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"So, why do you have such a big crush on my boyfriend?"

The question catches him off guard, causing his mouth to drop in shock. "What're you talking about?"

To his surprise she just shakes her head, chuckling softly. "Come on Logan, is not like you're that good at hiding it. Everyone knows you like Kendall, well everyone except Kendall."

He really couldn't speak, so with a huff, Jo fell into the seat next to him.

"Just tell me one thing." Logan reluctantly made eye contact and saw that she didn't look nearly as upset as she thought she would be. "Are you going to make a move?"

It was literally the last thing he thought she would ask. "Ummm . . ." he mumbled, not sure of the answer himself. "I don't know?" he didn't mean for it to come out as a question, and Jo just shook her head again.

"You will, eventually." Her eyes had a far off look to them before focusing back in on Logan. "Just promise me one thing?"

Logan hesitated, not knowing if he could agree to whatever she wanted. "I'll try." he replied.

"Give me a little notice when you do decide to do it. This doesn't need to get any more complicated than it already is. I'll step out of your way." And with that she stood up again, starting to move away.

"Wait!" Logan yelled out, confused. "You're okay with this? You're going to give up just like that."

A soft smile came across her face. "Logan, let's face it, when it comes to Kendall, in a competition between me and you, you win every time. I've known that from the beginning."

And she left, leaving a flabbergasted Logan in her wake.


"Kendall. I swear to god!" Logan shouted as Kendall attempted to shove a piece of watermelon in his face.

"You know you want it Logie."

"I most certainly do not! Get it away." But the blonde boy was relentless and ended up pushing the fruit in his boyfriend's face.

"Oops." He said as the sticky juice ran down Logan's cheek.

Logan groaned in frustration as Kendall reached for a napkin. "I swear, sometime I hate you."

"No you don't" Kendall said, bring the napkin up to Logan's cheek. "You love me and you know it." And then he did that glorious cocky smile that always managed to make Logan weak at the knees.

"Only god knows way." the smart boy mumbled as Kendall's hand stalled on his cheek, cupping the delicate flesh. "What?" he asked when the blonde boy didn't move.

"Your just . . . really, really beautiful."

Logan blushed and looked down quickly before returning his eyes to his boyfriend. "Thanks . . . you're not to bad yourself."

Because yeah, Kendall could be stupid at times and shove fruit in his face, that didn't mean anything had changed.


"You just don't want to admit that I'm better than you at things."

"Yes, but none of these are important things, so it doesn't matter in the slightest."

"Come on Logie, you're jealous I can do more things that you."

"That's definitely not the case."

"I ate more buttons than you."

"I still find it hard to believe you actually ate a button."

"I ate four."

"For that I think you might need psychological help."

"I also held onto that iron longer than you did."

"Again, you need mental help, I'm not going to hold onto a hot iron because you think you're better at everything. I don't have anything to prove."

"Keep telling yourself that buddy. Just know that I'm master of the world and you'll never beat me at anything."


"Ok, anything that's not school related."

"You really believe that?"

"I bet you anything."

"Hmmm . . ."

"Thinking of something Logie?"

" . . . ."

"You have to say it out loud and make the official bet."

" . . . . . . . I bet my dick is bigger than yours."

"Oh you are so on."


"CARLOS!" Logan yelled, trying to stay on top of the water as Kendall attempted to pull him other.

"What?" the Latino screamed back from the other side of the pool.

"Kendall's doing bad things to me underwater!"

"Dude . . ." Carlos chuckled, shaking hid head. "Way to much imformation."

"Not like that! He's-" but the rest was cut off when Kendall succeeded in pulling hte smart boy under.

Carlos couldn't help but laugh.


Kendall knew where every one of Logan's scars was, and he knew exactly how the smart boy had obtained each one.

The jagged line below his left knee was from when they were twelve, playing street hockey on Kendall's street in the summer. Logan had fallen, (in of its self a common occurrence, street hockey could get rough) right onto the remains of a broken bottle spread out along the curb. It took six stiches and scared the crap out of Kendall. From then on he wouldn't let them play without surveying the area of anything that could possibly hurt them.

When they were ten Logan cut his forearm after climbing through a hole in the chain linked fence surrounding Ms. Lowaski's yard. Their baseball had gone over said fence and Logan was the only one small enough to get through the gap, since Carlos had been bigger than him at that point in their lives. He didn't need stitches, but they all swore they would never climb through the fence again . . . no matter how convenient it was.

There were more scars, and more stories to go along with each one, but the one that stood out most to Kendall was a small mark on Logan's hand. It wasn't even noticeable to someone who wasn't looking for it, but it meant more to Kendall than he could put into words.

