips a hole in the fabric of space." Mickey explained as Jackie turned to look into his hand at the object he was holding.

"But can we use it?" Sarah Jane cried impatiently.

"Not yet, it burns up energy. Needs half an hour between jumps." Mickey explained as he put it back into his pocket watching as Sarah turned to look at him.

"Then, put down your guns." Sarah Jane explained causing Mickey and Jackie to frown down at her, worry and uncertainty shining in their eyes.


" If you're carrying a gun, they'll shoot you dead." Sarah Jane stated before she stepped out from behind the van with her hands raised in surrender "Daleks? I surrender." She continued as she continued walking towards them, wincing in the process as her mind was fogged with memories of what they had done to her so many years earlier.

"All humans in this sector will be taken to the Crucible!"

"She's bloody mad." Mickey whispered as he moved closer towards the van to look over at Sarah Jane Smith.

"Yeah, but Mickey - if they've got the Doctor, then they've got Rose." Jackie said suddenly, her eyes never once leave Sarah Jane, her heart beating in her chest as her thoughts were falling to her daughter, hoping and praying she was ok, knowing that no matter what her husband would take care of her but it still didn't help her nerves. She knew that the Doctor would die to protect her daughter, and she couldn't imagine Rose having married a better man defiantly after her explosive relationship with Jimmy Stone. But right now she was in danger and she just wanted her daughter safe. She moved the gun strap from her should and placed it to the ground as she too raised her hands and moved from behind the van coming into view of the Daleks. "And us. We surrender!" She voiced just as Mickey kissed his gun before throwing it to the ground and following the woman who was like his mother.

The inhabitants of the TARDIS were still clinging onto the console railings as the TARDIS glided inexorably towards the Dalek ship as the Doctor continued holding onto his Rose as the pair of them started to get nervous. The Parallel Rose could do nothing more than look at them, thinking if she was ever going to find her Doctor.

"There's a massive Dalek ship at the centre of the planets." Jack explained as the Doctor and the rest of his companions turned to look at him. "They're calling it the Crucible. Guess that's our destination."

"You said these planets were like an engine. But what for?" Donna said as she spoke over to the Doctor, Rose looking up at him while the Parallel Rose was clinging onto the console with her other hand on her hip as the Doctor looked at them with a frown on his features.

"Rose! You've been in a parallel world, that world's running ahead of this universe - you've seen the future, what was it?" The Doctor shouted excitedly, moving away from his Rose a little with his hand outstretched towards the Parallel Rose as he remember what was going on.

"It's the darkness." She said nervously and with despair, her eyebrows saddened and her lips pressed together as she spoke.

"The stars were going out." Donna voiced quietly as she looked over at parallel Rose who smiled a little at her.

"One by one. We looked up at the sky and they were just dying. I tried to send a message to you Rose, thinking your might be able to understand what was going on, but I realized the message was too cryptic." Rose said as she looked at the other Rose who was looking at her comfortingly, her long blonde hair hanging over her shoulder as she looked over at her, hoping to provide her with a little comfort as the Doctor continued to look over at her sadly "But basically, we've been building this um... this travel machine, this... uh... Dimension Cannon, so I could... well, so I could..." Rose finished, her eyes flickering away from the Doctor as she stuttered with what to say, a little embarrassed as she watched a smirk falling onto the Doctor lips. Rose smiling at her in the process

"What?" He asked as he raised his eyebrows

"So I could come back!" She stated as If it was obvious, the Doctor could do nothing more than beam at her and giggle a little because she reminded him so much of his Rose who was smiling up at him as he took her hand. "Shut up...!" Rose said with a smile, her eyebrows rose as the Doctor continued to sway on his feet "Anyway, suddenly, it started to work. And the dimensions started to collapse. Not just in our world - not just in yours - but the whole of reality, even the Void was dead. Something is... destroying everything." She explained passionately, her body moving at the same time as she watched the Doctor's smile suddenly fade and the seriousness shining in the other hers face.

"In that parallel world..." Donna stated as she watched Rose turn towards her " said something about me." She finished watching as The Doctors Rose and Jack shared a serious glance, Rose providing him with the comfort he was seeking.

"The Dimension Cannon could measure timelines, and it's... it's weird, Donna, but they all seem to converge on you." Rose explained, turning around to face her, watching as a frown moved onto her eyebrows generally bemused at why she was so important.

"But why me? I mean... what have I ever done? I'm a temp from Chiswick!" She ranted just as the computer bleeped and the Doctor's Rose moved her feet and looked over at the screen, pulling it around to see it as she stood next to the other her, her head bounding in the process.

"The Dalek Crucible. We're here..." She explained as she flicked her eyes up to Jack who was leaning closer to her and then back over to the Doctor who was looking down at her at the same time as the TARDIS continued to zoom towards the huge planet shaped crucible and the inhabitants could feel the time machine land with a crash.

"We'll have to go out." The Doctor's Rose stated as she looked at the door and then towards her husband

"Why?" The other Rose voiced with concern

"'Cos if we don't, they'll get in." She said to her gently, giving her a small smile as she looked at her panicked expression.

"You told me nothing could get through those doors." Rose said with alarm, her eyebrows raised as she looked at his back.

