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"Hey Yuki, come down here! There's someone I want you to meet!" Hatsuharu yelled. I sighed, put my guitar down, and walked out of my room. Haru had been coming in here talking about this really awesome friend he had just met.

I got down there and saw them. But what I saw was not expected. There was a girl sitting on our couch, eating Meso soup. I almost said hi until the little voice in the back of my head stopped me.

You're not good enough Yuki. Remember what Akito said? You're worthless to the entire human race.

Of course I listened to the voice, or as Hatori calls it, my "conscience".

Sorana, this is my closest friend Yuki. He doesn't talk much; don't be offended by the silence." Haru tells her.

The name sounds so familiar. I guess it's because of school.

"So, Yuki, do you want to go to a movie with us? We're going to see men in black two. You like that kind if thing, don't you?" he asked me. I shrugged.

After about three hours, the movie ended and so did our dinner. We were just out walking on the streets when we saw a tiger on the side of the road. Haru ran over to it.

"Yuki, come over here! It's Kisa!" he yelled at me.

I ran over and saw the markings on her back, defining that this was in fact Kisa.

"Yuki, run her home. Not to Akito, though! I think he did this to her." he yelled.

He rapped her in a cloth and handed her to me. I did as I was told and ran as fast as I could to our home.

Seeing Kisa, all bent and broken, sent me into a rage. I became furious with Akito, asking myself how he could do to her what he'd done to me.

I got her inside to my dad, Shigure, and ran outside. I started to smash the trees with force I never knew I had.

I knew what was happening to me. Hatori told me it would happen soon.

I was breaking through.

A/N thanks for reading this! It's from a manga series called fruitsbasket. This is before Tohru showed up. Yuki doesn't talk because of childhood memories. This is my version o fhis breakthrough o fhis quietness and lonely suffering.