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Chapter 1

The Past

It is kind of weird to look back and see how I became who I am today.

I suppose it all started when Dumbledore left me on the Dursleys' doorstep. He should have known better. My parents specifically stated in their will that I was not to be left in their care under any circumstances, but since when has the great Albus Dumbledore ever listened to anyone?

The Dursleys hate me. To them I am nothing but a useless freak. They wished I would just disappear, so they could go back to the blissful normality. It didn't take them long to find a use for me other than taking up space under the stairs. I was only three when they started to make me clean the house. By the time I was seven they had me doing everything else, so that they could sit back and watch TV all day.

I was fed only stale bread, the vegetables that Dudley an Vernon refused and one glass of water, once a day, for 11 years, and even then I was only given it if I got all of my impossible list of chores done. Watching them eat all the food that I cooked everyday while my stomach growled in pain was the worst torture anyone could ever face.

When I first began school I loved it, at first. School was a place where I could be myself without being punished for it. At least until my first report card came, then I despised school.

"There must be some sort of mistake." Vernon told them.

"You have mixed up Harry's and Dudley's report cards." Petunia said.

"No mistake." The teacher replied. "Harry is very good at everything he does. Dudley, ah, Dudley just lacks motivation. Maybe you should pay more attention to him."

More attention was the last thing Dudley needed.

When we got to the house I beaten for the first time and then shoved in my cupboard. From then on I always made sure Dudley did better than me,even if it meant doing his work for him.

But getting bad grades only encouraged people to believe what the Dursley's wanted.

The teachers and administrators, more people that were suppose to care and do something about my obvious abuse, did nothing. They nodded and accepted the Dursleys' lies. I was an innocent child branded by society at the age of five as delinquent.

I didn't stay innocent for long though. Vernon took that away from me when I was six. He sold it to the highest bidder. He proceeded to sell my body every Friday night for the next seven years, and no one cared.

I thought when I went to Hogwarts everything would be different. I thought this magical world would take me away from all the pain. I was wrong. Most people believed I was a savior. They thought that I was the one to save them so why would I need to be saved. I tried to tell Dumbledore once. He told me to stop making up such awful lies about my family, and sent me "home." Privet Drive could never be my home.

I probably would be dead by now if my father's aunt hadn't died during the summer after my third year at Hogwarts. She passed the Prince fortune on to him. He had to go to Gringotts to claim it of-coarse which is where he found out that my mother had left something for him. A letter.

He didn't open the letter right away. He was still angry at my mother for choosing James Potter over him, but by the end of July his curiosity got the better of him.

The letter told him that she was sorry, that she still loved him, but I had to be protected from Dumbledore. She told him how I was his son, not James', and her wish that if it was possible that he take custody of me.

He left to come to Privet Drive immediately after finishing the letter. Originally he was only going to apologize for his past actions against me. He thought I was happy with the Dursleys and he wasn't going to take me away from that.

It was Friday, July 31. For my birthday my uncle had brought me an extra cruel client. Snape found me tied to the bed in the second bedroom, on my stomach, with my ass being brutally fucked by a man four time my size.

I was only semi-conscious at this point, but I remember a flash of green light, and my rapist's weight crushing me into the bed. Snape must have ran to my side he was there so fast. I remember him telling me to hang on that he would fix everything.

Later I found out that he imperioed the Dursleys so they would not tell anyone where I went before he rushed me out of that god-forsaken place.

I was barely alive at that point. He had to give me a potion that activated any creature genes in me. Magical creatures are so much more durable than humans.

I became an Incubus that night.

Father is lucky. He is vampire.

I now need physical contact to survive. How much contact grows everyday. Eventually I will need sex with multiple people to fulfill my needs. Hopefully by then I will have found my mates. Touching people makes me nauseous though. The thought of being forced to have sex, or die makes me run for the toilet. Without touch though I begin to get moody and depressed though, a lot like a drug addict. Sometimes I can't help thinking I'd rather die then live the rest of my life like this.

I suppose there are some good things about being an incubus though. For one I have wings now, but they aren't fully grown in yet and I am easily able to hide them. I can't wait until they are big enough for me to fly.

According to father I can bear children now too. I hope that one day I will have a lot of little ones. I have always wanted a big family.

All of my senses have been heightened. Not as much as they would if I was a vampire or werewolf, but enough to be noticeable. I don't need to where glasses anymore either. Becoming a magical creature heals all imperfections in you body. It got rid of all my scars, even the one on my forehead, and it undid all the things caused by severe malnutrition. I am 5'7" now still short because I am a submissive but not as short as I was.

The change also removed the glamors that mother placed on me when I was born. Thankfully I inherited mostly my mother's traits but my hair is more like my father's minus the grease.