Author's Notes: I wrote a song about gargoyles. Nothing specific about any particular characters, but the idea about turning into statuary during the day belongs to the Gargoyles universe... Gargoyles is the property of Disney's, Buena Vista, etc.

"Is it Angel or Demon?"
Evil Overlady

As the setting sun fades
And it bathes the sky in deep-rose,
Stone gargoyles shade
Manhattan's highest patios.

I lock my home for the night
And get into my patrol car.
Something winged takes flight.
Perhaps, a shady avatar?

I feel in the night
Someone is watching me.
Of wrong or of right,
I may not get to see.

A slash of its claws
And I live to see the dawn.
Does it care about laws?
Is it angel or demon?

I caught a scream on the wind
And made a call to dispatch,
Made a turn 'round the bend
And met much more than my match.

Gangsters surrounded me fast
And bashed out every window,
Yanked me into their mass,
Backs to an approaching shadow.


A lion's roar cut the air
As talons snapped bones like toothpicks.
Smart ones took to elsewhere,
The rest dropped like moaning piles of bricks.

Then, remained only me
And a silent demonic silhouette
Till sirens caused it to flee
Into shadows as black as polished jet.


I spent some time in E.R.
Till doctors gave me the okay,
Skipped a trip to the bar
And made it home at break of day.

I counted my statues
But every one was accounted for,
'Cept one had a different view.
A smile not seen before.


Is it angel... or demon?