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Tekkaman Blade III: Nightmare (Third Saga)

Chapter 78 - Crisis

Within his pod, Okita trembled as he saw the awesome form of the Blastor Tekkaman once again. This time, it was Wraith who had transformed. So, this was the monster that had manhandled his mother. This was the being who had destroyed the flagship. Okita froze. How could he possibly fight against him?

In the neighboring pod, the angry Akito also remained motionless, studying the evolved Wraith.

The audio signal suddenly became very choppy, most likely due to interference from the energy waves Wraith was emitting. The satellite video had gotten even murkier due to the black smoke spreading over the military headquarter. Milly peered frantically from one comm. officer to another, hoping that they would be able to re-establish clean contact. The officers fervently worked the console, but to no avail…

Milly then turned to her left, noticing the dark-green haired woman standing in the doorway, who herself was staring at the view screen, catching a fuzzy glimpse of the dreaded Blastor Tekkaman who had attacked her mere days ago… The woman briefly shut her eyes, trying to push it out from her mind…

"Chief?" Milly blurted, startled to see Aki. Freeman and Neilus snapped their heads towards her. The woman grimaced at being noticed. She would now be forced to make her move instead of watching the proceedings at the military base. Yet, perhaps it did not matter, due to the degraded signal coming in.

"Aki, I'm glad to see you're awake! But the doctor hasn't cleared you to move about yet. You should still rest and—," started Freeman, only to stop himself mid-sentence as he examined the woman more closely. "Hold on, you're not…"

"About time someone was perceptive enough to notice, wasn't it, Heinrich von Freeman?" she sneered, causing him to freeze. "I thought you looked familiar when I spoke with Takaya earlier today. I remember reading about you a while ago."

"Earlier today?" whispered Freeman, then widening his eyes slightly. "No! Then you're…"

The intruding woman responded by revealing the ruby crystal in her palm, which began to glow with scarlet energy. Milly's jaw dropped in horror, and Neilus stepped back in dread. Freeman tensed.

The comm. officers bolted up from their seats, and one turned to press something on her console.

"Hold it!" Sayaki admonished. "You'd better not do that. You better not alert anyone, especially Blade, or many will die. Got it? Now open only the base-wide intercom so everyone only here can listen!"

The officer hesitated but then turned and did as instructed, with Sayaki watching her closely.

"Excellent. Space Knight Command Center, halt all activities at once. Instead, go outside and take a peek," Sayaki commanded, turning towards the comm. officer. "Pull it up on the screen. Go on."

Trembling, the comm. officer brought up an image from outside using the exterior cameras. At first, nothing appeared to be amiss. However, as the cameras angled upwards, a dozen buggers appeared on the large view screen. Akin to vultures, they were slowly circling the sky high above the Command Center.

The cameras zoomed in. It appeared that something was moving within the bellies of the buggers.

"What's inside them?" whispered Freeman, never having seen something like this earlier.

"Primary Bodies!" answered Milly. "These… These Radam monsters have body cavities that can carry cargo. We learned that Radam were filling them with the Primary Body troops they recruited; so that they could move them from one military base to another. That's how they got around so quickly!"

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Sayaki smiled, pleased. "And indeed, their bellies contain many Primary Bodies. But I've also made a special addition. Inside one monster is an old friend of yours."

"An old friend…?" Freeman repeated, growing tense.

"Does the name 'Levin' ring a bell?" the woman asked in a cavalier tone.

"What! Levin! He's in one of those things?" Milly blurted, blanching. Freeman tightened his jaw.

"So listen carefully, Space Knights! If I get any interference from anyone; if anyone tries to stop me, if anyone tries to approach the Radam monsters themselves, or if anyone dares to contact Blade or any other Tekkaman, I will have those monsters release their cargo," Sayaki announced sternly, and Freeman widened his eyes. "Could primary armor protect a Primary Body from a fall of two thousand feet? And if they land in the water, could the weight drag them down under? Maybe, maybe not. But would you really want to take that sort of risk?"

"You devil…" Freeman whispered, his skin becoming cold. "They're your own troops!"

"Ah, so you do care about them. That's a good start. Then you know better than to do anything unwise," she warned. "But should you forget about them at any moment, remember that a human body by itself cannot withstand that kind of fall. It's just too bad I didn't have a spare parachute to offer Levin."