They had been seven, and even then Kendall was sure he and Logan belonged together. He didn't understand what love was or what it could feel like to give yourself completely to another person, but he did know that Logan was his best friend and that nothing would ever bring them apart.

It wasn't even a particularly thrilling story. They had finally been allowed to cut with "big kid scissors" in school, and while Logan was mentally quite a few years ahead of all of his classmates, his fine motor skills where definitely lagging behind. They only had the scissors of a few minutes before Logan accidently cut himself.

His eyes tore up, and Kendall, being seven and not knowing what to do when his friend was hurt, quickly leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. It was what his mom did to him when he got a boo-boo, so he figured it might help Logan.

The smart boy had immediately stopped and looked up at Kendall with wide eyes. And even though the teacher fussed over him for a few minutes before sending him down to the nurse, Logan insisted that it didn't hurt anymore.

Apparently, Kendall's kisses had magic healing powers.


"I'll only be gone for three days." Logan reminded him as they waited for the smart boy's plane to board.

"I know."

"And I really wouldn't go if I had any other choice, but, ya know, he is my brother and although this is the seventh or eighth time he's thought he's found 'the one' I still have to support him right?"

"If that's what you think Logan." Kendall remarked, watching his boyfriend fidget nervously in his seat.

"I mean nothing bad can happen right? Unless the whole wedding breaks up and then I flew all the way back to Minnesota of freakin nothing!"

"You ok?" Kendall asked, scanning the small boy. "Your very jumpy."

"Jumpy? Who's jumpy?

The blonde boy laughed and slung an arm around Logan's shoulders. "It's only three days." He reminded him. "Three days, and then you'll be back here with us. I know you can handle that."

"I just . . . don't want to leave without you." Logan admitted, eyeing his intertwined hands.

"Hey," Kendall said, lifting him chin up to look into his lover's chocolate brown eyes. "It'll be fine. I promise. Besides," He reached down, taking Logan's hand. "I'll be right here waiting for you."

Logan smiled. If Kendall said something was going to be okay, it always was. Kendall never broke a promise.


"Act as innocent as you want Logie." Kendall whispered as Logan hid his face, the couple's kiss in the movie they were watching growing heated. "But I know what happened in our room last night."

Never in his life had he seen Logan turn so red.


"I still don't fully understand this game" Carlos said, his friends sitting around him shaking their heads. They had been trying to teach him for the past half an hour, but it was no use. Carlos was completely clueless when it came to poker.

"It's ok Carlos, just try your best." James encouraged, trying to sneak a peak at Logan's cards.

"Ok, so what do you get for three 'A's and two of the cards with the ladies on them?"

They all groaned and threw down their cards in frustration.

"Carlos," Kendall said, running his hand down his face. "If you have both it's a full house."

"How is it you always win at cards and yet you don't even know how to play the game." Logan spoke up, his cards falling to the table.

The Latino smiled. "Guess I'm just lucky."


Katie Knight could get the dirt on just about anyone. Nothing happened at the Palm Woods without her knowledge and that was the way the world worked.

She knew the exact second her brother started falling for Logan. Really, it was kind of ridiculous to even suggest she couldn't see it. Anyone with half an ounce of intelligence could figure it out.

That is, everyone except for Logan.

He liked Kendall too. Katie had observed as much, and for quite a few months actually she was spent in a moral tango of whether it was her place to tell them, or if they should be left to figure it out on their own. Sure, she had the dirt on them, but was it her place to use it?

She practically squealed in delight when she didn't even have to make a decision, because the two idiots had somehow figured it out in the end. They didn't know she saw them kiss when they thought everyone had left the apartment. They didn't know that she knew everything, but of course she did.

She was Katie Knight. Nothing got passed her.

Roller Coaster

"Please Logan!" Kendall begged, gripping the railing painfully hard in his right hand, while the smart boy in question was tugging on his left.

"Come on Kendall! It's not scary at all!" Logan insisted, somehow managing to pry the blonde boy away and lead him to the cart waiting in front of them.

"I didn't say I was scared." Kendall mumbled weakly, looking around to see if anyone was watching them. They weren't.

"Then why would you just ride the freaking ride already?" Logan asked, cocking an eyebrow as Kendall frowned slightly, before sighing and sitting down next to Logan in the small cart, pulling the seat belt tightly around his waist and tugging the lap bar down until it was nearly crushing his thighs.

"It'll be fine." Logan reassured him, watching Kendall breath deeply as the ride operator gave the all clear sign and they pulled out of the station.

The blonde's eyes went wide as they started their assent, white knuckling the bar in front of him and squeezing him eyes shut so he couldn't see the ground they were rapidly moving away from.

"I'm not scared." he said, trying to convince himself as much as Logan. "I just . . . don't like heights."

