Chapter 9: Greek History Lessons

"When attacked an animal will defend itself, but when let alone and perfectly alive after said attack, the animal will seek out it's attacker with a fury that not even hell could match. We as humans have that primal power to seek out our attackers, but do we do it the right way; like animals, or do we do it the wrong way; by seeking the evils of revenge for the mere thought of it?…" -Quote of the Chapter

Freeman House, Saturday, 7:28am:

Huey, Riley, and Traban were waking up in the same living room they had slept in after Huey and Riley finished with their questions for the night. They still hadn't answered all of the questions, but they had decided to get up early to finish and that was what they were doing.

"No one talk to me until I've had my morning coffee." Traban said groggily as black smoke filled his hand.

He swirled in around in his hand until it took the shape of a coffee mug. He did the same with his other hand until the smoke became a donut. Huey and Riley watched him in shock as they had never seen him do anything like that ever before. He gave them a confused look as he finished his breakfast.

"What?" Traban finally asked as they shook their heads to get rid of their shock.

"How did you do that?" Riley asked as his stomach growled.

"Oh, that? Well like I said last night; I'm Hades, God of the Underworld and Dead, so basically I can manipulate anything affiliated with darkness, shadows, or the earth. That smoke was a part of darkness, so I willed it to become what I wanted. You two should be able to do the same, but I'll teach you how later, along with other things." Traban said as he demonstrated by turning more smoke into tiny figurines of Riley and Huey, and then giving the small statues to them. Huey looked his over and saw that it very well made, and it still smelled a bit smoky.

"So, you can do this and other stuff, and so can we?" Huey said while still looking over the figurine.

"Yup, but let's not get off track." Traban said as he created breakfast for them and they ate.

"So, what kinda questions do you two have today?" Traban asked once they were finished.

"Are all the Greek Gods and Goddesses real? If so, aren't you like the second oldest of the Olympians?" Huey asked as Traban's expression darkened at the second question.

"Yes, they're all real and some the main ones are bastards and bitches. To the second question, No, I'm not an Olympian; my family has made that quite clear. To tell you the historians got it wrong when they tried to guess who was born first of us. It was I who was born first, then Hestia, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and then Zeus." Traban said with him spitting out the name Zeus with venom and hate. He sighed as he sat in the armchair with Huey and Riley sitting on the couch to listen to him.

"You see there is an easy way to remember the truth of the order in which we were born. You see, our father, Kronos, did not swallow us when we were first born. Instead he cast each of down from the heavens as an attempt to kill us. I was cast when first born into the deepest pits of the Underworld, Tartarus, or the center of the Earth. Though it did not kill me, but instead made me far stronger than any though possible. It was there I stayed in lonesome until Hestia was born. When our father flung her down she landed higher than I did, being just on the edge of the core. She would have died there had I not climbed up and saved her. But alas, she was still dying, so I did the only thing I could to save my little sister. I fused her with the flames of the core and climbed to the crust of the Earth. I build a home so I could see her each day, and used the same flame as a connection between the two of us. She would tend the flame and never let it go out so that we could be together, for I just couldn't bear to stay on the surface of Earth and raise her. This is where people get the hearth from." Traban explained as Huey and Riley listened more intently. It was like the Greek Soap Opera.

"Later Demeter was born. I did not wish to see another of my siblings flung to where I plotted, so I hardened the Earth around the Core to the point that nothing could get to the center. Demeter was flung and imbedded into the Earth, but only halfway through the mantle. I climbed once more and dug her up. I placed her with Hestia and they lived happily as sisters. Demeter would plant a different seed each year near the place I dug her from, and so that is why she is the Goddess of the Harvest."

"Then it was Poseidon who was thrown a bit off course, so instead of being in the Earth he was thrown into the Ocean. Hestia and Demeter saved him as I could not swim at the time, but I did bond him with the oceans and seas so he would live long enough for them to rescue him."

