Welcome, readers, to my next story. This should be fun!

So, fun fact about Dark-Amphithere. He likes to write mystery stories, and he also likes "Survivor" stories, like Total Pokémon Island and such. So, that being said, to celebrate Black and White being released, I decided to write a story about all of these things.

All Pokémon is this story do not belong to me. Only their personalities. Also, you might have to look up the Pokémon to see which ones they are, as I know Generation V is new. I'll try to describe them, though.

Have you ever read "And then there were none?" If you have, that's kind of what this is like, with some differences. All of the Pokémon are evolved, to make things easier.

So, enjoy the murder mystery! And welcome to…

Unova Mansion.


Dear Mienshao,

You have been given a free mansion! It is in the middle of the ocean, between Unova and the other regions. You can come and claim your mansion in a week. Congratulations!

-Galvantula, Head of Galvantula's Grand Giveaway!

Mienshao was riding a Lapras to the mansion, reading her letter, frowning to herself. She resembled a weasel with long fur on her arms, colored tan and violet in color. She hadn't entered any contest, but it seemed like it was a random giveaway. And it was definitely legit- the island was in sight, and the enormous mansion was visible even from this far away.

"It looks fairly large," said a voice from behind her. Mienshao turned to see a black Pokémon with a purple face moving towards her. Her body resembled a dress, and she had a bow in her hair. Her name was Gothitelle. Gothitelle had received the same letter from Galvantula, and they had both boarded the same Lapras.

"That it does," said Mienshao in agreement. She wondered why Galvantula sent out multiple invites to the same mansion…perhaps they were going to have another raffle there? Or maybe Gothitelle was going to a different mansion? But…they had seen no other mansions out here. It was a bit strange.

"Hey…we're almost there," said Gothitelle, and sure enough, the mansion was closer.

"Yeah. I wonder why- wait, what's that?" asked Mienshao, looking confused. She was staring at the island, and there were already other Pokémon there!

"Two more," reported Gothitelle, squinting. "I wonder why they're here."

Their Lapras pulled up to the island, while another Lapras swam away, passing the three other Pokémon.

"Very strange," said the Lapras taking them. "I didn't know there were more of you."

"Neither did we," muttered Mienshao. They both thanked and paid the Lapras, and then hopped off.

One of the Pokémon was already heading down to greet them. His body was black and yellow-green, and all of his hands and feet were tipped with red claws. His eyes were red, and there were sharp axe-like horns stick out from the sides of his head. His eyes looked welcoming, but confused.

"Another two?" he asked. "Uh, wow. Wasn't expecting this. I'm Haxorus, and it's good to meet you. Hold on a minute. Excadrill!"

Haxorus turned and started heading back up towards the mansion. Mienshao and Gothitelle exchanged a glance before deciding to follow him. Lying back on some rocks was a mole Pokémon. His body was brown with some red spots, and he had large claws. There was a huge spiky drill on top of his head, and he was wearing a pair of stylish headphones. Excadrill was rocking out to whatever song was playing, and ignored the other three completely.

"Excadrill!" yelled Haxorus. Excadrill still didn't respond. Haxorus groaned before whacking the mole. Excadrill straightened up, turned off his music, and glared at Haxorus reproachfully.

"Dude, I liked that song!" he complained, before noticing the two girls. "Wait, I thought we were the only two!"

"Apparently not," said Haxorus, frowning. "This is really weird. You weren't by any chance, invited to the mansion by Galvantula?"

"Yes, we were," said Mienshao.

"Us too," said Excadrill. "Although, my letter personally had mentions that there would be an awesome party if I showed up. Naturally, I came."

"Well, maybe now we should finally get some answers," said Haxorus, still looking thoughtful. "Why don't we go in the mansion and find out what all of this is about?"

"I couldn't agree more," said a new voice. Everyone whirled around.

A Pokémon that resembled a robotic knight of some sort was walking up to them. He was clad in red, silver, and gold armor, complete with a mean looking helm. His arms resembled blades and his eyes were more suspicious than confused. Behind him was another Pokémon. This Pokémon was tall, and at a first glance, looked like an enormous worm. It was purple with horns at the top, and it had many legs on its body.

"Why are there other people here?" he asked rudely.

"Well, that's what we were trying to figure out," said Haxorus. "Who are you guys?"

"I'm Bisharp," said the first Pokémon. "He's Scolipede."

"Nice to meet you," said Gothitelle, though she eyed Scolipede with distaste. "Now, can we actually go inside?"

"I suppose so," said Bisharp. "I'd like to know what's going on around here."