"You've got extrapolator shielding." Jack informed from behind her again making her turn around and he scrunched up his face in confusion.

"Last time we fought the Daleks, they were scavengers and hybrids and mad." The Doctor said as he turned to face the Parallel Rose and Jack, his eyebrows raised causing his forehead to crease as he spoke to them gently. " But this is a fully fledged Dalek Empire... at the height of its power. Experts at fighting TARDISes, they can do anything." He explained and they could do nothing more than watch as Rose took hold of her husband's hand as Jack and Rose realized the vulnerability of their position as they eyes widened with fear.

"Right now, that wooden door... is just wood." Rose voiced over at them, giving them a very small smile as Jack looked over at her and let out a shaky breath. However Donna stood apart from them, staring straight ahead, not even listening because all she could hear was the steady beating of a heart, becoming louder and closer.

"What about your Dimension Jump?"

"It needs another twenty minutes, and anyway, I'm not leaving."

"What about your teleport?"

"Went down with the power-loss."

"Right then. All of us together... yeah." The Doctor finished the conversation between the four of them before he noticed Donna's lack of interaction "Donna?" He asked her gently when she didn't react, she was still staring straight ahead, her eyes most, mouth open her head full of a heartbeat as the Doctor went of to her, his eyes full of concern.

"Donna." The Doctor said again as he pressed his hand to her shoulders making her step out of her trance as she looked up at her and sucking in the air she needed.


"I'm sorry, there's nothing else we can do." Rose said to her gently as she came into view past the other Rose and Jack.

"No, I know." She said as she nodded, a small smile on her features in the process. The Doctor could do nothing but nod and mouth 'Okay as he turned back towards the door as Rose gave her a gentle smile.

"Dalek…Heh!" Rose voiced before she laughed nervously and let out a huge lungful of air she was holding, turning to look at her husband.

"Oh, God!" Jack voiced over at her as he too laughed as she looked at him, but the pair of them then turned their attention back towards the Doctor, so absolutely confident in him as the Doctor turned to look at the all, grasping hold of his wife's hand as she looked up at him.

"It's been good, though, hasn't it?" He said to them proudly as he pressed his lips together in a smile. His eyebrows still raised as he felt the whole room fill with tension and nerves as he watched Donna smile at him "All of us... all of it... everything we did..." HE said before turning to Donna. "You were brilliant." He smiled as he watched her smile widen with a nod.

"And you were brilliant." The Doctor voiced as he looked over at Jack who smiled over at him and Rose

"And you were brilliant." He continued as he smiled down at the Parallel Rose who smiled sadly before he turned down to his wife, placing his hands on her shoulders

"And you were absolutely fantastic" He said before he gave her the most dazzling smile she couldn't help but give him; the smile she saved for only him. The pair of them worried about what was going to happen, the threats the Dalek's were to both Rose and the Doctor as he watched her grow weaker and weaker.

"I never will and never have doubted you Doctor. I trust you with my life and that is never going to change" She smiled up at him as she moved onto tip toes and pressed her lips to his as she pressed her hand to his chest as the pair shared the last moments of intimacy before they walked into the unknown.

"Blimey." The Doctor breathed as he moved towards the door, taking hold of Rose's hand again resigned. Rose and Jack followed after them with a deep breath with Donna following after them too.

The squeaky noise of the TARDIS door sounded and the Doctor peered his face around the door, his hand pressed to the delicate wood of the ancient ship with his lips curled around his teeth, his eyebrows raised, his hearts hammering in his chest as he faced his biggest foe.

"Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!" The supreme Dalek sounded as the two Roses and Jack emerged behind him, the trio looking around their surroundings as they tried to regain their composure. However Donna paused a little at the door as the heartbeat was shining in her head again.

"Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks! Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!"

"All hail" The Doctor said to himself gently as his mouth fell open, Jack looking with his eyebrows raised and his own mouth hanging open while the two Rose's has their lips pressed together, their eyes looking around at the enormous ship, the air thick with Daleks as they continued chanting while the Doctor exhaled.

"Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks! Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!"

"Behold, Doctor. Behold the might of the true Dalek Race."

"Donna?" The Doctor shouted over his shoulder, his eyebrows in a frown, as he looked over at his Rose and then the TARDIS "It's no safer in there..." the Doctor finished more quietly as he turned his gaze back towards the Dalek's, his hair falling over his forehead. Back in the TARDIS, Donna shook her head a little and turned back to the door, just as they closed right on her face. Upon hearing the doors slamming both The Doctor and Rose dashed back to the TARDIS, slamming on the door as they heard Donna's angry outcries.

"Doctor?" Donna shouted as she banged on of her hand on the door grasping hold of the handle and rattling it "What've you done?"

"It wasn't me, I didn't do anything!" The Doctor complained angrily, one of his hands pressed to the window, the other on the door handle as he leant down to shout at her, his eyebrows in a frown as the Proper Rose looked over at Jack who was giving her a worried glance.

"Oi! Oi, I'm not staying behind!"

"What did you do?" The Doctor yelled over at the supreme Dalek, never moving his position on the TARDIS

"This is not of Dalek origin."

"Doctor!" Donna continued to yell and bang on the door, trying to get out of the ancient time ship.