"Next was Hera, who too was tossed off course and landed on a road, where a widowed woman found and raised her. I and the others would keep in contact with her and her adoptive mother from time to time. Hera became fond of the woman, and so she devoted her life to become as great a woman as the one who raised her, hence the Goddess of all things Womanly." Traban said as Huey and Riley were a bit put off by the story, but shrugged it off as anticipation for the next part.

"Then came my littlest brother, Zeus. He wasn't flung, but replaced with a rock which was thrown into a volcano. Our mother, Rhea, simply couldn't bear to see another of her children flung to the Earth. I mean really? After five kids you chose to stop it then? Uhh… Anyways, Zeus was raised by our grandmother, Gaia, and trained to kill our father, Kronos. He trained for many years until he came of the age he was ready for the job. He then 'rallied the troops' to his aid and found all of us, but he only found me because I happened to be visiting Hestia as I did once a year. He 'charmed' all of us into fighting with him and we overthrew Kronos and the other Titans, in the Great Titan War. The defeated Titans were then cast into the deepest pits of the Underworld known as Tartarus, and Kronos was cut up with his own scythe. Atlas, one of the Titans that fought against Zeus, was punished by having to hold up the sky on his back for all eternity, because the sky could not hold itself up around that time." Traban said and then took a deep breath as he rubbed his temples. Telling this story was getting old really fast.

"After the battle with the Titans, Zeus, in all his 'brotherly love', shared the world with us, his older brothers, Poseidon and Hades, by drawing straws; which he cheated at. Zeus got the sky and air, Poseidon the waters and earthquakes, and I received the world of the beneath and dead, the Underworld." Traban explained as he created more black smoke to show the 3 realms to Huey and Riley.

"From that you know most of the stories, so what else?" Traban asked as Riley gave him a look as he thought of something.

"Aye, didn't you marry yo niece or something?" Riley asked Traban sighed and palmed his forehead. Why did everyone ask this stupid question?

"Yes, I did, but I loved and still love her. Her name was Persephone, and she was the daughter of two mortals who Demeter enjoyed very much. Those two held Demeter as the greatest goddess and so when they died she took in their only orphaned child after gaining permission from Hestia, who protected orphaned. Demeter was a bit upset at first about the death of the two mortals as the goddess who they loved, so she went to Zeus and asked him to join her in a scheme. Zeus and she claimed that Persephone was their child together, and none of us really cared or knew to at first. At least until I found out the truth from Persephone herself. Anyways, Demeter raised Persephone, her only child for about a millennia, and so Zeus, I, and Poseidon granted her full godhood and the position of a goddess. Demeter wanted to be even closer to her daughter, so she gave Persephone some of her power." Traban said in mild irritation as Huey and Riley exchanged looks.

"I never saw her before, because of my demanding job as Lord of the Dead, so when Hermes came with the request to my her a goddess I quickly said yes to be get back to work. After about another thousand years of working, I realized something; I was very lonely. I decided to speak with Hestia about it, because she was my most beloved sister and sibling. She said that I should travel the world, and find a girl to love and have as a wife. So I did just that. I got into my black chariot and rode across the world for my perfect girl. Halfway through my ride I saw Persephone one day, in the fields with her mother Demeter. I soon fell in love with her, and plotted on how I would get her to fall in love with me." Traban said as Huey gave him a weird look.

"Didn't you kidnap her after obtaining the permission of Zeus, because you didn't want to deal with Demeter; knowing Demeter would never give her daughter to be married?" Huey asked with Traban slumping into his chair.

"Not really, you see after obtaining the permission of Zeus I did decide to kidnap her. Persephone was innocently picking flowers with some Nymphs in a field in Enna when I came to her. The Nymphs saw I was there and they went to tell Demeter. I panicked and turned them into Sirens so they would not interfere. I spoke with Persephone and persuaded her into coming with me, because no living goddess can enter the Underworld unless of their own free will." Traban explained as Huey and Riley nodded their heads.

