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Warnings: Extreme fluff and randomness.

Notes: This is going to be a series of short stories based on random things from our exciting lives. *Sarcasm* but it's still funny :D

Putting Away Christmas Boxes.

One day while the axis were hanging out at Germany's house, Germany had Japan and Italy (who were playing Sims 3) help him put away things from Christmas. "Hey guys do you think you could pause your game for two minutes and help me vith me?"

"Sure" Japan said pausing their game and walking through the kitchen to their destination. Italy followed along. "Veh~…what do you need Germany?"

"Clearly all of the boxes of Christmas decorations…" Germany said. They went into the garage and Germany climbed a ladder to reach the ledge where he stored everything. "Alright just pass me each box so I can put them away!"

"Alright!" Japan picked up the nearest box and handed it to Germany who put it in the correct place. Italy walked over to the lightest box and looked at it. He then bent down and attempted to pick it up. "Veh~…"

"Are they too heavy?" Germany asked with a faint smile.

"Maybe it is for him?..." An overconfident Japan said lifting the box with one hand and handing it to Germany.

"Mein Gott…what's in this box?" Germany said looking for a spot in the cramped storage area. "Veh~! Be careful Germany~!" Italy said worriedly

"Be careful he says…Italy this ladder is from 1928! And you're telling me to be careful NOW?"

"S-sorry!" Italy said and they FINALLY got all the boxes up and Italy and Japan went back inside. "Thank you. You both saved me from forty five minutes of work…" Germany said when he finally got back inside. Italy ran up and kissed Germany before blushing and running back to the dining room and playing the game with Japan.

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