Title: It All Started for Money
Characters: Puck, Kurt, Glee Club
Genre: Romance, Angst, First Time
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Rating: NC-17
Words Count: 5725
Beta: david_of_oz
A/N: I was planning on making a one shot out of this because I already have 3 long chaptered fics I'm writing, but then I started writing a couple of weeks ago and thought that perhaps it had to be longer. So, I think I'm going to turn it into a 2/3 parts story. This one is quite angsty because of what Kurt is going through, but there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Fill for kirke_novak's prompt at the Puckurt meme.
Summary: Now that Quinn is keeping the baby, Puck will do anything to support his daughter, even offer his services to Kurt Hummel.

Part One

Who do you need
who do you love
when you come undone?

"I want to keep her." Quinn was resolute in her decision for the first time in her life and the smile on her face was the opposite of the storm that suddenly erupted inside Puck. He stood in front of Quinn unable to utter a single word and with a ferocious fear gripping his insides.

"Puck? Did you hear what I said?" Puck nodded and Quinn sighed exasperated. "You wanted to be a father and now that I'm keeping the baby, you can. You will also have to take care of us so you need to find a good job." She waited for a sign that he had heard her and when Puck finally nodded, Quinn smiled and walked away.

Of course he had wanted to keep his daughter, after all, he had promised himself to never become like his father; but now that he was actually going to be a dad, he didn't know what to do. He needed money and now that the pool-cleaning season was over, there was no way that one of his cougars would pay him and with his track record, he'd never be able to find a good paying job.

Puck leaned his forehead against his locker and took a deep breath. He was screwed; the only thing he was good at was sex and there was no way that he'd start hustling on the streets. He needed someone lonely and rich, desperate enough to pay him in exchange for human contact. Suddenly, he thought about Kurt. Hummel was rich, lonely, had a crush on Finn that was going to end in tears and would be too afraid of getting beaten up to say anything if Puck offered him his services.

'It could work,' he told himself. He was going to do anything he could not to let his daughter down and if that meant that he had to fuck a boy, he was willing to do it. When Quinn had called him a Lima loser, Puck had been hurt and he wanted to prove to the girl that he could take care of her and their baby no matter what. He sighed and tried for a few minutes to come up with something else but Kurt was a safe bet and a way to get money quickly. He only had to convince Hummel that he was his only option in the whole town.


Puck knew that he had to plan his moves carefully, because being his usual badass self wasn't going to get Kurt to give in and accept his services; therefore, he spent almost a week following Kurt and Mercedes around the school being mindful not to get caught.

He noticed that every time Kurt was alone, his expression changed completely, even his bitchiness would disappear, leaving empty eyes in its place. Every time Finn was around, his eyes would follow the quarterback with a sad smile as if he completely understood that he'd never get the boy he was in love with, but still unable to let his crush go.

It was during the Madonna week that Puck started to really understand just how lonely Kurt was feeling. He almost told himself that he shouldn't mess with him just because he needed money, but after Mercedes' performance of "Beautiful", Puck decided that they could actually both get something out of his plan, because it looked like they were both desperate enough to actually have a shot at making this crazy plan work.

Even after Kurt turned around and embraced Mercedes, Puck was still sure that it was all another act of pretending to be ok. As soon as Kurt started walking towards the locker room, he followed him inside and, before the other male Cheerios could arrive, Puck locked the door.

"I'm not coming with you, guys," Kurt called from behind a row of lockers when he heard the door closing.

Puck didn't answer but simply got closer just as the sound of clothes hitting the floor could be heard along with Kurt's soft humming. He didn't want to scare Kurt to death by creeping up on him, but he feared that saying anything would make the boy run away and he really needed to talk to him while no one was around. He rounded the row of lockers and found the countertenor with his back turned to him, only dressed in his boxers. For a moment, his eyes focused on Kurt's ass and found himself thinking that after all, an ass was an ass and Kurt's was a hot piece of ass, so he was pretty sure that he'd actually be able to go through with his plan. He blocked out the part of his mind reminding him that it was a hot piece of male ass.

"Kurt?" he said, softly, trying not to scare Kurt.