"I can't believe you…" grated Milly, her fist shaking. "You're horrible, just like the General! How could someone so cold and cruel like you possibly be Okita's mother? Or anyone's mother for that matter?"

Sayaki snapped her head towards the other woman, and she flared her nostrils…

Wraith snarled with fury, his mind consumed with delivering punishment to those who interfered.

With his red energy flaring, Wraith swooped down suddenly, gunning towards the being that was primarily responsible… Dead barely had a moment to realize what was coming as Noal closed the gap…

Wraith slammed into Dead, causing the latter to howl in pain as he spun in the air. Dead could hardly believe this was happening. He had barely seen Noal! Was this the power of a Blastor Tekkaman?

Wraith arced around and came for a second pass. Dead desperately fired his thrusters, hoping to escape, but it was too late. With a battle cry, a fiery Wraith viciously smashed into Dead once more, and all could hear the sickening crunch of metal. The already injured Dead screamed as he twisted, his skull jarring while cracks spread along his armor from the sheer force.

"Worthless bastard!" seethed Noal as he glared. "You robbed me!"

Beneath his visor, the young man winced as he spit blood; but he knew his ordeal was not over…

The ominous form of Wraith disappeared into a streak of light and collided into him menacingly before reappearing above him. With a roar, Noal slugged his face violently. Dead hurtled helplessly towards the ground, only to crash-land at an angle and skid through the dirt, leaving a trail behind him. He lay unmoving as he yelped in agony from his bloodied mouth, and pain shot through his spasming body.

Sayaki snapped her head towards the other woman, and she flared her nostrils. Soon, her crystal pulsed with ruby energy, radiating red light from its core as Sayaki extended her arm straight up. Freeman quickly stepped in front of Milly to protect her. The crystal flashed, and ruby light swirled fiercely about Sayaki, only to ferociously expand like a circular ring of scarlet energy, akin to a violent radial shockwave.

Freeman widened his eyes but could not react in time as the scarlet shockwave slammed into his body. He was launched into the air and spun, only to harshly smash into the central view screen. The glass shattered, cutting his skin, and sparks flew, shocking him. The ruby wave also threw the comm. officers to the floor, along with Milly and Neilus, and it caused the smaller view screens and consoles to explode upon contact. Freeman howled in pain, but it was not over. He plummeted, soon crashing into a burning console before bouncing off and hitting the ground. He lay sprawled about, blood leaking as his body stung in pain.

Before him, the crystal shell that encased the lady soon broke apart, revealing her armored form.

"I am Warlady Delta, not the inferior Aki!" she announced, stepping forward and kicking Freeman in the ribs. The force sent him rolling underneath the crawl space beneath the console, and the man howled again in pain, tears forming in his eyes. A pair of guards who heard the commotion entered the Command Room, only to gasp upon seeing the black and gold Tekkaman, and they raised their laser pistols at her.

Delta laughed. She swung out her arm, belting them hard across the face. The men crumpled to the floor, bleeding, and Sayaki relieved one guard of his weapon. Snorting, she moved towards the woman trembling on the floor. The comm. officers cowered as she passed by, praying she wouldn't focus on them.

"Get up!" she ordered, reaching down and pulling Milly up by her hair. "You're coming with me!"

"No!" Milly cried out in pain, for she, too, had been jolted by the energy wave. "Let me go!"

"Milly!" Neilus yelled. He extended his arm out, struggling to rise to his feet. However, Delta had wrapped her arm around her new captive firmly. Neilus gasped as she leveled the gun directly at him.

"Neilus!" cried out Milly, her eyes betraying her fear for him. "No! Go and save yourself! Run!"

"Ah, so we've got a pair of lovebirds here, I see," Delta deduced, smirking.

"Let her go! Please!" Neilus begged before pointing to himself. "Take me instead! I'm willing—"

"If you're so willing to do things, tell me where Aki is," Sayaki said firmly.

"What!" Milly gasped as her face blanched. "She's not here! We don't know where she is!"

