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One Piece Cinderella

Ch 1

Once upon a time in a castle by the sea, there lived a lord and his lady. The lady bore the lord a child and their days were joyous. But one day, the lord fell sick with an illness that the palace doctor even said he could not cure. The sickness lasted for two months, until finally he uttered his last fatal breath, dying with his wife's hand in his grasp. Hi wife was in grief after his passing and vowed never to take another husband. But that son changed when the Lord of the Seas, a rich and immensely powerful man with two sons, came to where the castle was, seeking a wife. She was beautiful to his sight, and he was handsome to hers. Deaf to her son's protests against the marriage, she married him and he became the boy's step-father. The man did not like that his new wife had a son, and, along with the boy's new step-brothers, teased and treated him unmercifully when the mother wasn't looking.

Years passed and finally the mother fell sick with the disease that her late husband had. She died and the step-father took over as the new lord, adding the castle to his lands. He made the boy a servant and ordered that he had to do all the chores in the castle and sleep in the servants' quarters, his room given to the oldest son.

And so, after all that, our story begins.

The sunlight shone through the sky, illuminating the sea and making the droplets of dew sparkle on the leaves. The gulls screeched and landed in the orchards, picking the berries for their morning meal. Tile along the pathway leading through the orchards and up to the castle glistened as they were being scrubbed by the servants. Inside the dark castle, servants were busy doing their morning duties, waiting for their lord or their two princes to awaken. All through the hustle and bustle through the hallways, a teenage boy slipped through, trying to get to the oldest Prince's room.

His name was Monkey D. Luffy or Luffy for short and he was once prince of the castle before then Lord and his sons moved in. He had scruffy black hair, a red sea vest, blue jean shorts, and yellow sandals. But the most important feature about his appearance is that on his head was a yellow straw hat with a red band around the hump.

As he was trying to get through, he saw the doorway that led into the Prince's room. Wanting to save time, he stretched his hand through the melee of servants and was about to grab the knob when a shooting pain came to his arm. Withdrawing his throbbing arm as to care for it, he was suddenly hit on the back of the head, which made him fall to the floor. Looking up, he saw one of his step-father's guards with an angry look on his face. Luffy tried to get up but was pushed back down by the guard's foot.

"You know that you are not allowed to use your rubber powers, don't you? I think I remember your step-father saying that, boy!" the guard growled.

"Get off of me! I don't care what my step-father says! I can use my powers whenever I want! Luffy yelled as he struggled to get up.

"Oh you don't, do you? Well, let's just take you to him and see what he says."

He lifted Luffy off the floor and bound his wrists with rope. Luffy struggled against them but they held him tight. He suddenly felt himself being dragged through the hallways to his step-father's room. At the end of the hallway, there were two double doors with dragon heads as knockers.

The guard knocked on the door, and then there was silence on the other side. Just then, Luffy heard a voice that chilled him to the bone.

"What is it now?" the voice hissed angrily.

"My Lord, I have brought the boy because he used his rubber powers when not supposed to. On your command of course."

"Bring him in. Quickly!" the voice ordered.

The guard opened the door and drug Luffy in. Luffy looked around at the dark room with fear. Then his eyes rested on a figure in the shadows that was sitting in a chair. The figure was very tall, with a black bandanna around his head, a black dress shirt that revealed his chest, black pants, a belt with three swords hanging from their sheaths, and black boots.

The figure smirked, with a crack between his lips revealing his gleaming white teeth. The boy glared, with hatred and fear, at the man whom he knew very well. Very well. The guard bowed to his master.

"Lord Zolo, it is good to see you awake. I hope that all is well."

"Yes, all is well. I hear that my 'special servant' has once again disobeyed my rules and very clear commands by using his powers which he is forbidden to use. Is that true." Zolo inquired.

'Yes, my lord, he has. I caught him using his arm to reach the knob of your oldest son's room." The guard said.

'Zolo pondered thoughtfully at this while observing the boy. "I see. So why didn't you stop him before you saw his arm?"

This struck the guard dumb. He tried to say something but nothing came out but a shallow, faint gasp

Zolo smirked, then looked at his servant, who was glaring even more fiercely at his step-father. He stared at the boy's features, then saw the straw hat on top of his head. His smirk grew even wider as he chuckled a little.

"Maybe that will work into my plans after all." He thought.

An ill-feeling invaded Luffy's stomach as he watched his step-father smile at him with evil sick pleasure. He had never liked it when Zolo smiled at him like that. Suddenly he felt something snatched off his head. Luffy looked up and saw that his hat, his most prized possession, was in that sinister man's grasp.

"A peculiar thing, this hat." Zolo wondered. "It is not an object of royalty but you treat it like a jewel, something that is treasured. Something that you would do anything for of it was taken, is that right?"