Logan opened his mouth is respond, but before he could come out with an adequate comeback, they were at the top of the hill, overlooked the entire amusement park from it's highest point, and then, just as suddenly, they were hurtling towards the ground.

While Logan had his hands up in the air, enjoying the feeling of the roller coaster, Kendall had a death grip on the bar, eyes shut, and screaming what seemed to be every cuss word that came into his mind. Gustavo would so not be happy when he learned there were kids around to hear.

And while he felt slightly guilty for forcing his boyfriend on a ride he clearly didn't want to go on, it was also hard no to laugh when Kendall started muttering "Fuck me." over and over again.

After what felt like an eternity for the blonde, the ride finally came to a stop, and he all but threw himself off as soon as the lap bar was raised.

Logan slowly got off the ride and went to follow Kendall, who seemed to want to put as much distance between himself and the roller coaster as possible. When he finally caught up to him, Logan couldn't help but give him a tight hug before smirking up at the blonde.

"What?" Kendall asked, looking sheepish and slightly embarrassed at his behavior on the ride.

Logan couldn't hold back a small laugh as he said. "Nothing. I just had no idea you wanted me to fuck you."

Kendall mouth dropped open as he sputtered for words. "I didn't . . . I was only . . ."

"Hey," Logan said, holding his hand up in defensive. "Perfectly ok with me babe. It's about time you bottomed for once."


"Here you go Logan!" James said, handing the smart boy a small gift bag. "For you."

Logan looked up puzzled. "It's Kendall's birthday," he stated, staring at his two grinning friends. "Why are you giving me a present on his birthday?"

"Oh, but it is for Kendall." Carlos said, looking like the cat that ate the canary. "Open it and you'll see!"

Still highly skeptical, Logan pulled the tissue paper out of the bag. His brow wrinkled in confusion when he pulled out a tiny scrap of fabric. "What the hell is this?" he asked, hoping it wasn't what he thought it was.

"A thong!" Carlos exclaimed excitedly. "For you, we thought Kendall would like it way more than anything else we could get him."

"Uhh . . ." Logan said, not knowing what a proper response should be.

"It's ok." James said, smirking wildly. "You don't have to thank us. The look on your face says everything." And with that they walked away, laughing and leaving a flabbergasted Logan in their wake.

6th Avenue

It was on 6th Avenue that their lives changed forever.

It was on 6th Avenue that they lost.

It was on 6th Avenue that everything ended, their world turned and flipped upside down by one stupid decision made by a stranger.

It was on 6th Avenue that they said their last goodbyes before one left this world forever.

It was on 6th Avenue that he died.


Logan didn't know if he believed in God. He didn't know if there was a heaven or a hell and he didn't even begin to pretend he knew better than anyone else.

All he did know what that he believed in Kendall, and in the end, that would be all that mattered.


It was a surprise to most people when they heard that Kendall Knight wasn't always as calm and collected as he liked to portray to the world. But, then again, not many people ever got to see that side of him.

Kendall was guarded. He had plenty of armor put up and he had his fair share of battle scars, making him slow to trust and weary on anyone trying to get to close to fast. In his past experience it was the only way he knew to be. Letting people in could break you.

The only person Kendall ever felt really comfortable around was Logan. And with that in mind it was impossible to think that he wouldn't fall for him. He just hoped that the smart boy would be there to catch him.

The last thing he needed was another piece or armor.


The reflection stared back at him in through the dirty mirror. It didn't look like him, and for the longest time he tried to convince himself it wasn't.

Because the person staring back at him wasn't him. It couldn't be. The real him would have stopped it, would have spotted it early. The real him would have never let it happen.

It couldn't be him. He had died right along with the other half of his heart. This . . . person in the mirror, he was a stranger. A stranger who let his best friend kill himself.


"Catch!" Carlos yelled, deciding that instead of walking the three feet necessary to hand Kendall the can of coke he would simply throw it to the blonde. Unfortunately for the boys, Carlos' aim was quite off and instead of landing in Kendall's hands it smacked the pavement harshly.

Bending down, Kendall flinched away when the can started spurting Coke from the body of the can.

James squealed, ducking quickly under the table and covering his hair while the rest of them laughed. "Throw it away!" the pretty boy yelled.

"No way!" Kendall responded, looking at the can. "You can't just waste perfectly good Coke." And with that he stuck the leaking part to his mouth, slowly drinking the contents. That was until he noticed another hole in the can.

"Logan!" He called, and the small boy's head jerked up from his book to lock eyes with the blonde. "Help me!" And he pulled Logan forward motioning to the other spot that was spurting soda.

He hesitated, but only for a second before going down and stopping the soda from going everywhere.

Because really, the guy the had been crushing on since he was ten had his lips mere centimeters away from Logan's. How could he pass up an opportunity like that?


