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Author's Note: I don't know. I honestly don't know. I'm never this dark in my musings. This really caught me by surprise. Usually, when I think of dark it's in reference to Harry Potter, which is technically not bad…and…I'm…rambling.

Whatever, read it if you dare. This uses the 1971 version. Read and Review!

As the darkness of permanent unconsciousness consumed him, he smiled. I'll have the last laugh, you sick bastard. Just you wait.

The boy was nine when he found the last golden ticket and won the factory.

He was thirteen when the last of his grandparents were put to rest.

He was fourteen when he noticed his mentor's attitude towards him had changed.

He was sixteen when his parents died in a "tragic accident" right outside the gates of the factory.

He was seventeen when he put the last finishing touch of his plan into place.

His jailor cracked a week before his eighteenth birthday.

The day of his very public funeral, chaos reigned and Dr. Willy Wonka was dragged away in handcuffs, charged for the murder of four elders, two adults, and the murder and attempted rape of his protégé, Charlie Bucket.