"Life came to a standstill as the devastated Demeter, searched everywhere for her lost daughter. I forgot about Helios, the Titan god of the Sun, who sees everything, and eventually he told Demeter what had happened. Needless to say; Demeter was pissed with me, so she decided to make my job harder than ever before. She stopped working the Earth, and the land didn't flourish. Thousands, upon millions died of starvation and they all came to the Underworld like a tsunami flood of souls." Traban said rubbing his temples as he, Riley and Huey got headaches just thinking about that much work on short notice.

"I was determined to make Persephone love me, and tried in many ways. She hated me at first, for "snatching" her away from her mother, but after a while she revealed that her mother wasn't around, as she had never been away from her before. I very much wanted her love and tried to buy it with many gifts at first, but then took to spending all day with her, trying to make her happy. Over time, she fell in love with me and was relieved to be free from her mother's bossiness, nagging, and smothering for a time, at least from what she says. She said I was very kind, and didn't ever nag, boss, or smother her, which I didn't, because it was stupid." Traban explained as Riley made gagging sounds and Huey elbowed him. Traban sighed as he sat up.

"Well finally Zeus, who pressed by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities, who also heard their anguish, tried to force me to return Persephone. However, it was a rule of the Fates that whoever consumed food or drink in the Underworld was doomed to spend eternity there, and before Persephone was released to Hermes, who had been sent to retrieve her, she ran to a tree and ate six pomegranate seeds, knowing they would eternally connect her to return to the Underworld and force her to return for six months each year. Persephone told me she ate the six pomegranate seeds, so she had to stay with me for half the year." Traban said as Riley and Huey gave him a look.

"That chick must have really loved yo ass to want to go to Hell half a year just to be with you." Riley said as Traban laughed and nodded.

"Yeah, but it all came at a high cost, as Demeter never could accept that her daughter had married me, and left her "poor mother". The nagging of Demeter increased with it all, but Persephone got to stay with me this way, and she said it made her happy. Persephone respected me and loved her new powers as Queen of the Underworld." Traban said and then sighed as Huey and Riley looked to one another again.

"Well, when mother and daughter were united, the Earth flourished with vegetation and color, but for six months each year, when Persephone returned to me, Demeter mourned and the earth once again became a barren realm, thus creating seasons." Traban said as he stood from his chair and stretched a bit. Huey looked at him in thought.

"Where's Persephone now? I mean, she's an immortal goddess so where is she?" Huey asked as he had a feeling that he wouldn't like the answer.

"Well she and I are bonded together forever, so it was decreed that I would love her in each and every life." Traban said as he turned to Huey.

"So she here?" Riley asked as Traban nodded.

"Yup, she's still innocent, strong-willed, and bright as ever. She always did have a way of brightening up the Underworld with her unyielding spirit…" Traban said as Huey gulped as he was about to ask his next question.

"Is she… Jazmine?" Huey asked as Traban looked at him with an unreadable face. Riley watched things closely as he could tell that the description could fit any of the girls, so he would be damned if Persephone turned out to be Cindy.

"Maybe… but if she was, would you be prepared to give her up?" Traban asked with hawk-like eyes on Huey, and then cut them toward Riley.

"Never" Huey said as Riley nodded his head in agreement, which only made Traban smirk.

"You see that's the funny thing about death and love. Both are so strong that they're the most constant, unpredictable, and sometimes unstoppable things in existence. You would never give up Jazmine or Cindy, even if one of them was meant to love me for all eternity, and so you could probably cheat death just to be with them. Love is a very powerful thing, but death is all the more powerful. Remember this if nothing else: Love can bring you to your knees, but death is something that will bring you to your end." Traban said with a chill going down Huey and Riley's spines. No wonder death was the oldest of all the gods…

"You never answered the question; is she Jazmine or Cindy?" Huey asked shakily as he was afraid of the answer. Traban only chuckled a bit as he shook his head.

"No, she's not Jazmine or Cindy, but they could have easily been her; especially Jazmine, because she's just like Persephone was when we were first together. Over the eons my beloved has became stronger in her courage and bravery. She's extremely headstrong now-a-days." Traban said as Huey's eyes widen along with Riley's.