Shrugging his shoulders, Haxorus pushed open the door to the mansion.

If it had looked splendid on the outside, nothing could prepare the six Pokémon for the look of the inside. The foyer was enormous, with a large, staircase that led to the second floor. Connected to the foyer was the living room, which had plush couches, a television, golden lamps, large tables, and other accessories. The rugs had fancy designs, and chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. Other things around the house included a massive grand piano, a billiards table, some potted plants, and a fireplace.

"Pretty spiffy," said Excadrill, grinning. "But not really good for a rave…I'm hoping they've got some awesome basement to make it look good."

"Assuming this isn't a prank," said Bisharp sharply. "Which I'm guessing it might be. Where is that host?"

"Galvantula?" called Haxorus. "You there?"

"Galvantula?" asked Scolipede, frowning.

"Yes, he's the host."

"My letter said that this was a resort, and I had won a vacation…Golurk's Great Getaway- let all of your troubles vanish and relax," read Scolipede.

"Weird…do you think you're at the wrong place?" asked Excadrill.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" said Scolipede, sneering.

Gothitelle, Bisharp, and Mienshao were all looking around, when they heard the creaking of a door opening.

"At last," muttered Mienshao. "Some answers."

But as she rounded the corner, she stared in confusion. Two more Pokémon entered. The first was large and pink, with a crown. She resembled a ghostly jellyfish. Her lips were red, and she had a puffy white frill around her face. The second Pokémon was a small green creature, surrounded by a barrier of green jelly.

"What on earth are all of you Pokémon doing here?" demanded the pink Pokémon. "This is not Carracosta's Cabana, is it? I was promised a getaway. It's bad enough that there was another Pokémon on my Lapras!"

"Hey!" said the other Pokémon, frowning. He looked at the others, confused. "I didn't expect others. Do any of you have an explanation for this? My name is Reuniclus, by the way. And my companion here is Jellicent."

"Don't introduce me to these peasants!" hissed Jellicent, preening herself. "Where are the servants? I need SOMEONE to get my bags."

"Well, we haven't figured out what's going on, but no one is here," said Bisharp, giving Jellicent a once over.

"Do you guys know anything about Galvantula or Golurk?" asked Haxorus.

"My letter is from Golurk," said Reuniclus. "But apparently, there are more than one host. Are you guys sure you guys are on the right island?"

"Positive," said Mienshao.

"Well…maybe our host or hosts haven't arrived yet," said Haxorus. "I guess we should wait."

"I wonder how many other Pokémon are going to show up," said Gothitelle. "But in the mean time, I'm going to unpack my bags and find a room to stay in."

"I'm coming with you," said Scolipede. "I want a good room."

The two of them walked off, leaving the remaining six to wait for some other Pokémon.

The next two Pokémon showed up a few minutes after Gothitelle and Scolipede left. One was a pink Pokémon with a tan belly and face- her name was Audino, and she was a nurse sent here because apparently a Braviary had a sick wife that needed to be healed. The second Pokémon was a large vulture with dark brown feathers and a pony tail with a bone in it. Mandibuzz was her name, and she had apparently been invited by Galvantula.

"What do you mean Galvantula isn't here?" squawked Mandibuzz.

"None of our supposed hosts are here," said Bisharp, rolling his eyes. "Well, this is definitely the definition of a professional event."

"Are you sure they just aren't delayed?" asked Audino timidly.

"No, and there's no Braviary here," said Mienshao apologetically.

"Oh," said Audino. "I brought all of my medical supplies, just in case…I guess I should go put them in my room…"

The nurse walked off with her suitcase, while Gothitelle returned.

"New people?" she asked. Haxorus nodded.

"And most likely more to come," said the dragon.

"Will someone get my suitcase already?" asked Jellicent.

"Do it yourself," muttered Scolipede, returning as well, Audino behind him. There was a knock on the door.

"Hello?" asked a deep voice. "Is it open?"

"It's unlocked," called Haxorus. "But you might not be expecting what's inside here."

The door was pushed open, and a muscular Pokémon walked in carefully. He was holding three suitcases and a cement block in one arm, and had another cement block in the other hand. He had strong muscles, a red nose, a bun on his head, and a goatee. With a grunt, he placed all of these things down.

"Whew!" he said, stretching. "There you go, old timer. I've got your things!"

"Thanks," said a raspy voice, and a dog stepped into the house. His fur was blue and brown, but had streaks of gray, and he had a long mustache.

"What are all of these people doing here?" he asked.

