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Kendall hated being stupidly cliche. But more importantly, he hated seeing HIS Logan about to run off on a date with some guy they barely knew. It made his blood boil, and it made him want to do horrible things to the smiley, cocky boy currently standing in the doorway.

So he said "fuck" to being subtle and grounded. He needed to make sure this guy knew exactly what would happen if he, in any way, shape, or form, hurt HIS Logie.

That's what empowered him to walk right up to the guy, and shamelessly quote "Some Kind Of Wonderful" right in his face.

"You break his heart, I break your face."

And just for the record, he'd only seen that movie because Katie was going through an 80's movie phase.


Logan believed yellow was a supremely underrated color. You hardly heard anyone say that their favorite color was yellow. And that's the exact reason he liked it. He liked being different. He liked that not many people appreciated it. He liked that he was the only one who wanted the yellow skittles.

But mostly. . .he just loved when Kendall brought him yellow flowers.


Logan was drunk. Flat-ass, tripping over shit, saying things he would never say in a million years drunk, and Kendall found it absolutely hilarious.

Never in his life would he expect Logan Mitchell to drink, but one night out partying was enough to change that. It was also enough to convince him to keep Logan away from most parties. Kid didn't need to drink this much every night.

But as Kendall was half helping, half carrying Logan into their shared bedroom it really did make him smile at the ridiculous shit Logan was saying.

"And then," he said, making large hand gestures to accompany his story that didn't make any sense to begin with "it all went away, and I was dreaming! It's like none of it even happened! Isn't that weird!"

Kendall chuckled, sitting Logan gently on his bed "Yeah Logan, that really great." he said, not knowing the proper response because he really hadn't been paying close attention the story anyway, as he was much more distracted by the way Logan's lips formed sloppy words and the way his skin burned where it made contact with the younger boys. "Go to sleep Logan." Kendall advised, shaking off the less than brotherly feeling for the smart boy that would creep out every once in a while. "You're gonna need it."

Logan flopped back on his bed, staring at the ceiling intently, and Kendall couldn't help but laugh again, because really, he was adorable.

"I like boys cause they're the same as me."

Kendall's jaw immediately dropped as shock and humor washed over him. Where the hell did that come from? Had he just her the small boy right? "You like boys cause they're the same as you?" he repeated, making sure he didn't miss anything, like a "I'm joking" or "April Fool's Day!".

"Yeah . . . " Logan said, eyes wide and the most innocent look on his face. "I mean, girls are nice because they're different, but I really like boys cause they're the same." he nodded his head enthusiastically, looking like a five year old in the process, and smiled slightly.

"That's . . . " Kendall responded, trying to think of the proper thing to say, knowing Logan would have NEVER said what he just had if he were sober. "nice Logan."

They had never had a conversation even CLOSE to this topic before, but as Logan shut his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep, Kendall couldn't help but smile at the smart boy who may have just told him his deepest secret.

And with that, Kendall thought that he wouldn't mention this to Logan in the morning.


For some reason, everyone assumed that Logan was the sappy one, the one who was always doing whatever Kendall wanted.

What they didn't know was that Kendall was wrapped around Logan's finger. He was like a puppy following his master, because Kendall who do anything and everything to make the small boy happy. Masculine pride be damned.

And as Logan's lips were attached to his, Kendall could seem to care.


Even though Logan wasn't the best dancer, he was still wildly coordinated. A trait that Kendall was not as lucky to posses. Sure he could dance and skate just fine, but he was also the guy who constantly tripped over his own two feet.

"I don't understand" Logan said, handing the blonde an ice pack from the freezer to put on his rapidly swelling ankle. "I didn't even see anything in your way! What did you fall over?"

Kendall hissed as he placed the ice pack on the bruised skin. "Ummm, nothing."

Logan just rolled his eyes. "Only you Kendall, only you."


It was reckless. It was stupid. It was completely irrational. Logan couldn't believe in a million years what he was about to do.

Knocking on the door with a heavy hand, it opened almost instantly, revealing the face he had flown half-way acrossed the country for.

To say Kendall looked shocked would be an understatement. His face paled and his eyes went wide, seeing the boy he was sure he loved standing before him, out of breath, looking like he had ran all the way from California. "What are you doing here?" He asked, taking in Logan's flushed cheeks and dark eyes.

He didn't say anything, all he did was pull Kendall down and kiss him with as much passion as he could muster. Caught off guard for the second time in a minute Kendall took a moment to respond, but when he did everything fell into place. The fog lifted, and the confusion flew out the window as he wrapped his arms around Logan's waist.

