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Fios Pen?

As Poland dug through his dresser (he'd already forgot what he was looking for) he suddenly turned to England who was sitting on his bed, "Hey, like, you want a Verizon Fios pen?"

"Um, not really?" England said, questioning why he even hung out with Poland. He sighed and put down the random book he found on Poland's bed (which was about horses) and decided to text his boyfriend, America, hoping that Poland would find what he was looking for soon.

"Uh... England, do you, like, remember what I was looking for?" Poland said, honestly bored with looking for nothing. He tossed the pen over to England anyway.

England caught the pen without even looking up from the oddly sweet text he'd received from America, "The cord for your stereo I think?"

"Like, oh yeah~! Well, I'll totally keep looking now," Poland turned back to his dresser and hummed his national anthem. He pulled random things out of his dresser and tossed them aimlessly behind him. Most of the objects hit England. The aforementioned nation glared at the back of Poland's head and continued to text America, which if he were to be completely honest, was slightly turning him on. But him being the stuck up Brit he was, wouldn't admit anything of the sort. But he would attack America when he got back from lacrosse tryouts.

Poland turned back around from his dresser, "So, like, I can't find it. Anything else you, like, want to do?"

"Hm, we could... do something less boring?" England said, gasping at America's highly rated M text.

"Aw, I'm, like, boring?" He heard England's gasp and he grabbed his phone and he read the text. "Like, wow England...America is so weird..."

"YOU'RE NOT BORING! It's just you looking and me doing nothing is boring..." Well, thinking about his American THAT way wasn't nothing, but he couldn't really tell Poland that could he? "And America may be weird...but he's my weirdo." '

"I like can't argue with that..." Poland laughed, "And you're, like totally weird too!" He handed back England's phone and asked "Want to go on the computer then?" England sighed, happy to finally be able to reply to his boyfriend. "Sure."

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