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6 months before the genin exams

"Naruto!" someone called out. It was a young man in his early twenties that had black hair tied back in a short high ponytail, a scare across his nose and brown eyes. He was a chunin of the village hidden in the leaves and wore the standerd chunin uniform being a blue shirt and pants with a green chunin vest over top of the shirt.

"Naruto!" he said again a bit louder this time.

"NARUTO!" he yelled this time

"Whaaaa!" a young teen with blonde spiky hair, blue eyes and 3 whisker marks on each cheek that was wearing an orange jumpsuit yelled as he fell back wards out of his chair with a crash. When the small teen stood back up he had a grin on his face while he scratched the back of his head "sorry about that Iruka-sensie."

"Sure you are Naruto," Iruka said with a chuckle, "why don't you show the class the Henge no jutsu?"

"Why do I have to show the class the Henge no jutsu?" Naruto said while crossing his arms.

"Because you were sleeping through the lesson on it so I assume you know everything about it and how to perform it correctly." was Iruka's reply.

"fine." Naruto sighed as he came to the front of the class. He forms the rat seal while focusing his chakra and says "Henge!" followed by a puff of smoke, once the smoke cleared Naruto was missing.

Iruka waved his hand trough where Naruto one was at only to find nothing. He then heard someone above him screaming only to look up to see a falling Naruto. "What the-" was all he could say before he was hit by Naruto causing them to fall in a heap on the ground.

"Whoa what happened?" Naruto said slightly disoriented

"You fell on top of me that's what happened Naruto." was the reply from Iruka

"Ok the last thing I remember was trying to use the Henge no jutsu and then im falling towards you from above.

"Um Naruto where did you get that sword from?" Iruka asked looking at the sword that was in Naruto's hand, it was a standerd katana style sword with a black sheath that had 10 trails of red spiraling around it with a golden fox head where the guard was supposed to be with a black handle with red and yellow marking running through it.

"I'm not sure I didn't have it when I came up to use the Henge but I did when I appeared above you." Naruto said while looking at the sword. After him and Iruka stood up Naruto pulled the sword out of the sheath revealing a blood red blade.

It was at this time that a certain stuck up ass in the class decided to say something "hey dope give me that blade it should belong to me an Uchiha not a nameless dope like you."

"Teme shut up." Naruto said while looking at the Uchiha

"Naruto give me the sword your not supposed to have it in the classroom." said Mizuki, Iruka's assistant in teaching the class he was dressed the same way as Iruka but had silverish white hair. He then walked up to Naruto to take the sword from him and as he toke it from Naruto the sword pulsed and then let out a red and black and yellow lightning bolts hitting Mizuki in the chest causing him to pass out almost dead.

Iruka flinched when he saw this, he knew there was no such rule in the academy so he figured Mizuki just didn't want Naruto to have the sword as he believed that the Uchiha deserved it. "Naruto it seems that your sword will only allow you to hold it, and we don't have anything saying that you cant have a sword in the classroom. Now Sakura can you be so kind as to go get me some medics so they can bring Mizuki here to the hospital as it seems that little zap from Naruto's new sword put him into a coma." Iruka said as Naruto went over to Mizuki's limp body that was sprawled out on the floor from being placed into a lightning induced coma.

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