The other boy turned around with alarm clear in his eyes. "What... what are you doing here?" He picked up his Cheerios' pants and quickly slid them on.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"Are your friends around?" He tried to listen for any sounds that would give away someone's presence, not that it mattered because even if Puck was alone, he still had no chance of getting out of the locker room alive.

"I'm not going to beat you, relax." Puck held his hands up so Kurt could see that he intended no harm. "I just have to talk to you."

Kurt's eyes narrowed slightly. "What can we possibly have to talk about in an empty locker room?"

Puck shoved a hand through his mohawk and glanced away. A few long minutes went by in silence while he tried to gather his thoughts. He was pretty sure that Kurt was going to accept his offer because Finn wasn't going to suddenly turn gay for him and there was no way in hell that anyone beside Kurt would come out in Lima.

Finally, he opened his mouth to speak and said, "You're alone and Finn is never going to love you like you want him to and I need money, so I want to offer you my services."

Kurt opened his mouth and closed it again a couple of times trying to grasp the fact that Noah Puckerman was standing in front of him offering sex in exchange for money. "You... what?" he finally managed to ask; his words were as jumbled as his thoughts in that moment.

Opting to tell the truth, Puck said, "Quinn is going to keep the baby and I need money to take care of them and the pool-cleaning season is over and I'm not going to be able to find a good job in this town because of what I did in the past..."

"The past?" Kurt scoffed. "You mean, first period?" He shook his head and sat down on the bench.

"Whatever. I need money and..."

"What, your cougars are out of town or won't put up for you if their husbands are around?"

Puck's eyes narrowed and he closed his hands into tight fists to stop himself from hitting Kurt. "Look, you're never going to get laid as long as you live here and I know Finn, he knows that you have a crush on him but he's too kind to actually tell you to piss off, but he's going to one day and then you'll be alone with your little heart crushed. I've watched you all week and you look sad and lonely and I know all about using sex so you don't have to feel that way." He stopped his speech and took a deep breath. "I want to take care of my daughter and in order to do so, I have to show Quinn that I can take care of both her and the baby."

"By whoring yourself?" Kurt's tone was sharp and his eyes a cold shade of green. "You think that if she finds out about how you're helping her she's going to think that you're a fit father?" He chuckled humorlessly. "You're a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for."

"This attitude of yours is the reason why you have no friends beside Mercedes who, by the way, hasn't even noticed that you feel like crap." Puck watched Kurt intently as the boy lowered his head. He was playing dirty and he knew it, but in order to get Kurt to accept his offer, Puck had to make him realize just how lonely he was. "Give me money and I'll make you feel great."

Kurt shook his head and stood up suddenly wanting to get away as fast as he could. He pulled on his Cheerios' shirt and picked up his bag from his locker before closing it with a loud slam. "I'm not going to pay you to fuck me so go somewhere else with this absurd plan of yours. I'm sure Santana won't mind taking you back. You're her bitch after all." He made a move to walk away but Puck hit one of the lockers with his fist and Kurt froze.

"I can't go to Santana because she wouldn't pay me for sex and even if she would, she'd just tell Quinn and if Quinn finds out about this, she won't let me be anywhere near my kid. You on the other hand, I can always threaten to beat if you so much as say a word about it."

Kurt clutched his bag to his chest. "Am I supposed to say yes for the same reason?"

Puck locked gaze with Kurt's and stood in silence for long moments. Finally, he shook his head. "That would be like rape." He pulled his hand away from the lockers ignoring the pain shooting through it. "I need your help and you have no one else to make you feel like you matter."

"And a fuck for money should make me feel appreciated?"

"At least I'd make you feel alive. If you push any harder, Finn is going to turn into the opposite of the golden boy you all seem to think he is. Remember that he never tried to stop us from throwing you into dumpsters, so perhaps, he's not as perfect as you think he is." Puck took a step backwards putting distance between himself and Kurt. "Just, think about my offer."

He turned around then and left the locker room. Kurt leaned against his locker and slid against it until he was sitting on the floor. He told himself that he shouldn't even consider such an offer, but still, he was feeling more and more alone and he couldn't stop his mind from wondering about how it would feel to be important for at least a few minutes even if it was all based on money.

He got up, and still wearing his Cheerios uniform, left the locker room.


"We have to break up our parents. Immediately. I screwed up."