"Stop it! She's my friend. Now, open the door and let her out." The Doctor said angrily as he heard Donna's frightened cries, his eyebrows were in a frown as he turned to look at the Dalek in command, his arms bent at the elbows as they hung at his sides.

"This is Time Lord treachery!"

"Us? The door just closed on its own!" The Doctor shouted again, taking large strides over to him, his eyebrows furrowed deeply as he glared at his enemy, his hearts beating in his chest as his companions simply looked after him.

"Nevertheless: the TARDIS is a weapon and it will be destroyed." The Dalek's stated, the lights on it domed head flashing as it spoke and before any one knew what was happening the floor fell from underneath the TARDIS causing it to fall through a trap door, opening up from underneath it.

"What're you doing? Bring it back!" The Doctor yelled with panic spread into his voiced, staring down the trapdoor in horror, as he understood what was happening.

"What've you done? Where's it going?" The Doctor urged urgently and panicky as he snapped his body in front of the Supreme Dalek, his eyebrows now raised, his eyes wide as he stood up towards him.

"The Crucible has a heart of Z-Neutrino Energy. The TARDIS will be deposited into the core."

"But you can't, you've taken the defenses down!" Rose cried in horror as she shouted from her position next to Jack, her own face showing her horror as Jack and the Parallel Rose looked over at her "It will be torn apart!" Rose continued to yell before she advanced on the Supreme Dalek, her face hard and emotionless as she ignored the itching of her skin, the throbbing of her sides and the scars that littered her body, gesturing towards the trapdoor as she spoke "But Donna's still in there!"

"Let her go!" Jack shouted angrily as he jogged after Rose, his coat flapping behind him

"The female and the TARDIS will perish together! Observe." The Dalek sounded before a holographic screen appeared just over their heads, the four of them turning to look at it, the Doctor slowly approaching it with dread as he watched the TARDIS bobbing in the energy, watching as his life long companion was destroyed, her agony shining over his link, Rose feeling the same as she gripped hold of her head. "The last child of Gallifrey is powerless." The Dalek continued as the Doctor and his companions continued to watch in horror, Rose having no idea how to help her husband as he watched on powerlessly.

"Please. I'm begging you, I'll do anything!" The Doctor breathed beseechingly as he snapped his body towards the alien, his eyebrows raised in worry as he spoke to his enemy. He looked from the Dalek to the screen in helpless agitation before he snapped his hands towards his chest in desperation "Put me in her place! You can do anything to me, I don't care, just get her out of there!"

"Plug me into the Computer, let me become part of your systems once again and help with the powering of this fleet!" Rose yelled suddenly, turning her attention from the screen as she tried to think of anything that could help save Donna, thinking she may be able to change the system quickly to save her friend.

No matter how hard they tried, how much they argued, nothing happened. Rose simply looked over at her husbands trembling form in worry. The Ancient time lord was watching the screen through gritted teeth, breathing heavily as he watched trembling with anger, his eyebrows still in a frown as he broke into a sweat.

"You are connected to the TARDIS. Now, feel it die."

However back in the TARDIS, the destruction continued around Donna, who had frozen momentarily as she heard the heartbeat inside her head. She looked over at the bubbling form of the Doctor's spare hand before it had exploded from the jar, Donna strangely immune to it. The energy had left her and had now engulfed the hand, which was lying on the grilling, its fingers twitching. Donna could do nothing but watch, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the bright orange light of energy continued to spread outwards from the hand into the shape of a man. When the shaped was fully formed, it suddenly sat up, the energy shaken from it, to reveal the Doctor, eyes wide, stark naked.

" It's you...!" Donna breathed in amazement as she realized who she was looking at, her eyebrows raised, her mouth hanging open

"Oh, yes." The new doctor stated as he flung his head back a little, his eyes wide as he looked over at Donna

"You're naked!" Donna said in a high-pitched singsong voice as she glanced down before quickly adjusting her eyes again.

"Oh, yes."

"Damn, Rose is a lucky Girl." Donna said with a small smile before she looked at the other Doctor who gave her a cheeky loop sided smile as the TARDIS continued to smash around them

"Total TARDIS destruction in ten rels!" A dalek voiced as Rose could do nothing but frown sadly as she walked motionless towards the Doctor and took his hand in comfort, the pair linking them together, Rose rubbing her thumb over the top of the Doctor's as they continued to watch the TARDIS, her chin resting a little on his shoulder as she tried to provide him with the comfort he needed, everything the pair of them were feeling being transmitted via their link.

Rose goes to the motionless Doctor and takes his hand.

"Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!"

"The TARDIS has been destroyed. Now, tell me, Doctor... what do you feel?" But the Doctor didn't reply. His teeth were clasped together but his lips were handing open as he watched the screen, a dark expression clouding his features as he still held on to Rose's hand, Jack and the Parallel Rose standing behind them. "Anger? Sorrow? Despair?" he continued while Jack took a very brief and sly look over at the Dalek before looking back at the ground towards the two people who were like his family.

"Yeah." The time lord whispered as Rose looked at him with all the concern of one of the few people who knew what the TARDIS truly meant to him. She lifted her other hand and pressed it over his hand completely as she pressed her face to the back of his shoulders, the Doctor never once looking away from the screen, but he could feel her love and comfort shining through her actions and her emotions via their link.

