Okay. I'm going to be honest here and say that I don't really have much else to add to this story so here's what can happen: End it here with a tear felt farewell and fond memories

Keep going with meaningless chapters of max and Fang's travels

Keep going with the ideas that you all so kindly give me

Or end it and post a prequel to this story, one that explains how they all got to where they are.

-Extremely sorry for the delay. School and band is keeping me busy.

-Anyway, leave a review or a message with your decisions


So after reading a couple reviews i had the idea of maybe just end it with one more chapter and go on to the prequel BUT heres the bonus for those of you who dont want me to completely end it and rather have a sequel on Max and Fang's travels. I DO have a few ideas floating around in my head of what i could possibly write about on that. So the last chapter would leave a little foreshadowing on what might happen during that time frame. If youd prefer that, id like to know so Ill have an idea about whether to start writing on the sequel or on the prequel or whether to do one then do the other. I dont know. It really just depends on who will actually read either one. So again, reviews/ideas are appreciated. Ill continue to update this on what IM thinking so i dont blind side you.