Puck was on his way to the bathroom when he heard Kurt's voice. He stopped and peered around the corner spotting the countertenor talking with Finn in front of the lockers. His best friend gave a sad little smile before answering.

"It hurt you, didn't it? When I was talking sports with your father and stuff. I could tell that you felt..."

"Left out? Invisible? Yeah."

"I don't like that my mom's forgetting about my dad. It's up to me to keep his memory alive and I don't want to move in with you, no offence."

"None taken. So we put an end to it. Agreed?"

Finn smiled. "Agreed." He extended his hand to Kurt.

From where he was standing, Puck couldn't see Kurt's face, but he was pretty sure that he shook the proffered hand before walking away. Sighing, Puck wondered if Finn had noticed that Kurt looked sad almost all the time and that seeing his father bonding with another guy was probably driving him to the edge.

He turned around then, and walked towards the nurse' office where he was going to spend math period, hoping that whatever Kurt and Finn planned would work out, because even if he needed the money for Quinn and their baby, he still had a heart and he wasn't so sure that Kurt could take it if Finn suddenly changed his mind and started accepting Burt Hummel. Plus, he was thinking about a Plan B which consisted of offering Kurt his services as a bodyguard, even though he was pretty sure that Hummel was too proud to actually accept help in defending himself. Except sex was different, it was some kind of emotional help and wasn't going to mean that he wasn't strong enough, but just that he was feeling lonely.


Kurt was supposed to meet Finn at his house around eight and he was actually feeling quite happy as he made his way towards the entrance. He still didn't know what had possessed him to sing to Finn in front of the whole glee club, but it seemed like either the quarterback didn't understand, or was trying to pretend that nothing had ever happened. In retrospective, considering that now he needed Finn in order to get his father back, he was happy that the boy was ignoring the new attempt of woo him.

To get to the Hudson's front door, Kurt had to pass in front of the living room window and he froze when he spotted his father sitting down in the armchair from where Finn had just moved away his own father's funeral urn.

In that moment, Kurt felt more hurt than words could ever describe. To see his dad spending time with Finn in that way, when he always had to struggle to find something that could get him to spend time with Burt was tearing at his heart.

Kurt turned away from the scene in front of him and quickly walked back to his car. It took him a minute to get his emotions under check and to stop the tears from spilling. Finally, with shaky hands, he took his phone out of his jeans pocket. He quickly selected one of his contacts, and his thumb hovered for a few moments over the call button before he was finally ready to press down on it.

The phone on the other end of the line rang a couple of times before a husky voice answered saying, "You changed your mind?"

Kurt took a deep breath before replying. "Can I... can I come over now?"

Puck didn't answer for a minute or two, whether because he was surprised that Kurt had accepted his offer or because he wanted to come over right away; Puck didn't know and in that moment, neither did he care.

Finally, Puck sighed and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Can I come over or not?"

"Yeah. There's no one home."

"I'll be there in a minute." His voice became cold and detached and he hung up right away. Kurt looked towards the Hudson's house for a moment before finally turning the engine on.


Puck was staring at the ceiling mentally going over what he knew he had to do. He had spent the last three days researching gay sex and was happy to discover that anal sex was still anal sex whether it was with a man or with a woman, so he knew how to go about fucking Hummel.

Puck knew that Kurt was a virgin, so he had researched the best ways to have sex without suffering too much and above all, he had tried to understand how to give pleasure to a man because even though he wasn't gay and he was only doing this for his daughter, he was still Noah Puckerman, a sex shark, and he was damned if someone was going to have sex with him and not have their mind blown away.

When he heard the doorbell ringing, he quickly got up and went to let Hummel in. When Puck was standing in front of Kurt, he took one good look at him and saw that the guy was a wreck.

Silently, Puck took Kurt up to his room and locked the door before saying, "You look like shit."

Kurt shrugged and looked around the room while Noah sat down on the bed. "What made you change your mind?"

"None of your business. You're getting what you wanted, don't ask for explanations."

With a sigh, Puck waited until Kurt sat down on the other side of the bed before resuming his talking. "It hurt you pretty badly, didn't it?"

Kurt glanced at him. "What?"

"Whatever it is that happened between you and Finn …" he trailed off for a moment. "And your father."