"Then, if emotions are so important, surely we have enhanced you."

"Yeah? Feel this!" Jack suddenly said with a loud voice as he turned to face the Supreme Dalek, handgun in hand and shot at the Dalek, the bullets simply bouncing from the metal ineffectually.

"Exterminate!" The Dalek yelled, sending a death-ray Jack's way and he screamed out in pain and fell to the floor, apparently dead, causing Parallel Rose to fall to his knees beside him in distress. The Doctor and the Two Rose's hand turned around at Jacks cry and the Doctor simply pressed his arms around his Wife whose hands were on his chest as they grimaced when they heard him crying out in agony.

"Jack! Oh, my God. Oh, no..." Rose cried sadly, her eyebrows in a frown as the Doctor knelt down beside her; the Proper Rose did nothing but look at the supreme Dalek.

"Rose..." The Doctor said softly so only she could hear him "Come here. Leave him."

"They killed him." She whispered, trying not to cry

"I know. I'm sorry."

"Escort them to the Vault." The Supreme Dalek said to one of the other Daleks who had turned around to face him as the Doctor pulled the Parallel Rose to her feet, her eyes never leaving Jack as the Doctor beckoned his Rose towards him, his arm going protectively around her shoulders. "They are the playthings of Davros, now." He voiced, as the trio were lead from the room. Rose couldn't help but glance back towards the man like her brother who gave her a cheeky wink before firmly shutting his eyes once again.

The TARDIS was gliding away from the Crucible as the other Doctor, now wearing his blue suit trousers and a burgundy top was standing on the railings mending the TARDIS by the door, his blue blazer pressed to his hands.

"All repaired! Lovely." He exclaimed as he jumped off and pulled n his blue jacket as he made his way up towards the console and Donna. Shh! No-one knows we're here. Gotta keep quiet. Silent running, like on submarines when they can't even drop a spanner. Don't drop a spanner. I like blue, what do you think?" The Doctor said quickly and excitedly as he continued to twiddle and spin around in circles as he moved around the console, the madness of a regeneration shining in his body, in his personality as he continued to button up his jacket. Donna could do nothing but look over at him with her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth hanging open.

"You - are - bonkers!" She managed to say as she held up her hands in front of her, moving her head a little in the process.

"Why? What's wrong with blue?" The Doctor complained, his eyebrows in a frown as he looked down at his outfit, his mouth hanging open as he looked at her.

"Is that what Time Lords do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You're like worms!" Donna complained highly disturbed.

"No, no, no, no, no, I'm unique. Never been another like me! Because all that regeneration energy went into the hand - look at my hand, I love that hand..." The Doctor voiced as he wiggled his fingers in a wave as Donna looked at it, his head wiggling as he spoke a large smile on his face as he spoke over at her. "But then you touched it- WHAM!" The Doctor yelled causing Donna to jump out of her skin "Shhh..." The Doctor yelled again causing him to take a step towards her, his eyebrows neutral while his eyes were wide as he looked at her, his jaw guttering his words out. "Instantaneous biological metacrisis. I grew... out of you. Still, could be worse." The Doctor said, his voice changing pitch as he looked down and over at Donna who just glared at her.

"Oi! Watch it, spaceman." Donna shouted, her eyes going right up to him, moving her shoulders as she squared up at her

"Oi! Watch it, Earth-girl. Oh!" The Doctor yelled matching her in every way. The pair of them could do nothing but stare at each other, their mouths hanging in an identical 'Oh!' shapes. "I sound like you! I sound all... all sort of, rough." The New Doctor complained as his words came out of a tense jaw




"Spanners, shh!" The New Doctor complained again as he took a step towards her, watching as Donna buttons up, her lips still pursed. "Must've picked up a bit of your voice, that's all." The Doctor said quickly and quietly before his voice rose in pitch, his eyebrows in a frown, his mouth moving to show all of his teeth. "Is it? Did I? No. Oh! You are kidding me, no WAY." The Doctor suddenly stated, his voice rough as he watched Donna's eyebrows rise, her mouth hanging open as he felt his chest "One heart... I've got one heart! This body... has got only one heart!" The Doctor said in misbelief as he pressed on of his hands on the side of the console, his eyes staring into the distance

"What?" Donna asked absolutely gob-smacked as she placed her hand onto his chest "What, like you're human?"

"Oh, that's disgusting." The Doctor complained, scrunching his face up in the process.



"Stop it!" Donna snapped crossly as she shoved her body back a little bit.

"No, wait, I'm... part Time Lord, part human... " the Doctor said again after the realization hit him, looking down at Donna as she continued to look at him with her mouth hanging open "Well, isn't that wizard?"

"I kept hearing that noise... that heartbeat."

"Oh, that was me. My single heart." The Doctor voiced as he went over to the console, waving his hand dismissively as he pressed buttons, Donna following close at his heels. " 'Cos I'm a- complicated event in time and space, must've rippled back. Converging on you."

"But why me?" Donna asked, not understanding her importance

"Because you're special." The New Doctor said again, his eyebrows raised, his head cocking to the left a little, never looking away from the screen.