"Easy there, Stoutland," said the other Pokémon, smiling at the others. "Good to meet you. I'm Conkeldurr. Can you tell me where I can start the construction?"

"Uh…construction?" asked Excadrill, frowning.

"Yeah, where's Liepard? She wanted me to put a bunch of her stuff on the roof. I should probably do that, huh?"

"Why would someone ask for stuff to be on the roof?" asked Reuniclus, confused.

"She apparently wanted me to make a sort of outdoor penthouse. I should go move the piano and green sofa, like she asked," said Conkeldurr, heading over towards the piano.

"Oh yes, he got my stuff!" said Jellicent, grabbing her bags. "Now I'll find that room."

"What kind of host asks for a piano and sofa to be put on the roof?" asked Gothitelle skeptically.

"What kind of host is a bunch of different Pokémon?" retorted Bisharp, rolling his eyes.

Mienshao, on the other hand, approached Stoutland. "Who are you?"

"I'm Officer Stoutland. I'm a retired old cop. I received a letter from my old friend Crustle to meet him and the other old policemen here to talk about the good ol' days. But I'm guessing he's not here?"

"You've guessed it," said Haxorus.

"Strange," commented Stoutland. "Very strange."

About fifteen minutes later, another two Pokémon showed up. One was a black and red fox who had a large ponytail coming out of his head. He seemed to be in a bad mood. Next to him was a monkey with long blue hair, chatting animatedly to him with a smile on her face. The fox's scowl deepened when he saw the others.

"I thought I won a mansion," he said dryly.

"I think we did!" said the monkey, clapping her hands happily.

"Great…well, I'm Zoroark. Let me find my room in this hell and try to not kill myself," said the fox, walking off.

"He's kind of a pessimist, I'm sorry," said the monkey. "I'm Simipour! It's great to meet you!"

"And this one's an optimist," muttered Bisharp. "I can't tell which one annoys me more."

Afterwards, three more Pokémon showed up. A large red gator kicked the door open, grinning wildly. His eyes were black and resembled sunglasses, and he had stripes, as well as a white stomach.

"What the heck?" he asked. "There are more of us here? Hey, you two! Get your butts in here!"

A large blue and gold coffin floated in, and as he entered, arms popped out. His eyes were red and he had a smile of sharp teeth.

"Whoa…what's the occasion?" asked Cofagrigus. "I know this isn't a prank, because I know pranks. I can sense them."

"Let me guess, a practical joker?" asked Excadrill, grinning.

"You bet!" shouted Cofagrigus. "And here I thought this mansion was a joke, but it was real!"

"It might not be," said Haxorus. "There's been no sign of the host."

The third Pokémon, who resembled a ghostly chandelier, had not spoken. Gothitelle attempted to introduce herself.

"I'm Gothitelle," she said. "Who're you?"

"I'm Chandelure," he said quietly. "Nice to meet you. Sorry if I come off as a bit rude. I'm not a people person."

Gothitelle decided not to point out that that comment was fairly rude in itself.

Stoutland, meanwhile, was glaring at the gator. "If it isn't Counterfeit Krookodile?"

Krookodile turned to face the dog. "Oh, Stoutland. Still angry that I'm the only crook that got away?"

"Yes, I am, and if I wasn't off duty, I'd arrest you right now," said Stoutland, his eyes narrowing. Krookodile smirked.

"You still don't have any proof against me," said Krookodile, chuckling. "It could've been any other Krookodile, but no…you're deadest against proving that I'M the one who did it."

"Did what?" asked Mandibuzz curiously.

"Never mind," muttered Stoutland.

"How many people do you think are going to show up?" asked Reuniclus to Haxorus.

"No idea," said Haxorus.

The next two to arrive were Emboar and Gigalith. Emboar was large orange, black, and yellow pig who had a huge mean streak and a hot head. Gigalith was a large blue Pokémon made of rock, with crystal spikes decorating his body. Gigalith, like Emboar, was rather nasty. Reuniclus had thoughts of the people who used to bully him- needless to say, these two seemed like those types of Pokémon.

"I can't believe this!" shouted Emboar. "This is a load of crap!"

"I know, dude, I know," agreed Gigalith.

"Oh, stop complaining already," said Jellicent, folding her arms.

"Because you've been so positive," muttered Gothitelle.

The final two Pokémon to show up on the island were two strange individuals indeed. Everyone stopped talking as two completely different Pokémon stepped through the door. One resembled an alien of some sort. He had a large domed head, a body that looked like a trench coat, green eyes, and brown skin. There was a strange marking on his forehead. The second Pokémon looked like it was a punk. He had a large red Mohawk, baggy yellow pants, orange and black skin, and what appeared to be a hood around its neck. He was also smoking a cigarette, and grinned.