It was then Ming walked past the living room as she walked to the kitchen door. She turned back to see Huey and Riley staring at her with surprise and curiosity in their eyes while Traban gazed at her lovingly.

"What? I have on clothes this time." Ming said as she gestured to the pajamas she had on and her footie-slippers. She ignored them as she walked into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

"And that answers that question, so anymore?" Traban asked as they shook their heads of their thoughts. Huey and Riley looked to one another and then back at Traban.

"No, we… good" Riley said as they got up and made their way into the kitchen, where Ming was struggling with cooking. Traban sighed as he walked over to help her and Huey, along with Riley, sat at the kitchen table and watched them.

"Goddess of Spring-time, Queen of the Underworld, and daughter to the Goddess of the Harvest, but her ass still can't cook? What the fuck is wrong with that?" Riley whispered to Huey as they both started chuckling and making jokes about her lack of cooking skills until Jazmine and Cindy came in.

"Why didn't any of you guys come to bed last night? You didn't do anything... bad did you?" Jazmine asked as she sat in Huey's lap.

"Of course not, I was just telling them how I'm Hades, God of the Dead, and how they and you all gods as well." Traban said as the girls looked at him skeptically.

"I thought Hades was supposed to be blue skinned with blue flaming hair." Jazmine said as Traban snapped his fingers and smoke surrounded him. When the smoke cleared in revealed a blue-grey humanoid with flaming hair in black robes which turned to smoke as it touched the kitchen floor.

"Badda Boom!" Traban said as his flaming hair grew and almost touched the ceiling. He then snapped his fingers and turned back to normal, doing a mock bow to magical applause he created. The others starred at him weirdly or in shock as he returned to cooking.

"Okay, now that was scary." Jazmine said as Riley shook his head.

"Naw, that was tame. Last night we said God of War. Now that was some Halloween-type shit." Riley said as Cindy looked shocked and then looked at the smiling and happy Traban who was still cooking.

"Okay… but isn't Hades married?" Cindy said as Ming's eyes grew big and then narrowed as she turned to Traban. She was about to do something, but then Huey grabbed her arm.

"It's you, oh great Lady Persephone." Huey said to Ming as Cindy and Jazmine's eyes widened again and they almost fainted.

"Who's Persephone?" Ming asked as she only knew of the major Greek Gods and Goddesses.

"Persephone is the goddess of springtime, flowers, and young life. She is also the queen of the Underworld. She is the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, and the wife of Hades. But, apparently she's only the adopted daughter of Demeter and Zeus, because she was born to two mortals that loved Demeter." Huey explained as the girls still looked shocked. Ming turned her head to Traban with narrowed eyes.

"You've got some explaining to do." Ming said as he sighed and walked over with plates full of food floating around him and taking their places on the table in front of the others.

"I think I'll do this the easy way, instead of explaining everything for five hours like last night." Traban said as he snapped his fingers. Everyone's eyes widened and glowed a cloudy white as information filled their minds. When it was over they all breathed heavily and Jazmine fell over.

"Oh yeah, that's why I didn't do it like that last night." Traban commented to himself as he helped Jazmine up.

"So, that was… interesting" Jazmine commented as she held her aching head. Huey got up from his chair.

"Yesterday you said that you sent Cairo, Caesar, and Hiro to a place we could see them at any time we wanted… That wouldn't be the Underworld would it?" Huey asked as he held Jazmine's hand. The others looked on in shock as Traban nodded.

"Yes, but they're not being tormented in the Inferno, or Hell. They're doing special jobs for me. We can go and see them now if you'd like?" Traban said as they all had chills go down their spines at the idea of taking a trip to the Underworld.

"Sure" Huey said nonchalantly with a shrug to cover his own fear of the place.

Huey was smart, not afraid, he knew that almost anyone who went into the place never came out again, and that the people who did could be counted on hand. Plus, those people were usually good souls who were destined to do something to great for Hades to keep them there forever at the time.