"Oh, I keep telling you: I'm not." Donna breathed heavily with exasperation

"No, but you are, you..." The Doctor said simply before looking at her as if he had only just realized. "Oh... you really don't believe that, do you?" he said to her gently and quietly as he pointed towards his head, his eyes staring in the distance. "I can see, Donna... what you're thinking. All that attitude, all that lip, 'cos all this time... you think you're not worth it." He said as he brought his hand up to his chin, his eyes wide as he looked at her, his eyebrows rising and falling at the same time

"Stop it."

"Shouting at the world 'cos no-one's listening. Well... why should they?" the Doctor explained again, his hand moving down, the last part was lower than the first, his eyebrows raised even further, his jaw guttering out

"Doctor? Stop it." Donna asked him, visibly upset, her eyes watering a little.

"But look at what you did..." He said lightening up, his lips moving into a smile, his voice gentle and his eyes shining with pride "no. It's more than that, it's like..." He voiced trailing of as he searched his thoughts. "We were always heading for this. You came to the TARDIS. And you found me again. Your grandad. Your car! Donna, your car!" The Doctor said with dawning realization, his hands waving towards her, his eyebrows in a frown as he spoke quickly, so many thoughts swimming around his head. You parked your car right where the TARDIS was gonna land, that's not coincidence at all!" He said, his voice getting louder as he spun on the spot, his fingers etched onto his temples "We've been blind! Something's been drawing us together for such a long time."

"But you're talking like... destiny. But there's no such thing... is there?" Donna said breathlessly as she shuffled on her feet. Her own face moving into a frown as her worry and her panic rose to a new height.

" still not finished. It's like... the pattern's not complete. The strands are still joining together. But heading for what?" The New Doctor voiced again, still holding his head, probing his mind before he bolted around the console once again.

"Activate the holding cells." Davros stated as he glided forward towards them, the holding cells appeared like spotlights over the Doctor, Rose and the Parallel Rose, each of them placed and standing a few feet from one another. "Excellent. Even when powerless, a Time Lord is best contained." He continued as he rolled towards the Doctor.

"Still scared of me, then?" The Doctor said with humour shining in his voice before he touched the edge of the holding cell with the palm of his hand, obviously, he cannot get through it as it rippled with blue light. Parallel Rose followed suit, trying her own field out while the Doctor's Rose continued to fight the Daleks from her mind.

"It is time we talked, Doctor, after so very long—"

"No, no, no, no, no. We're not doing the nostalgia tour." The Doctor said impatiently as he shook his head, looking around at his surroundings while his wife continued to look over at him "I want to know what's happening right here, right now, 'cos the Supreme Dalek said 'vault', yeah?" The Doctor said quickly, his eyebrows raised, his forehead creased as he looked over at the shriveled skin of Davros, snapping his hand towards his feet to help explain his point, taking in his surroundings once again "As in, dungeon. Cellar. Prison." The Doctor voiced knowingly "You're not in charge of the Daleks, are you? They've got you locked away down here in the basement, like, what, a servant? Slave? Court jester?"

"We have... an arrangement." Davros interrupted, squirming in his seat a little in the process

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I've got the word. You're the Dalek's pet!" The Doctor said with a smile, lifting his head as he laughed mockingly at him.

"So very full of fire, is he not?" Davros said angrily as he moved away from him over to his wife, the Doctor never taking his eyes away from him while Rose could do nothing but look over at him, her face showing no emotion as she struggled with the battle commencing in her mind. And to think, you travelled from Planet to Planet, striding from civilization to civilization to find him again. Searching for so many years." Davros stated, hiding a plan that he had for her. Parallel Rose standing to the left, quivering at the site of him

Leave her alone." The Doctor said in cold anger, his eyes glaring at Davros as he felt his wife's unease.

"She is mine. To do as I please." Davros said with a smile as he continued to look at Rose.

"I know what you can do, the things your creations have done to me, the things you can do to me, whatever your planning, we will stop you" Rose said defiantly as she stood her ground, her eyes staring intently into Davros's single eye making the Doctor proud of her bravery.

"But my dear, you have a very special part to play in this prophecy. Your genes have the Dalek's signature pressed into your cells, into your systems meaning you were built for a single purpose. You are our computer, and it is time for you to do you job" Davros said with a smile causing everything in the Doctor's and Roses body to run cold.

"No" Rose whispered in a deathly whisper as she took a fearful step back, the colour running from her cheeks as her mind was fogged with memories and images from the time with the Cult of Skaro. "Don't do this," She voiced again, her words quivering as she spoke

"Don't you touch her Davros!" The Doctor shouted dangerously angry, the fear his wife was feeling was travelling via their link caused his desperation to peek to an all time high, Parallel Rose not understanding what was happening.

"You will become part of our greatest invention Mrs. Smith. A time Lady, whose only wish is to save the universe and travel the stars, looking at the beauty and the wonders of the universe with your lover at your side, but you had no idea that you would be the one creature that will destroy everything. Connect her to the mainframe" Davros commanded as he moved away and people Rose and the Doctor never thought they would see again emerged from the shadows. Pig slaves came shuddering out from the darkness, their teeth pressed to the lips, the snouts moist with breath, they were grunting and growling as the moved from the shadows. The slaves only lived for a few weeks, had amazing strength and Rose knew they could restrain her easily if she put up a fight. She knew them to be vicious fighter and was trained to slit a humans throat with their bare teeth. She would know, she had been the one to create the originals and her mind was fogged with familiarity

"Oh my god" Rose breathed as she looked at her creations shuffling towards her, the force field holding her in place vanished and she managed to snap her body away from them. "Doctor!" Rose dragged out as she looked at the pig slaves with horror

"Leave her alone Davros! She's done nothing to deserve this!" The Doctor begged, panicking that Rose was in trouble.

