Juli: After Bryce finished planting my tree,i had a lot to think about. Who was this new Bryce?Why did he do such a nice thing if he hated me so much?I used to like Bryce.I think its safe to say that i had once loved him. But all that has changed or so i thought.

Two weeks had passed and i didnt know how to say thank you to him.I was too scared to say those two very simple was words. It was probably the most simple thing in the world,to say thank you I mean. The meaning behind it meant a lot to me, saying it meant that someone actually did something nice to me and that they cared about me too.

Bryce: After planting her tree,i felt really good inside. Julie didnt say anything the day after; didnt talk to me for two whole weeks.I wouldve said something but i felt like wating for her to say the first words.

I couldnt take it anymore,i ran after Julie one day after she came home from school.I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around. What i saw in her face was surprise. Then something wierd happened she came foward and hugged me.

"Thank you,"She wispered.

I was shocked.I mean i did expect the thank you but not the hug,It was good,the hug i mean.I felt warm and happy inside.I smiled at her after pulling away and saw tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry i didnt tell you this before. These two weeks i've been wanting to say thank you but i didnt know how.I mean,it was hard to come up to you and say it."She said looking at me.

"I'ts ok .I'm sorry for the way that i've been treating you since i first moved here.I-"I didnt get to finish,the front door opened and dad came out screaming something i didnt understand.

"wait here."i told juli.I ran to my dad he looked sad and tired.

"Bryce,its your grandpa he had a heart attack"