Diverting his gaze, Kurt said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I heard you and Finn talking in the halls yesterday and now you called me." He shrugged. "I'm not totally stupid, you know."

"It doesn't concern you, alright? I'm not here so we can have a little heart to heart." Kurt got up from the edge of the bed where he was sitting and started undoing the buttons of his waistcoat.

Puck watched him, taking in the way Kurt kept looking down and how stiff his back looked. He sighed, deciding that even if he was a badass and most of the time uncaring, this was something that would require him to use those feelings that he kept hidden away.

He may have started this absurdity so he could have money for Quinn and Beth, but Kurt was hurting and since not even Mercedes seemed to notice, maybe it was time that he showed someone that he still had feelings and humanity.

He kept observing the clinical way Kurt took his clothes off for a moment before finally getting up. He walked closer to the other boy and put his hands on his shoulders ignoring the way Kurt stiffened under his palms. He put his mouth next to Kurt's ear and while his hands slid down to rest on the boy's hips, he huskily whispered, "Let me."

"I..." Kurt stuttered and shook his head. He let Puck slide his arms around his waist so he could reach the buttons of the shirt he was wearing. He felt the warmth of Puck's chest pressed tightly against his back and felt a shudder running up and down his spine while callused and expert hands slid under the soft material of his shirt once it was finally opened.

Puck slid Kurt's shirt off his slim shoulders and then let his hands wonder over the taut stomach until they reached the belt the boy was wearing. Stopping for a moment, he asked, "Are you sure?"

Kurt cleared his throat. "I wouldn't be here otherwise."

"Ok." He quickly worked the belt open and then proceeded to open the button and slid down the zipper. "You need to get your shoes off."

Kurt nodded and kicked his shoes and socks off while Puck hooked his thumbs in the waistband of the skin-tight jeans to pull them down.

When he finally had Kurt only wearing his boxers, Puck turned the boy around so they were facing each other and quickly got his own jeans off as well.

"Can you... can you turn off the light?" Kurt's voice was barely a whisper and he wouldn't meet Puck's eyes.

Nodding, Noah turned around and walked over to the nightstand and turned off the bedside lamp. The only light illuminating the little room was coming from the half-shut curtains of the window. The moonlight and the streetlight were casting shadows over Kurt's frame and for the first time, Puck really saw him.

Despite looking fragile, Kurt had nice biceps, his thighs were toned and his stomach flat and well defined.

Feeling exposed under the open scrutiny, Kurt crossed his arms in front of his chest and sighed deeply. "Are you sure you can do this?"

Puck nodded before walking closer to him. His eyes tried to find Kurt's despite the bad lighting, but when Kurt simply lowered his head, Puck reached out tentatively letting his hands trace the soft curves of Kurt's hips before sliding his hands up until one was resting behind the boy's neck and the other was wrapped tightly against a hipbone. Puck leaned in closer until their foreheads were resting together. He made a move to start a kiss, but Kurt quickly turned his head away.

"Don't." His voice was a broken whisper.


"Should I pay you before or after we have done it?" He asked dodging Noah's question. "I don't know how it works."

Puck's hands tightened for a moment out of frustration. He was trying really hard to make it good for Kurt but if the boy didn't forget about the whole payment thing, he wasn't going to enjoy it. "Look, never mind about the money, we'll think about it later, ok?"

Kurt nodded and reached down to slide off his boxers. He closed his eyes tightly trying not to think about standing naked in front of the boy who was going to take his virginity in a few minutes. He took a deep breath and slid them off in one swift movement before getting out of Puck's grasp and walking over to the bed.

Puck watched him for a moment unsure of how to proceed. He had imagined that Kurt was going to be a little cold because he was always cold, but he had thought that after they got naked, things would change, that Kurt would relax a little, but it didn't look like that was the case.

He watched as Kurt lay down on the bed on his stomach putting a pillow under his hips so his ass was raised. Then, he crossed his arms and leaned his forehead on them.

Puck sighed, slid off his boxers and climbed on the bed. "I want to make you feel good, Kurt."

"Just get it over with."

Puck shook his head and reached over to the nightstand to retrieve a couple of condoms and the bottle of lube. He set the items in easy reach and straddled Kurt's legs before sighing. He let his hands travel up and down the lean back letting his eyes roam over the pale skin that, under his palms, felt softer than anyone else's before. When his hands got to Kurt's ass, he took a shaky breath, suddenly aware that he was already hard. He frowned. He had thought that he would have to think about a woman or something, and not that the simply seeing Kurt naked was going to turn him on that way.

