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Sky stood on the top of the old building watching her target moving from the black vehicle towards the building she stood on. He was older, in his mid 40's, and had a certain marking on the breast of his jacket. This was the biggest assignment she had ever been giving and failure to complete it would mean death for not only her target but for her as well. As he entered the building she began to wait.

She waited 4 hours and then her patience was rewarded as the door opened and her target emerged from the building. She acted fast. She had to.

As she leveled the sniper rifle up to her eyes and aimed it at the heart of her target, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and she spun around just in time to narrowly miss her assailant's chest. He was dressed completely in black and she couldn't even see his eyes, but his stance was so familiar to her.

Breaking from her thoughts she backed up and jumped off the rooftop, landing on her feet 2 stories below. Then she was surrounded by 5 other people before the black figure landing inches in front of her. She kicked out and again narrowly missed but then was rewarded by a fast kick to her side. Rolling with the sudden pain she dived away from another one. Their various exchanges went on for minutes before the black man landed a punch to her left shoulder. Old pain and old memories flooded her vision and she was momentarily stunned. That was all he needed. He tackled her to the ground and pinned her underneath him. It was only then that he looked into her bright green eyes and hesitated.

She had been sitting meditating in the holding room for hours already and she was beginning to get irritated. They had brought her some food and water but she hadn't touched it; a lesson she had learned at age 7. She only assumed that the General was talking with the A-Team, trying to decide what to do with her.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the thick pleaksey glass door slid open. Sky didn't need to open her eyes to know who stood there.

"Hello Snake, it's been a long time."

The tall man, all dressed in black, stood there with his arms over his chest and stared at her. He couldn't believe his eyes, or the DNA test that had just been confirmed. The beautiful young woman with long wavy brown hair that sat in front of him was not the small little girl he remembered. They had trained together at the temple. Had both been orphans. She had only been 6 years old when their master had been killed and he had left. She had changed.

She smiled, knowing what he was thinking. She always did. "Everyone changes Snake, especially after 14 years. I'm not the one that left." She added, anger and hurt mixing with her cool tone.

He stared at her, she had surprised him. He hadn't expected her to be angry with him, but then again, he should have. He took a step towards her and signed, What happened to you?

She chuckled, it was a dark sound. "You left." Every ounce of her anger and hurt from the past 14 years was in those two words and it cut into Snake's heart like a knife. But she wasn't done, all of the anger that had built up over the course of 14 years was suddenly unleashed. Even though she didn't leave her spot on the cot, Snake could feel how hurt and angry she was. "You left me. When I needed you most, you left! I was 6 years old Snake, you were closest thing I had to family and YOU LEFT!"

The door opened again and a young woman with flame red hair stepped in, "The General wants to see her, Snake." She eyed Sky, not knowing what to think of the young girl yet, having just heard her yelling through the door. Snake however nodded and left the room, expecting Sky to follow him. She always had. But things were different now.

Scarlet slowly sighed, "Come on."

With a glare in Scarlet's general direction, Sky stood up off the small cot and walked out of her holding cell.

"So you work for the Order of Assassins then?" said the General, still trying to gage Snake's mood as he stood against the wall in an unnatural stiffness.

Sky shrugged, a street shrug, "I was taken by them when I was 6. So sure, if you call being forced to work for them working for them."

General Hawk shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Why did they take a small girl from a temple?"

She shrugged again, "What does it matter? It's all done and over with now, nothing will change it…The temple was in complete uproar after what Storm Shadow did, when the Order showed up to gather new recruits while they could, a tiny 6 year old girl would could bring a grown man to his knees sounded like a good target."

Scarlet shook her head from behind Sky's chair, "That doesn't make any sense."

Sky raised a brow and glanced at her, "You wouldn't make a good assassin. It makes perfect sense to me."

Hawk nodded, "Take a child who can hold her own and train her to be a ruthless killer. Not too bad of a plan."

Sky shrugged again, still trying to ignore the feeling of Snake's eyes burning into her back.

"The question now, however, is what to do with you. You have two choices, Tiger."

Sky's eyes shot up at the sound of her name she was given when she was sent to the Temple at age 3, "How do you know that name?"

Hawk shifted a glance at Snake before looking back at Sky, or Tiger rather. "You can go to jail, maximum prison, for the rest of your life…or you can stay here. Become a Joe."

That wasn't what she had been expecting, "What?"

"Doesn't sound like much of a choice to me." Said Scarlet from behind.

Tiger glanced at her hands sitting in her lap, the situation was suddenly out of her hands. "You would keep me. Here. When I tried to kill you?"

Hawk smiled, "You tried, didn't. I think even you are much smarter than to try to do that here. What's your decision?"

She glanced at Snake, "What will I have to do?"

Hawk shrugged, "Train, learn to trust your team mates so they can trust you as well, you're very talented so perhaps teach down the line."

She nodded, looking at her hands again, gods why was she suddenly acting so weak? "What about Snake?"

Hawk glanced at Snake and back at Tiger, "He'll be your new master. You'll train with him, listen to him and for the time being live in his quarters."