Maybe falling for his best friend wasn't as dangerous as he thought it would be.


Kendall had had some pretty awkward conversations in his life, but this one easily took the cake.

Because there was nothing more mortifying than his mother sitting down him and his boyfriend to talk, because she had caught them in a. . . compromising position. She was going on and on about how she knew they were teenagers and their hormones were going crazy, but they should still be safe, and careful, and damn his face was literally on fire. The only comfort he had was that Logan was just as red as he was.

At least he wasn't alone.


Logan was always picked last for teams during gym class. He hated being the only one standing there while everyone else stood behind their teams. Even Jenny Tinkler got picked before him.

He hung his head when the teacher yelled for everyone to stand up to pick teams for dodge ball. And just as he was making his way to the very back of the crowd, resigning himself to his fate, a familiar voice called out "I want Logan."

The small boy whipped around, surprised that anyone would pick him for their team. But seeing Kendall's smiling face, he could have hugged the blonde boy on the spot for being such a good friend. Kendall didn't care that Logan wasn't the strongest or the fastest, because he was his best friend, and best friends always stuck together.

He didn't care if they lost the game. The smile on Logan's face was all the reward he needed.


"Ok, I feel awkward." Logan exclaimed, putting down the banana he was eating.

All four boys were hanging out at the pool. Kendall and Logan sitting in the lounge chairs eating lunch while Carlos and James were creating general mayhem in the pool.

"Why?" Kendall asked, looking at his boyfriend curiously.

"Because, I feel like people are gonna look at me and be like, 'Oh, gay kid with a banana!' "

Kendall started laughing so hard he though tears might be coming out of his eyes. "Head in the gutter much? Don't worry, no one will say anything."

Logan nodded and picked the yellow fruit back up, smiling at Kendall. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

But just as he took another bite, James called out from the pool. "Hey Logan!" He yelled earning both Kendall and Logan's attention "How you enjoying that banana?" He asked, voice dripping with innuendo and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Logan shot the pretty boy his most disapproving look, then turned back to Kendall. "I rest my case." He stood up, lobbing the banana into the trash can. "I REALLY need new friends."


He hurt so much that he couldn't even breath without feeling pain. It was like his heart was being ripped from his chest. The only thing keeping him grounded was the pair of arms wrapped around him.

He knew this was coming. They had been fighting for months, but actually seeing his dad leave for good, not looking back once. . . It broke him.

Logan rocked the blonde in his arms, shushing him softly when his cries grew loud, running a hand through his hair to calm him. "Don't worry Kendall," he said, as he taller boy gave a particularly heartbreaking sob "I promise I'll never leave you."

And it was just what he needed to hear.


Kendall walked slowly into his and Logan's bedroom. The lights were low and sniffling could be heard from where Logan was currently passed out on his bed. He had been confined to the room all week because he had the flu, and apparently, James couldn't risk losing his voice, so Logan was quarantined, the only visitors being Kendall and his mom.

"Ya know," Kendall said, taking in Logan's red nose, and puffy eyes, "You look pretty adorable when you're sick."

Logan snorted and pulled the covers up higher, fighting a shiver. "Good, because I feel like shit."


For some reason, Kendall had an irrational fear of frogs. A fact that most people took advantage of, seeing as Kendall Knight wasn't afraid of many things.

Logan hated when people did this, because it reminded him of the time he had seen Kendall full out cry in second grade because James and Carlos had snuck a live frog in his lunch box. He didn't like seeing Kendall scared. He didn't like seeing him hurting. And he made sure from that day forward that everyone was perfectly aware what would happen if anyone took advantage of that fear again.

He might not have looked like much, but Logan Mitchell could throw a punch when it counted.


"Please Logan! Pleeeeease!"

"Fine!" said Logan, taking the notebook his boyfriend was holding out to him. "But I'm not doing it for you, I'll just check it over."

Kendall grinned as Logan opened it and began making marks on the page. "What would I do without you Logie?"

Logan chuckled, shaking his head "You'd fail geometry, that's what you'd do."

They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments, occasionally interrupted by the scratching of Logan's pen.

Suddenly the smart boy stopped, staring at the page with a surprised and highly amused look on his face. When he looked up at Kendall he was full on smirking and trying to contain his laughter.

"What?" The blonde asked quizzically.

"Why does this page have hearts drawn over the margins with 'K + L' written in the middle?"

