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"I don't need a partner!" 21 year old Samantha "Sam" Manson yelled over the phone to her boss, Mr. Williams, "I'm doing just fine on my own!"

"Sorry Samantha," Mr. Williams said, "But he and his daughter are already on their way."

"Daughter?" Sam yelled, "You let someone bring their daughter, but you won't let me work by myself!"

"It's the rules Samantha, deal with it," Mr. Williams said and hung up.

Sam sighed and hung her phone up. She looked out her living room window and saw a man about 21 walking up with an eight year old holding his hand. They both had black hair and light blue eyes. The man wore a white shirt with tan jeans and boot and the girl wore a light blue shirt with tan jeans and boots, "That must be them," Sam said and walked out of her front door.

Sam walked up to them, "Hello, I'm Sam Manson," Sam said.

The girl hid behind the man, "Hi," the man said, "I'm Danny Fenton, and this is my daughter Danielle, or Dani with an I."

Sam nodded, "Why don't you come in in and will start work tomorrow," Sam said.

Danny nodded and grabbed Dani's hand. Sam led them inside, "This is the living room," Sam said, "The kitchen is to the right and the bedrooms are down the hall there."

Sam led them down the hall, "This is my room," Sam said and walked up to the next door, "And this is yours."

The room wasn't decorated much and had a queen sized bed, "Sorry it's not decorated, but my partners don't usually stay very long," Sam said.

"Really," Danny said, "Why?"

Sam sighed, "Steve," Sam said, "He's the grandson of a hunter that called himself Skulker. He hunts the animals as well as us."

Danny went wide eyed, "You want to leave now right?" Sam asked.

Danny shook his head, "No," Danny said, "I'm sure this Steve guy can't be that bad."

Sam was shocked, "He's just as bad as his grandfather and he almost made the people starve by killing all the animal or chasing them away."

Danny smirked, but it fell as soon as it came, "I'm sure we'll be fine," Danny said and picked Dani up, "After all you've been here for who knows how long."

Sam blinked then smiled, "This could work out Danny," Sam said.

Danny smiled slightly, "I'll start dinner while you two get comfortable," Sam said.

Danny nodded and Sam left. When Sam was out of ear shot Dani spoke up, "Daddy," Dani said quietly.

Danny looked at Dani, "What is it Dani?" Danny asked.

"Can we trust her?" Dani asked.

Danny ran a hand through Dani's hair, "I don't know," Danny said, "We'll just have to wait and see."

"Hey!" Sam yelled causing Danny and Dani to turn to her, "What do you guys like to eat?"

"Uh, what do you have?" Danny asked.

"I have stuff for spaghetti, mac&cheese, and salad," Sam said.

"Spaghetti's fine," Danny said.

Sam nodded and went back into the kitchen. Danny entered the room and set Dani down, "Remember, no going ghost unless your life depends on it," Danny told his daughter.

Dani nodded, "I know," Dani said, "I don't want Vlad here anymore than you do."

Danny nodded and sat on the bed with Dani crawling into his lap. Danny ran a hand through Dani's hair and sighed. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, "Uh, come in," Danny said.

Sam entered the room, "Dinner will be done shortly," Sam said, "Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"Fine," Danny said.

"Is it hard for Dani?" Sam asked sitting beside Danny and the sleeping Dani.

Danny looked at Sam, "What's hard for Dani?" Danny asked.

"Growing up without knowing her mother," Sam said.

"Oh!" Danny said, "Uh, I don't think so."

"What about you?" Sam asked, "Do you miss her?"

"Uh…" Danny said, "I guess."

Sam looked at Dani, "She looks a lot like you," Sam said.

"Uh thanks," Danny said smiling at Dani.

"So for tomorrow do you want to study Elephants or Gorillas?" Sam asked.

"Doesn't matter," Danny said, "As long as Dani knows to stay close."

Sam nodded in understanding, "We'll explain the rules," Sam said and ran a hand through Dani's black hair.

Dani's eyes shot open and yelped, "Daddy!" Dani yelled and grabbed hold of Danny,

"Whoa!" Sam jumped, "Sorry. Guess you don't like to be woken up."

Danny rubbed Dani's back calmingly, "It's okay Dani," Danny said.

"I'll just check on dinner," Sam said getting up, "Sorry again Dani."

Dani whimpered and held onto Danny tighter. Sam left and Danny continued to hold Dani, "She wasn't hurting you Dani," Danny said.

"I know," Dani said pulling away, "It just scared me."

"It's okay," Danny said, "Come on let's go see if dinner's done."

Dani nodded and Danny carried her into the living room where Sam was just putting plates down, "Better?" Sam asked Dani.

Dani nodded and Danny put her in a chair. Danny sat in between Sam and Dani and began to eat. After dinner Sam and Danny started to explain the rules for tomorrow, "Dani," Danny said, "When we go to work tomorrow you have to stay close to us and far away from the animals okay?"

Dani nodded, "No going off unless one of us know where you're going," Sam added.

Dani nodded again, "Okay," Dani said.

"Good," Danny said.

"And if you see someone," Sam said, "Or even think you saw someone let me know. It may be Steve and he'll go after you before he goes after us."

Dani nodded and looked at Danny, "Ready for bed?" Danny asked.

Dani nodded and Danny picked her up, "I'll be back in a minute Sam," Danny said and walked down the hall.

Sam sat on the living room couch when something ran past in the corner of her eye. Sam turned quickly and saw nothing, "Steve," Sam said with venom.

"What?" Danny said coming up.

"Steve," Sam said, "I saw him in the corner of my eye. He knows you guys are here now."

Danny glared, "So Dani stays in between us?" Danny asks.

Sam nodded, "It's the best we can do at the moment," Sam said, "But he'll find some way to get one of us."

Danny looked out the window then back at Sam, "Sam have you ever seen this guy close up?" Danny asked.

Sam shook her head, "No, but my other partners have," Sam said, "They said they were lucky to get back here alive. I don't know why he just comes after my partners and not me."

Danny was quiet, "Who knows," Danny said and stood up, "We better get to bed."

Sam nodded and stood up, "Night," Sam said.

"Night," Danny said.

When Sam entered her room Danny looked out the window, "If Sam's not working for Vlad…then I'd bet anything that Steve guy is," Danny said to himself, "Like grandfather, like grandson."

Danny walked into his room and found Dani sound asleep. Danny climbed in beside her and she woke up, "Can we trust her?" Dani asked sleepily.

Danny ran a hand through Dani's hair, "I believe so," Danny said, "Its Steve we should look out for."

Dani nodded and went back to sleep. Danny wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep himself.

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