"Don't lie!" Delta snapped, pointing the gun at Milly and placing the end of its cold barrel against Milly's temple. Neilus hollered for his fiancé. The hairs on his skin rose, and his face revealed his terror.

"Tell me, or she dies!" Sayaki threatened. "And if you lie to me again, you both die!"

"A-Alright! Okay! I'll tell you!" said Neilus desperately, nodding. "Just don't hurt Milly, please!"

"Then show me the way," Delta ordered, glancing at the door. Neilus cursed and hobbled through the exit, pausing before entering the corridor. The Warlady followed suit and stepped into the passageway.

"When this is done, you let her go!" said Neilus firmly, only to see the Warlady halt behind him…

Sayaki suddenly spun around and revealed the circular cells along her chest plate. Milly gasped, and Delta quickly threw her down. Neilus also realized what was going to happen, and he dove to the floor.

"Vol Tekka!" the Warlady roared, firing crystalline red energy down the short stretch of corridor and into the Command Room. A fierce explosion ensued. Shrieks of pain could be heard from the comm. officers inside, only to be drowned out by the sound of the growing fireball that soon pervaded the room.

"CHIEF! EVERYONE!" Milly shrieked, tears of outrage falling as she collapsed to her knees.

However, she was not given any more time to grieve. A pleased Delta bent down and scooped her up once again. Sayaki turned, firing her thrusters and propelling herself down the passageway. Neilus yelled for his fiancé and rose to his feet, quickly finding the strength to sprint after the woman he loved.

He soon caught up and cursed at the Warlady for what she had just done. Delta merely responded by forcing him to lead the way.

Natasha froze, aghast, at how easily Dead had been manhandled, and suddenly the power of the Blastor Tekkaman became very real to her. It terrified her to her core, especially to see Noal in that form…

Hatchet also backed away in fear, figuring that Brawl too must have faced this sort of ferocity…

However, one man would not retreat… He was familiar with this kind of power all too well…

"Wraith!" yelled Blade as he fired his thrusters, and he shot forward to intervene. Natasha gasped, knowing that she could not stand around either. She launched forward, hoping to come at Noal from the other side and flank him. Yet, as Blade approached, Wraith twisted out of the way, cleanly avoiding him.

"Noal, stop!" Natasha pleaded, appearing before him. However, the man only flared his nostrils.

"Out of my way!" he hollered as he swiped his lance, batting her away hard with its side. Vesna grunted as she was knocked back, and Blade grabbed her and slowed her down. Natasha caught her breath.

The girl trembled as she stared at Noal. To hit her so callously like that? He must be truly lost…

"Please, D-san," she tearfully pleaded. "Stop Noal… before he destroys himself completely…"

Blade witnessed Wraith engulf himself in ruby energy once again and circle around with fury.

"Please, D-san," she begged in a whisper. "Please bring him back!"

Wraith dove downwards towards Dead but stopped mid-flight, realizing his perfect positioning. Not only was Dead End lying on the ground just below and in front of him, the military headquarter was looming in the near distance straight ahead. Wraith revealed the deadly Vol Tekka cells on his torso.

With a snarl, he began to charge up, and the air about him crackled with energy and electricity. Dirt kicked up around him, and stones were thrown about. Dead gasped, watching him with one eye closed.

"NO!" Blade hollered, realizing that Wraith was going to blow away both Dead and the military base in one shot. Emitting his own roar, D-boy shrouded himself in emerald energy and launched forward.

He hurtled towards Noal in his Crash Intrude form, and Wraith turned just in time to notice.

"What!" Noal gasped, and Blade collided into him, sending them both flying. D-boy cried out from the impact, and the charge in Noal's Vol Tekka cells dissipated. The two tumbled through the air.

Both fired their thrusters to stabilize themselves, and Noal launched towards Blade.

"You won't interfere again!" yelled the gray Tekkaman, slamming into D-boy and sending him spinning. "I held back because you blabbered on about a trial! You took away my one and only chance!"

"Stop whining like a child!" Blade shot back.

"SHUT UP!" boomed Wraith. He fired his thrusters again and barreled towards a still disoriented Blade. D-boy cursed as Wraith appeared before him. They swung their lances, and the clangor of metal resounded. D-boy struggled as Wraith's lance pushed against his, and it was clear that Noal was getting the upper hand. The weapon slipped from D-boy's fingers, and he cursed upon noticing Noal's eyes flash red.