"Dude…I heard there was going to be weed here," he said. "The name's Scrafty. Who's the dealer?"

"I've told you plenty of times, this is not a drug sale," said the other. "We've won a mansion. I'm Beheeyem. It's good to meet you all. I'm guessing we're all candidates for winning a mansion?"

"Not quite," said Haxorus, explaining the situation to Beheeyem.

"Curious indeed," said Beheeyem. "But…maybe our host is just a bit late. Why don't we wait for him? Maybe THEN we'll get some answers."

"True enough…all we really CAN do is wait," said Reuniclus.


Before long, night had fallen. There was still no sign of any other Pokémon arriving. The guests had already set up their rooms (there were about thirty bedrooms, although there were only twenty-one Pokémon).Stoutland, Haxorus, Mienshao and Reuniclus were all talking on the sofas. Scrafty and Krookodile were taking on Emboar and Gigalith in a game of pool. Beheeyem was staring out the window, where it was starting to rain. Audino, Simipour, and Mandibuzz were both quietly talking about medicine. Cofagrigus and Excadrill were trying to find a way to make the TV work, because Jellicent wouldn't stop complaining (although Excadrill was rocking out to his music).Chandelure and Bisharp were both near the fireplace, saying nothing to anyone. Zoroark relaxed in a rocking chair, while Gothitelle was reading a book she had found in her room nearby. Scolipede was coming back into the room from using the bathroom. Conkeldurr opened the door, panting.

"Whew!" he said. "That was a tough job. That piano is out of here now, so I guess my work is complete until the owner shows up."

"Why'd you move the piano, man?" asked Scrafty, grinning. "I love playing piano…I totally rock, dude."

"You're on drugs, and you think you can play piano?" asked Emboar rudely.

"Dude, you have no idea…weed makes it all so much easier," said Scrafty.

Jellicent and Mandibuzz both scoffed in disgust, while Emboar just gave Scrafty a weird look.

"You didn't catch sign of a Lapras out there, did you?" asked Haxorus.

"Nope…nothing," said Conkeldurr, shrugging.

"It's been HOURS," said Mandibuzz. "Where the heck is the owner of this place?"

"You don't think this is all some trick?" asked Mienshao, frowning.

"I hope not," said Beheeyem. "Put it this way- we aren't in a good position. The Lapras were instructed not to come back until the owner of this house called them, and said owner is not here. Basically, we're trapped in a secluded location until this is over. And what if we have no food?"

"The kitchen is stalked, I checked," said Simipour, smiling. "Don't be such a downer, Beheeyem! Isn't this exciting?"

"That's one word for it…I find it unnerving," said Bisharp, shaking his head.

"Well, I think-," began Reuniclus, but at that moment, there was a loud boom of thunder. Lightning flashed outside. For a split moment, the lights went out. There was silence, but Mandibuzz screamed. The lights responded by flickering back on. Cofagrigus snickered, his hand on the vulture's shoulder.

"Sorry, couldn't resist," he said, his snickers turning into a laugh.

"Not funny, jerk!" hissed Mandibuzz.

"This place isn't even in that good condition," said Jellicent critically, shaking her head. "I mean, sure it's fancy and all, but no working television, old beds, dust EVERYWHERE, and no phone!"

"Well, we're definitely not going to be able to get help tonight, even if we had a phone," said Zoroark. "That sea looks rough. Just perfect."

"Am I the only one who has a bad feeling about this?" asked Audino.

"No," said Beheeyem. "I don't like this either."

"Neither do I," said Mienshao.

"I personally like it…I've been needing a getaway," said Scrafty. "Some of my dealers have been caught…I need to keep on the down-lo."

"You're despicable," said Bisharp scornfully.

"Eh, I don't have a problem with this place, either…," said Krookodile, shrugging.

"The perfect hideout for a criminal?" said Stoutland, scowling at the crocodile.

"Watch it, old man, I don't want to hurt you, but if you keep mouthing off, I might be tempted," said Krookodile, grinning meanly.

"Hah!" said Gigalith. "You all are a bunch of babies! There's nothing wrong with this place."

"Scared by thunder…how annoying," commented Scolipede.

"Stupid bugs…how annoying," commented Mandibuzz. Scolipede growled.

"Everyone, calm down!" said Haxorus. "We're all just a bit aggravated that we're stuck here without a host. But I'm sure-"

There was another large bellow of thunder, and once again, the lights turned out. However, this time the blackout remained longer.