Luffy glared at Zolo. "I would never do anything, especially not for you!"

He jumped up in the air, bulged his arms so that the ropes broke and flew towards his step-father. Just then, he felt his neck being squeezed in what felt like an iron grip, Luffy looked down and saw Zolo holding him by the neck up in the air with a smirk on his face. The rubber boy grabbed the sides of Zolo's hand and tried to escape. Zolo dropped him, but before his servant could escape, the swordsman pinned him to the floor with his boot. Luffy tried to struggle from under it but Zolo held him in place.

'Now where do you think you're going? Don't think that I am going to let you go unpunished." He turned to the guard. "Take him down to the dungeons for 5,000 lashes after he goes and wakes up Sanji and Helmeppo. Go!"

As Zolo said those last few words, he removed his foot from the boys back. The guard picked Luffy up roughly, setting him on the floor, and setting his straw hat back on his head roughly. But before he was taken away, Zolo eyed him dangerously.

"If you disobey any of my other commands before you go and wake my sons or before breakfast, I will make sure that your beatings are doubled! Do I make myself clear, servant?"

Luffy glared at him but nodded as the guard took him back through the double doors and into the hallway, throwing him on the ground.

"Go and do what you lord commands, boy!" the guard growled. "You will get worse than beatings if I find that you are not!"

Luffy nodded reluctantly and went upstairs, which were polished black marble with red banisters along the railings. As he passed up the stairs, he felt an ominous feeling, which is what he felt whenever he went up there. He hated going up there because that's where the two princes were, spoiled brats that lived off of their father's wealth, making most of their posh life at everyone else's expense, including his.

He stopped at the first door, opened the door, and went inside to find the curtains drawn closed, blocking the windows and making the room completely dark. He went over to the doors that led out onto the balcony, overlooking the ocean, and drew the curtains, letting sunlight flood the room and into the eyes of one particular person that was sleeping on a navy blue and gold bed with same-colored pillows that had either a gold "S" or a navy blue "S" stitched on them. Sunlight rebounded of the walls and into the room, making the navy blue Persian rug, with a gold anchor on it and the prince's name stitched on the bottom of it in gold letters, sparkle, and refract off of the golden chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling.

Movement was heard as Luffy turned around to see the Prince stirring, opening his eyes, and running his fingers through his blonde hair that ran across his face while he stroked his facial hair on his chin. Then, suddenly noticing, he turned his eyes on Luffy and glared.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm waking you up like your father commanded me to, Sanji!" Luffy growled.

The boy snorted, and leaned over the side of his bed, taking his golden pack of cigarettes and lit one with his obsidian lighter. Closing his eyes in concentration while inhaling the fumes, he then opened them and looked at Luffy in a stern gaze.

"Well? Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to act like a servant and choose my clothes?" he then grinned. "If you make me late, father will punish you even more."

Luffy scowled at his older step-brother and went over to the closet. Opening the door, he saw that it was as big as a small bedroom with one half of the room having black suits with pants and boots to match. The other half had dress shirts and clothes for special occasions. Luffy went and picked out one of the suits, looked at it with disgust, and gave it to Sanji. When he came out of the room, Sanji took one look at it, dusted it off a little, then went into his changing area and put it on. When he came out, he took one glance at Luffy, then pointed downwards.

Luffy sighed again and went over to where his older step-brother was standing. He got out a silver rag that was covered in tarnish and started shining Sanji's boots until they sparkled. Sanji looked down and observed the work until he saw that it was to his expectations, then snapped his fingers, turning towards the door. Luffy saw this, ran over to the door, and opened it. Sanji walked through, looking at Luffy with contempt.

"Hmm…it seems you can open door and be polite about it, runt."

At this, the straw-hat boy saw that Sanji was halfway through the door and, with all his might, slammed the door into Sanji's face. When he opened the door, he saw that Sanji was lying on his back, hands covering his face with blood seeping through them, and rocking back and forth, moaning in agony. Luffy suddenly felt guilty because of this and went over to his step-brother.

"Sanji? Are you okay?" Luffy asked, kneeling down to his brother's side, face full of concern.

"You little brat! Step away from my brother!" a voice yelled from across the hall.

Luffy turned to see a boy with blond mushroom-styled hair with pink rollers in it, a long thin face, a pink bathrobe and white bunny slippers, standing there furiously pointing a finger at him. This was Helmeppo, another one of Zolo's sons and youngest, by two years in Luffy's case, of the step-brothers, not to mention the wimpiest.

Before Luffy could say anything, Helmeppo turned and started to walk down the hallway to the stairs. "I don't want to hear what you have to say! You're still going to be in trouble whether you like it or not!"