It was impossible with kids like Katie and Kendall to not worry about them. She worried all the time. About their futures, about how Kendall was going to handle all this new found fame, how Katie was going to stay grounded growing up in L.A. But she supposed that as a mom, it was her job to worry about them.

The one thing she worried about most though, was her kids being happy. If they were miserable then it was her job to fix things, make them feel better.

So when Kendall started dating Logan she got really worried. Not that she didn't like Logan or think he wasn't right for her son. He was perfect actually, and she saw how happy he made Kendall. But despite all that she worried what would happen if it all went wrong. Because Kendall would be out his first love, and his best friend. And that, above anything else, was her biggest worry of all.


Carlos sighed. When Kendall and Logan asked him to be their "lookout" he had been excited, thinking he would get to pull some of the super agent stunts he had always seen in the James Bond and Mission: Impossible movies, but this was nothing like he expected.

Because instead of doing super cool stuff like repelling from the ceiling or flipping off of walls he was sitting on the orange couch of 2J, watching TV at an almost ear-splitting volume, and cell phone in hand with explicit instructions to call them immediately if Mama Knight or Katie walked in.

Because apparently they didn't feel awkward with Carlos in the next room while the fucked each other's brains out, but Mama Knight and Katie would just be too weird.

Through the sounds of the TV, Carlos still was able to hear a muffled scream. He groaned and turned the volume up again. For such a little kid, Logan sure could make a lot of noise.

US Open

"Kendall, what the hell are you watching?" Logan asked, plopping down next to his boyfriend on the soft orange couch of 2J.

"Golf." He said simply, shoving a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"But you hate golf."

"That's true." Kendall stated, eyes still glued to the TV screen. "But I love Rory Mcilroy, so it all evens itself out."

Logan's face scrunched in confusion and amusement. "Let me get this straight," he said, smirking slightly, "You're watching a sport you hate just because you like one of the contestants?"

"Basically!" Kendall answered. "I mean, he's cute, he's humble, and he's from Northern Ireland for crying out loud. What's not to love?"

Logan contemplated this for a moment. "Very true." he said, smiling at the blonde boy. "Scoot over?" He asked, cuddling up to Kendall's side. "I wanna watch too."


A hero was someone who put everything side to help out someone else. A hero was someone who would do amazing things without even having to be asked. A hero was someone who saved other people from themselves.

And to Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell was forever his hero. Because when he was nine and way too scared to talk up about why he had bruises covering his body, Logan knew what was happening. Logan spoke up. Logan stopped him before Mr. Knight could hurt Kendall even more. Logan saved him, and he would never forget that.


Sometimes, when the Minnesota winter was really cracking down on them, and the house remanded cold no matter how high the heat was on, Logan and Kendall would cuddle up together in Kendall's bed, laying there with their arms around each other.

They always told themselves it was to keep warm and nothing else, but every night this happened they would both stay up just talking and grasping onto the other like they would float away if they let go.

It didn't make sense, because they were best friends, and best friends shouldn't have this much physical contact or feel like they would complete die without the other by their side.

Maybe it was because, deep down, they knew they were always more than best friends.


"Logan, your just getting your tonsils taken out. What's the worst that could happen?"

"What's the worst that could happen? The doctor could be an idiot and mess up somehow and give me an infection that would kill me!"

"I highly doubt that will happen."

"It could! You never know what's going to go wrong on the operating table! Anything could happen!"

"But it won't Logan, trust me. You're going to be fine."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because . . . I just know. You're still going to be the same little, smart, annoying Logie I know and love when you come out of that surgery."

" . . . Annoying?"

"Oh come on dude, you know I'm just playing with you! But I do have to warn you that if you're high off of pain medication and shit when you come out of surgery, Carlos is going to video tape it and put it on YouTube."

"He wouldn't?"

"I think you know very well that he would, and he will."



Logan was thirteen when he got his first kiss.

He was at the Knight's annual Christmas party when he and Kendall had somehow ended up under the mistletoe together.

And as his blonde friend stood in front of him, looking incredibly nervous and muttering that they didn't have to if Logan didn't want to, the smart boy thought that he could do a lot worse than Kendall for his first kiss.

After all, it should be with someone you really care about, and he couldn't think of one person that meant more to him than Kendall did.

I have a few of these that were based off of real life situations/things people I know said. These are: Winning, Watermelon, Coke, Roller Coaster, and Water. If you're dying for the story behind any of those tell me and I'll send it to you. XD Also, Competition was based off of The Allen and Craig Show Episode 4, which you should go check out of you've never seen it before =) Also, US Open was written because I've spent a good portion of the day watching golf, and I hate golf. It was all for Rory! xD

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it! Review if ya want to!