"Are you ready?" Kurt asked sounding impatient.

"Why did you come over?" Puck asked back, reaching for the bottle of lube to coat his fingers with the stuff.

Kurt didn't answer for long moments and Noah was almost sure that he wasn't going to get an answer. Then, just as he was about to get his hands near Kurt's ass, the boy quietly said, "I just wanted to feel something. You said that if I wanted to feel something I should take you up on your offer."

"Then why the hell won't you let yourself feel?" He tried to mask his own nervousness about what they were about to do, pretending to feel perfectly comfortable with what was happening.

Kurt turned his head a little then, glancing over his shoulders to meet Puck's eyes. "I don't want to break down," he said quietly, then realizing that he had let on more than he wanted to with that sentence, he quickly added, "So just do whatever you have to do. Ok?" He hid his face in his arms once again.

Determined to get Kurt to show emotions, Puck dipped his fingers between his ass cheeks and started circling Kurt's opening with his index finger promising to himself that by the end of the night he would get Kurt Hummel to come undone between his hands.

He looked up towards Kurt's head when he tentatively breached his tight opening with the first finger. "I have done this before," Puck cleared his throat. "Not with men but it's the same, right? We guys just have something more in there that will make us scream." He frowned. "I guess after the pain comes the pleasure or something like that. The comments on the websites I found, weren't exactly encouraging but hey, they didn't have a Puckerman to show them the pleasures of sex so we can't take them too literally."

"You actually researched gay sex?" Kurt's voice was muffled by his arms but Puck still heard the laughter in his voice.

'This is an emotion, at least.' "Yeah of course. I'm Puckzilla, I couldn't do this without blowing your mind away." Using the moment of distraction, Puck inserted a second finger and felt Kurt stiffen for a moment before he let out a breathy moan.

Smirking and gaining confidence at the sound, he started to slowly slide his fingers in and out and when he felt Kurt relaxing around them, he crooked them and Kurt moaned loudly this time.

"Is this ok?" he asked, just because he wanted to hear Kurt say anything. But Kurt didn't respond. Instead, he pushed down against Puck's fingers silently asking for more. Puck pulled fingers out and lubed them again before inserting both his index finger and middle finger again to work Kurt open. He waited several minutes before adding a third finger. His eyes were unable to look away from where his fingers were disappearing inside Kurt's ass. He knew that he shouldn't be enjoying this so much, but he simply couldn't convince himself that this was wrong.

Then he frowned. It was wrong because he was going to take Kurt's virginity for money and he was whoring himself, but no matter what the circumstances were, Puck was loving what he was doing and had no intentions of stopping.

"You think you're ready?" he asked, his voice coming out more huskily than he intended.

Kurt nodded and closed his hands into fists grabbing hold of the sheet. He felt Puck withdraw his fingers, and bit down on his lower lip to stop himself from whimpering at the loss. He had come over to Puck's because he wanted to forget about his father and Finn and how lost he was starting to feel. The last thing on his mind was that Puck would try his best to make it good for him. But he knew that Puck was only doing it for money, so he didn't want to let Noah know whether he was enjoying it or not.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Puck grab one of the condoms and Kurt took a deep breath to steady himself. He was ready for the pain because it wasn't like he'd only just started thinking about sex, but he was afraid of what kind of emotions he was going to feel. He didn't want to feel anything besides pleasure, and in order to do so, he had to stop thinking that it was Puck behind him. He wanted to feel free for a few minutes and he was going to do it. Maybe he'd never thought about giving up his virginity to Noah Puckerman in exchange for money, but Puck had been right in saying that he was Kurt's only option.

"Kurt?" Puck's soft voice cut through his thoughts. "Are you really sure that this is what you want?"

"Yes." His voice was steady, once again detached and he intended to keep it that way.