Noal swung his fist, slugging D-boy hard across the face. Earth's savior let out a cry of pain as his body twisted, and Wraith lashed out his foot, landing it right in Blade's stomach. Takaya doubled over, unable to believe the force of the blow. Noal's new power was undoubtedly real and extremely dangerous.

"D-san!" Natasha screamed.

They soon reached the medical wing. The place was abuzz due to Sayaki's threatening base-wide message, with doctors and nurses rushing patients to the evacuation routes. Delta glided down the hallway, keeping the frightened Milly in a tight hold, with a winded Neilus following; and the medical staff began to scream, cower, as well as run. Delta peered inside each room. Many patients had already been moved, as was evidenced by their missing beds. One room, however, caught the Warlady's eye.

"Seline?" she said, noticing the girl's name printed on a folder outside. She kicked the door open. However, Seline was not there, though her bed, and the messy sheets atop it, still were. Where was she? Sayaki cursed, making a mental note to find her later, and she reminded herself of her main purpose there.

"Tell me where Aki is!" barked Delta, scaring her captive, and the tearful Milly shuddered…

In the Plant Chamber, the boys watched the battle, fascinated, but only one of them was worried about Blade. Okita wanted to help. Of course, Akito would not let him escape, however. Even if he could, what could he possibly do against Blastor Wraith? Especially when he had been manhandled by Blastor Blade weeks ago? Okita peered at his twin, who was savoring seeing their father receive such a beating. The elder twin shook his head and resumed watching.

'Hang on, Father!' he desperately thought.

Blade cried out in pain as Wraith continued his onslaught, landing blows across his chest, face, and arms. Cracks had appeared in D-boy's weakening armor. If this kept up, he would die for sure.

As his head was being jarred within his helmet, Takaya could think about only one thing…

… Or, rather, only one person. That person, too, had suffered at the hands of Blastor Wraith. That person, too, had received such sharp blows. That person, too, did not deserve any moment of it…

Anger began to well in D-boy as images of his injured, beloved wife flashed through his mind.

'Aki…' he thought desperately, wincing. 'AKI!'

In her infirmary bed at the Command Center, the woman's face twitched as a green glow appeared on her forehead. There was a noise disturbing her… No, rather, it was as if someone was calling to her through the darkness… calling her name in desperation… pleading to her… But it was not just anyone…

It was him.

Her face slightly twitched again, and Aki slowly opened her eyes…

As his heart pounded, thoughts of her gave him the strength he needed to stay alive… to survive… and to resist. Opening his eyes, D-boy let out another roar – deep from within – that also resounded about.

"What!" gasped Noal, noticing the emerald energy start to ripple around Blade's damaged armor.

D-boy emitted another battle cry, and the crystalline energy burst and burned about him. Soon, his armor thickened around the chest, and he formed larger, sharper shoulder pauldrons that angled diagonally upwards. His helmet and mask grew in size and were reinforced, while the rest of his armor became edgier. Two wing-like projections sprung from his back, and the emerald energy swirled about his person.

Wraith gasped as he backed up a meter, quickly realizing what he was up against.

"Wraith!" roared D-boy. Flashing his eyes, he gunned for his old friend. Wraith gasped again, but D-boy caught him and fired his thrusters, propelling them straight up through the smoke and into the sky.

Vesna watched, transfixed, as the ultimate battle between Blastor Blade and Blastor Wraith began…

Scanning the medical wing, Delta could not find her. The Warlady grew angrier, making Milly more terrified. However, they did not have to look much further, for as Delta turned the corner, she came upon an empty, dimly lit corridor…

… A dimly lit corridor in which a person limped out from a room at the far end…

… A person who possessed long, dark green flowing hair and had a nasty gash across her face…

… A woman, who, despite her painful injuries, straightened her slumping shoulders and looked ahead…

The Warlady exhaled beneath her visor, ecstatic that she had finally found her.

"Aki!" gasped the trembling Milly. Neilus came up behind them and froze.

"Come, Sayaki," Aki said frostily, opening her bloodshot eyes as she stared at her cousin-sister. "Let's go."