He started down the staircase to the dining room, walking briskly so as to go and tell Zolo, when he felt himself being grabbed on his shirt collar and lifted up into the air. Helmeppo froze, seeing that a guard was the one holding him.

"Where do you think you're going in such a hurry? And why are you not dressed?" a voice asked.

Helmeppo's eyes widened as he turned his head to look at his father, Zolo, who was right beside the guard on the staircase. Sweat started running down his face as he started trembling and stammering.

"F-father, it is good to see you awake. Uh-um…oh, yes. The reason is that I wanted to tell you that Luffy, that wretched servant, slammed the door into Sanji's face."

"Did he now?" Zolo said as he chuckled a little, "Well, well, that boy must want more punishment than I had already ordered. Show them to me."

Helmeppo nodded, then went upstairs, his father and the guard following him. When they got up the stairs, Luffy looked and saw his step-father with Helmeppo behind him, smiling. Zolo did not look happy at the scene that was displayed. Not happy at all. Luffy glared at Helmeppo.

"That little son-of-a-bitch actually told!" he thought. "When I get my hands on him, I'm gonna…!"

Luffy didn't have time to finish the thought before he felt himself being tackled away from Sanji and restrained by two guards. Grabbing him by the chin, the guards made Luffy look up as Zolo passed by, glowering, on his way over to Sanji, who was rubbing the bruises on his face. Two physicians had already come up and were checking the prince under their master's supervision.

Sanji was still moaning and was being restrained by two guards while the royal physicians treated his face by putting bandages and ointment where needed. To stop his complaining, one of the doctors pulled a cigarette out from the golden case, lit it, and put it in Sanji's mouth. As it was put in, Sanji immediately smiled like the cigarette was a pacifier.

Zolo, however, looked annoyed as he rolled his eyes, then glanced over at Luffy, who was scowling at both of them. He smirked at him, going over and looking at the guards with a glare.

"Lay him on his back." He commanded.

The guards looked at their master with fear, then, with Luffy trying to get free, laid him on his back so that he was looking up at his step-father.

"Don't try to struggle, boy. It will only make things more difficult for you and I." Zolo said as he came over beside Luffy's neck.

This time, it was Luffy's turn to smirk. "Oh don't worry, I won't. This isn't as bad as what your precious son had to experience."

The Lord of the Seas snickered as he lifted his leg high in the air over Luffy's neck.

Slam! When the boot hit its mark, the boy's eyes flew open in shock. He struggled to breathe as his face turned blue and his air circulation was cut off. He tried to free himself, but the more he struggled, the harder the boot was pushed down. After more than twenty minutes of this horrific punishment, Zolo removed his foot to see that Luffy's face was pale, but as he breathed in and out, it started to get some color back. Luffy felt himself being picked up by two guards, holding both his arms behind his back so he couldn't escape as two other guards came over, putting a large iron collar, with a chain attached to it, around his neck. The collar was so heavy that he could hardly look up to face his step-father.

"I hope you learned your lesson, brat. But don't worry, there will be another one waiting for you down in the dungeons." Zolo's smirk dissipated into a scowl, turning so that his back faced Luffy. "Doctor! What is the report on my son?" he snapped.

The head palace doctor, the one that was with both Luffy's mother and father when they died, came over to his new master, trembling but with some intelligence, and bowed in respect.

"My Lord, the Prince is fine; he just needs a few bandages and some ointment. But keep him in bed for two or three days and his face should be healed."

Meanwhile, Luffy looked past Zolo and the doctor to see Sanji, face still red and bandaged, glaring angrily at him. He saw him silently mouth the words, "You little brat!"

"Perhaps, sire, the servant boy could bring him his meals or anything else he needs." The doctor inquired.

This made Zolo smirk as he glanced at Luffy with a glint in his eye. "Yesssss, I think that would work." But then his thoughts were interrupted as he held up one finger and closed his eyes in concentration. "No, he shall get no punishment! What I had already told him is that he would get double the beatings I had ordered this morning. He shall receive the beatings and stay in the dungeons until I see fit."

The doctor nodded. "Yes My Lord. I guess I will go and see that Prince Helmeppo is doing fine, and not injured because of the servant's reckless behavior."

Zolo fixated on the doctor with a glare, which made Luffy's spine tingle as a result of the expression in his step-father's eyes. "No! I shall tell the other doctors to look at him. You, however, had better focus on healing my son!" He then turned his head to gaze a Luffy, who gulped. "Guards! Take this troublemaker to the dungeon and put him in his "special cell." I will be down to talk with him in an hour."

The guards bowed, dragging Luffy off to the dungeon. As Zolo observed them, he smiled, and then walked off.

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