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Caroline: About time.

Lilian: You're lucky I'm still on your team after what you did.

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Jimmie: Your sister's foot.

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"Where are they?" Tucker asked his wife as he paced in the living room.

"Tucker stop," Tucker's nine mouth pregnant wife, Jazz, said, "You're going to break the floor, and seeing how I'm due any day now; you'll have to fix it."

"Right," Tucker said stopping, "You did tell Danny that you were due soon right?"

Jazz glared at her husband, "I'm not stupid Tucker of course I did," Jazz said, "Did you remember to clean the two guest rooms?"

Tucker laughed nervously, "Of course," Tucker said and headed done the hall.

"And where are you going?" Jazz asked smirking.

"To clean the guest rooms," Tucker muttered.

Jazz laughed just as the doorbell rang. Jazz answered the door, "Danny!" Jazz said.

"Hey Jazz," Danny said and entered the house with Sam and Dani.

"Hey Dani," Jazz said giving her niece a hug.

"Hi Aunt Jazz," Dani said.

"Jazz," Danny said, "This is Sam."

Jazz smiled, "Pleased to meet you," Jazz said shaking Sam hand.

"You too," Sam said.

"Okay!" Tucker said, "They're clean now, happy? Oh, hey Danny."

Danny laughed, "You forgot to clean the guest rooms didn't you?" Danny said.

"Yes," Tucker said.

Sam tried to hold back a laugh, but Dani fell on the floor laughing along with Danny, "Be quiet!" Tucker yelled.

Danny stopped laughing and got off the floor, "Tucker, this is Sam Manson, my fiancé," Danny introduced.

"So you finally found someone who loves both halves of you?" Tucker asked smiling, "FINALLY!"

Danny rolled his eyes, "Whatever Tuck," Danny said.

Sam giggled at the two best friends, "So," Danny said turning to Jazz, "I'm I having a niece or nephew?"

"Don't know," Tucker said, "Jazz wanted it to be a surprise."

"Yes," Jazz said, "Mostly because I wanted to look at all the possible names."

"What did you decided on?" Sam asked.

"Kimberly if it's a girl and Christopher if it's a boy," Tucker said.

"Cute!" Dani exclaimed.

Danny and Sam laughed, "I told you we shouldn't have let her eat all that candy," Sam said.

Danny shrugged, "Well, I'll started dinner," Jazz said.

"Should you really be cooking Jazz?" Danny asked.

"No, but Tucker here can't cook to save his life," Jazz said pointing to her husband.

"Hey!" Tucker yelled.

"Let me cook Jazz, and don't argue, it's bad for the baby," Sam said.

Jazz nodded and sat on the couch with Danny, Dani, and Tucker, "Is Sam a good cook?" Tucker asked.

"Yes, but she's a vegetarian, so don't be surprised if she fixes salads," Danny said.

"Aw Man! No Way!" Tucker yelled, "I hate anything green!"

Danny chuckled, "Dani stop jumping on the couch," Danny said.

Dani groaned, "Fine," Dani said and transformed and started flying around the house, "Happy?"

"Dani!" Danny yelled, "Stop that!"

Dani laughed and flew all over the house, "Dani!" Danny yelled.

Sam poked her head out from the kitchen, "Dani!" Sam yelled, "The windows are opened!"

Tucker went and closed the curtains, "They're right Dani," Tucker said, "That's enough."

"But I'm bored!" Dani cried.

"Get down here!" Danny yelled.

Dani flew over transformed and fell on the couch, "Happy?" Dani asked mad.

"Dinner's done!" Sam called.

"It better not be green!" Tucker yelled.

Jazz rolled her eyes, "Note to self: Fix salads more often," Jazz said to herself.

Danny chuckled and sat down at the table where Mac&cheese was waiting, "Not bad," Tucker said.

Jazz hit her husband in the back of the head, "OW!" Tucker yelled, "What! I said not bad!"

Jazz rolled her eyes, "It delicious Sam," Jazz said.

"Thank you Jazz," Sam said glaring at Tucker.

"What I do!" Tucker yelled.

Danny chuckled and continued to eat. Suddenly, Jazz gasped, "Jazz?" Tucker asked worried.

"My water broke," Jazz said.

Danny choked of the food he was eating, "What!"

"Danny, get our bags they're in our room upstairs and meet us at the hospital!" Tucker said and carried Jazz bridal style out the front door.

Danny raced upstairs with Sam not far behind, "Which door is their room!" Danny yelled at the hall.

Sam opened at random door, "Found it!" Sam said and ran inside with Danny.

They grabbed two suitcases each and ran downstairs, "Let's go Dani!" Danny yelled.

The three of them rode in a taxi to the hospital and waited in the waiting room. Danny had called his parents and they arrived minutes later, "Danny!" Maddie said happily and hugged her son.

"Hi mom," Danny said.

"Grandma!" Dani yelled.

"Hey Dani," Maddie said and hugged her granddaughter.

"This must be the girl you told us about," Jack said.

Danny nodded, "This is Sam," Danny said, "Sam these are my parents, Maddie and Jack."

"Hello," Sam said.

"Wow, Danny was right you are pretty," Jack said.

"DAD!" Danny yelled and blushed.

Sam laughed, "Nice to meet you two," Sam said.

Suddenly, a nurse came in, "Family of Jasmine Foley?" she asked.

They nodded, "Follow me," the nurse said.

They followed the nurse down the hall and into a room where Jazz held a baby wrapped in a pink blanket, "Hey guys," Tucker said.

Jazz smiled and showed the baby to everyone, "Meet Kimberly Ann Foley," Jazz said.

Kimberly had tan skin green eyes and little red-orange fuzz on her head, "Aw!" Dani said.

Sam smiled, "She adorable," Sam said.

"Thanks," Jazz said.

"Can grandma see her?" Maddie asked.

Jazz nodded and hand Kimberly to her mother, "Now I have two grandkids," Maddie said, "Man I'm getting old."

Everyone laughed. Sam looked out the window and saw a big oak tree. Suddenly, she saw a figure on a branch and her eyes widened. The figured jumped down and Sam looked at Danny, who apparently saw it to. They looked at Kimberly as she slept in her mother's arms. Sam looked at Danny with worry. Danny grabbed Sam's hand and squeezed it. Steve was after Kimberly; which meant Vlad and Skulker wouldn't be far behind.

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