"Great! I'll get the old chariot started and we can go for a one-way ride to Hell!" Traban said excitedly as the others grew paler with each word he spoke, especially "one-way" and "Hell".

"I'm kidding! I snap and badda-bing, badda-boom, we're there in my palace." Traban said as he snapped his fingers and smoke engulfed them all.

When the smoke cleared they were in a beautifully made palace. Jazmine and the others lose almost all fear, until they heard a dreadful scream of pain and torture that came from within the palace. They walked into the throne room to see Hiro, Cairo, and Caesar being chased by a massive three-headed Rottweiler. Traban came into the throne room, and they noticed that he was wearing his black robes that turned to smoke as they touched the black marble floors of the palace.

"Down, Cerberus, they're my new employees so I would not like them to be chew-toys… Not unless they do a horrible job at least, okay puppy…" Traban said as he calmly walked over and petted Cerberus's heads. The heads licked his hands affectionately as he pointed to Cerberus's body. It became covered in smoke from heads to toe and then became a one-head Rottweiler. Traban then pointed to the door as he rubbed Cerberus's head.

"I want you to go and fetch Charon, the Fates, and Thanatos. Can ya do that for me, boy?" Traban said as Cerberus barked loudly and ran from the room to fetch his master's servants.

Traban sighed in contempt with a smile as he sat on his marble throne. He then got off of it and looked down at it with a frown.

"This throne is so old school. I need something a little more up-to-date." Traban said and then snapped his fingers as the marble slab throne turned into an eloquent and masterful black marble, silver and gold one. The others simply watched him as he walked around the throne, checking every detail of it and then creating chairs and a large center table which was headed by the throne.

"Everyone have a sit; the shows about to begin." Traban said as he patted the throne-like chair next to his for Ming. They all sat in the chairs as some people filed into the room with worried faces.

The first was a tall and elegant man. He has chocolate-colored skin and bleached-blond hair shaved military style. He wears tortoise-shell shades and a silk Italian suit that matched his hair. A black rose was pinned to his lapel under a silver name tag which read Charon. He was worried and bowed his head as he saw Traban seated in his throne.

The next people to enter were a trio of teenage girls. They have long, silky black hair, caramel-like skin, a silver pendent around each of their necks, and black eyes like moon rocks. They each wore white robes and white bandanas over their hair. They were the Fates, and they scared of what they had foreseen.

The last person came in with Cerberus. It was a man with long black hair that was combed back down to the nape of his neck. He is tall and wears faded black jeans, a light T-shirt, and a dark jacket over the top, with a necklace in the shape of a scythe. His eyes were a slated grey color as if he had seen too much death in his life. He smiled and bowed as he saw Traban and took a seat near his lord and master's friend Huey.

"Now that we're all here I'd like to know something… Where were you five when I was… away?" Traban asked coolly and calmly, but only because his friends were here. He would have baroque them all if Huey and the others weren't here.

"I-I was ferrying the dead on double time to keep up with the work load…" Charon said in his defense. Traban looked at him with cold dead eyes and Charon shrunk back.

"We knew you'd be punished for no reason" one of the trio said as she passed a marble eye to the one across from her.

"Just as we knew the Underworld would need someone in charge until you returned." The sister who was holding the eye said as she threw it to the next one.

"That is why we chose the Judges to run the Underworld as well as judge the souls of the departed." The smallest sister, Atropos, said as she spun the marble eye in her hand. Traban gazed at them and they all huddled together in fear of what he might have done to them. He sighed as he sat back into his chair.

"I'm trying to reign in my anger, but with each statement I'm becoming more and more furious, so I hope you have a better answer, Thanatos." Traban said as he gazed at Thanatos, who smiled as he bowed once more.