Kendall blushed wildly and snatched the notebook out of Logan's hands. "Dude I thought only girls did that!" Logan laughed.

Kendall somehow kept a straight face, aside from his red cheeks, and simply said "Don't judge me." before Logan wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck and fused their lips together.


Sometimes, Logan really hated his friends. Last night Carlos had suggested that it would be the best idea ever to camp outside in an old tent he found in his basement. Everyone thought it was a great idea . . . except for Logan, who didn't think it was practical to sleep outside all night.

Not able to convince his friends differently, they went on with the plan, even though Logan repeated over and over again that they could get murdered, or attacked, or something else that was horrible and bloody.

The one thing Logan hadn't even thought about though, was the mosquitos. When the boys woke up in the morning Logan's entire body was covered in red bumps that itched like crazy.

"I don't understand!" Logan said, scratching his forearm. "Why am I the only one that got bitten?"

"Easy Logan," Kendall said mischievously, and not totally joking "It's because you're so sweet."


It wasn't that Kendall didn't love being with Logan or having those really heated intimate moments. It was just the fact that he couldn't, for the life of himself, keep the smart boy quiet.

Still, as Logan screamed out his name, he couldn't bring himself to hate it.

The fact was, it was just too damn hot not to love.


"Do you need me to explain it again?" Logan asked, seeing the confused look on Kendall's face.

The blonde boy nodded slowly. "Maybe just one more time."

Logan smiled a went on. "There are three phases of matter; solids, liquids, and gases. The state of matter is determined by what the particles are doing and how they move. For example, the particles of a gas are much farther apart than those of a liquid, and a liquid has more space between the particles than a solid. That's how they are able to flow and shift to the shape of their container. You understand?"

"I guess." Kendall said, chewing on the edge of his pencil. "I just have one question." Logan nodded encouragingly. "If a substance as to be either a solid, liquid, or gas, then what is pudding?"

"That. . . " The smart boy trailed off, thinking for a minute. "Is a very good question."


Even though James claimed he was the sexiest thing to ever step foot on planet earth, Logan was convinced that Kendall could give him a run for his money any day.


Apparently it wasn't bad enough that Logan had broken his leg last week in a hockey match. Apparently his friends needed to make his life MORE of a living hell. Because from the moment he had arrived at school, Kendall, Carlos, and James, and been taking turns pushing him around in his wheelchair.

And by pushing him around, he meant running him into random people who were standing innocently in the hallway and then yelling "Sorry! Cripple!" At them before acquiring their next target.

To say Logan was fed up would be an understatement. He REALLY needed to get new friends.

But the icing on the cake was when Kendall accidently rammed him into their English teacher, who was known to have a horrible temper. She had yelled herself horse and given them both detentions.

And Logan was freaking the fuck out. He had never got a detention before. EVER! Even the though of being stuck their made him cringe. The thought of telling his parents made him want to cry.

The end of the day drew near, and Logan was close to a complete mental break down when Kendall came up to him. "Don't worry about the detention Logan. I talked to Mrs. Haley, and told her it wasn't your fault. I'm the only one who had to serve it."

Logan let out a sigh of relief, color immediately rushing back to his face. "I can't believe you did that Kendall! Aren't you in more trouble now?"

"Yeah," the blonde said off-handily "but it doesn't matter. I've gotten in trouble a lot of times before. I know what your perfect record means to you."

The smart boy suddenly felt guilty for letting Kendall take the fall, sure he was the one that ran him into Mrs. Haley, but Logan did nothing to stop him. "I feel bad. You shouldn't have done that for me."

Kendall chuckled and rolled Logan towards home. "I would do anything for you Logie."


"You're not wearing that."

'What?" Kendall said, stepping out of the bathroom.

"You. Are. Not. Wearing that. Go change!"

"But this is what Gustavo wants me to wear!"

"I don't care! Take it off!"

Kendall frowned and looked down at the outfit. "Does it really look that bad?"

"Quite the opposite." Logan said, making his way over to the blonde. "If you wear that out you'll probably start a sex riot, and I can't have all those people drooling over my boyfriend."

Kendall couldn't help but laugh. And people said he was the jealous one.


He had been trying for months to convince himself that it was just a crush. A harmless little crush that would never amount to anything real or tangible.

But as Logan put on his best imitation of Katie's puppy dog face because Kendall wasn't letting him eat the cookie dough he was currently working on putting in the oven, he realized that this wasn't just a crush.

He realized that he might just love his best friend. And it wasn't nearly as scary as he thought it'd be.