"Ok." Puck sighed deeply before spreading Kurt's cheeks apart. His eyes were once again transfixed at the sight, as the tip of his cock slowly started to slide inside Kurt's tight channel. He squeezed his eyes shut at the sensations that hit him as he eased himself inside Kurt. He tried to stifle his moan because he was doing this for Kurt and not for himself, but when he had to stop halfway inside to take a deep breath, he couldn't help the breathy, "Oh God," that escaped him.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that Kurt was clenching the sheet and was panting. "Are... are you ok?"

Kurt nodded and pushed back until he had Puck all the way inside.

Puck's hands tightened around Kurt's hips and he leaned his forehead against Kurt's shoulder. They were still for long moments before Puck was finally able to find the strength to pull out a little so he could slam back inside. He felt Kurt shudder under his hands and he desperately wanted to hear him but he knew that asking Kurt to let himself go wouldn't work. Deciding that he was going to make Kurt feel good no matter what, he pulled out again this time until only the tip of his dick was still inside, and then drove himself back in.

Using the hold he had around Kurt's hips, he pulled him back a little so he was forced to rise up on his hands and knees. After that, Puck started a steady rhythm of deep thrusts going faster and harder each time. When he felt himself getting close to his release, he reached down between Kurt's thighs happy to find Kurt as painfully hard as he himself was at that moment.

With his mouth so close to Kurt's neck, he wasn't able to stop himself from placing his mouth on the perfect skin to compensate for the lack of kissing. He started to stroke Kurt in time with his thrusts and soon Puck felt Kurt stiffen before hot and sticky liquid covered his hand. He thrust another couple of times before he reached his release as well.

Puck gasped and tried to remember how to breath. He collapsed on top of Kurt, squashing the boy under his weight but unable to do anything about it. It was Kurt moving under him trying to get free that made him realize that maybe he should move away.

Carefully slipping out of Kurt he flopped down on the bed next to the boy and quickly disposed of the condom. "That was awesome, Kurt." He turned his head to the side hoping to meet Kurt's eyes but found himself staring at the back of the boy's head. Reaching out with his hand, he threaded his fingers through the messy locks. "Kurt?"


"Are you ok?" he asked quietly, turning to lie on his side. Normally, he wouldn't stick around for the after-sex part, but considering that this was his home, he really had no choice. Besides, that had been Kurt's first time and Noah would have liked for someone to ask if he was ok after he had sex for the first time.

"Yeah." Kurt sighed deeply. "I..." he trailed off and cleared his throat nervously. "I need a minute."

Puck frowned. "Did I hurt you?"

"It's ok."

Puck was suddenly once again frustrated because Kurt was acting like it wasn't a big deal and he reminded himself that he should have been glad about it. He didn't need some lovesick guy following him around, he just needed his money and he was going to get it. "You don't need to go away right now." He was surprised to hear himself saying that.

"You can stay for a while. My mom and sister won't be back until later."

"No." Kurt sat up and Puck wondered how he could mask the pain he was surely feeling. He got up and started looking around for his clothes. "How much do I owe you?"

Puck sighed and threw an arm over his eyes. He was starting to feel like a bastard for sleeping with Kurt for money, playing on the boy's insecurities to get what he needed. He was feeling cheap and even knowing that in the end he had simply offered something to Kurt and the boy had been the one who had made the final move, he still couldn't shake off the feeling that it felt wrong now.

Kurt was fastening his jeans keeping his back turned to Puck. "I only have $200 right now, is that enough? I wasn't planning on doing this so I didn't get more money." He quickly picked up his shirt and slid it on. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed to put on his socks and then his shoes. "I can bring you more in the morning at school."


"I should have thought about it before coming over." He stopped for a moment, shoving his hands in his hair and taking a shaky breath.

Puck was starting to feel concerned for how Kurt was acting, so he reached out with his hand and was about to touch Kurt's shoulder when the boy sprang back to his feet and picked up his waistcoat. He pulled out his wallet and put the 200 bucks on Puck's desk before walking over to the door. "Let me know if I owe you more." And before Puck could utter a single word, Kurt unlocked the door and walked out of the room.

After a few seconds, Puck heard the front door slam shut and tried to tell himself that it wasn't really his fault if Kurt had accepted. It was Finn and Burt Hummel and all those stupid dickheads at school that had made it impossible for him to have friends outside of the glee club. He carefully didn't think about how, not so long ago, he was one of those assholes.

Getting out of bed, Puck walked over to the window and watched Kurt drive away.