"What's going on?" asked Audino.

"I don't know…is there a basement?" asked Conkeldurr. "We could've blown a fuse."

But before anyone could respond, the lights returned as normal.

"Well, that was creepy," commented Excadrill, taking off his headphones.

"Yeah, well- wait, what's that?" asked Mienshao, pointing in the air. There was a large paper fluttering down from the ceiling. Haxorus caught it, before he read it aloud.

Dear guests,

Welcome to Unova Mansion. I regret that I am unable to make an appearance, but I hope you enjoy your stay here nonetheless. I will show up eventually, but for now, as I said, enjoy yourselves. You may not have as much time as you think to do so. Be careful, guests- things are known to be strange at the Unova Mansion.

-Sincerely, Your Host

"What the heck is this?" asked Scolipede, reading over Haxorus's shoulder. "How can he give us a letter when he's not here?"

"Who says it's a he?" asked Gigalith.

"It says host, idiot," retorted Scolipede.

"Whatever, dude, I'm sick of this crap. I'm going up to bed. Emboar, let's finish this round of pool before any other weird shit happens."

"Too late for that, pal!" said Krookodile, sinking the eight ball into one of the corner pockets.

"Cofagrigus, did you do this?" asked Haxorus, glaring at the prankster.

"Uh, no," said Cofagrigus, frowning. "I never wrote that."

"Are you sure?" asked Mienshao. "If it's a prank, it's a mean one."

"You can get me a pencil, and I'll write the exact same thing," suggested Cofagrigus.

"This is more than just a prank," said Beheeyem. "It's a warning."

"A warning?" asked Audino. "For what, exactly?"

"It seems very strange…this host of ours told us to be careful and enjoy what time we have left," said Beheeyem ominously.

"I think you're all just taking this too seriously," said Conkeldurr awkwardly.

"It doesn't seem too bad," agreed Simipour.

"Like I said, it's just a stupid prank," said Gigalith, heading up the stairs. "Just forget about it."

The Rock Pokémon headed up the long staircase in the center of the room, before stopping at the top. He cocked his head in confusion.

"Uh…which door is mine again?" he asked.

"Can't you remember?" asked Scolipede, snorting in contempt. Gigalith sneered down at him.

"I think it was this one," he commented, grabbing the doorknob. And that was the last thing Gigalith would ever do. As soon as he twisted the door knob, BOOM! The door exploded in the Pokémon's face. Gigalith flew backwards away from the door, tumbling down the stairs loudly, before hitting the carpet of the living room. He didn't get up.

"What happened?" asked Haxorus, running in the direction of the noise.

"Idiot probably slipped and fell," said Scolipede. "That boom was thunder, I think."

"That came from in here, not out there!" said Gothitelle.

Reuniclus floated over to Audino, who was examining Gigalith. "He's probably just unconscious. Is he okay?"

Audino felt the Pokémon's body all over. With a shocked gasp, she looked up.

"He's dead!"


Rather dramatic for an opening, eh? So all of these twenty-one…er, twenty Pokémon are trapped on an island in the middle of the ocean, with no way to escape. It's not so bad, until they realize someone's been killed.

Bye bye, Gigalith. Poor guy, he got really unlucky- oh well, he shouldn't of forgotten where his room was. One down. The title of these chapters will refer to the manners of death among the contestants. That's why this was is or will be called "Boom".

So, here's a cast list with personalities (long author's note, I know)

Reuniclus- The Geeky Guy
Emboar- The Angry Bully
Conkeldurr- The Gentle Giant
Scolipede- The Arrogant Jerk
Haxorus- The Strong Leader
Audino- The Kind Nurse
Bisharp- The Cynical One
Krookodile- The Cocky Crook
Mienshao- The Quiet Chick
Gothitelle- The Gothic Girl
Gigalith- The Stupid Thug (KILLED)
Cofagrigus- The Clever Joker
Scrafty- The Relaxed Druggie
Jellicent- The Rich Brat
Beheeyem- The Mysterious Brain
Stoutland- The Retired Elder
Zoroark- The Grouchy Pessimist
Simipour- The Cheerful Optimist
Excadrill- The Fun-Loving Rocker
Mandibuzz- The Nosy Gossiper
Chandelure- The Calm Loner

Have fun guessing the murderer, guys! I'd love to see what people think in the reviews. Although you may have to look carefully…my job in this story is to make sense, not just have everything randomly happen. You can actually probably rule some people out right now. And for one hint, there is only a SINGLE murder- no accomplices.

Gigalith: Review, people!