The moments of passion and heat they had in their relationship where great, euphoric, and all together mind-blowing. But what they really loved were the moments after they were done and spent. Spending the entire night wrapped up in the others arms, and feeling like they were the only two people in the world was what made them feel better than anything else.

They felt whole and complete. It was like nothing could break them. Nothing could bring them down from the mysterious high they were at. It was the best kind of drug available, one they wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

It was what love felt like.

Sam's Requests


The air was hot and thick with moisture, the confined space screaming heat. Keeping away the chill of the night that lurked just outside their own little world.

It wasn't necessarily romantic, fucking in the car, but lately they had been settling for whenever and wherever they could. And ever since Kendall's mom had found out about their relationship, she had done her best to make sure no sex was happening in the apartment.

So Kendall had dragged Logan to the Big Time Rush Mobile and parked it off some back road that no one ever drove down, and shamelessly ravished the small boy until neither of them could breathe.

"Look," Logan said, dragging his hand down the fogged up window. "It's like Titanic."

Kendall chuckled and rolled his eyes, leaning down to kiss his boyfriend once again. "That makes you Kate Winslet. Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Well that also makes you Leonardo DiCaprio."

Kendall raised his eyebrows, contemplating the comment. "I could I've with that."


"What the hell are you doing?" Kendall asked, leaning against the door frame of the bathroom.

Logan jumped and quickly hid the object behind his back. "Nothing."

"Really? Because it looked like you were putting mascara on." Logan hung his head and shamefully pulled the tube out from behind his back. "Logan. . ." Kendall said, taking his boyfriend's shoulders. "If I wanted to date someone who wears makeup I'd get with a girl . . . Or James." He said after a moment of consideration.

The smart boy blushed, his lips forming a pout as he looked up at his green-eyed lover. "But it makes my eyes pop."


Logan had never been a fan of closets. Having been locked in one when he was four, he tended to avoid them at all costs possible.

But now, stuck in the Janitor's closet, with Kendall's body pressed flush against his, as they hurriedly tried to relieve their raging hormones, Logan thought he just might grow to love them.


"I'm not doing this Kendall!"

"Sure you are. It's no big deal."

"It's no big deal? It's no big deal that you snuck us into the restricted part of the zoo, and then lied and told them we were veterinarians when we got caught?"

"Oh come on, if they didn't want us to assume the identities, then they wouldn't have left those name tags out in the open."

"And it's definitely not a big deal, Kendall Knight, that they now want me to help deliver a warthog baby."

"It'll be fine!"

"I don't know anything about warthogs Kendall!"

"Oh, a baby is a baby. You just have to pull it out at the right time, but that's not the question. The real question is: Are you allergic to placenta?"


James hated feeling sweaty. The way moisture would cling to his skin after dance practice or a workout made him want to vomit and it did absolutely nothing for his complexion. As soon as he got home he always jumped straight in the shower as soon as physically possible.

An action that was now being delayed to the pretty boy's extreme annoyance. "I swear to god!" He yelled, pounding on the bathroom door. "If you two don't stop screwing around in there I'm going to break down the door."

He heard Kendall laugh before shouting back, barely audible over the running shower. "Sorry James, we don't do threesomes."

James groaned and went off to find some other way to cleanse himself . . . he obviously wasn't getting in the shower for awhile.


"I feel like a hooker."

Kendall smirked "Yeah, my fucking hooker."

Promise Ring

Logan was sixteen when Kendall got him a promise ring, and the smart boy swore that he would never take it off.

He broke that oath three weeks after he turned 23. The day Kendall replaced it with an engagement ring.

Some promises were worth breaking.

I have to give some explanations now. Both "Same" and "Banana" are based off of true events. "Banana" happened at lunch once when my friend Brent was worried that people were staring at him. We of coarse told him he was being ridiculous (after much laughing) and then, not two seconds later, his cousin (who was sitting a few tables away) yelled out exactly what James did. And then "Same" was based off of something that was said on the way home from a swim meet, when this guy named Christian said, to a quiet bus, "I like boys cause they're the same as me." and the following conversation ensued. No one was drunk, that's just how Christian acts, but it was seriously one of the funniest moments of my life. And continuing with explanations, "Placenta" is based off a scene from the show Psych. Because for some reason when Sam said that word all I could think of was "Are you allergic to placenta?". If you want to see that scene tell me and I'll send you the link ;D

And wow, this has been a long, rambly, AN to close the story. I hope you enjoyed it and please review id you feel so inclined! =)