"She is our software, we own her, its time she returned to her creators!" Davros said as he watched as the pig slaves had finally grabbed hold of Rose's forearms, her body snapping as she tugged and forced her arms away from them, her strength nothing compared to the strength of the pig men as they dragged her to the infulstructure in the centre of the room, just below another darkened area. But she was pugnacious, dropping her weight onto the floor as they had to heave her forward, her mind raking with ideas of how to get out of a firm lock, her defense training useless in a situation like this

"Not again! Please, I can't go through this all over again!" She implored, her eyes watering with fear as she continued to shuffle her feet backwards, her eyes meeting the Doctor's who was shouting at Davros, shouting for his wife, calling for her panicky as she was dragged towards the table. The pig men heaved her onto the table and the Doctor could do nothing as she kicked, she screamed, she punched and for a bright second she had gained the upper hand, sliding off the table before she gained a huge whack to the stomach sending her doubling over and forced back to the table. The Doctor could do nothing to help her, do nothing and never in his life had he felt so helpless before. The Doctor had to watch powerlessly as the Pig men grabbed hold of the thick sparking wires that were travelling down from the ceiling, the Doctor continued to scream, demanding she be let go as she continued to fight.

But the Doctor's voice faded in his throat as he watched the Pig men rip the side of Rose's T-shirt showing the world her scarred sides before one of the slaves held the wire and plunged the wire into Rose's side. Her screams of agony could be heard throughout the ship as she scrunched up her face as she felt the wires clasp onto her insides. She grabbed hold of the pig man and thrust him away from her, sending him stumbling but she did not expect another slave to press the machinery into her other side. Her body aching with pain, her blood dripping from around the wires as she clawed at anything she could get her hands on

"Get your hands off me!" She yelled in anguish, her mind clouded with pain, her eyes tinged with red as yet another wire, the electrical impulses travelling around her body, her mind beginning to succumb from the pain, her body going numb, her body heavy and pain ridden as she started to grow weak. Her blood pouring from her wounds in her sides, blood pouring down her sides, dripping from the edge of the table and she could do nothing as she felt the life leave her body. Wire after wire, grimace after grimace she could do nothing to stop what was happening to her, she could feel the Doctor devastation as his eyes never left her, for a single moment her vision was cleared for her to move her head to the side, her body heavy with pain as she lay their, the pig men continued to implant her into the system. She noticed the Doctor looking at her, a single tear travelling down his face, his own vision swimming with the excruciating pain his wife was feeling, his hearts numb with desperation, hopelessness and despair as he came to the conclusion that he may never see her again. In less than an hour he had lost his best friend and he could loose his wife. He had watched as she was torched by the Daleks once again, his own agony present in his hearts as he watched her look at him before she breathed out a lungful of air and passed out from the pain, her body falling limply to the table, the final wire was pressed to the back of her neck, her body dripping with blood, her soft skin loosing its colour, her big plump lips molded into a single flat line, her eyes firmly closed and the Doctor could do nothing to help her. Parallel Rose never seen any form of the Doctor as heartbroken as he was now, looking at him now, she knew that if this Doctor felt this much for this Rose, her Doctor would be feeling the same for her.

"And so the prophecy continues. Even the Supreme Dalek would not dare to contradict the prophesies of Dalek Caan." He explained before he pressed a button to his control panel, throwing light onto Dalek Cann on his platform just behind Rose's body, causing the Doctor to move his eyes from his wife's form, his hearts heavy with pain, sniffing away his grief, and removing the evidence of his crying as he moved his gaze from his Rose,

"So cold and dark. Fire is coming... the endless flames..." Cann explained in a sing song voice, his tentacles flying and flinging in any direction, as if the Dalek had no control of his limbs.

"What is that thing?" The other Rose asked the Doctor, a frown of disgust on her features as the Doctor turned to look over at her.

"You've met before. The last of the Cult of Skaro. But it flew into the Time War, unprotected." The Doctor explained, his eyebrows furrowed a little, his forehead creasing underneath his styled hair, taking glances from Rose to the Dalek.

"Caan did more than that. He saw Time. Its infinite complexity and majesty raging through his mind. And... he saw you. Both of you." Davros said again which caused the Doctor and Rose to glance at one another before the Parallel Rose shuffled on her feet

"This I have foreseen in the wild and the wind. The Doctor will be here, as witness, at the end of everything. The Doctor and his precious Children of Time! And one of them will die...!"

"Was it you, Caan? Did you kill Donna? Why did the TARDIS door close? Are you the reason for Rose's altered DNA? Tell me!" The Doctor yelled full of barely contained rage as his face scrunched up as he shouted over at the Dalek.