Tiger nodded again, playing with the hem of her black sleeve, "You know I could just go to jail and escape the next day."

Hawk nodded, "And what would happen once the Order caught up with you?"

She looked right at him, all of the pain evident in her green eyes, "They'd kill me." With another sigh escaping her lips she nodded, "Okay…fine. I'll stay."

She was shocked that the members of A-Team were treating her nicely, albeit a bit carefully. It had been almost an entire day since Hawk had given her a choice. Duke and Ripcord were, at the moment, losing to Tiger at a game on Xbox. It turned out that just because she had never played the game before, being trained as an assassin was beneficial.

"How. Is. That. Possible!" yelled Ripcord after being killed by Tiger for the fifth time in a row.

She laughed, it was surprisingly soft, "Because I rock way more than you do."

Duke laughed and punched Ripcord's shoulder, "She's got you beat, man."

Scarlet came up behind the couch and smiled, "You're not bad, Tiger. Ripcord might just have to pick his ego up off the floor now." He glared at her before grabbing her and pulling her into his lap, making the redhead laugh even more.

Tiger smiled at them for a minute before turning her head to the door, feeling Snake standing there watching her. She sighed as his body language told her that he wanted to talk to her and she pulled herself off the couch and walked over to him. Without a word he turned his back on her and walked over to the small training room that sat off A-Team's apartment.

He didn't say, or sign, anything as he sat down on the mat and signaled for her to sit down in front of him. She obeyed, although tentatively, and sat down Indian style with her hands resting on her knees. She knew that his eyes were closed and that he was making a simple meditation session into an exercise. He wanted her to close her eyes and trust him. She didn't know if she could. Not simply because of what their past was, although that was a reason, but also because any time the trainer at the Order told her to close her eyes it was usually followed by pain.

Minutes pasted and she still hadn't closed her eyes, although her breathing that had quickened at the thought was beginning to slow. She couldn't believe that he was just sitting there. His katanas not even present in the sheaths on his back. He trusted that she wouldn't hurt him. Two days ago she would've, without a second thought. Now, after becoming a part of the Joes and the way they treated her, and Snake showing how vulnerable he was to her? She couldn't do it.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly closed her eyes. And time disappeared. She no longer knew how long they had been sitting there, only knew that Snake's presences was calming and not alarming like she thought it would be. He had always been the one person who could calm her when she was 6, seemed like some things never changed.

When his gloved hand gently touched her cheek, her eyes opened quickly and looked into his mask, knowing that those gorgeous blue eyes were looking at her.

Well done he signed to her after his hand left her cheek.

She slowly nodded her head before releasing the breath she had been holding since his hand had touched her. Well damn, things suddenly got even more complicated.

He rose from his spot on the mat and offered a hand to help her up. She looked at it for a second before accepting it, noting the strength that coursed down his arm and into her. They left the training room together and headed for the canteen where the rest of the team was eating dinner.

As the two ninjas approached, Ripcord smiled, "Well well, look who finally decided to join us! Hungry Tiger?"

She smiled as she sat down, "Actually, yeah just a bit."

Duke, leaning over her, set a tray a food down in front of her, filled to the brim. "We didn't know what you liked but we thought you'd be hungry."

She smiled and before she could say anything, Snake took the bunch of strawberries off the tray and tossed them into the garbage. Before Rip or Duke could say anything, Tiger smiled, "I'm allergic to strawberries."

Tiger had been dreading this all day. The sun had set almost 4 hours ago and she was still sitting in the living room, everyone else had already gone to bed. She didn't know what to do. She hadn't shared a room with anyone in almost 10 years, let alone Snake. Yeah sure Snake had his own apartment and plenty of room, she had her own bed and dresser and nightstand in there now, but it was the point. The last time she and Snake had shared a room she was only 6 and he was 12, plus there were at least seven other kids in the room too.

A noise behind the couch made her turn her head. Snake stood in the doorway to his, their, apartment. He wasn't wearing his black bodysuit or his mask, only sweat pants and a black beater, his bare arms were folded over his chest.

Damn all the gods, but Tiger caught her breath. She had seen Snake as a 12 year old kid with enough muscles to scare a grown man, but this Snake was totally different. His arms were all muscles and huge, not in a weird way, but big. His chest was perfectly sculpted under the tank top and when she look up to his face she looked into his blue eyes for the first time in 14 years. They still captivated her.

She stood up and walked over to him, following him into their apartment before he shut the door behind them. She turned and look at him, not surprised to find him looking at her with a small smirk on his lips. Why so surprised? He signed to her with a chuckle.

She shook her head, no words escaping her lips as she gently placed a hand onto his face, tracing the scar that went across his left cheek. She looked into his eyes and a smile crept up onto her lips before she could stop it, "You haven't changed at all."

He chuckled, actually chuckled, and the sound brought happy memories to Tiger's mind. Without any warning, Snake placed a gently kiss to her forehead before walking past her and getting into his bed. Leaving her standing there until she got control of her thoughts enough to go shower and get into her own bed.