"I did try to get you back on many occasions my Lord, but each time I was stopped by the Gods of Olympus. Zeus would use lightning and thunder to try and harm me. Demeter would block my path with wild vines or Venus flytraps. Artemis would use the animals of the forest to attack me. Even Poseidon would stir the seas when I was in search of you, my Lord. I was thwarted each and every time. Each of the Gods would put some form of obstacle in my way, all but Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Apollo, Dionysus, and Lady Hestia. I do not know why but for some reason or another they each either; stayed neutral and out of my way, or they had no way of interfering like the others." Thanatos said as Traban nodded upon hearing it all.

"Your right and I can believe that some of the Gods would stand in your way. What I can't believe is that Poseidon would side with Zeus on this… well so be it. Hestia probably wasn't informed of any of this until I spoke with her. Aphrodite and I have… an understanding of sorts. Dionysus and I see things the same way, but as for Apollo and Hephaestus… I don't understand… No matter; all things reveal themselves to time one way or another… So as of now all things go back to the way they were. You can all go now, but remember this; my rage has been quelled due to circumstance; that will not be an excuse next time." Traban said as they all stood and walked from the room, leaving him and his friends, but the fates stopped at the door.

"Our Lord, perhaps a prophecy would make things a bit better?" The tallest one, Lachesis, said as she took hold of the marble eye.

Traban sighed as he nodded his head. The three sisters then gathered around the eye as it floated into the air, becoming a vision of things to come. Huey and the others stared in wonder as it did so.

"11 years into the future you must go" the middle height sister, Clotho, spoke.

"Help those in need with what you know." Atropos said as Traban palmed his forehead. Why must it always be in verse?

"A prisoner's escape will be your cause" Lachesis spoke as Huey and the others watched some kind of demon break free of its chains and rise up.

"You and they must stop him, before all is lost" Clotho said as the eye showed a vision of them teamed with five others and fighting the demon.

"Upon your return you shall get and see" Atropos said as the eye showed them returning to Woodcrest. It was then 5 figures came out at them.

"A battle and sight which shall fill your souls with glee" Lachesis said as the triplet sisters began to giggle girlishly while the eye began simple marble again.

"That was… weird" Huey said as the others nodded.

"Get used to it, because they do that from time to time. Now, how are we gonna get to the future?" Traban said as he got up from his throne.

It was then Thanatos came back into the room with a black and gold pen in hand as if it were the holiest thing in his world.

"Your scepter, my Lord. I've kept it safe for your return to power." Thanatos said as he formally bowed and handed the pen to Traban, who nodded and said his thanks. Thanatos bowed again and left, but this time with the fates in tow.

"Now, how to get to the future… I've got it; I'll do it." Traban said as he clicked the pen which turned into a black scepter with gold demon wings at the top and a silver orb at the head. The others gazed at him and the scepter in confusion and shock.

"This scepter was given to me by our allies during the Great Titan War. It is made of the same magic as the fates' eye and their magic mirror, but instead of seeing the future, like the eye, it can transport me and whomever I wish there, like the mirror. All I need to do now is… this!" Traban said as he held the scepter up with the silver orb glowing as it shoot out a beam on to the wall. The beam became a portal that showed a large city and a T shaped building.

"Now who wants to go first?" Traban asked as Riley ran into the portal.

"I always wanted to do shit like this!" Riley said excitedly as he jumped into the portal cannonball style with his last words echoing as he went through.

The others shrugged and dived in after him as Traban was the last one left. He created smoke in his hand and blew the smoke from his hand. It became a cloud of smoke that evaporated into a clone of himself.

"Do as I would and be sure to stay in contact with me and Hestia" Traban commanded as the clone bowed and nodded.

"As you wish, Master" the clone responded as Traban nodded and walked through the portal himself.

Things would definitely be… interesting from here on out…

That's the end of the "SuperDocks" first Season, but not the end all together. When they return to their own world they'll be new and old enemies, new powers and abilities, and more secrets revealed. Though, do you thing you can handle that? Some of them will rock you to the core… BOOM! LOL! Well until next time; keep up with Huey and the gang in the all new story "TeenDocks"! You wouldn't believe the crazy things they'll get into!

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