"Oh, that's it! The end, the fire, the rage of a Time Lord who butchered millions. There he is. Why so shy? Show your companion... show her your true self." Davros said with delight, a small smile on his features as he glided over to the Doctor once again who had snapped his head to the alien in front of him, his teeth barred together as he looked at him. Parallel Rose could do nothing but look on in fear as she looked back over at the other Rose who was completely still. The Doctor gave no answer in unease as Davros peered over at him, his eyes dark and heavy, his breathing thick with emotion as he tried to regain his composure and not think about what this enemy had done to his Wife. "Caan has promised me that, too."

"I have seen it. At the time of ending, the Doctor's soul will be revealed."

"What does that mean?" the Doctor said quietly and roughly, a frown on his features, his lips turned downward as he glared over at the Dalek

"We will discover it together... our final journey. Because the ending approaches. The testing begins." He said as he turned away

"Testing of what?" the Doctor snapped, a deep frown on his features, his teeth jarred together again, he just watched as Davros turned around to answer him again

"The Reality Bomb."

Sarah Jane, Mickey and Jackie had found their way onto the Dalek Ship to try and locate the Doctor, but they feared that something was going to happen to them as they were herded into a large chamber of metal and stone, Daleks surrounding the sides.

"Prisoners will stand in the designated area. Move! Move!" A Dalek sounded, thousands of the creatures all over the place, in the air, on the ground, Sarah Jane and her friends could do nothing but walk in with the crowd. Suddenly an Asian woman fell from her feet to her knees in pain and Jackie could do nothing but help her.

"You will stand!"

"I can't." She cried in horror and agony

"You will stand." The Dalek sounded again just as Sarah Jane noticed a door inset with a small round window, not too far away. She made a dash for it, looking behind her a little as Jackie continued to help with the other scared woman.

"I can't. Please..."

"On your feet! On your feet!" Mickey suddenly got Sarah Jane in his sights and watched as she opened the door with her sonic lipstick before she called him as loud as she dared.

"Mickey! Mickey!"

"Jackie!" Mickey voiced as she caught Jackie's eye as he followed Sarah Jane through the door, which lead to the small side chamber of sorts. Jackie helped the woman to her feet but knew she couldn't follow them unnoticed causing Sarah Jane and Mickey to watch through the window.

"Prisoners will stand in the designated area."

"We can't just leave her." Mickey bellowed nervously as he made to open the door, but Sarah Jane had to stop him

"Wait!" She exclaimed and the pair of them ducked a little when a Dalek glided just in front of the door.

"What does it mean? What are they testing? What are they going to do?" The scarred woman said frantically as she looked towards Jackie for answers. The Doctor's mother in law simply looked upwards at a large, circular green device high above their heads, her heart dropping with dread.

"I reckon it's that thing there."

"Behold... the apotheosis of my genius. Look at your Wife Doctor; watch as she completes the job she was designed to do. Look at her power; look at what she's doing. Her mind has been rebuilt into a Dalek design, her life has been heading towards this, her mind becomes the one thing that controls the reality bomb, and she is the destroyer of the whole of reality." Davros explained with a mocking smile as the Doctor just looked over at his wife. Her skin pale and blue, a single tear rolling down her features, her face scrunched up in agony as the power needed was to much for her; Rose knowing that she could kill her mother because of the Daleks. The Doctor noticed Davros using his control panel to activate the holographic screen displaying the testing of the chamber.

"Two, one, zero. Activate planetary alignment field!"

The entire TARDIS was shuddering; Donna and the New Doctor were struggling to stay on their feet, gasps and screams later, when the TARDIS had steadies the Doctor simply looked at the monitor. The pair of them having their mouths hanging open

"It's the planets. The twenty-seven planets." The Doctor said with his eyebrows raised as he watched each of the planets bathed in a white glow.

"But that's Z-Neutrino Energy." The Doctor said no more than a whisper, his hands bent at his side, the light shining on his features that showed a frown as he watched the screen "Flattened by the alignment of the planets into a single stream. No.!" The Doctor yelled, turning to Davros in a blind panic, finally understanding what was going on "Davros. Davros, you can't! You CAN'T! NO!" the Doctor yelled, his eyebrows in a frown, his eyes hard as he yelled in panic, knowing the strain on Rose could kill her. The Parallel Rose could do nothing but watch the Doctor, knowing her Doctor was elsewhere.

The Other Doctor was simply watching the monitor; his chin was resting on his hand as he tried to work what the other Doctor had already figured out.

"Single-stream Z-Neutrinos compressed into..." He said with a frown, faltering slightly before he realized "No. No way..."

Sarah Jane and Mickey were still watching the proceedings in the testing chamber through the small window. Mickey held a large frown why Sarah Jane could do nothing but watch in sadness. The prisoners still had their hands behind their head as they watched the Reality Bomb above them brightening, unknown to them of the computer controlling the device. Sarah Jane was still watching, breathing heavily as Mickey was pacing up and down, worried about what would happen to Jackie before he stopped when he heard the beeping.

"Thirty minutes... it's recharged!" Mickey exclaimed as he pulled the device from his pocket and snapped his body towards the window, mouthing to Jackie, gesturing to her frantically to the Dimension Jump; Jackie was simply looking at Mickey.

"It's recharged! It's recharged! Use it!" Mickey continued, barely audible through the thick glass. Jackie finally understood what he was saying as she took the Dimension Jump from her pocket and looked at the woman standing next to her.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered, her eyebrows rose in sorrow as she pressed the button and disappeared in a flash of white light, much to the surprised of the woman. When she landed she was on the other sides of the door hugging Mickey tightly. When they pulled away the light intensity of the Reality Bomb was increasing, and the trio could do nothing mire than look on in revulsion as the Prisoners were dissolved into atoms from head to toe, reminiscent of how the atoms of the Daleks were divided by the BAD WOLF. Rose knew that was why the Daleks needed her.

"Test completed."

"What is it? Doctor? What did it do?" Donna asked in confusion. Watching as the Human Doctor looked at the screen, his eyebrows in a frown, his mouth a jar as Donna looked at him in concern.

"Doctor, what happened?" The Parallel Rose asked shaken, her breath leaving her lungs as she looked over at the Doctor who could do nothing but look at the screen.

"Electrical energy, Miss Tyler." Davros said to Rose as she looked at him. The Doctor suddenly turned his attention towards him, still not quite able to believe it, breathing heavily as he glared at him. Every atom in existence is bound by an electrical field. The Reality Bomb cancels it out - structure falls apart. That test was focused on the prisoners alone. Full transmission will dissolve every form of matter."

"The stars are going out..." Rose whispered to herself as she looked with a sad frown on her features, looking over at the other version of herself, the blue tint to her skin making her look older and tired than ever. But Rose didn't fail to notice the frown on the young married woman's face as if she was struggling with something, as if she was fighting the system. Rose snapped her attention over to the Doctor to see if he had noticed, and much to her misfortune he hadn't.

"The twenty-seven planets... they become one vast transmitter. Blasting that wavelength..." the Doctor whispered harshly, his breaths still rasping as he looked at the screen, his mouth guttering out the words.

"Across the entire universe. Never stopping. Never faltering. Never fading. People and planets and stars will become dust. And the dust will become atoms and the atoms will become... nothing. And the wavelength will continue, breaking through the Rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade into every dimension, every parallel, every single corner of creation." Davros exclaimed, getting louder and louder, more excited as his voice took on an almost hysterical quality as he used his hands to make his point. "This is my ultimate victory, Doctor! The destruction of reality itself!"

"Prepare for universal detonation! The fleet will gather at the Crucible! All Daleks will return to shelter from the cataclysm! We will become the only life-forms in existence!"

Jackie, Mickey and Sarah Jane were still peering through the window, unsure of what to think about what they had just seen before Jack tumbled out of an air vent causing all of them to spin around to face him, his mouth hanging open, his wrist to his face as he adjusted the Vortex manipulator before he got to his feet fully.

"Just my luck. I climb through two miles of ventilation shafts, chasing life signs on this thing –" Jack said looking at them before gesturing towards his wrist device. "and who do I find? Mickey Mouse!"

" You can talk, Captain Cheesecake." Mickey stated with a small smile before Jack snapped his feet a little bursting out laughing as he held out his arms and the pair embraced in a manly hug.

"Good to see ya!" Jack smiled as he looked down at Mickey without letting go "And that's 'Beefcake'." He replied cheekily again causing Jackie to really study the man. Rose had mentioned a man named Jack the last time she had visited the Parallel Universe. This was a man who she held deep respect for, the man who helped her when the Doctor couldn't, gave her support when she thought she would never see her again, this was the man who was Rose's brother figure and for the first time Jackie was glad she was meeting him.

"And that's enough hugging." Mickey complained as he forced himself from Jacks arms causing Jack to salute Sarah Jane.

"We meet at last, Ms Smith."

"There is something we can do. You've got to understand - I have a son down there on Earth. He's only fourteen years old. I brought this." Sarah Jane said as she took some steps towards Jack as she reached for her pocket, taking out what appeared to be a diamond necklace, except the diamond was shining with unnatural brightness. It was given to me by a Verron Soothsayer. He said... "this is for the end of days". She voiced as she gave it to jack who took it with admiration and delicacy his mouth hanging open slightly.

"Is that a Warp Star?" Jack breathed as Sarah Jane nodded with a smile.

"Gonna tell me what a Warp Star is?" Mickey voiced from over Jack's shoulder who was not taking his eyes off the thing.

"A warpfold conjugation trapped in a carbonised shell. It's an explosion, Mickey." Jack voiced as he looked over at Sarah Jane "An explosion waiting to happen." He said again in an awed whisper.

The Human Doctor was dashing around the TARDIS as he was putting some sort of device together; he was coming out from underneath the console with Donna holding the device as she spoke to him with confusion on her features.

"So, what is this thing?" She asked him as he took it from her hands, placing something else to the device as he poked his tongue from his mouth in concentration.

"It's our only hope. A Z-Neutrino biological inversion catalyser." The Doctor replied quickly causing Donna to shake her head in bewilderment.

"Yeah. Earth-girl, remember?" She complained with a shake of her head.

"Davros said he built those Daleks out of himself. His genetic code runs through the entire race. If I can use this to lock the Crucible's transmission onto Davros himself..." The Doctor said quickly as he continued to flick his eyes towards Donna and the device in his hand, screwing in parts of the device in the process.

"It destroys the Daleks?"

"Biggest backfire in history." He said glaring into the distance.